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  1. Butters


    It is a little weird but I'm guessing you've seen the film now and for me it looks like they really nailed the outfits but there is not a huge amount of props in general but yep what they do use does look good though thinking about it and talking about the picture I'm not 100% sure about that shoulder armour.
  2. Butters


    It's not too bad overall but it is a very small cast (two main and two supporting) and it's a very slow burn, lots of talking and wandering around a forest by the two male leads but it looks great and has a few nice if slightly cliched psychological horror moments. And its kinda left up to you to decide if there really is a Witch or is everybody involved just suffering the effects of P.T.S.D and they are just framing it by the knowledge and beliefs of their time period. Overall worth checking out on a rainy afternoon and if you can get over the slightly daft initial fight between our two protagonists it does get better but again it's a small indie film so don't go expecting any huge action sets of special effects.
  3. Sad to hear that and I must admit its a fear that I have as well as there are so many crazy factions that add so much to the setting but which are so bizzare and to be honest their appearances catch me out and I really need to get the hang of the righteous mechanic.
  4. Hello, has anyone run K&C and if so do you have any general advice or handy information about any obvious pitfalls you encountered? Cheers. 👍
  5. Roll20 now has a character sheet option for Renaissance which is pretty cool.
  6. Just wondering if there have been any other groups who have posted up recordings of their Renaissance/Pirates and Dragons games? I've only found these two on YouTube, Fantastic Dimensions and their game The Naked and the Dead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_tuaACUGWY And The Vanishing Tower Press group and their unnamed campaign https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoMo-yiR85M&t=2718s And Runeslinger has reviewed a couple of Renaissance products. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPNsDvSNFQuknLu_8sakzLQ
  7. Just a quick image of the contents page, even though it's for the Runequest ruleset and a lot of the information within was brought across for the current edition the book is still full of lot's of cool information so if you can pick up a copy I think it's worth it.
  8. Slight hijacking here but I really hope Pulp and 7E remain as alternative systems that people can choose to run their games and don't get rolled into one super rule set.
  9. I enjoy watching Actual play videos though, to be honest, some get lost in the mix and there is the time factor a two-hour session takes well two hours to watch so I can only one or two sessions a week but I do think they help potential new players get a grip on the rules and sometimes, more importantly, the setting.
  10. He's certainly running on fumes at this point and whilst it sounds like he has had a lot of unfortunate problems during the last few years both family and work-related he would have made such a difference if he just posted regular updates, say once a month even if it was just to say "Still working on it"
  11. Addendum So this journey has been an awesome one starting way back in 2014 (October) with Andrew as the G.M and the original party consisting of, Irwin Bailey: A watchman hailing from Warwickshire. As a fine and upstanding man of the people, Irwin is not averse to gunfire and stabbing people through the lungs when circumstances demand. Faction: Clubmen. Saul Goodman: A Yorkshire soldier recently returned from the wars in Europe. Renowned for his marksmanship. Suffered fire and plague in his youth, possibly as a result of bad dice rolls. Faction: Puritan. Thomas Norton: A Paracelsian physician from Norfolk. Enjoys beer, bad singing, and dying of exposure in the countryside. Faction: Puritan. They were all traveling back to Norwich along rain lashed paths after fighting in the recent wars, they were soon joined by, Chevalier du Main: A Huguenot Cavalier* seeking English funds for his regiment. Wickedly effective with rapier and pistol. Feared by ambulatory creatures everywhere. Faction: the Regiment. (*Erm surely Parliamentarian or else I've only just discovered he was an enemy spy) and the group of desperadoes was rounded out by, Marco Clabustri: the Croatian mercenary who I think joined in session three or four. And with the reboot of the game, the Party changed Irwin Bailey decided to try his luck at something else whilst Giulio: the slightly lost Italian Mercenary joined up on the promise of wealth and fame and possibly romance (Think Carlo Fantom but with a better mustache and a love of pasta) and the gang was completed several sessions later by Thomas (pronounced ToMas) de Fronsac another suspicious Frenchman. So the game had fallen into a bit of a hiatus but was brought back from the brink by Jay who had previously played as the deadly French fop, the Chevalier du Main (Yay) in 2016 and the adventure turned into a continent-spanning hunt for the oft-frustrated Mallebench the devious and murderous sorcerer who was hell-bent on realizing some great and dark master plan. The game explored corruption of both the physical and the spiritual with gangs and soldiers bribed into doing dark deeds and turning a blind eye whilst others were corrupted and then blackmailed into becoming cultists fully prepared to commit murder and worse on behalf of their new puppet master. Bullets flew, limbs were hacked and gravy was poisoned as the Party to fell under the sway of their new Master, a man known as Zeal for the Lord Harrison who was appeared to be the head of Parliament's secret service otherwise known as the Clockwork Underground Bureau and they became sucked into Zeals desperate plans to capture Mallebench. During the course of their adventures, they have managed to foil many of his plans and uncover many of his servants and in doing so drove him to consider more desperate methods which finally drove him to flee to Central America and beyond. The adventure seems to be entering its final stages as Mallebench appears to be finally cornered but does the clever Sorceror have one last trick up his sleeve? Thanks to everyone involved it was one hell of a journey which led me to look into the history of this dark, murderous, exciting and revolutionary period and finding out that sometimes reality is indeed weirder than fiction and to loving the Renaissance rule set.
  12. The Doctors journal The CL.U.Ber's rush towards the base of the great temple the light failing fast the setting twin suns casting strange and horrific shadows into the cyclopean architecture. The courtyard was silent no insects chipped no birds sang the whole city seemed tense, guarded somehow as if waiting for some great event, the only sound now heard in this once mighty city was the slap of boot leather in stone and the half weeping/wheezing breaths of the Party as they desperately tried to find a way into the great temple and away from the falling darkness and the terribly building tension. On the furthest side from the gateway and it's hateful monolith, the Party round the corner and are greeted with a wondrous sight, a huge stone head was carved into the side of the temple it was in the likeness of a native. The stone was worked with amazing skill and the whole object somehow exuded a real and terrible presence. The local knowledge/engineering think tank of Goodchild and Giulio quickly climbed up to the huge statue which obviously seemed to be some form of entranceway and indeed the great screaming mouth was blocked by a great stone door. As the rest huddled together at the base of the temple casting increasingly worried looks at the great statues "Ahh the statue moved its branch things moved, didn't it" cried the Doctor and whilst normally he would have been laughed at now he found that the group near him native and CL.U.Ber alike just nodded ashen-faced and as a group took several steps closer to the closed portal. Cuthbert seemed to notice something carved into the wall low down and almost hidden by the rise of the stone tongue, a small dip inset carving which reminded him of a certain medallion. He rushes to the now gibbering Doctor and grasping him by the shoulders screamed into his face, a scream which got more shrill as looking past the Doctors shoulders he saw one of the statues turn and face the doorway its branch-like tentacles whipping around as if in a storm but there was not a breath of wind in the complex with which to dispel the humid oppressive heat "Give me the fecking medallion" the Doctor struggled the assault seemingly rousing from his funk " Get your turd stained hands off of me" but Cuthbert would not could not back down especially as the statue now stepped off its plinth with a crash of the world's end. The Doctor suddenly calmed down and began to rummage around in one of his copious pockets pulling out the strange medallion given to him by that bastard Warlock, Edgar Mallebeench all those months ago. He handed Cuthbert the medallion "I don't want to look behind do I?" Cuthbert merely scrambled back to the carving and shouted out "Say something impressively holy, Goodchild" Goodchild surprisingly grasping the intent cried outraised his hands high and bringing them down with a flourish cried "In the name of the Lord I command you to open" and with the last word echoing Cuthbert pushed the medallion into the carved inset and twisted the now locked in medallion clockwise much to everyone's relief the doorway rumbled open, barely had the stone door opened far enough to let someone squeeze past the CL.U.Ber's had charged into the dark, dusty corridor beyond. A great oily shadow filled the open doorway behind them and a great pressure suddenly seemed to crush down into their minds as a discordant and terrible creaking filled the air. Goodchild staggers up and towards the open doorway blood leaking from his nose and ears he raised his arms and pointing at the terrible living statue croaked out " I say unto thee demon, the power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you, foul demon to leave this land given and blessed by the Lord unto man and return to your own hellish realm to suffer for your sins as the Lord God intended! " and amazingly whilst the demon didn't get sucked back down to hell it did kind of disappear as the great stone door slides back across the entranceway and with a deafening thud it slams closed once more and as soon as it had fully closed that terrible pressure and creaking stopped. Quickly lighting their few remaining torches that had remained dry the Party then spend some time arguing about what the hell had just happened, the natives look upon Father Goodchild in a new light and it finally takes Cuthbert to restore order and remind everyone where they are and what they hope to achieve he has to throw in a few Zeal for the Lords to finally get through to his fellow CL.U.Ber's and a very quick whispered conversation with Goodchild to get everyone moving again, it also helped when he innocently asked Guilio how long did he think the stone door would hold if say it was attacked by a huge freaking tree monster. So with a slightly undue amount of haste, they all begin following the spiral ramp further up and into the Itzel's great temple and hopefully far away from the stone doorway and what terrible nightmares now lay beyond. The corridor spiralled upwards its walls adorned by numerous stone glyphs carved out of the same strange rock as the walkway these glyphs reflected the light of the torches back oddly as if there was a greater distance for the light to travel back than there was. Goodchild bent to examine a particular set of glyphs forcing the rest of the Party to stop and wait. Cuthbert told the Jesuit priest to hurry up but Goodchild appeared fascinated and would not hurry merely saying "Don't you want to know what may lay in front of us?" He quickly returned to studying the wall as the others shifted around somewhat uncomfortably. Goodchild began muttering "Interesting these do not match any hieroglyphs I've ever seen before they are similar to Ch'olti' but subtly different almost...I don't understand I've studied some of the Codices with Father Juan de Izquierdo he was no De Landra that's for sure but even so" his musings were interrupted by a crashing sound coming from the entrance which brought down a huge amount of dust which filled the corridor choking everyone Cuthbert grabbed the Priest and dragging him away after the others told him that his intellectual pursuits will have to wait for another day. The Party fairly flew up the corridor now their sweat-stained clothes now covered in a thick grey coating of dust giving them an air of shades, the glyphs have way to vast and colourful mosaics displaying the history of the Itzel it showed in horrifying detail their fall and corruption even from the viewpoint of those Mayans who still secretly clung to the old ways, yes there had been blood sacrifice but nothing like the events pictured on those foul mosaics many of the Party were now openly weeping desperately trying to tear their gaze away but finding that they could not some of the natives were chanting something whilst Goodchild and the Doctor were almost shouting out the Lord's prayer as they continued to stumble onwards. The only one who seemed unaffected was the Prince who merely gripped his Macuahuitl tightly enough to make it creak. Sobbing and somewhat soiled the Party finally burst out of the horrid corridors and it's dark revelations that promised truths that simply could not be, at into the topmost chamber of the temple. The rooms' walls were thankfully devoid of mosaics but were instead carved wondrously with visions of the night sky during different times. The carvings had rare and semi-precious stones marking important stars and planets and thin lines of silver were used to show angles and movements, it truly took the breath away. Unfortunately this was spoiled somewhat by what lay beneath the opening in the ceiling and which took up most of the room in the chamber...... a huge opening that smelled of death and spilt blood even after all this time, Unjay pointed at it and said in a mix of halting Spanish "Debemos entrar en el inframundo por la bocca de los dioses" the native translator seeing all eyes upon him pointed to the shaft and with a resigned shrug "The Prince says we must climb down the Cenote, the Itzel believed that this one led to the underworld where their gods still slept awaiting the day when the stars were right. That's it all done everyone should now be caught up in the past adventures of the Agents of the Clockwork Underground Bureau, and their desperate hunt for Constantine Mallebench the arch Satanist before he enacts his terrible plan and dooms not only the new Commonwealth but possibly the whole world. So check out the Vanishing tower YouTube channel. Phew, kinda sad and yet relieved that this has come to an end.
  13. Not sure if the distance is too much or too little but I still think it's a handy little artifact but one that's hopefully not too game breaking with its negatives balancing things out.
  14. It looks like the updates have dried up again, only the one update this year so far, not overly happy but just checking my Kickstarter pledges I've got about two/three other R.P.G Kickstarters still in limbo which should have been completed in 2017, though the Eclipse Phase one still seems to still have fairly happy backers, probably because of the regular updates etc. fancy that.😋
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