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  1. Thought these shows might provide some cool ideas for world building and an easy way to introduce Players to the feel of Renaissance especially the Clockwork setting. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01hcx7p
  2. Butters


    Thats works, very cool.
  3. Butters


    The Proclamation seems blank at least for me?
  4. Butters


    Lol one of my Players is an Alchemist and he's playing it straight as outside the Royalist areas he's very reluctant to use his powers (Which is cool as I have to adjust some encounters so that he can actually use his character without fear of spooking the locals and finding himself strung up) I'm looking forward to them going into the Tainted lands I just hope I can pull off the dark weirdness well enough.
  5. Butters


    Lol thats going in and cool tip the B.R.P mutation section I had completely forgotten about that.
  6. Butters


    Interesting idea there I might "borrow" it I must admit the campaign has deviated a little from the book so they are coming across more Witches and oddness the closer they get to the Tainted lands and the thing I'm finding is a heavily armoured Party who is spending their Improvement points wisely are really tough, though I'm slowly getting through their Hero points and Stones.
  7. Butters


    That's a good point I might have to drop a few hints of a linked group letters etc maybe. I was thrown a little by the same "Wheezy Old Lady" syndrome I see it as a balancing/narrative issue but it does make them a lot less scary than Alchemists especially with the amount of spells that need bits of the target to use. My witch did bring some drowned zombies with her which did give her some room to cast spells but unfortunately she never got a spell off (Bad rolling on my part and good persistence rolls from the players) so she was a little bit of a damp squib but I think that was a little bit to do with how I played her (spell choice) and my concern if combat takes too long.
  8. Butters


    I didn't do my homework and so was a little surprised to see how much extra thought had to go into using witches in Renaissance, they are potentially powerful especially story wise (providing story hooks) and the magic fits with the beliefs of the time but that's also what makes them tricky to use as they need a lot of ingredients to cast a spell, ingredients that include part of the target be it hair, toenails etc and that means you as a G.M have to do the groundwork well before the big encounter since your witch needs to get those items ahead of time and (damn it) in a way that makes sense. I think they make better background characters working behind the scenes and using proxies to gather what they need whilst Alchemists are the easier session villain as their powers are more immediate. (Have glow stone lets go) So the question is how do you use Witches in your games and do you have any good hints on how to use them to their full scary potential?
  9. There seems to be five main ways to heal mental trauma, Natural healing but this is a little slow as you will need to rest completely and will not remove any permanent Insanities but will help with the temporary ones, the First aid skill can be used but this will only gives you sanity points back it can't remove the effects of any trauma, now the Healing skill will give you sanity points back and will remove the effects of any temporary Insanities gained but nothing permanent. Then there are some magical spells etc.that can help cure insanity and its effects and last but not least there is the method of getting very, very drunk so those scary nightmares all become lovely pink elephants and so you get a boost to making your Persistence rolls so you can for example get to sleep but if something happens your character might find it difficult to do much. "He drinks a Whiskey drink, he drinks a Vodka drink,He drinks a Lager drink, he drinks a Cider drink,He drinks them all to forget all the scary times,He screams a little the name of the Lord to get him back to the fluffier times"
  10. Many thanks it's always cool to see what other people think about this cool game and your screen is a fantastic way of displaying the information.
  11. So what ideas do people have for a G.M's screen, what tables do people use the most etc.and do you think a G.M screen would be useful for the game?
  12. My one was fairly tame they got the idea that the stranger/saboteur is maybe not the person they thought it was, the young lady was saved from a life as a "Flower seller" and they after a tense moment or to finally agreed that she would be safest in the care of Justice Cameron. It was a little difficult to avoid bloodshed as the staff at the Kitten were all dodgy and as described old man Justice is creepy as hell and not the kind of person you would ideally let near a young lady let alone look after one. And I really wanted to avoid a gun fight where a Justice of the Peace gets killed and having to deal with the fallout its a fun scenario but it does maybe need the G.M to say to the players "Think Agatha Christie not Bloodbath at the 9th Precinct"
  13. Damn, the ladies of the night and the Inns bar staff were a lot tougher in your session than mine by the sound of things.
  14. Potential spoilers for The Alchemists Wife adventure, So has anyone run the Strangled Kitten scenario and do they have any tips in avoiding it becoming a bloodbath?
  15. I found that Renaissance is a great system with a fantastic setting book, the rules allowed the group to adventure in war torn Britain, sail the seas, trade and scheme in Africa, fight off Spanish soldiers and undead natives in the New world and travel across even stranger new worlds and finally into the depths of space itself and to be honest the rules worked a treat always providing a good, fair system for getting the job done and for the fun to continue. I doubt if the good Doctor will return from deaths embrace but if those brave people who have read this tale of madness, horror and appalling grammar fancy giving it ago there are still two adventurers strapped to their seats inside a huge space rocket or maybe its time to start your own tale of swashbuckling fun. https://mewe.com/group/5bbc076b2ee15f2bb87b18d2 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt6OdAvyTsSSMmj_uAe7-YA
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