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  1. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    For the wages of sin is death Part One The Party spends several days resting and catching up with the news from Yarmouth and beyond, the peace treaty seems to be holding and more and more people are reporting to the N.M.A compound to sign up for work details. And there was even more good news as it seems that a few more supply convoys had made it into the town in the Parties absence. The largest has arrived only hours before and had been sent from London by Cromwell himself. Food was still sparse but at least most people now got at least one hot meal a day and the extra troops helped with the issue of security, not only in the town itself but also the surrounding countryside where some people had turned to brigandship to survive, robbing and killing their neighbours just for a little extra food. There were also hard to diminish rumors of cannibalism in some of the more remote villages, it was said that Cantley has a lot fewer residents now and not all of them died in the ice or in that last desperate search for the rumored pot of gold that's guarded by the Gnomes at Callow pit. So with the increase in security and food the town of Great Yarmouth was slowly returning, it may never be the same again but homes were being rebuilt and the first few fishing boats had been patched up and were almost ready to head out and start bringing in that much needed extra source of food. Far to quickly the break was over and the still-battered Party began to assemble their equipment, blades were sharpened, pistols and muskets cleaned and tested and stores ordered and assembled into the two hastily converted row boats which now sported crude skis attached to the sides of their hulls. These skies lifted the boats just off the ground so they could be dragged over the ice and snow, if with some difficulty. The Party were also introduced to the men that would be assisting them in their destructive endeavors, they were from Sir Bernard de Gommes Companie of Pioneers & Fireworkers so not only were they skilled in explosives but also well used to the backbreaking demands of a Pioneer. The twenty-nine men were led by a tall gaunt man whose face on the left side was a mess of red scar tissue and the eye whilst still, there was just a milky orb. Noticing the stunned expressions of the Party and Giulio's more worried one the man nodded slightly and with a wet rasp of a voice introduced himself as Sergeant Francis Sherfield "Do not be fretting Sirs" he gestured to his face "This was no fault of mine, my hands are steady and my work is true" he coughs and spits onto the floor then raises his hands "See I've all my fingers still, the face is down to some dastard who threw a grenade at me during the siege of Bristol" he smiles a gap toothed grin and continued "He won't be doing that again as he accidentally impaled himself on my sword shortly afterwards, so rest assured I knows my business, Now these fine men with me might be rogues and rascals but they are solid and dependable and will serve you well.......in whatever it is that needs doing" he coughs and again spits onto the floor then almost as if remembering that he was a red coat straightens up and salutes. The Party is somewhat staggered by the whole thing but they must admit the men do look to be in good health and well provisioned for the task ahead. The Doctor turns to Ralph and makes his excuses to leave as it seems he had something to pick up from the Mechanical Preacher that had accompanied the recently repaired Charity and the company from the Clockwork Regiment. Zeal for the lord Harrison stepped out of the Listing Sausage and with his gaggle of advisers, runners, and local bigwigs already in tow like some kind of slightly confused flock of sheep and walked across the courtyard towards the Party and the pioneers. Seeing Sergeant Sherfield he sighs a little but maintains his stern expression, he quickly scans the yard and noticing the Doctors absence makes a brief inquiry and then nodding steps back and addresses the men. "I am glad that Sir Bernard de Gomme was able to spare some of his best men for I am sure you will be tested during the course of this mission but keep true to your faith and follow the orders of these men and you will do yourself and your country proud. Know this, you will be doing the Lords work in these next few days and in doing so you will be an integral part of his plan, Sergeant Sherfield will lead the first section of men whilst the newly promoted Sergeant Ralph Norton," he points to a horrifically gurning Ralph his chest swelling with pride (Doctor Owen “Hacksaw” French had worked wonders but Ralph's face was still a purple and black mess of scar tissue and bruising) "Here will lead the other fifteen men, and as you can see he is already keeping up the noble tradition of Sergeants in the service of Sir Bernard de Gomme" the men smile and a few even laugh, a slight smile briefly flutters across Zeal's normally stern features "I know some of you are curious to know why we are sending you with these men and to the island that has so recently appeared off the coast but for operational reasons all I can tell you is this, you will be taken to several locations on the island where you will assist these gentlemen in the destruction of certain objects. These objects must be completely removed by fire or powder and afterwards you will report back to me and only me and if successful you will be rewarded for your service, it just remains for me to wish you well and to remind you that you are doing Gods work" he then clicks his fingers and one of his clerks rushes forwards and hands Sherfield a bundle of orders. Another clerk heads over to Ralph and hands him yet another bundle of orders these closed with the personal wax seal of Harrison. The clerk takes a few steps away mutters something and then walks back to Ralph and fishes out of a pocket a length of orange fabric and handing it over explains that it's his sash he also hands over a length of lace and pointing to Ralph's somewhat battered hat says "Erm the lace is meant to go on your hat sir to denote that you are a man of rank, but you might want to get a slightly less........ crap looking hat first, otherwise this lace is going to look pretty silly Once all is ready and the Doctor has returned from his errand carrying yet another bag this one strangle thin the group heads out onto the frozen sea and the creaking ice. They make pretty good progress at first but the further they get from the shore the Ice becomes more unstable and their path becomes less direct as they have to sweep around the weaker sections. After several hours they pass the Juliana, The Spanish ship is being slowly crushed by the now moving ice and it's no longer a safe place to rest so giving it a wide berth they pass by, keeping a wary eye on the below. The group continues to travel onwards towards the island tired and cold but too scared to make camp on the thinning ice. They almost make it to the islands sandy black beach without any further incident but one of the columns point man cries out "Sergeant Norton, riders approaching" Ralph halts the column and telling the others that they should leave things to him he strides out to the front to intercept the riders. As they get closer Ralph recognizes them as Paladins of the Fall he hails them and takes a step back looking up he squints and gasps as he notices that high above the Paladins and their strange mounts a strange box somehow floated above them crackling with a strange low growl as it twisted and turned in unseen winds. Ralph took a deep breath to steady his nerves and hailed the Paladins again the Paladins ride closer before they reign in their strange riding beasts and looking down at Ralph tell him to let them pass as their weary vigil is over. Ralph swiftly spins on his heels and gives Sergeant Sherfield the signal to fire, Sherfield shrugs and looks a little confused but then in a loud strong voice bellows "Attention! Column will form line " and the men begin the maneuver into line with much stamping of feet which was a bit of a worry considering the ice. Seeing the armed men spreading out in front of them the Paladins speak to Ralph again in their strange crackling monotone "Will you not let us pass? our long weary vigil is over and we only seek somewhere to live out the last of our days in peace" Ralph looking a little embarrassed and worried replies as he reaches for his hatchets "You can not leave the Island there is no rest for you anywhere else" The Paladins look at each other and start to sing a weird high pitched and undulating song which causes those who hear it discomfort, the Paladin nearest Ralph speaks for the final time "Our brother was right we were foolish to hope we could trust these pale beings" and pulling out his double bladed pole-arm spurs his mount into a charge closely followed by the other rider who also pulls out a similarly deadly blade. Hurtling towards Ralph with surprising speed who with a choked scream throws his hatchets at the oncoming riders determined to sell his life dearly, one hatchet thunks into one of the beasts causing it to swerve to the left with a grunt of pain thus narrowly avoiding it from riding Ralph down and then the Paladins are past a stunned Ralph and into the men beyond who desperately bring their just loaded muskets to bare, Sherfield cries out Aim and Fire all in one breath and twenty nine muskets bang out and the increasingly small gap between them and the riders is filled with lead and the occasional ramrod. The Paladins continue to sing as the musket balls slam into them and their beasts, their ornate armour crumpling and splitting asunder from the sheer violence of the volley. One Paladin is thrown by his beast as with an oddly human scream it collapses a yellowish liquid flowing from its numerous wound's the Paladin rolls and with a leap he sweeps his blade in a wide deadly arc which luckily misses the men, only slicing into the air but causing the nearest men to take a step back. The Other Paladin was about to slam into the line but Sherfield proved he was no fool and had placed himself just in front of the line and in the Paladins way and with a grim smile on his scarred face he lowers his symbol of rank and his Spontoon plunges into the last beasts breast killing it instantly causing the last Paladin to be hurled from its back to land with crushing force onto the ice. The men nearest don't give him a chance and without orders flip their still smoking muskets over and then down go the heavy musket stocks into the body of the still struggling Paladin, smashing into him over and over again cracking armour and bone. Sherfield pauses lights his pipe and then walks slowly over to the men "Enough" he then drags off one of the men "I said ENOUGH! Salter you break that fecking musket and it's coming out of your wages" the men with deep ragged breaths step back forming a loose circle which has a smashed and somewhat flat Paladin in its center. The Party leaves Ralph to explain to the men what the hell had just happened and from what little was overheard it seemed he was going down the tried and trusted devil/demon route. The Doctor and Guilio started to examine the Paladins, carefully removing their rent and bloody armour to expose their strange greyish flesh beneath. It was clear that they were far from human their eyes were golden globes, their fingers ended with golden nails, and their skin was tightly drawn across their gaunt bodies the Doctor also found evidence of surgery pointing out to Guilio the stitch marks which faintly crisscrossed the Paladins bodies. Whilst the Doctor and Guilio tried to figure out what the Paladins really were Ralph and Sherfield had managed to calm the men down and was letting the demon and the Mongolian (Don't ask) explanations sink in. Wilhelm meanwhile was also busy he had grabbed a small cask of black powder from the boat and had headed off to the islands black volcanic beach where he started sprinkling a healthy amount of the powder onto the islands sandy beach. Nodding to himself he then walks back over to the chatting men and has a quick chat with a couple of them, he makes some strange bird noises and flaps his arms weirdly and two of the men finally push past him and head off towards the beasts with a grinning Wilhelm following swiftly behind. All three then start to drag the strange beasts towards the beach and onto the black powder, the beasts are piled together and Wilhelm then tips a lot more powder onto them and then ordering the men back he continues to pour a thin line of powder out as he walks back towards the ice, Looking around and judging that the distance was good enough he replaces the casks cork and making sure it was clear of any loose powder replaces it back into the boat. With a large grin he then places his unloaded Donderbus down close to the line of powder and gives spark, the powder hisses a bit as it becomes damp from the ice but it then suddenly it takes and with a spluttering fizz a flame races towards the beach and the pile of beasts. When it strikes the greater quantity of powder there is a mighty whoosh as the powder ignites and very quickly the beasts are engulfed in a raging inferno. Wilhelm then turns and calls out to the Doctor and Guilio "Gentleman if you would be so kind to finish your examinations and let us return these demons to the fires of hell where they belong" The Doctor stands up and nods, the Paladins are swiftly dragged to the now blazing pyre and with a great cheer and with the singing of Psalm 91 the Paladins are thrown into the fire to rejoin their mounts for the final journey. With the strange Paladins blazing away and with things looking quiet for the moment Ralph left Sherfield to get the men back into column for the march inland and he went off to collect his other hatchet from the ice having already pulled his other one out of the beast. The others fell into a somewhat heated discussion about the recent events, the Doctor, in particular, seemed upset saying that the Paladins could have been pointed in the direction of France at least after all the original one had seemed a decent enough chap. The men were hustled into a marching column and Private William Frank who had suffered a nasty cut to the chest was called out by the now returned Ralph "Son, I need you to go back to the Listing Sausage and tell the Scoutmaster that he needs to send patrols out along the coast, tell him that er.....people are leaving the island and heading to England. Tell him we have stopped a couple of Paladins from making the crossing but there is no way of telling what has already made it over. He quickly scribbles out a note and hands it to Franks explaining that it would get him past any patrols and into the Listing Sausage but placing a meaty paw onto Private Franks shoulder he growls "Now lad you are only to report to the Scoutmaster himself the report is for his ears only, understand?" Private Frank nods and taking a deep breath turns and starts to walk towards Great Yarmouth. The men are brought back into marching columns and the slack is taken up on the sled boats "The men are ready and awaiting orders" Ralph casting one last look at Franks nods and orders the men forward past the still blazing pyre and towards the island's jungle. It seems that things have changed since they were last here the weather was no longer wet and humid but much like the weather in Great Yarmouth and the cold seems to have had a detrimental effect on the foliage as it was no longer lush and vibrant but grey and brittle and whilst this made clearing a path through the jungle easier it was still an ill omen. It was several hours of back-breaking work to drag the sled boats over the uneven ground towards the Pinnacles the men having to take regular water breaks to catch their breath all the while the CL.U.Ber's kept a wary eye on the jungle and the darkness beyond watching for any signs of an ambush or worse but soon enough the two towers could be seen looming through the trees ahead. With one last effort the sledge boats were dragged to the base of the tower and Ralph gave the order to halt and to make camp and with an audible sigh of relief the men dropped the ropes and started to build a basic camp and soon the smell of bacon and peas was wafting around the nearby jungle from the men's small cooking fires. Ralph and the CL.U.Ber's maintained a loose guard around the camp and allowed the men to rest for soon they would need their strength again both their physical and spiritual. After half an hour had past Sergeant Sherfield was called over and spent the next fifteen minutes with the CL.U.Ber's getting a plan of action nailed down, the men would be split into small working groups and tasked with the jobs that needed doing from guarding the camp to bringing the supplies up to where they were needed as well as the men needed to actually demolish the heathen lies that adorned the towers. Sergeant Sherfield and his chosen men would be in charge of destroying the monolith via blasting so all that it remained to do was for someone to scout the towers before the work could begin. So two soldiers were called out and told to get their light kit together as they were the lucky ones who would be going in first. The men armed with several Wheelock pistols which hung down from a wide leather belt and with sword and dagger in hand stepped into the tower of the monolith and were soon lost to the darkness within. The men left behind were kept busy though as supplies needed to be unloaded from the boats and soon plates were cleared away all but one fire was put out and the men were back in line in uniform and armed with the tools they would need for the tasks ahead. After a somewhat tense thirty minutes the scouts reappeared and reported that the towers were clear, the bodies of a man and a woman had been found and there were signs that someone had set a large fire on the ground floor recently but there was no sign of life. Ralph asked about the monolith whilst the others carefully watched the scouts reactions, the monolith was still there but from their report, it didn't seem to have done anything weird. The CL.U.Ber's were happy that all seemed well and the order was given to start work. It was early evening by the time work started and the shadows were drawing in as the sounds of pick and hammer rang out across the still silent jungle there was even the occasional bang as several charges boomed out destroying any particularly hard to demolish murals. The work continued through the early part of the night until all but the monolith was naught but rubble and dust, the CL.UBer's kept a close eye on the men as they worked looking for any sign of possession or deviancy the Doctor, in fact, got the men singing as he thought it would not only help with the work but act as some kind of early warning as if a man suddenly stopped singing and seemed a little confused he could be whisked away and if necessary dealt with before he started to spread blasphemy. So soon the once quiet jungle rang to not only the sounds of demolition but to the strains of the Collier rant, As me an' me marra was gannin' to wark, We met wi' the devil, it was I' the dark; Aw up wi' mi pick, it being I' the neet, Aw knock't off his horns, likewise his club-feet. Foller the horses, Johnny me laddie, Foller them through, me canny lad, oh! Foller the horses, Johnny me laddie, Oh lad lye away, me canny lad, oh! The work continued till all but the monolith was naught but rubble and dust and that would have to wait till morning, the weary men crawled into their blankets after a hasty meal of cheese and biscuit were soon fast asleep. They had done Sir Bernard de Gomme proud and shown why they were rated the best men in the company. As the pale sunlight crested the horizon it found the somewhat grumbling men already up and dragging the sled boats to the next destination. So far the Paladins were the only other living thing encountered by the group unless you counted the huge flocks of seagulls which now suddenly seemed to be everywhere rending the air with their strange cawing that sounded like demonic laughter as if mocking the efforts of the men below. The only ones left at the monolith tower were Sherfields chosen men and the C.L.U.Ber's who were several hundred meters away in a hastily dug pit and watching as Sergeant Sherfield backed out of the tower spoiling out a length of match cord from where it was wrapped around a wooden wheel. Carefully making his way into the pit he cut the match cord from the wheel and muttering a few calculations he finally turned to the other "Ready men? you may want to duck into the pit itself and plug your ears this might be a bit on the loud side what with the explosion being contained by so much stone and what have you" getting a nod from everyone he laid the end of the match cord down and with a grin said "Lets see how special number 5 works out" and with a spark of flint sets the match cord alight and after watching it burn its way to the towers entrance way he uses the flint once more to light his pipe and seeing the others already with their fingers in their ears sighs and shouts "Should be about ten minutes yet" Nine and a half minutes later there is an almighty boom which showers the Party in dust, debris and the occasional stunned seagull, climbing out of the pit the Party waits for the dust to settle and to look upon the damage done. Several moments pass before the dust clears enough and whilst the main body of the tower still stands the floor that held the monolith and the floor below are gone blasted back into whatever infernal realm they came from. Sergeant Sherfield coughs and turning to the awestruck C.L.U.Ber's shrugs and in a loud voice says "I may have slightly overestimated the powder in those charges, but hey jobs a good un, right lads?" After everybody had dug themselves out of the pit and could finally hear again they quickly did a quick search of the area just to make sure that nothing larger than a shilling remained intact of those strange carvings, nothing but grit and dust was found it looked like the monolith and the strange carvings had been destroyed completely. There was nothing now left to corrupt anyone else who happened to stumble upon these unholy towers. The column continued to plough through the jungle and its strange dying vegetation and finally made it to the shore of the bay and still, nothing, no further signs of the Paladins or any rogue Crystal children even the strange lights from beneath the waters had faded away leaving the waters still and at least looking peaceful. The boats were set up for a water crossing and soon the cries of "Stroke, stroke" were ringing out as the Party made the crossing in style this time. The journey across was uneventful much to everyone's relief and the boats were soon dragged up onto the opposite shore and pegged down. The Palace was only a short walk away from here so there was no real need to drag them any further. The supplies needed were unloaded, the barrels of oil, pitch, and powder were divided amongst those going to the great corpse logged marsh that surrounded the Pale ladies Palace. Four soldiers were instructed to remain with the boats and to set up a camp they were also handed over a message tube that contained their orders if the main group failed to return by the next morning. The remaining men and the C.L.U.Ber's then headed out towards the Palace the Doctor again had his new bag strapped to the rest of his gear and was smiling as he whistled a somewhat jaunty sea shanty. They made good time through the jungle unburdened as they were from the necessity of dragging the sled boats any longer and soon the Palace towers could be glimpsed up ahead and before they knew it the jungle began to thin out and they were soon traveling over scrubland and with the Palace causeway just ahead. Wilhelm was on point and just as he was about to crest the final hillock before the marsh and causeway came into view he suddenly stopped and threw himself down onto the ground, the column which was about thirty meters behind him halted and the men gripped their swords tightly. Guilio came up to the front and quickly spoke to Ralph and Sherfield a decision was made and Guilio went ahead keeping low to the ground at first but dropping down to the ground and crawling the last few meters until he reached Wilhelm. Tapping Wilhelm's boot gently to let him know he was there the Italian whispered "Whats the hold-up?" Wilhelm pulled back a little bit without taking his gaze off whatever he could see up ahead and in a low whisper he filled in the Italian "There is a sorcery up ahead, one of those Paladins is floating in the air surrounded by Crystal children oh and that strange box thing is back" Guilio asks how many er.......things are ahead of them and Wilhelm crawls forward again and taking off his gloves begins to count, "It looks like there are around thirty Crystal children in groups of three surrounding the floating Paladin, the box thing is floating above them all, the children seem to be tied? to the Paladin by a strange fleshy rope?" Guilio nods slightly wide-eyed but whispers"Let's go back we need to tell Ralph and the others" The two make it back safely and gathering the C.L.U.Ber's and Sherfield together they inform them of what lies ahead there is some heated discussion but Ralph angrily crushes the other options seeing them as too cowardly and instead stomps off and orders the men into a loose firing line and orders them to make ready. When everyone was loaded and ready the Doctor stepped forward and gave a rousing if slightly long-winded speech in an attempt to prepare the men for what they were about to see. Ralph shakes his head and interrupts the Doctor "Enough, men there is evil ahead and it's our task to cleanse it obey your orders and you will make it through. Shoulder your muskets, prepare for combat and forward march" The men walk forward in line the CL.U.Ber's take position on the flanks and they walk forwards to the crest of the hill. There is an audible gasp from the men as they lay eyes on the Paladin and the strange children "Steady men" growls Ralph "Make ready I want a good volley to clear this causeway" The Doctor steps out "Wait! its the Paladin we met earlier, Claymon's friend remember? let me try to talk to him at least" he starts to walk towards the Paladin his hands raised as he calls out "It's me the Doctor you remember from earlier, can we talk?" the Paladin slowly spins to face the Doctor and tilts his head to one side as from the box floating above him a loud crackling voice booms out "Truly have been betrayed our vigil has ended and all for naught, I told my brothers that they would find no help from you fiends, it is the end" The Doctor starts waving his hands desperately from side to side "We come in peace" he tries to say something more but whatever it was is drowned out by the sound of muskets firing from behind him. Groups of children fall from the causeway ripped asunder by the murderous volley the order to reload goes out as from beyond the musket smoke the children can be seen turning to look at the group.The strange rope that links the Paladin to the children suddenly pulses with a light that hurts the eyes and the children begin to scream out as beams of blazing blue light leap out from their now glowing eyes and whatever the lights hits immediately bursts into flames. Five men are killed in the first attack before the others run to cover, Ralph meanwhile screams an oath and instead runs forwards, across the scrub and onto the causeway itself beams shoot out but he manages to avoid them by desperately jinking left and then to the right. He slams into the children and starts striking out left and right with his hatchets aiming for the central child in each group. He slashes throats and crushes heads and it seems to be working as the other children in the cluster collapse as soon as the central child is killed. And Ralph seems to be too close to them now for him to be targeted by the blazing light. The other C.L.U.Ber's having taken cover behind some fallen masonry which is already starting to bubble and shatter under the beams desperately prepare a cask of black powder as a makeshift petard "Will this work?" asks the Doctor as Sherfield attaches a short length of match cord to the cask he shrugs "Maybe, at least it should give us some time to pull back at least" the match cord is lit and with a hasty shouted warning to Ralph of "Jump!" the cask is rolled down towards the causeway. The cask rolls down bouncing up and down over the uneven ground but it was aimed well and with the cord still smoking behind it eventually rolls to a halt under the floating Paladin. Ralph looks down as it passes him and with a curse of "You Bastards", leaps off the causeway and down into the swamp below. The explosion is somewhat disappointing but it's enough, as with a crackled screech the Paladin and the strange box fall from the sky and land wetly and in several pieces onto the causeway beneath. The remaining children look up and scream as their glowing crystal infused heads suddenly explode.
  2. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    You forgot to add this at the end, Dr. Thomas Norton, A ruggedly handsome and heroic chirurgeon, a man of towering intellect and yet still so incredibly modest and humble. Surgery hours 11:00 am to 4 pm reasonable rates and a 5% discount to member of the N.M.A.
  3. Targeted Attack question

    Not sure if this is the answer you are looking for but if someone rolled a successful targeted attack onto an unarmored location it would be full damage rolled so there would be more chance of causing a Major wound and if I was the G.M I might add a bit of extra spice for example if the person was slashed across the face I might give them a -10 modifier to represent blood flowing into their eyes.
  4. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    What I got up to on my day off, By Doctor Thomas Norton aged 27 and 3/4 The Doctor staggered on his breath coming in short sharp gasps as he desperately tried to keep the wagon in visual range but as he turns the corner into George street there is no longer any sign of it anymore it seems to have disappeared into one of the myriads of alleyways that branched off from George. "Curse it, all that effort wasted" the Doctor crumples against a nearby wall trying to regain his breath his lungs burning in the cold winters air. Lost in thought he almost misses his name being called out in a voice he half-remembers looking up he sees a stocky figure waving at him from the third alley down. Standing back up the Doctor starts walking towards the figure avoiding the debris and the occasional frozen figure still trapped in ice as he gets closer the details of the figure start to form from out of the gathering gloom and its someone he remembers "Pon my soul can it be you? by Gods grace it is you................Saul my old comrade in arms" the Doctor begins to jog forward his hand outstretched to grab Saul. "Feck off you dozy fustilarian, the bloody wagon you were so gamely chasing went down this here alley" he pushes back the slightly over-eager Doctor. Seeing the Doctors dismay he almost grins "Its good to see you to old friend but my time is short so if you want to finish this we have to be quick, explanations will have to wait" the Doctor grins "Sorry but its good to see you but you're right we have to finish this quickly" and he quickly fills Saul in and the need to catch this Martyn fellow" The two men stride towards the alley way making their way towards the glow of a fire and the smell of something cooking, About halfway down they can make out a smoky fire burning in the middle of the alley the shapes of two figures can be made out hunched over the fire and quietly talking amongst themselves, hard up against the alleys brick wall and just to the side of the men is the wagon it's sheeting no longer covering the crates but just piled up at the back in the glow of the fire it seems to be moving though. Saul gets his musket ready and steps to the side and out of the faint firelight he gestures with his head that the Doctor should go forward and check things out whilst he covers him. The Doctors smooths down his coat and heads towards the two figures "Hello gentleman could I warm myself by your fire as its a cold night?" the men turn and welcome him "Sure you can friend its not the weather to be miserly with the heat my name is Sam and this good fellow is Mathew" the Doctor introduces himself as he huddles close to the fire and they begin chatting after being offered a roast potato which the Doctor gratefully accepts and devours slightly burning his mouth in doing so but after all it had been a long day and he had not eaten since morning. The Doctor steers the conversation to the wagon and Sam tells him that it just pulled into the alley as if the devil himself was chasing it the driver a finely dressed fellow who sounded to be one of those low Dutch folks he leapt of the wagon and pulled back that sheeting to reveal his cargo which he then said we could help ourselves to if we would follow him. Now me and Mathew here are not the following type you understand but Gregory well he was worried about his family and suchlike and seeing the crates all full of food and warm clothing he straight up said he would follow. The Dutchman smiled and grabbing a bag or two-handed us a load of strange pamphlets and then saying something to Gregory they started to jog off, not being able to read that well we just used those pamphlets to start this here fire and taking some off those warm clothes we settled down to the first decent meal we have had since the troubles. The Doctor thanks them and after rummaging around in one of his numerous bags pulls out the bottle of rum given to him by the merchant Quin Lambert as the Doctor hands over the small dark bottle he asks what direction did the Dutchman go and Mathew pointed down the alleyway towards North-quay. The Doctor thanks them again and standing up heads towards the wagon the sheeting is still moving and the Doctor can hear the sounds of low moans coming from underneath feeling somewhat embarrassed he apologizes as he clambers past. Sam calls out "Don't you worry Thomas that's just young Megs way of keeping warm" this comment is accompanied by much lewd laughter and hand gestures. The Doctor laughs along with them but continues to check out the crates and the front of the wagon seeing not much to interest him he gathers up the pamphlets and after a quick examination sees that they are covered in the strange glyphs from the island taking two he takes the rest back to the fire. Laughing he quickly makes a large ball of the pamphlets and places it onto the fire causing it to roar with flame and throw out burning embers Sam and Mathew lean back and begin to complain but the Doctor still laughing explains that its for Megs partner after she finishes with him, Sam suddenly laughs "Ahh so you know of young Meg then? she is an energetic lass and does take it out of you somewhat after a trysting" Just then Saul makes his presence felt and all humour dies under his sullen glance "You finished here Thomas?" he snarls in a way which seems more of an order than a question. The Doctor pastes on his smile again "Do not fear gentleman this is just my er...bodyguard, yes my bodyguard a sour chap and no mistake. Well we best be off then it seems a pleasure to have met you both and Meg of course" and with that, they left the warmth and friendliness of the small gutter camp and headed back into the cold dark rows in search of a Dutchman and his fisherman follower. The two men stalk down the smelly and thankfully dark Row heading roughly north the ground still deep with mud, snow, and other unpleasant substances, Saul spotted a faint glow which seemed to be coming from just above the ground fearing some sort of sorcerous attack he pointed it out to the Doctor and pulled out a pistol. As they cautiously approached the faint glow resolved into a rusting lantern hanging over a basement doorway, the light shiny sickly down onto the worn steps the sound of muffled singing. The Doctor turns to Saul "So do we check this out or do we continue to the end of the Row?" Saul scratches at his stubble "Might as well see what is going on and besides I don't like leaving potential enemies behind" So the pair climb down the steps and through the unlocked doorway. The door opens up into a small dark hallway, heavy coats and cloaks hang dripping from pegs alongside both sides a single door leads out and a faint glow can be seen creeping out from under it. The singing whilst still slightly muffled can now be more clearly heard and both the Doctor and Saul relax as the can now identify it as godly music. They open the door and the candlelight basement is revealed beyond. The candles also illuminate the congregation singing along with a stern looking Minister who was standing on a most wondrous pulpit. This pulpit seemed to be made from the remains of ships, the dark oak beams still had barnacles and the tracery of seaweed upon them and a couple of ancient figureheads could also be made out their details though were blurred and made indistinct through times harsh caress. The Party makes their way to the back of the congregation and after a moment or two join in with the psalm. This seems to be the last psalm of the service as the song winds down the congregation break up into small groups who discuss what they have heard the Party move through the quietly talking groups and head towards the Minister who has gathered up the Bible and is making his way slowly down the pulpits steps. The Doctor reaching the pulpit first calls out to the Minister who is beginning to walk towards his flock, the Minister turns around the candlelight gives him a dark brooding look his pate hairless apart from a few wisps of grey hair above his ears, his skin lays tight across his skull like face and not an ounce of fat seems to be on the elderly man but still he radiates a strange strength. In a surprisingly strong deep voice he turns and looks at the two men "Yes my friends, what can I do for you" as he steps forward he stops seeing the armour and weapon glad Party clearly for the first time "You are not of my flock, if you wish us harm you will not profit much from it" The Doctor drops his arms to his side and open his hands palms forward, "No need to be concerned Minister we are godly folk and loyal to Parliament, no bandits or traitors here, we merely heard the singing and felt the call to join in" The Minister still a little suspicious asked a few more questions and the Party did their best to put his suspicions to rest they also asked a few questions of their own. The Ministers name was Maple and turned out to be a very intelligent and surprisingly jolly fellow and after talking with him for a little longer he does remember Gregory as a member of his flock though he doesn't remember seeing him today which apparently is unusual for him the Minister explains that like many in Yarmouth he is greatly concerned how he and his family will survive these trying times and so seeks solace in the words of the Lord" the Minister calls out to a young lady "Judith did you see Gregory Croft today?" The young lady shakes her head "I'm afraid not...oh no I almost forgot he did come in briefly with another gentleman but the other man quickly tugged him back outside" Maple tapped his chin "Now that is odd and worrying the only other place open this time of night is that diabolical so-called tea shop, Gregory is desperate to find work and food to help his family so he is easy prey for wicked men" The Party quickly get directions and promise to try to help Gregory if they find him there. The Teashop is fronted by Apple Johns Barbershop and on Bootless John Row.The Party thank the Minister and follow the last of the congregation back out into the filth and darkness of the Row and towards Apple Johns. The Barbershop is only a few minutes jog away the Row is dark and quiet apart from a few slightly unnerving sounds coming from a few ruined buildings further down but both the Doctor and Saul decide that it's just going to be rats, big rats maybe but just rats and so safe to ignore. The Barbershop is firmly closed, shuttered windows and locked doors but circling the property they find a short staircase leading down to a recessed door which has another lantern which seems partially shuttered only letting out a pale wane light. They nod prepare themselves and head to the door and then stop, suddenly unsure what the correct protocol is for this kind of thing. After a slightly embarrassing pause, the Doctor with a murmured "Sod it" pushes the door open and steps into a small chamber swiftly followed by Saul. The chamber has a door to one side whilst another sits behind a bar which has a skinny pockmarked barman standing behind it cleaning a pewter tankard. He looks up and with a terrible smile and with a short bow he opens his lanky arms wide and in a voice as thick as treacle greets the two newcomers " "Welcome to my humble establishment, come freely, go safely and leave something of the happiness you bring. I am your ever humble servant Brandon.....and now gents what will it be?" the Doctor smiles and steps up and looks at the chalkboard "Well the house special sounds interesting so... Brandon isn't a house special for me and one of those French lemon drink for my dour friend here" The house special appears to be a small snuff-box containing a whitish/green powder and a small glass of gin. The Doctor recognizes the powder as a concoction from the Spanish colonies and eagerly takes a powerful snort and then downs the gin. There is a pause the Doctor coughs, sneezes and then lets out a strange moan then he suddenly lets out a loud cry "Gadzooks this is bloody fantastic" yells the suddenly energised Doctor "I feel like a sexual stone lizard thingy, you know Saul those things they dig out from those sea cliffs" Saul shakes his head and as the Doctor comes down a little and asks the barman some questions he moves towards a dark corner where he can keep an eye on things. The Doctor finds out that two men had recently turned up one of which sounds like Gregory and they had booked a private dining room. The Doctor thanks, Brandon and tries to head into the main room but he is stopped as it appears more money must change hands and there is a strict no weapons rule which is partially enforced due to the reaction of a true Englishman to accordion music. The Doctor jumping around quickly hands over all his weapons apart from a hidden dagger whilst after some heated discussion Saul with some bad grace hands over his visible weapons, keeping his hatchets and some other nasty weaponry under his cloak and voluminous fur coat. After the payment is made and the weapons stored in the cupboard the two men step past a booth and into the main room. They are greeted by a scene straight out of Dante's Inferno, the room is large, richly appointed and has high thin windows which grace one wall, whilst a monstrously large fireplace dominates another, this provides much of the lighting for the room whilst also generating a huge amount of heat. The rest of the room is filled with large oak tables and accompanying benches which groan under the weight of all the platters of food and tankards which litter there tops. A large group of richly dressed men stands cheering, waving drumsticks around whilst quaffing from tankards at an oddly dressed man who seems to be wearing a hideous mask, this man? is the source of the annoying accordion music and he leads the clientele in a rather rude sea shanty. The Doctor takes a seat next to a group of semi-sober men and after ordering a plate of goose with all the trimmings he starts to ask questions in his usual convivial manner, his play is that he is a friend of Martyn's and that he had arranged to meet him here but due to work commitments had been unfortunately delayed and seems to have missed him. Saul meanwhile peels off to examine the main dining room with its shadowy booths and the corridor leading off from it. The last thing he hears as he walks down the corridor is the Doctor saying somewhat loudly something about how the accordion music doesn't seem too bad now and asking if anyone fancied an arm wrestle. Saul sighing loudly stalks off exploring the rest of the club he passes a couple of serving women and follows them back to the kitchens his gruff manner keeping the staff from asking too many awkward questions. He also hastily grabs a jug of gravy off a nearby counter and raises it up with a grin to one of the cooks when she started to walk towards him a question forming on her lips. Seeing the gravy jug she just tuts but turns back to her task of pouring sauces over the pork joints which were turning on the huge spit. Saul quickly notes down any other doors and with a final nod and with gravy jug still in hand he heads back out to search the last few rooms. He passes the door leading outside to the privy and then leaving the gravy on a handy side table checks out the rooms at the end of the corridor which are located right at the back and near a discrete staircase which seems to lead to the barber shop above. The first room is empty and is one of the private dining rooms mentioned by the barman, its rather elegantly decorated with a couple of plush velvet sofas lining the rooms shadowy sides, the polished dining table is surrounded by elegant chairs instead of benches rather risque paintings grace the thickly papered walls these paintings hint at what kind of ungodliness is expected to go on within these rooms. Saul shakes his head sadly gives the room one final quick visual sweep and seeing nothing of note leaves and walks quickly to the last room hoping to find some sign of the missing Dutchman and his salty friend. The Doctor meanwhile was having a whale of a time and could be now seen running around the main room flicking a rolled and wetted tablecloth at the posteriors of the gaggle of men running ahead of him, there seemed to be a lot of giggling involved. The Doctor had managed to keep some focus though as he had managed to find out that Marytn had been in recently and was accompanied by a rather ragged looking fellow but that Martyn seemed to be more interested in talking to Doctor Brass and they seemed to be hitting it off famously one of the Doctors new chums mentioned that he had tried to join in with the conversation but it had quickly turned to talk about something called a distillation furnace and the like and so he had quickly become bored and made his excuses he also remembered the ragged fellow had looked somewhat lost, to be honest. The Doctor with a final flick of his soggy whip suddenly remembered Saul and overcome with guilt quickly apologized to his new friends and staggered off in search of his less fun but also less forgiving comrade. Upon entering the final room Saul had seen a figure slumped in one of the padded high backed chairs, fearing that the man was just asleep Saul slowly approached one hand on his hatchet whilst a pithy excuse waited upon his lips if he woke the man. The excuse was unnecessary though as his eyes readjusted to the gloom of the room he could just make out the man's rough clothing and more importantly his lack of movement, the man's chest was still and no eyelids flickered. Saul taking a long sniff of the fishy odour which seemed to hang in the rooms still air murmured "Well I guess you're the fisherman everyone's been looking for" He leans over the body and quickly examines it discovering a single stab wound that went through the back of the chair and into Gregory's right side and from the amount of the still warm blood that soaked into the chair it looked like it pierced the poor mans liver. Saul rolled the body back into place and barely had time to step into the shadows at the sound of running feet which could be heard coming from the main room. The Doctor skidded into the doorless room took one look at the body slumped in the chair and for some reason yelled "Tag you're it" and then turning attempted to run back out of the room he instead crashed into the armoured form of Saul who had sidestepped into the doorway. "Doctor" growled Saul placing a hand onto his oddly excitable friend "I need you to sober up and fast" this demand was quickly reinforced with a sharp jab to the Doctors stomach which winded the somewhat surprised Doctor, but after vomiting rather copiously and cursing a lot he did seem to be more focused if somewhat resentful. Saul's apology just consisted of him pointing to Gregory and growling "I think I've found your missing fisherman but still I can see no sign of any Dutchman" The Doctor still casting a somewhat hurt look towards Saul had started his examination of the body noting down the signs of a life lived hard and at the mercy of the elements. He wiped his hands briefly down the man's shirt and coat, looking at the glittering flecks of silver now coating his palms agrees with Sauls assessment "Yes he does seem to match the description of poor Gregory doesn't he, but why kill him? he seemed to have been an ardent follower of Martyn" He too now rolls the body onto its side and notes the wound "The poor bastard never saw it coming did he a mercy I suppose straight through the damned chair and into his liver, it must have been a long thin blade, more of an assassin's tool than a soldiers" The Doctor checking Gregorys clothes finds a little loose change a fee odds and ends twine and the like and somewhat surprisingly a gold pound coin with the head of the fallen King Charles still clearly visible upon one side. Saul reached over the Doctors shoulder "Come on there is nothing you can do for him and the blood is still fresh so the Dutchman can't have gone too far and since he didn't get past us its the stairs to the shop I be thinking" As they turned to leave they spotted two men watching from the open doorway "Oh shit" said someone and then the fight was on. The two men remained silent as they rushed into the room brandishing cutlery which was somewhat unnerving but Saul wasn't too distracted as he waded into his opponent slamming down his hatchet with frightening force. The fight was a brutal affair the silent men dodged and twisted avoiding the blows of the Party but landing many a slicing cut in return. The Doctor tried to hold off his fork wielding opponent with his smuggled in dagger and he eventually managed to plunge it into the man's shoulder but the man barely acknowledged it and instead stepped forward and grabbed the Doctor in a bear hug. Saul meanwhile had got the measure of his opponent and hacked into him from left to right giving the man no room to manoeuvre and leaving him open to Sauls finishing move which ended up lopping off his head. The Doctor meanwhile was still locked in a deadly wrestling match and from the look on the Doctors increasingly puce looking face, it was a fight he was loosing. Luckily Saul now finding himself free casually spun around the turn ended with a thunk as his hatchet thudded into the Doctors attackers spine ending his life quickly and quietly. The Doctor collapsed rubbing his bruised throat and trying to control his breathing "Come on Doctor someone is bound to have heard the ruckus, we have to leave" barely had these words escaped Saul when a scream split the air, turning the Party saw a serving lady looking into the room but before she could suck in another lungful of air the Party had moved into action and were barrelling past her and into the corridor beyond. They quickly pass through the chaos of the main room and after a quick discussion with the barman eased with coin and a lot of luck they had just managed to recover their weapons and had just managed to get back outside before the serving lady had managed to fight her way through the patrons and tell her boss that they were now three clients down. The Party ran away quickly moved onto the house of Brass hoping to finally catch up with their prey. The Doctor lagged a little behind as he was somewhat busy trying to rub some foul smelling goo onto his bruised and battered throat but due to having to run at the same time most of the goo ended up all over the place. The night was their friend and the managed to avoid any more entanglements, the cold and darkness having driven most people off the streets. So the slightly out of breath Party following the directions given by the drunken patrons of the club make it to the other doctors house the many and rather gaudy (According to the Thomas at least) signs attesting to this fact. A low glow from a lantern can just be made out coming from the front upstairs window so after knocking and getting no reply the Party takes time out to have a discussion on the finer points of housebreaking, eventually, they just ended up kicking in the rear door and entering the house that way. They quickly search the lower floor just to confirm that it's clear and then head upstairs the creaking wooden stairs making a mockery of the Doctors attempt at stealth. When they reached the upper landing there was another timeout as they now discussed marching order and eventually, the Doctor sighed and opened the door into the room where the light was coming from. The Doctor jumped back a little and looked at his hand which seemed to be covered in some kind of sticky white paste "Bugger" said the Doctor before swaying slightly and then throwing up "Saul I think I've been poisoned, and I'm guessing from its effects its arsenic" panicking he rushes into the room and finding it empty immediately started to rummage around on a what appeared to be a worktable. Meanwhile, Saul leaving the Doctor to find an antidote makes his way gingerly into the room and starts to very, very carefully search the room making sure his gloves are tightly on. The room is a bizarre mixture of foundry and apothecary, shelf after shelf groan under the weight of jars and jacks full of powders and chemicals a few have rather unpleasant things floating in them, a stuffed crocodile hangs somewhat forlornly down from the soot-blackened ceiling. The room is dominated by a furnace of some kind the Doctor looking up from the worktable to Sauls questions pauses long enough to glance at the furnace and snaps "Its a distillation furnace Saul it's used to treat maladies of the mind apparently buts its complete nonsense" he returns to his pouring and shifting of various compounds as he makes a quick emetic. Saul notes that the desk in the corner seems oddly messy with papers covering its top and spilling down onto the floor beneath. using his dagger to shift through the papers he sees that the drawers are open and it looks like at least one somewhat large book has been removed. Finding nothing else of note he looks at the sweaty and shaking Doctor who is chugging away at a jug with a somewhat manic look in his eyes he checks out the last room. This room seems to have been the bedroom of doctor Brass, it too is messy and shows signs that someone has grabbed a few items and hastily packed them before rushing out. The Doctor staggered in and leaned heavily on the door frame but whatever he was going to say was cut off by loud knocking and shouting it seems the militia wanted a doctor. The Party had to flee once more passing through a slightly shocked clock makers house in the attempt. They managed to avoid the patrols and as the sun was rising palely in the east they finally managed to reach the gated N.M.A compound the Doctor in search of medical help and Saul in search of Zeal to pass on the information that he had collected on Mallebench. Mallebench was a local Norfolk lad from the Wash (Kings Lynn) and had studied at Cambridge but Saul wasn't able to find much else as Mallebench seems to have made strenuous attempts to muddy the waters concerning his past.
  5. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    I was just wondering if anyone else who views these posts was also in a long running Renaissance campaign, and what supplements and ideas from other systems they were using?
  6. Grappling with a rules question.

    It all worked out in the end my character had a very sore throat but the other Player character was able to hack the attacker to bits so all good now I just have to worry about this contact poison I just touched.
  7. Grappling with a rules question.

    I think I got a chance to dodge but failed so the grapple was a success he then inflicted pain and afterwards I had a few options I tried to break free. I rolled a 17 with an unarmed skill of 43 so a pass whilst the attacker rolled a 10 or 11 out of 35? so neither of us got a critical but I thought I had managed to break free. The others seemed to say that as written all it said was if the attacker succeeds then the grapple remains in place and he had succeeded so I remained grappled. Which i didn't understand as why was I even rolling?
  8. Grappling with a rules question.

    Cheers man, I think the confusion is coming from how the grapple section is written to be honest, It then gives the two options of Grapple fails or succeeds so its unclear to me why there is even a roll off at this point and its also unclear how its similar to a normal opposed roll. This then effects the Break free action as its written as an opposed grapple roll instead of just an opposed roll so looking at the first section it looks to be just a straight pass or fail on the attackers part and what the defender rolls seems to make no difference. The other Players said that since the attacker didn't fail his roll the grapple remains in place even though I had also passed, I'm guessing because the description didn't mention that as an option. So reading it as is I would like to know, 1. The first section on grappling, similar to an opposed roll how? because at the moment it seems nothing like an opposed roll at all. 2, Break free should this be treated as a normal opposed roll and so all normal opposed rules apply? I think Grapple is the only time where an opposed roll gets the Similar qualifier and this seems to be the source of confusion at least on my part. Again thanks for the reply I was starting to think I was missing something obvious.
  9. Grappling came up during a recent session and I had a rules question as I was a little fuzzy on the whole procedure, As far as I remember my character was going to be grappled by a N.PC the N.P.C made the attack and succeeded he then choose to inflict pain then we both rolled an opposed Unarmed Combat roll to see if I could break free I passed but so did the attacker now this is where the fuzzy comes in I thought it was an opposed roll so whoever rolls highest under their skill wins which was me so I thought my character had broken free but the others said that as the attacker had passed even though it was with a lower roll the grapple remained. Now I admit I was a little miffed as I thought I had broken free but the main cause for my momentary gruffness was more to do with the fact that I thought I had understood the rule and it appears that I hadn't which always bothers me. So hopefully someone can explain and clear up my fuzziness so I will know what to do in the future.
  10. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    Hang on he's Italian, so is there even such a thing as an excess of alcohol consumption as far as he's concerned?
  11. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    Stories of the whisperedThe Doctor leaving the others behind in his efforts to at least keep the wagon in sight soon finds himself alone and breathing hard he can see the wagon taking a turn which will soon leave it out of sight, he looks around seeing that none of the other CL.U.Bers are near and is faced with a difficult decision should he wait for them and loose sight of Martyn or carry on following and hope they can pick up his trail. Just as he's about to head back to find the others he hears a voice he hasn't heard for in a long time it comes from a bulky figure jogging up George street with a glowing lantern suspended from his belt " Come on Doctor he's getting away man" the Doctor smiles and takes a deep steadying breath "Hang on Saul I'm right behind you old friend" and he starts to run to catch up with Saul.The now calmed Ralph follows the German down a number of alley ways in search of the Italian and whatever caused that loud bang they find the still shocked Guilio standing somewhat dumbstruck over the cooling body of Annelise Anholt. Seeing the terrible wounds on the body the Witch hunter crouches down and picks up the wrecked remains of a pistol turning it over and sniffing the shattered barrel he looks up and grins at Guilio "You are watched over it seems my friend, it seems that in her panic she double loaded her gun....nasty business" he drops the pistol next to Annelise's ruined face brushing off the worst of the mud from his knees he turns to Ralph "So what now?"What now indeed the Doctor and the wagon had disappeared and with the ringing of watchman's bells in the distance this fight had finally come to the attention of the Land, Sea Co-operative's militia so time was running out. Ralph looked around and quickly spying what looked like an abandoned tenement building grabbed Annelise and started to carry her towards it as he moved he told the others that they needed time and that they needed to avoid any official entanglements so the plan was to hole up in this building wait for the coast to clear and then try to make it back to the N.M.A compound. Jonah was sent off to intercept the reinforcements from Zeal whilst the others would wait and hide, Jonah thought that they might just get away with it because the dead thugs outside would soon be quickly identified as highwayman and thugs for hire so the Co-Operative would more than likely put it down to inter gang fighting over turf or loot.So that was the hope anyway as the Yarmouth Party hid the body and tried to make themselves comfortable in one of the tenements rooms they prepared to wait until the hue and cry had died down and the blackness of night could cover their escape.Their hope of remaining undiscovered was a short lived one as this militia patrol seemed to be slightly more professional than the usual run of the mill watch and the soon picked up a trail following it back to the pool of blood soaked mud and snow caused by the unfortunate passing of Annelise and began a building to building search. Soon the front door of the tenement was being banged upon and a militiaman was demanding entry. The Party looked at each other and realised that they all looked damned suspicious, Ralph's clothes were shredded and stiff with dried blood and well to be honest he looked like a crazed murder at the best of times, Guilio was bruised and battered and he still had a dented buckler strapped to his stump even Wilhelm looked suspicious and not only because he was German but because he had received a nasty gut shot earlier in the fight. There was a tense moment the banging continued and the Party looked at each other in the darkness "Ach Damnation and hell-fire I better see this fool" seeing the expressions of the others he laughs "The Doctor was kind enough to patch me up before he left and my black clothing hides the blood so best be me then" he walks to the buildings front door and opening it up greets the militiaman with "Yes what is all this a cursed knocking it's cold and late and I am tired" the young man barely out of his teens staggers back at this verbal assault, the others listen in on the muted conversation their hands resting upon readied weapons. Finally the door closes shut again and Wilhelm swaggers in dusting off his hands "Easy Ja, you English are so trusting " the others look on somewhat shocked and with just a little awe "How did you manage that you don't even sound English" asked Ralph Wilhelm just does a little bow and doffs his hat "Never you mind my English friend" he suddenly stops and cocks his head to the side "I thought we searched this building but I swear I can hear....singing?" the other to listen and sure enough there seems to be faint singing coming from below them. "Feck there must be a hidden room somewhere, we had better find them in case they are more of these bleedin cultists, Zeal won't be happy with us anyway with Martyn getting away and with only the slight hope that my daft cousin can get back to us with information let alone us missing a whole damned flock of them" So they quickly begin searching again and using a few tricks told to them by Wilhelm soon find a hidden door which leads them to a candlelit chamber where a small group of ragged people are taking mass, they are heretics but off the other sort it appears that they are Catholics.This led to some awkwardness as normally the Party would have rounded them up and taken them in for questioning but they were not meant to be here in this section of town as it was still under the control of the Land Sea Co-Operative and as Zeal kept telling them the peace treaty needed time to settle in and for areas of responsibility to be sorted out. So they were on the horns of a dilemma. They went into a huddle in front of the somewhat scared and now bemused Catholics and after a quick discussion that involved the phrase no we can't just kill them all being repeated several times to the Witch Hunter they decided to make a deal which basically boiled down to we didn't see you so you couldn't have seen us right? the congregation must have thought that the CL.U.Bers were smugglers or some such and readily agreed to the terms. By now it was fully dark and the militia had moved on after their door to door search they had also removed the bodies of Lucy and the highwayman. It seems that they had spent some time in the Old Yar table after they had spoken to a certain Ms Ripley the Inn now stood in darkness and locked up tight. The Party decide to play it safe and leave the body hidden in the tenement and after one last quick look around they finally make their way back to the Listing sausage Inn.They manage to get over the barricades and get back to the sausage without too much difficulty and head off to find Zeal. They find him still up and somewhat haggard looking surrounded by maps, charts and dockets even at this late hour messengers are coming and going bringing in the latest news of the reconstruction and demands from Norwich for updates on when the fishing fleet can go back out. It seems that the situation was reaching a crisis point as between the bad harvest, the blight and the flooding the food situation was dire. There had already been unconfirmed reports of cannibalism in some of the towns. Zeal seeing the CL.U.Bers waves off Wolcraft Smith and the Alderman doesn't seem to happy about it but Zeal is clearly in charge here so he has to keep his anger under control but this doesn't stop him sneering at the ragged band and slamming the door as he leaves. "My lord that man tries my patience" he indicates a few stools piled up against the Inns wall "Grab a seat before you fall down now I've already heard something of what you have been up to and before you start don't worry about the Doctor I sent someone to keep him out of trouble and they should hopefully be able to track Martyn and let you know where he is, but I need all the details you can give me things are moving forward but we are not out of the woods yet far from it." there follows a long briefing the messengers are sent to other captains and orderlies as the CL.U.Bers relate the results of their latest mission. Afterwards Zeal looks pensive but tells them to get some rest and prepare themselves to go back out in search of Martyn Arnholt tomorrow he also tells them not to worry about the body of Analisse as he will arrange for it to be collected. He also arranges for the Catholics to be dealt with as it seems the CL.U.bers felt that promises to heretics were only promises of convenience. Zeal sends them away to get some sleep and he is immediately swamped by people demanding supplies, help, and support.Later that day the CL.U.Bers heave their battered and bruised bodies into action again and with much groaning and moaning they get their kit packed and head down to see Zeal. He is still sitting in the same seat surrounded by even more paperwork and ringed by orderlies. Again he waves them away if only briefly he hands them a sealed envelope with their instructions and several million pounds in gold and gives them their final briefing the mission is still the same stop Martyn and stop the cult he tells them that some information came in during the night that should point them in the right direction and wishes them luck. The Party move back out into the weak winter sunlight and read the letter it mainly repeats Zeal's instructions but has several reports attached to it which reveal that Martyn was seen handing out food and asking for people to follow him out into the broads beyond the town and that he would lead them to a better place, a place fit for honest people and safe from corruption and war, it seems that only a few people took him up though as the reports only mention seeing two other men with him the same report It also mentions that two men seemed to be following the wagon from a distance but when approached they quickly avoided the Watch. So with a rough heading the Party went out to finish off the Dutch menace once and for all.They pass through the towns wall and after following the main road for a while but soon turn off and start to follow a rutted track that led off into the marshes, it seems that Wilhelm had picked up the scent and he soon picks up signs that a group of people had travelled this way recently, Ralph seems somewhat unsure and as he scans the flat grey of the marsh ahead asks "How can you be so sure my Teutonic friend? it all looks the same to me, just reeds and mud going endlessly off till it meets the horizon" Wilhelm grins and points out the faint impressions of cart wheels and boot prints that could be faintly seen in the mud of the track. Following the Germans pointing finger he too finally spots the tracks"Oh well, if you're going to get all cocky about it" he says in a huff "Well come on then times a wastin and who knows what trouble my fool of a cousin has gotten himself into"So they continue to follow the tracks and passed the time telling each other about themselves and how they had ended up being dragged into the darkness of the CL.U.Ber organisation. It made for some interesting tales but they had to return soon to the task at hand as they had to cross the river Yare and the bridge wasn't an option. They looked around the bleak landscape and Guilio spotted what seemed to be a house in the distance so with nothing better presenting itself they headed over. The man of the house was absent but its lady greeted them warmly enough and after hearing their somewhat edited tale of woe clapped her hands and told them not to worry for she had access to a raft that would take them across but she distraughtly told them that she would have to ask for a few shillings in payment as these were hard times and food prices were going up and up. The Party agreed and she arranged for a local man to punt them across. The man was a good natured sort but he was some what surprised to be called upon again so soon after taking the last lot across as he told the Party that not many people apart from the odd peat digger headed out this way especially this time of year. The Party shared their rations with him and asked him a few questions about the other groups implying that they were all friends but that they had drunk to much in Yarmouth and had missed the early start. It seems they were on the right track the first group matched Martyn and his small group of followers which only seemed to number handful of men and the second lot was definitely the Doctor and someone else, a dark brooding figure armed with a long wicked looking blade, his description of the second man gave Guilio and Ralph pause could it be that Saul had returned from whatever mission the bureaus Inner circle had sent him on all those weeks past? if so it was good news indeed as they needed his strong arm and wise council more than ever as the tide of darkness seemed to be rising higher and higher, Mallebench was still on the lose and now old and ancient gods were rising from the depths to tempt the weak in these troubled times. After making it across and thanking the man for his efforts and information they continue to follow the track which slowly becomes nothing but hunting trail at best. The flat and marshy landscape had a strange melancholy beauty the expanse of grey sky above them almost seemed to be pressing down on them at times but on they tramped through the pools of water and boggy ground trying to see anything past the reed beds looking for any signs of life. As the afternoon wore on and the CL.U.Bers blood sacrifice to the midges finally seemed enough they spotted a few thatched roofs in the near distance there seemed to be a hamlet ahead and as it was starting to get dark and the weather was getting colder it seemed an ideal place to seek shelter for the night.The hamlet if it could be called that consisted of a few rough buildings that squatted some how brooding in the soft waterlogged earth, they gave off an unwholesome air of decay and hidden secrets there was an Inn of sorts but that seemed oddly bricked up the only light that could be seen was leaking through the badly shuttered windows of the only substantial building in the hamlet so with a shrug the Party head towards it but more than one of them checked to see that their sword was loose in its scabbard. The building appeared to have once been a blacksmiths or maybe a small foundry but it now had an Inns sign swaying above it's solid looking door the sign of a black rooster. Wilhelm spits to the side "Ze Rooster Schwarz is an ill omen" Ralph shoves past "I don't care at this moment if Old Nick himself is in there, Its cold I'm soaked and we need shelter and some hot grub so in we go" and with that he pushes the door open its rusted hinges groaning in protest.The pub goes silent as is the won't of small local pubs the world over and every eye is turned towards these interlopers. Taking in the armour and the many weapons of the newcomers the patrons quickly turn back to their jacks of beer and quiet conversation. Guilio smiles immediately at home in any Inn and heads towards the upturned barrels at the far end which seemed to be serving as the bar, Wilhelm found a table in the corner and sitting down facing the door did his best to merge with the shadows whilst studying the locals whilst Ralph looks with hunger at the rabbits roasting over the pubs fire pit. Guilio pulls out a shilling and starts flicking it across the knuckles of his remaining hand and his smile becomes even larger when he see the greed light up in the barman's eyes. "Hello my good man, my friends an I require your finest ale and shelter for the night" he is interrupted by Ralph bellowing RABBITS! smoothly the Italian continues as if never interrupted "Oh and something to eat as well maybe something involving roast rabbit maybe?" After the locals had gotten over their initial shock and distrust they either ignored the Party or as in the case of one incredibly old and weather beaten man who called himself Uncle Ivan sidle up to them in the hope of getting a few free beers out of these newcomers. Now Ivan apart from smelling like a sheep, a sheep that had messed itself very badly before then dying in shame liked to tell a tale in the belief that in doing so people would give him beer and so he began telling the Party all about the hamlet and more importantly the Witch Angry Jane who stalked the marshes hereabouts in search of unwary travellers to ensnare for use in her evil rituals. This made Wilhelm perk up and stop rubbing his blistered feet "A Witch you say.....are you sure she is a witch and not just some crazy old lady? its easy to make that mistake you know." Uncle Ivan smiled, his one remaining tooth which was oddly pointy gleamed in the candlelight "Arrr she be a witch for sure I could tells you more, I know things see but my throat is terribly dry see" he then looks at his empty jack and slowly winks one rheumy eye and taps his nose. Ralph and Guilio having moved away from Wilhelm and Ivan's smell are tucking into roast rabbit served with winter cabbage there was also some hard cheese and bread for afters. Ralph leaned over towards Guilio spraying the unfortunate Italian in flecks of cheese "Pssst I don't know about you but these locals seem a queer bunch, sure the barman and Ivan seem friendly enough but most of the others seem to be looking at as most oddly" Guilio brushing off the cheese from his face "Si its very odd the men who leave I swear one of them was licking his lips when he was looking at me" They finish off their meal and are about to speak to the barman about staying the night when one of the locals guessing their intent calls out with beery breath "Ah see I tells ye city folk can't hold their drink, even the piss that Harold sells us" the rest of the locals laugh and much beer is spilt from upheld jacks. Harold seemingly used to his beer being compared to piss yells out "Well these folk look pretty tough to me and I can't see them taking that kind of insult to their honour laying down so you better be wary Jeff Mullins" Jack laughs "Well there's only one way the can prove me false......A drinking contest" again the bar erupts in noise forcing Jeff to raise his voice even higher "Last man standing wins the money and the beer, so city boy's will you match me?" and with that he throws down and handful of copper pennies. Ralph and Guilio are surrounded by the laughing and half cut patrons of the Black Rooster pause then smile and Guilio slams down his handful of pennies "Your'e on" The curtains draw in and we forced to leave our merry band wondering if they will ever breath fresh air again and if a stranger licking his lips whilst sneaking a look at you is a quaint local custom or something more sinister. The Doctor was not involved in these high jinks so this is what he wrote down in his diary after speaking to Guilio over a few shared drinks later on.
  12. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Awry Having sent Jonah off to pick up some extra men Ralph and the Doctor decided to find a seat at Bezzle's Alehouse which was located in the back alley behind the Old Yare and provided a good sightline onto the Inns back gates. The two men ordered a couple of jacks of what Bailey laughingly called beer and sat down to watch and wait but as time passed they discussed a number of plans, should they nail the gates shut, slip back over the Inns wall and sabotage that wagon maybe or get some carts themselves and use them to block the alley or dig a hole to block one of the exits? Jonah soon returns with four men, two are men such as himself whilst the other are CL.U.Bers the Italian Guilio and a new recruit, a German Witch Hunter who goes by the name of Wilhelm Teufel. Ralph waves them over and fills in Jonah and the others. The Doctor meanwhile after exchanging brief hello's wonders off and asks Bailey if he had a shovel that he could borrow and after haggling over the rental price the Doctor heads out to start digging, he almost trips over the unconscious form of one of Baileys regular customers and the Doctor taking note of the cold weather decides to kick the man awake and give him a few pennies to help him dig. As he is kicking the man awake the gates of the Inn creak open and the cart is led out by one of the Thompson gang (Jonah had identified them earlier as a gang who mainly committed acts of highway robbery) The Doctor looks around and seeing that the group are still talking he grabs the half conscious man drags him into Baileys drops him onto the floor and yells "Gentleman the gates" the CL.U.Bers look up, grab weapons and rush out. They are in time to see a couple of men jump onto the wagon as the gates are closed and secured the men are well wrapped up so its hard to make out if any of them are female, the thick clothing making them all seem oddly sexless. Wilhelm cries out trying to get them to stop two of the wrapped figures turn and look at him blankly a strange emptiness in their stares sends a shiver down even his toughened spine. Distracted by the men he fails to notice the young lady in the back who has just appeared from under the tarpaulin, more importantly he also misses her pointing a musket at him. A crack rents the cold air swiftly followed by two more luckily it seems that a bumpy wagon makes for a bad gun platform and the shots go wide ploughing holes into the alley walls and shattering the window of the nearby hat shop. The Doctor drops a few pennies onto the drunk and looking around sees Jonah still sitting down at the table sensing the Doctors stare he looks up and says "Well get on with it sounds like they are getting away" The Doctor looks slightly shocked at this remark and grabs his pistol and tries to hand it to Jonah "Here take this, together we might be able to stop them" Jonah looks somewhat disdainfully at the pistol and just looks up again "Whats this I don't need no pistol that's not what I do, I has a bum leg you understand" the Doctor shakes his head grabs his pistol back and heads out. A brisk gun battle is now taking place between those on the wagon, its guards and the Cl.u.bers but no serious damage seems to have been caused yet to either side but then one of the guards fire's his musket at the rapidly approaching Witch hunter there is a loud bang a puff of foul smelling smoke and a cry of shocked pain as Wilhelm doubles over a horrified look upon his face as he slowly falls over as blood quickly soaks the bottom of his shirt and drips onto the muddy floor. Ralph runs past him picking up speed as he cuts the distance between himself and the cart his grim and determinned look gives his face a demonic aspect. The Doctor and Guilio head back out into the alleyway to see Ralph disapearing around the corner and Wilhelm on his knees slowly dragging his pistols out and firing it at the waggon. The Doctor jogs up to Wilhelm and sees the pool of blood he's sitting in and calls on Guilio for help. They manage to carry him back to the alehouse and begin to bandage him up, just then another musket shot can be heard and Guilio paused "Whats up?" the Doctor asks, Guilio shakes his head "I thought I heard Ralph cry out...but no it's nothing lets get this crazy German patched up first eh?" Ralph meanwhile had charged around the corner and into a further group of guards engaging them in close combat he strikes out with his hatchets cutting and hacking into them but one of them is able to block the blow and is able to jam the barrel of his musket into Ralph's back and pulls the trigger blowing a large chunk of Ralph's bulk over a nearby wall. This only makes Ralph mad and shaking himself like a soggy bear he swings his hatchet down and to the side cutting the guards leg clean off. Seeing Ralph in action causes the guards to focus onto him and another shot blasts out but luckily it whizzes past his head and unfortunately into a nearby cat that was trying to warm itself in the weak winters sun. Guilio leaving the Doctor to patch up Wilhelm has ran after the wagon and seeing Ralph locked into combat with the three guards smiles flicks out his hand and makes his glaive sing. The battle goes back and forth no one seems to be getting the killing blow although the blood does flow from all the nicks and almost hits the fight goes on long enough for the Doctor and the still wounded Wilhem to turn up and add their pistol fire to the fight and another guard falls his leg exploding in a welter of blood and gore as its struck by a pistol ball. Ralph manages finally to barrel through and past the guards and starts again to chase the wagon. The Doctor is jumped by a knife wielding guard and is unable to stop it but he's not worried as he trusts in his new curiass. The knife just pings against it and Wilhelm stabs up at the guard from the flank. Ralph gaining on the wagon again faces the musket fire of the lovely Lucy Smith but again the bumping wagon throws of her aim and Ralph thunders on. The Knife man again tries to attack the Doctor but again the blade is turned aside his return swing does catch the Doctors hand leaving a thin cut. "Ahh you bastard" yells the Doctor and tries to hammer his pistol butt into the mans face but the man who is now foaming from his mouth ducks the blow and just starts yelling "Die! you have hunted us across galaxies but no more" the Doctor looks around and says "What are you going on about you complete nutter" Guilio pulls out his last remaining pistol and fires at the escaping wagon and he seems to catch Lucy a glancing blow as she drops her musket with a yelp and drops back down beneath the tarp. Wilhelm seeing that the wagon is the prize also disengages and starts to run after Ralph and the wagon he catches up with them as the wagon slows down to negotiate a tight bend in the road. Turning to grin at each other they both leap towards the back of the wagon. Ralph manages to grab the back and struggles up whilst Wilhelm slips on some fresh dog dirt and just misses the wagon but luckily does not fall he staggers a little but is still in the chase. The Doctor finally beats his crazed attacker down after raining numerous blows upon his head and side. The Doctor leans over and takes numerous deep breaths, Guilio though gets into the swing of things and chops the other attacker down but it seems he is still missing his clockwork arm as his attacks lack the grace they once had. Ralph meanwhile has dragged himself onto the wagon and is immediately attacked by Mrs Smith who lunges towards him blade in hand but Ralph twists to the side and narrowly avoids the blade and with a mighty backhand blow he knocks her off the wagon and she falls back with a scream as she hits the icy road with a crump. He barely has chance to catch his breath before he is attacked by the other passengers who leap upon him with hate filled eyes and sharp daggers one of which slices a deep wound across Ralph's leg. Ralph grunts in pain and for a moment he looks at the road but with a sigh he turns back and pushes forward trying to get to the driver but the passengers block his way slapping and punching him back into the wagon. Wilhelm has caught up with the wagon and is running alongside he makes one last attempt to get on board but again is unable to get enough strength to make the jump, his wound starts to ooze blood again as the stitches start to rip free. Guilio clears up the last of the guards and watches as the Doctor run off towards the fallen Lucy and the wagon. Ralph continues his epic fight on board the increasingly speeding wagon, the passengers begin to foam at the mouth and scream at him stabbing their blades into him over and over again cutting and slicing numerous shallow cuts into him causing little damage but he begins to bleed and bleed a lot. Wilhelm now having fallen back gives up on the wagon and instead stalks towards the fallen and stunned Lucy. She sees him coming and pulls out a rapier from under her dress and avoiding the Witch-finders thrust gives him one in return causing him to twist in desperation barely avoiding the rapiers kiss. Ralph has had enough and lumbers forward grabs the lady in front of him and ignoring the cuts from her blade he twists and with a mighty bellow he simply throws her off the wagon and onto the road. She hits the ground with a crack but staggers up and looks around and begins to half walk half run towards a nearby alley. The Doctor runs past Wilhelm and calls out "We need one alive" before running past trying to keep the wagon in view. Wilhelm though is full of hate and righteous anger and shoulder barges the slight figure of Lucy down and with both hands he thrusts down his sword puncturing her lungs so with a final sigh she collapses and dies "Suffer not the witch to live" and wiping his blade clean of the blood he stalks off in search of more corrupted females. Guilio jogs up to him and reaches out to grab him by the shoulder "Hey remember we need one alive" Wilhelm a crazed gleam in his eyes smiles oddly and just replies "Ja" and looking around spies Lucy's musket on the ground next to him and he swiftly grabs it. He jogs forward drops to his knee and takes aim at the wagon and muttering in German he pulls the trigger, the musket barks and the wagon driver drops onto the floor beneath the wagon his head turned into red mist by the German marksman. The wagon gives a sickening crunch and bounce as its wheel crunch over the body. Guilio hands over his musket to the German "Good shot lets see if you can do it again" and he then runs off after the second fleeing woman. Switching muskets the German takes aim and just before the wagon turns a corner he snaps off another shot hitting the co driver in the left arm and blowing out of his back, dropping him to the road with a cry and a splat. The wagon continues swerving all over the road the horses crazed by all the gunfire and now leaderless. Ralph is left fighting the last man on-board again taking numerous cuts from his blade but always he advances his meaty paws grasping trying to get a grip on this young and strangely looking man. The two of them struggling to stay up on this jolting, bucking wagon for a moment it looks like Ralph has him but with a shimmer and a twist the man somehow throws off Ralph's grip and instead knocks him off the back. Ralph stumbles back and with a cry hits the floor but luckily he lands on a bundle of rags which turn out to be a small child and his starving mother their bodies softening his landing but the wind is still well and truly knocked out of him and for the moment he lies there looking up from the gutter into the gathering darkness above, blood freely flowing out of him from his numerous wounds causing him to look pale and tired.The Doctor runs past trying to keep at least one eye on the wagon and Wilhelm calls out "I vill look after ze big fellow" and jogs up to the near to death Ralph when he reaches the man mountain he tries to staunch the wounds but Ralph opens his eyes and tells him to feck off and he begins to struggle up and shakes off the Witch Finders ministrations. "I still got killing to do" and begins to stagger towards George Street the bemused Wilhelm following in his wake. It was all in vain as the Doctor and the wagon had disappeared somewhere down George Street and he could no longer see either of them. The Italian meanwhile was chasing down the second lady, he follows her down one dark stinking alleyway and then another following the trail of blood until he finally catches up with her in a dead end it looks like she was trying to climb over a barricade but lacked the strength to make it over. She faces her pursuer a strange glow coming from her eyes as she stands in the shadows her whole posture one of attack and leaps at Guilio as soon as he rounds the corner her pistol aimed squarely at his head she pulls the trigger before the Italian can react but with a hiss and a huge cloud of smoke the pistol explodes in her hand, ripping it clean off in a spray of bone and blood. The explosion also shreds the left side of her face living a red nightmare behind instead of the beauty that was once there, she gives a gurgling scream spewing up black blood onto the white snow beneath her. Wilhelm had caught up to Ralph and had managed to convince him to stop raging and that he was no use until he got his get his wounds treated or at least cauterised they paused when they heard the loud bang and hoped that the Italian was alright but they had more immediate worries to deal with as Ralph was about to bleed to death and the co driver though in a very bad way yet somehow seemed to be clinging onto life so he would have to be dealt with and questioned before the militia turned up
  13. No as I refer you to my previous comments about memory and stunned guppy fish.
  14. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    After resting up for a couple of days for some much needed healing the Party finally meets back up with Zeal in the taproom of the Listing sausage as they enjoy a hearty breakfast of stewed tea and pottage the Doctor is approached by a man going by the name of Quinton Lambert, he claims to be a merchant and is interested in buying some Muskets for the Dawn Legion. The Doctor politely explains that he is a medical practitioner and so unfortunately is not involved in that part of the family business but he would be more than happy to provide an introduction to Zeal but Mr Lambert becomes a little cagey and says he would prefer not to deal with middlemen so he makes his apologises and leaves heading back to a corner booth where two other men await him. After breakfast Zeal introduces the Party to a rather taciturn gentleman by the name of Jonah and explains what he wants the Party to do. It basically boils down to finding and rooting out any more members of this Xaxus cult. Zeal informs the Party that Jonah has checked out the Smith and Barber stone carvers compound and that he has found out some rather interesting things and that he also thinks that some of the people described sound like members of a Dutch trading embassy made up of the Arnolt family who are based in Yarmouth. They are well respected locally as merchants and it seems that they had a daughter and son, the daughter sounds to match the lady who was at the stone carvers. The Party ruminate on this information and the Doctor takes the opportunity to inform Zeal about the merchants who were trying to purchase the wheel locks, Zeal thanks the Doctor and has a hushed conversation with Jonah the phrase black marketer is briefly heard. Zeal finishes his conversation with Jonah and returns to the Xaxus issue it seems that Jonah also found Mr Smiths body in one of the upstairs room, his wife Lucy has yet to be found whilst Mr Barber apparently left sometime before the storm hit Yarmouth. Zeal explains that they must tread softly as the peace process has only just begun and he has instructions that they must be completed as the county if not the whole south east needs the herring fleets back out and working. Ralph and the Doctor have a wide ranging conversation about religion, isolationism, the benefits of a high fibre diet and why dead people can't say no but its finally agreed that they should head back out and cross the land sea cooperatives lines and check out the stone carvers themselves. Jonah leads them back out into the blasted ice bound streets of Yarmouth past the long ragged lines of frostbitten and half starved people queuing up for alms. The journey took a long time as between the foul weather and their constant checking to see if they were being followed they made slow going but they eventually made it to the Smith and Barber compound safely if somewhat chilly. The Party were led into an area which seemed to be a workshop a large object stood centre stage it was about eight feet tall and even from the doorway they could see that the unholy carvings that partially covered one side which bore a striking resemblance to the monolith from the island. The Doctor turned to Jonah shock across his face "Gadzooks! why is this still here it must be destroyed at once" Jonah took a step back from the Doctors sudden rage and rushed to explain "We will but Zeal for the Lord wants it done quiet like, things are tense at the moment he doesn't want to upset the apple cart...Don't worry we are covering it up and securing it and when all is settled it will be broken up" The Doctor is not mollified but after a bit more ranting he eventually calms down. Jonah then slightly unhappily guides the Party down into the basement where the earthen floor has been tilled and some unholy cabbage vines can be seen growing up. The Doctor goes into a rage attempting to rip up the plants and is only stopped after some effort by Ralph and Jonah and the promise that the plants will be burnt and the soil salted. After the Doctor stops frothing at the mouth and quoting scripture Jonah reminds them what they are here to do and Ralph asks to be taken to the office where the unfortunate Mr Smith was found with his head bashed in. The body had been removed but the bloodstained desk and floor was still evident. The horribly stained mallet was examined and its heft was taken in an attempt to figure out how strong the attacker must have been to commit such a foul crime. Questions were asked about Smith and Barber and if they had any business connections with the Dutch. Jonah took out some bits of paper and after a bit of a shuffling around he found the scraps he was looking for. Straightening up he read from his notes "Well we couldn't find any connections with the Dutch but it does seem as Mrs Smith was politically active and Lucy was also believed to have been a keen Leveller and possibly part of the congregation of Coster, this was probably how she became corrupted. The Doctor whilst listening to Jonahs report had started to flick through the bloody ledger that remained on the desk and saw that the tidy sum of two hundred shillings had been taken out of the business account for 'Travelling expenses' After checking around and asking a few more questions it seemed that Mr Smith had been struck from behind by the mallet his head cracking like an egg under the forceful blow and one of the few people still unaccounted for was his own wife Lucy! Ralph lumbered off to examine the back door that was used by the Dutch lady to escape him during the rescue but after checking the alley way that it lead into he came up empty. After they had finished their examination of the building and the records of Smith and Barber they headed back out into the rain and onto the home of the unfortunate Mr Smith in search of more information and maybe the now twice damned wife Lucy. The house was fairly close just down a few alleyways but the Parties hopes were crushed as the house had not survived the storm and was in a pretty bad way with half the building reduced to rumble. The few people around were questioned and one remembered that the Smiths had taken rooms at the Great Yar Table which appeared to be a local Inn. They followed the old ladies instructions and went down a few more alleyways and streets before coming across a large solid building with Great Yar table written on the creaking sign above the door. The Doctor approached the closed door but was intercepted by a burly thug who had been taking shelter in the doorway. The Thug held out one meaty hand "The Inns closed mate a private function you understand so you better move on" The Doctor smiled and tried to duck past but the Thug wasn't having any nonsense and swung one fist at the Doctors gut, he misjudged things though and slipped on the ice a little causing the blow to miss. The Doctor held up his hands and started to make his apologies. He had only backed away a few paces when two other men rounded the side of the building to back up the thug one was armed with a Matchlock which he aimed towards the Doctor. The thug pointed at the Doctor and called out "When I say the Inns closed its fucking closed understand?" the Doctor continued backing away and making conciliatory noises until he made it back around the corner and out of sight. Ralph and Jonah were stood there with grins across their faces "Went well I see Cousin now see how it should be done" he counted "One, two lots and slipped around the corner keeping to the shadows and doorways. The Doctor watched Ralph sneak down to the rear of the Inn for a moment or two he then called Ralph a cocky bastard and then turned to Jonah "I've got a bad feeling about this It feels like Xaxus may have found a new Church, we need more men to force our way in" Jonah looked thoughtful then said "Agreed we need to find that girl but Zeal's not going to like this he wanted it dealt with quiet like. Look you keep an eye on things and find out what you can and I will go back to the Sausage and convince Zeal to give us some backup" He pats the Doctor on the back and with that he disappeared back down the street. The Doctor left alone looked around to see if he could find somewhere out of the way and sheltered to keep watch from most of the buildings were either badly damaged or locked up tight he was just about to give up and just wait where he was when he noticed a lamp flickering above one doorway so with nothing better to do he headed over. The building was in a pretty run down but looked to be whole at least and wiping away some frost and dirt from a wooden plaque he discovered that the building was a Mermaids supply shop stamping his feet the Doctor smiled a somewhat wistful smile "Well well it looks like me luck has changed" and he opened the door into a room of faded grandeur and as he closed the door behind him he heard a husky female voice ask if there was anything she could help him with. Quickly turning around the Doctor was confronted by a vision of beauty who introduced herself as Edith the Madame of the house .Before we fade to black to protect the younger readers among us the Doctor did ask a few questions before falling for her ample charms. Meanwhile Ralph had asked the brew house clientele some questions but had been unable to get much out of the poor wretches and the hatters seemed to be locked up tight so finding nothing else to distract him he sidled up to the rear courtyard of the Old Yar and after taking a deep breath he scrambled up and over the wall. Landing quietly in the yard near a parked cart he quickly scanned the yard and dashed behind a tool shed, just in time it seems as the rear door opened banged open and a swarthy fellow came out a wall of heat gusting out behind him as he headed towards the cart to check the crates secured on it, he seemed happy as after checking the straps he looked around before heading back into the Inn. Ralph counted and crept across the yard and with a bit of effort he managed to lift the lid on one of the crates and managed to see what was contained within. He was a little dismayed to find that the crate contained not the heathen idols he was expecting but instead found nothing but warm clothing and food stuffs. Replacing the lid he sighed "Well that's disappointing not even a bloody pistol let alone any idols oh well better get the feck out'' and with that he scrambled up the wall again and dropped back down into the filthy alley beyond almost landing on the prone body of a beggar who bawled out something to Ralph's rapidly retreating back as he headed back to the main street in search of his cousin. As he turned the corner he bumped into Jonah who slightly breathless had made it back from the Sausage with a few men there followed a brief conversation between them as they caught each other up on each others news and then they split up to find the Doctor. Jonah was the unlucky one as he tracked the Doctor down to Madame Edith's boudoir and after some effort managed to rescue the Doctor and dragged him down to the Brew house. Taking a barrel at the back and ordering some jacks of beer they began to discuss plans.
  15. Hello, I just wondered if you had seen the Heidelberg horror campaign book? Its for the Clockwork and Chivalry setting but has lots of extra ideas, factions etc for gaming in this period (Its set in 1610 so a little early) but its based on the continent and has some extra background information as well. So it might offer you some options/iddas to smooth things out in your campaign. Also the sanity mechanics from Renaissance deluxe offer a nice way for the horrors of war to take their toll on the characters. And if your players want to play as something different (Not all soldiers) the Factions side of things make it fairly easy to make a dirty dozen style group of expertise brought together to serve a particular goal. The castle needs to be infiltrated so the Captain is given a captured serving girl who worked there but she fled because she was Protestant/Catholic she helps them and just sticks around afterwards.