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  1. There seems to be five main ways to heal mental trauma, Natural healing but this is a little slow as you will need to rest completely and will not remove any permanent Insanities but will help with the temporary ones, the First aid skill can be used but this will only gives you sanity points back it can't remove the effects of any trauma, now the Healing skill will give you sanity points back and will remove the effects of any temporary Insanities gained but nothing permanent. Then there are some magical spells etc.that can help cure insanity and its effects and last but not least there is the method of getting very, very drunk so those scary nightmares all become lovely pink elephants and so you get a boost to making your Persistence rolls so you can for example get to sleep but if something happens your character might find it difficult to do much. "He drinks a Whiskey drink, he drinks a Vodka drink,He drinks a Lager drink, he drinks a Cider drink,He drinks them all to forget all the scary times,He screams a little the name of the Lord to get him back to the fluffier times"
  2. Many thanks it's always cool to see what other people think about this cool game and your screen is a fantastic way of displaying the information.
  3. So what ideas do people have for a G.M's screen, what tables do people use the most etc.and do you think a G.M screen would be useful for the game?
  4. My one was fairly tame they got the idea that the stranger/saboteur is maybe not the person they thought it was, the young lady was saved from a life as a "Flower seller" and they after a tense moment or to finally agreed that she would be safest in the care of Justice Cameron. It was a little difficult to avoid bloodshed as the staff at the Kitten were all dodgy and as described old man Justice is creepy as hell and not the kind of person you would ideally let near a young lady let alone look after one. And I really wanted to avoid a gun fight where a Justice of the Peace gets killed and having to deal with the fallout its a fun scenario but it does maybe need the G.M to say to the players "Think Agatha Christie not Bloodbath at the 9th Precinct"
  5. Damn, the ladies of the night and the Inns bar staff were a lot tougher in your session than mine by the sound of things.
  6. Potential spoilers for The Alchemists Wife adventure, So has anyone run the Strangled Kitten scenario and do they have any tips in avoiding it becoming a bloodbath?
  7. I found that Renaissance is a great system with a fantastic setting book, the rules allowed the group to adventure in war torn Britain, sail the seas, trade and scheme in Africa, fight off Spanish soldiers and undead natives in the New world and travel across even stranger new worlds and finally into the depths of space itself and to be honest the rules worked a treat always providing a good, fair system for getting the job done and for the fun to continue. I doubt if the good Doctor will return from deaths embrace but if those brave people who have read this tale of madness, horror and appalling grammar fancy giving it ago there are still two adventurers strapped to their seats inside a huge space rocket or maybe its time to start your own tale of swashbuckling fun. https://mewe.com/group/5bbc076b2ee15f2bb87b18d2 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt6OdAvyTsSSMmj_uAe7-YA
  8. The Party make it back to the tower and their new comrade (Silas) who was a native from the area realised that the central column and the gate above was some kind of magical device and what was experienced beyond was something like a dream, a dream so powerful and believable that it tricked the body into thinking it was all real much to the disappointment of the still badly wounded Doctor. The strange vehicle that had crashed through the side of the tower was investigated and it was a strange object its structure made of metals instead of the more expected wood and it also had a few strange tiny lanterns? at the front where it looked like it was designed for people to sit and these seemed to go out but then the light returned again briefly it was most strange. Unfortunately someone touched something and the room was filled with a strange humming and the Party were shocked as a transparent barrier of some kind slid over them trapping them inside the shock didn't last that long as they were slammed back onto the floor with such force that many of them blacked out unconsciousness claiming them as the carriage blasted off skywards towards what looked like a star The star turned out to be a settlement in the heavens it's outside was blackened and scorched and great rents had been torn in it's exterior but being unconscious the Party missed all this wonder and they were only awoken when the strange vehicle hooked itself onto one of the numerous spires that came out from the settlements sides with a loud clang. The Party was unsure what to do but with no option apart from going totally insane began to explore trying to make sense of where they were and more importantly how to get back to a world they understand, strange lizard like creatures were encountered and they were hostile they immediately launched themselves at the Party inflicting a grave wound on the Doctor almost cutting off one of his legs leaving him with a huge chunk of thigh missing and having to stagger along dragging his now almost useless leg along leaving a bloody smear behind him. Luckily the other members of the Party were able to defeat the lizard creatures using some of the strange new weapons they had been given by Mr. Morrow. After a brief rest they pushed forwards trying to be a silent as possible which was harder to do then they expected as the metal floors caused every footfall to echo in the silence of the settlement. More creatures were encountered some which seemed to be made of fungus these were ambushed and killed without too much trouble whilst a mix bag of bat and horse like ones ended up causing a rift in the Party some wanted to talk to them for some unknown reason whilst the Doctor argued that the other creatures had been dispatched without any discussion but now faced with a creature that actually looked like a demon they hesitated? he was furious and suspected that the Hunter had been corrupted by the incident on the beach all those days ago and had managed to sway the others they being weak willed foreigners in the main so he braced himself almost crying in pain, pain from his ruined leg and the more injurious pain from the betrayal and he attacked the creatures ignoring the threat from Silas who was pointing a gun at his head his fumbling attack killed a few of the creatures and drove off the others. And here it more or less ended the Doctor committed suicide he knew that this was ungodly but he had known his soul had been forfeit for a long time now and this last betrayal was too much for his shaken psyche to take, the Alchemist died alone whilst exploring the new carriage they had found what seemed to be an engine room of some sort where he had been interrupted by a horde of strange mechanical rat like creatures and in a desperate attempt to get away had lit his last grenade blowing himself and a large chunk of the horde up. The last two remaining adventurers heard the dull thump of the grenade going off but were unable to investigate as they had strapped themselves into the drivers seat of the carriage and that's where the session ended more or less.
  9. The church had a lot of possible plot points to be discovered from its strange gallery of paintings, a rotten shelf full of books and a pile of odd adventuring provisions that seemed to be stored in preparation for some expedition possibly connected to the odd opening they found in the rear of the church which seemed to lead under the church. The Players spent some time making sure the church was indeed empty and secure and that there was no sign of the man who welcomed them inside and then a couple of them decided to rest up and took the opportunity to rest up especially the Doctor who had badly injured himself crossing a stream earlier on. After an all to brief rest some of the Party finally could no longer resist exploring the hole in the floor and using some of those stores found nearby they began their descent into inky moist darkness below and into a stone dressed chamber which as suspected did indeed have many passageways leading away further underground it seemed as if someone had constructed a Cretan style maze under the church for some yet unknown reason. The Chamber they now found themselves in seemed more or less empty apart from a strange stain found on the floor which reminded one of the Party of a snail track and a few iron sconces for torches. A passageway was picked more or less at random and the area explored and with the only the dim lantern light providing the only illumination they nearly missed the discoloured area of wall in the middle of one passeway. The Witch hunter looking closer discovered a strange symbol faintly painted over the discoloured area of stonework and he being learned in such things was able to decipher the symbol as a early Christian one which meant it was a holy one but he wasn't able to remember if it was a symbol of warning or of protection. The Hunter thought for a moment and then with a shrug smashed the hilt of his sword into the area covered by the symbol and the rotten stone easily crumbled away revealing a small chamber behind which contained a small book covered in fine and oddly soft leather. The Doctor shuddered as he saw the pink/pale leather cover and stepped away from it saying that it seemed to him an ill omened tome and should be destroyed forthwith the Hunter smiled and agreed but he still slipped the tome into one of his pouches. The passageway they were on led to others and they travelled down one and then another travelling for what seemed like an age they passed a few more areas of discoloured stonework but for now decided to leave them intact. Eventually they had to stop as all the passeways seemed to lead to this semi raised block which they would have to climb over if they wanted to progress any further and from the strange sounds they could hear coming from behind and above they were not sure they really wanted to. The sounds were a strange mix of slurping, crunching and somehow most unnerving of all.......crying the Doctor and the Hunter had another one of their "discussions" and they eventually managed to convince each other to go upwards and onwards. Long story short they encountered a corrupted Priest who for his earthly sins had been transformed into a hideous immortal slug monster and he was now a horrifying mix of slimy grey undulating flesh intermixed with still recognizable human limbs here and there. It seems that he had been imprisoned in this maze and had church built over it as a way to keep the seals of his prison intact as well as a place for the priestly warders to live and maintain the watch on their new charge but over time the order and their prisoner had become forgotten by the main body of the church the the seals had weakened and so the crazed dreams of the corrupted Priest had infected his few remaining watchers and they had in turn slowly been corrupted into worshipping him. Unfortunately the last warden priest had died before he had been able to figure out a way to free his new god and only his lost shade remained in the church his unfinished duty keeping him tied to the building waiting for some foolish adventurers to arrive and possibly by their actions release his god.The Hunter and Doctor battled the corrupted Priest and were slowly forced back into the central chamber as many of their attacks had just slid off the slime covering the Priests huge and grotesque form with it's endlessly crying face, but they had managed to hold it back long enough for them to climb back up into the main body of the church and now with the high ground theirs they rained down a flaming tide of oil and other incendiaries onto the creature below and soon the Priest was reduced to a screeching tower of melting flesh, the purifying flames soon ended his tormented existence forever and sending his soul finally to finally God's long delayed judgement. The badly shocked and battered Party quickly gathered up what treasure and supplies they could grab and left the now crumbling and rapidly aging building as swiftly as they could and made their way back along the raised marsh road and back towards the strange woods hoping that they would find the portal still there and open.
  10. It's getting weird The group eventually make it to the top of the strange column and find out that the strange mirage is in fact a doorway of sorts to what looks like home well its a forest at least so with one last look at the barren dusty landscape they jump through. The forest is inhabited by enormous insect like creatures which was fun, Jumping over a small creek sometimes leads to broken bones and having a madman stick you into a hastily built frame/body splint. The forest peters out and becomes marshland a raised road leads across it and another circle of Owl statues can be seen half submerged in the muck. After awhile a stone church comes out of the mist and seeing no other sign of shelter the Party decide to try their luck and climb up the small mound and knock upon the door, after waiting for a couple of moments the sounds of a bar being dragged through brackets and the thick door opens inwards and a shadowy figure the gleam from moistened teeth the only real thing to be made out from it's hooded face grins widely and with a voice full of phlegm coughs and says "Welcome travellers enter freely and leave a little of the joy you bring" The Party are relieved, at last someone human and a church has got to be a safe place to rest up and figure out what the hell is happening and where they are they eagerly push past the shadowy doorkeeper and find themselves inside what looks like a regular English church one that looks Catholic with huge paintings lining the walls dimly illuminated by the weak sunlight pouring through the stained glass windows turning the Party prepare to ask the doorkeeper a series of somewhat urgent questions but he has somehow disappeared without making a sound and even with one of the group rushing straight back outside there is no trace of him the marshlands are as deserted as before and a thick mist is starting to flow in from the marshes.
  11. The Party continue to search the area around the crashed ship for signs of life or just anything to salvage as the ship needs numerous repairs before it can take to the skies again but nothing can be found close by so Maria sends the party out alone to explore further especially after the Hunter tells people of his vision (The Doctor is distrusting the Hunter more and more and its causing problems) the Party load up with supplies and head off into the blasted landscape hoping to find signs of life the Hunter leading the way seemingly following a map only he can see. After several miles of hard slog they reach a depression in the land which ends up leading into a valley which contains the first signs of life, large fungus type plants which cover the floor before a cleft in the valley side. The Fungus has some strange effects but pushing through the Party explore the cave system beyond eventually encountering two members of the Paladins of the Fall? (Nix and Naga) and another person who seemed more of a puppet than a real person the puppet turned out to be Clamen Morrow the mysterious man they had encountered numerous time in the past and was suspected to be some kind of Cunning man and so couldn't really be trusted but he had provided help in the past so had built up a little good will, enough to be listened to at least. After some explanations which quite frankly seemed mad and somewhat far fetched he came to the point he told the Party that they could find what the needed at a nearby tower and since they were heading that way any how he wondered if they could do a little job for him you know as payment for the information. There followed some strange adventures where the Party encountered a strange tower whose side had been breached by a strange carriage the carriage was made of metal and seemed to have some parts similar to Captain Marias ship which was the first bit of good luck the Party had gotten since climbing down that Cenote all those days ago. The Carriage was climbed over and entry to the towers insides were entered the Party hoped that they would find what Clamen wanted fairly quickly so they could get back to the more important task of stripping the carriage for spare parts. The tower was mostly empty a work bench here or there lay against the wall covered in dust and the towers high roof was missing a strange sky could be seen through the rafters which crisscrossed the upper levels crazily like the bleached ribs of some hideously deformed animal. The centre of the tower was filled by a strange rock column upon which a mirror or a vast painting? a strange heat haze shimmered in the air before it making it hard to make out what actually it was. A couple of the Party go and explore and their bickering over how to get to the top soon dragged in the rest of the party and after much discussion and some inventive use of the equipment and scrap they finally figure out a relatively effective way to safely get to the top and the strange mirage above.
  12. Check out DramaScape on DriveThru as they did the ship sheets for the game so you might find something, hell there should be some cool sailing ship blueprints just on DriveThru. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/4491/DramaScape/subcategory/8221_20567/BluePrints As for the character sheets I'm drawing a blank.
  13. Quick recaps, The Party managed to convince the pirate Captain (Maria de Tres Pistolas) that they were not part of the Black ship and had in fact been captured by them (Little white lies) and had no idea where they currently were after throwing themselves on her mercy she talked to a couple of members of her crew some having witnessed the Party fighting the Pale beasts spoke up for them others were not as trusting so a compromise was reached we could join the crew and she would take us to shore (eventually) but we would be watched at all times as a cloud of suspicion still hung heavy over them. The Party were now joined by one of the slaves which had been pulled shocked and half drowned from the sinking wrecks of the Black ships who having nothing really to go back to has decided to seek revenge on the Pale beasts who had caused him so much hurt and so he had decided to join the Party in their quest. The pirates ship sailed as best as it could considering the damage it had received in the sea battle, the current plan was to follow one of the Black ships which had arrived late to the battle and decided that discretion was the better part of valor in this case and had high tailed it out of the battle after taking a few hits. This ship had taken to the air in an attempt to evade Maria de Tres Pistolas (The Party discovered that she and her crew were themselves fairly new to these strange seas and had been hired by a local worthy to patrol and hunt down any Black Ships as they had a noisome reputation as slavers) the Black ship was heading towards a storm bank that was quickly forming on the lightning lashed eastern horizon. The ship was followed but the pirates could not keep up with the vessel due to their engine damage and it slowly managed to pull away leaving the pirate ship behind soon lost within a storm and with no sign of land or even the unusual skies which once shone above. After some suppressed panic and a few mumbled prayers to gods known and unknown which caused some issues with the Party but luckily someone was listening it seemed as the battered ship an its half crazed crew finally made it through the storm and the ship seemed to be heading through a dark starlit void towards a sandy coloured planet.......unbelievably the ship seemed to be heading to a moon but not a moon the Party recognized. The new Party member though was calm though as he had recognized it as the moon of his home......the Dreamlands. Maria managed to get enough power from the remaining engines to land the ship more or less intact and the Party were volunteered to became the shore party and they were tasked to find spares or a settlement of some kind. Equipment was gathered and a list of spare parts made and the Party were pointed to the desert that now surrounded the ship, the Party not having much choice began to trudge off into the reddish sands but didn't get too far before they were engulfed in a sudden sandstorm the wind causing the sand to rub together which filled the air with static electricity men were flung from the rigging an the Party had to get down on their bellies desperately trying to cover their heads from the scouring sands one of the Party looking up with tears in his eyes swore later that he saw a great face formed from clouds, sand and lightning that seemed to be indicating a direction.
  14. And from the same gentleman the Pale oarsmen,
  15. Some cool images of the Men from Leng by Ito-Saith-Webb on Deviant Art (https://www.deviantart.com/ito-saith-webb)
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