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    Currently running a Clockwork & Cthulhu campaign online via Google Hangouts. Previous online campaigns have been USR Sword & Sorcery in the World of Xoth, BFRPG based in the classic known world of Mystara, and a Classic Traveller adventure arc.
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    looking for enthusiastic role players on the western slope!
  1. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    For my own reference here is a list of the characters which make up the Player Character's group in our Clockwork & Cthulhu campaign. The nominally secret (C)(l)ockwork (U)nderground (B)ureau's list of agents includes;Zeal-for-the-Lord Harrison, Scoutmaster General NMA-Norfolk, and a major NPC. Dr. Thomas Norton, NMA Physician, PC. Ralph Norton, NMA Conscript, PC. Guillio, NMA Mercenary, PC, and Craigh, NMA Mercenary, PC (KIA) and replacement currently being rolled up! The rest of the party consists of the NMA soldiers assigned to Zeal's company when they set out for Yarmouth. Here is the roster of the current living and combat capable NPC's; Sergeant Francis Sherfield, Will Drum, William Frank, Henry Worth, Joseph South, Jan Burkhunt, Richard Van, Tobias Bear, Chris Deere, Edmund Crew, Jan Southworth, Cuthbert Cobb, Nicholas Tellman, John Fanshaw, Joseph Crooke, Samuel Crooke, Tom Shaw. This is the roster of casualties since the company left Norwich; James Bartlett (Wounded) Sergeant Anthony May (KIA) Randall Moelant (KIA) Mathew Pedlar (KIA) Roger Kely (KIA) Thomas Williamson (KIA) Roger Howard (KIA) Chris Cox (KIA)
  2. Clockwork & Cthulhu; a revised look.

    That sounds cool. Glad you had a great weekend. I usually post a "Live Session" link on the G+ community page the day of the game so when you want to jump in it should be pretty simple.
  3. Clockwork & Cthulhu; a revised look.

    Why yes there is.
  4. Clockwork & Cthulhu; a revised look.

    You are routinely "pinged" at the start of every live game session. Understand if you can never make it. As an invite set up game it is the only way I can keep your allways open seat at the table. Butters would light candle in the window if he could...
  5. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    No, I liked the image for theforest and river. This gives your look of the wilderness you were in before reaching the causeway and surrounding swamp.
  6. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    Images from the latest adventure arc, The Pale Lady's Realm. pale ladys realm.odg
  7. Clockwork & Cthulhu; a revised look.

    Glad you noticed this. I fired you a question on G+ but never got a response. Is that a bad forum to message you?
  8. I was too hasty in my judgement of Clockwork & Cthulhu. After using the book for the last two years in my ongoing campaign there isn't a stitch of it I haven't used. This is a very useful game product for the Renaissance game system. Here is a the blog post I made to correct the record. Vanishing Tower Blog Post
  9. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    Don't let this Butters bastard tease you all so. He has the next session report half writ and posted. Give us the goods Butters!
  10. Combat Rules Question

    I'm saying even though the target is not using a parry or a dodge the attacker still has to roll to hit.
  11. Combat Rules Question

    Yes, hence my confusion because the target is not just standing there. The target is actively attacking and defending. Mechanically the target has lost their ability to turn the attack into a contested roll, but there is no follow up on how the attacker is thusly affected. For now I believe the attacker still has to roll a hit roll giving the chance of crit/hit/miss/fumble. Hoping for the "official" answer from the fine folks at C&W!
  12. Adobe Alternatives!

    I'm on Windows and use Scribus. If there is a better program I would happily look at it.
  13. Combat Rules Question

    Question #2: Unopposed attacks "Move straight on to damage resolution." Does this mean automatic hit and damage? Or should it be read as "3. Damage ResoIution, If the attack is successful, damage is rolled."? Thanks, Jay
  14. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    We finally got back on track with another session. Look forward to the good Dr'.s analysis of the party's latest adventures!
  15. -30% Dodge/Parry Modifier Rules

    Stan, let me be the first to welcome you to the official BRP forum. Lot of good stuff here! Jay