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    Currently running a Clockwork & Cthulhu campaign online via Google Hangouts. Previous online campaigns have been USR Sword & Sorcery in the World of Xoth, BFRPG based in the classic known world of Mystara, and a Classic Traveller adventure arc.
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    looking for enthusiastic role players on the western slope!

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  1. This would have been handy three years ago!
  2. He thanks for noticing the absence. Since the Clockwork & Cthulhu game fell apart after three years of running I have not been back using BRP for anything right now. Currently I'm running Classic Traveller, Champions, and B/X D&D. But when I have something to say this is one of my favorite places to hang out.
  3. DOes this sheet do auto calcs? Trying to figure out the most effective way to use it.
  4. Factions, like alignments, is useful for the Game Master to run NPC's. Matter of fact, all behavioral mechanics in a game I consider strictly to guide the GM in running the NPC's. This has been a great perspective for myself in re-looking at how I play a rpg.
  5. I'm not sure. I have "people" who handle those details. But I will be doing daily hiking along a well known trail.
  6. Funny thing, we are temporarily suspended and won't be able to play until May, and then I will be in Scotland so... Right at the endgame too! 😣 Anyways, for a group of strangers to keep each other entertained for three years something good was happening for sure. I do hope to see it reach some sort of conclusion or earth is doomed for sure.
  7. Energy drinks are poison. Strong black tea lad, strong black tea.
  8. Bendal Dolum Unjay obviously did not sleep the night. Vilhelm was sure of it. The Hexenjager came to with a start like a tropical dawn, bright and abrupt. Unjay was looked across the glade absorbing the morning jungle like a benediction. The bloody ruin of the night’s combat was to be seen about them on the flagstones. At least thirteen bodies in various states of decay lay where there heads had finally been dashed. The open ground between the zigurate and jungle was heavily trampled. Norton, Cuthbert and Father Goodchild crawled out from the inner chamber to also greet the dawn. “We
  9. Not to put too fine of a point on it, buuut the slow down in session reports is all due to the group agreeing to live stream our game sessions. There hasn't been a need to weave the live play experience into words cause we all get to look back any time at what really transpired. I must say I do prefer the narration of the good Dr. Norton to the live stream, buuut it is also very rewarding to see as a passive observer how the sausage is made. So the question stands; shall the tale be told to conclusion or should the videos stand for themselves?
  10. The Ziggurat of Doom (Chronicles of the Keeper) we are far behind in detailed session reports, but your Keeper will try and keep you all up to speed as the PC's race to their final confrontation with Mallebench! Guilio and Tomas are the first to join Cuthbert at the top of the stairs wheellocks leveled. The horrible night sounds of the shambling dead is drowned out by their fusillade. The heavy lead slugs tear through tattered and rotting flesh. Guilio and Cuthbert’s fire rips away frightening chunks of moldering guts and a limb, but the grotesque creatures stumble forward undeterred. Tom
  11. Yes I agree. I am just encouraging the OP to dive deep in their vision of their campaign world. Pick up the book after and the BGB is not a confusing plethora of options. It is a better RPG toolkit then Hero 5th or any version of GURPS.
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