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  1. jagerfury

    Audio Files

    A link it is. An audio version of a session report created by one of my players is now up!
  2. jagerfury

    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    I'll try and provide the link to the audio session report the good Dr. put together the other day. Quite a delight to listen to actually. Hope this works; Clockwork & Cthulhu Audio Session Report
  3. jagerfury

    Audio Files

    The good Dr. Norton recently produced an audio session report for our long running C&C campaign. Is there a way to embed an audio file in a post here on the forum?
  4. jagerfury

    Clockwork & Cthulhu Combat Tracker

    It is found here; Renaissance Combat Tracker
  5. jagerfury

    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    Once again please note these session reports are being written by one of the players, specifically the good Dr. Thomas Norton. Driving back the Darkness with Faith and Fire.The Doctor and Saul made it safely back to the Listing Sausage, the current headquarters of the New Model armies Yarmouth relief effort. After making it through several checkpoints and passing the long lines of people queuing up for food and work orders they make it into the taproom and into the busy hive of activity that seems to surround Zeal For the Lord Harrison these days.They find him almost buried under parchment and having a heated discussion with a somewhat haggard looking engineer. When he sees Saul and the Doctor he silences the engineer with a curt "Just get it done, no more delays you understand" the engineer nods and turns to leave shaking his head a little. Harrison calls out to the man's retreating back "I will instruct Davidson to give you another twenty men and all the skilled metal workers we have, I can do no more we need those facilities up by the end of the week." He turns back to Saul and the Doctor "I was expecting you back sooner" he clears away some paperwork and leans forward "Take a seat and tell me everything" After catching Zeal up with recent events he looks angry and tired "Damnation can't I trust anyone? Must I do everything myself?" He pauses as expecting an answer that doesn't appear to be coming.With a sigh he takes Saul's written report and hands it to a nervous looking clerk "File this in the orange section" he also hands the clerk a key and turning back to the somewhat chastised Party members he taps a leather book on his desk and after a pause he pulls out a sealed message tube "Saul take this and get yourself a horse you are going on another journey this time to......well the message will tell you where and what you need to do" he pulls out a purse which he tosses onto the table in front of Saul "Here's some travelling money and a chit for resupply, I suggest you say goodbye to the good Doctor now as I want you back on the road within the hour" Saul picks up the purse and the chit nods to the Doctor "Good luck Doctor I hope you catch up with that Dastard Brass, give my regards to the others" and with that he stands and leaves the taproom already calling out for directions to the stables. Zeals hooded eyes now focus fully on the Doctor who shudders a little under Zeals remorseless gaze "I am disappointed to hear that you allowed Master Anholt to escape and make contact with this Doctor Brass. Luckily for you, your comrades were able to pick up his trail and as we speak they should be running him to ground" he turns suddenly and calls out for Jonah "Jonah! bring that blasted fen man here, Clarkson or some such" while waiting for Jonah Zeal tells the Doctor what he wants him to do.Jonah returns with a lanky elderly man who sported a rather impressive pot belly and after being told what the situation was he thinks for a while "Yes I think I can get this man in front of his mates, the old sawmill should do it" then the Doctor had several sacks thrown at him and was told to meet up with his comrades and to finish the job. He was then bundled down to a jetty and into Jeremy's boat. Clarkson insisted that the Doctor call him by his first name which was Jeremy saying that Master Clarkson was what people called his dad. He seemed a pleasant enough chap but he was somewhat over-enthusiastic about the new Iron horses and the rumored self-impelled carriage of Sir John Gell and so he kept asking the Doctor if it was true that the Iron horses could get up to twenty-six miles an hour. The Doctor nodded and smiled when it felt right to do so but his mind was on other things the poison seemed to be arsenic and the antidote should have worked, sure he should still be feeling sick, weak and hollowed out but leaking purple fluid? Brass must have added something else to the arsenic something otherworldly. He needed to find the others and hunt this Brass down as time was running out, the Doctor could feel his insides twist and with a polite "Excuse me" to Jeremy he turned and spewed out a bubbling steaming mass of the lord knows what over the side of the boat. Jeremy seemed taken aback by this but only for a moment before asking the Doctor if he thought an Iron horse could go faster if painted red.Eventually, Jeremy beached the boat near a collection of ramshackle wooden buildings. "Here you go Sir, the Anderson sawmill.....well what's left of it anyhow" he quickly helped the somewhat pale looking Doctor unload the sacks and the other various bags and boxes that the Doctor seemed to carry around with him these days. "Well, there you go Sir this is where most people travelling the fens camp so with any luck you should bump into them, especially if they ran into Crazy Ivan" and with that last odd comment he pushed off and started to row back towards Great Yarmouth and was soon was lost amongst the black reeds.The Doctor started to set up camp and soon had a small fire happily blazing away the Doctor then arranged his gear around it, he rummaged around in his medical box and eventually pulled out a thin glass tube which had something thick and evil-smelling inside it. The Doctor sighed and pinching his nose closed he downed the contents in one and then rushed to the river bank where he again hurled long and hard and after some spluttering, he could be heard cursing Dr. Brass loudly and at some length. And this is how the other members of the Party eventually found him.After a surprised but happy reunion they filled each other in on their various adventures, the others were startled to hear that Saul had returned and then disappointed to hear that Zeal had sent him off again but glad that the old bastard was still alive. The Doctor had just got some pottage on the boil so the sober members of the Party decided to grab something warm to eat before pressing on, Giulio excused himself and went for a lie down in the skiff and even Ralph needed a tonic before he was able to settle down to a bowl. Over the meal, they got down to businesses and started to ask Neb (the guide) some questions about the area and what kind of things were out there in the fens. Neb mentioned that the next nearest dry land was fairly close and it supported a house and a bit of farmland. The house seemed a likely destination for Brass and Martyn as the owner had decided that farming wasn't for him and so had moved to Yarmouth and now just rented it out to people who wanted some peace and quiet. Neb vaguely remembered that the last person to live there was some kind of writer, maybe a playwright of some kind.The Party packed up and the Doctor shared out the extra supplies that he had brought with him and with Neb kicking the fire out they got back into his skiff waking Giulio in the process and waited for Neb to punt them over to this mysterious building.It was a fairly short journey down a few dark and brown waterways but Giulio was having a bad time of it as it seems he had drunk rather too much in Duns and with an apologetic burp he fell back into a deep slumber. About an hour later the roof of a fairly substantial building could be made out above a ragged tree line and it seemed that someone was home as a thin line of smoke could be seen coming out of the building's chimney.The skiff was beached and the Party with Neb following closely behind made their way towards the front of the building, the Doctor muttering something about Dr. Brass being a sneaky git peeled off to the left to swing around the back of the building. Suddenly one of the shutters on the upper floor flew open and a shot banged out narrowly missing Ralph. Neb cried out and scurried back to his skiff and the still snoring Italian whilst Wilhelm and Ralph picked up the pace and charged towards the house seeking cover under the building's porch. Wilhelm slamming against the wall started to rummage around in his bag finally pulling out an oil flask and then an empty wine bottle smiling at Ralph's questioning look he quickly poured some of the oil into the wine bottle and the rest onto his handkerchief which he then pushed halfway down the bottles neck. Still grinning madly he started to set spark against it the handkerchief smoldered briefly before bursting alight. He then quickly hurled it up and over into the open window above "See my Englander friend now we have a distraction ja"As thick black smoke started to pour out of the upstairs window Ralph turned to the German Witchfinder "Hey did you see how many people were up there when you tossed that bottle?" the German replied "Nein" Ralph slowly smiled and rolled his shoulders "Nine you say, well that means you'll only be dealing with three then, that sound's about fair" leaving a slightly confused German in his wake he then kicked the door in and stormed inside.The ground floor was dusty and had a strong smell of damp, the few pieces of furniture that could seen were covered in heavy sheets. Wilhelm and Ralph quickly checked the few downstairs rooms and met back up at the staircase. Wilhelm, his head cocked to one side turned to Ralph "Our friends seem to be oddly quiet, let's change that shall we" and smiling he thumbed back the hammers on his ornate donderbus and begins to climb upwards. Just as they made the landing there is a sudden burst of noise and activity which comes from the shooter's room the house is suddenly filled with the sound of heavy furniture being dragged across a wooden floor. Ralph rushes the door but bounces off, the door barely moving. He shakes himself and glancing back to make sure Wilhelm was covering him he calls out to whoever is in the room "Open up in the name of Zeal for the lord Harrison the Scoutmaster general" a shot rings out and zips through the closed door "Right, if that's how you want it" he pulls out his axe and starts to hack away at the door. There is some noise from beyond the door but its only the sounds of movement no demands or pleas are made and Ralph's axe continues to bite into the wooden door wrenching great splinters out of it. It doesn't take him too long to make a large hole in the door and after one final blow they wait and then wait a little longer but no cry or shot rings out so Ralph with a shrug steps up to the side of the door and slowly turns to peek into the room beyond. He can now see the heavy oak chest that is still blocking the door but nothing else as the room is shrouded in darkness and smoke puzzled he turns to Wilhelm but as he turns his head he suddenly notices a faint glow coming from the furthest corner and illuminated by this light a shadowy outline of a figure can now be seen. He tries to duck back but its too late a loud bang rings out as the figure fires his matchlock and the lead ball tears into Ralph's face causing him to yell out in pain and stagger back almost falling down the stairs. His hands clutch his head, his eyes wide in shock and a bloody torrent starts to flow from between his fingers. Wilhelm cried "Leck mich!" and swung around and shoving his Donderbus forward drops the hammers BOOM! the air is rent with a spray of tiny lead balls which smashed into the room ripping apart the walls and causing a spray of plaster powder to obscure almost everything within four meters. Wilhelm ducked back and dropping his Donderbus reached for a pistol "Herr Doctor get your verbrannt up here you fauler Hund".The Doctor had been hiding behind the outhouse his pistol aimed squarely at the back door whilst the others had stormed the front. Hearing the boom of Wilhelms gun he had started to curse "Damn sausage smelling besbawler, I need Brass alive" he then hears the German call out for him and so he curses a bit more but moves around to the front and cautiously enters and after calling out heads upstairs. He sees Ralph on the floor moaning quietly to himself in a pool of ever-expanding blood and Wilhelm hard up against the wall next to a severely damaged door. The Doctor hisses out a few questions and the German fills him in as the Doctor drags the heavy bulk of Ralph towards him and away from the ruined door. The Doctor begins to treat Ralph's wreaked face the lead ball had pierced his right cheek and exited out the left, taking a few teeth with it. The force of the shot had also caused his lower jaw to become badly dislocated and even as tough as Ralph was his injuries meant he was out of the fight.The Doctor after tidying away his instruments and giving Ralph a little bottle of opium mixed with wine turned to Wilhelm "Well what are you waiting for? If that's Doctor Brass in there and you've killed him there will be hell to pay" the Doctors threat hangs heavy in the air much like the thick black smoke which continues to billow out of the room. Wilhelm shrugging busied himself with placing his hat on top of his pistols barrel he then raised it slowly up past the splintered hole in the door, nothing happened no shot or cry rang out so he carefully lowered the pistol and peeked in. He finally saw the shooter he was slumped back against the wall under the smoke and he was clearly dead as Wilhelm's Donderbus had done terrible damage to the man at such close quarters. He quickly scanned the room and seeing only the one person begins to clamber into the room after replacing his hat and tying a cloth over his face "Herr Norton was this Doctor Brass like you? the Doctor coughing loudly now angrily calls back "What are you on about man?... yes Doctor Brass is a follower of the great Paracelsus like myself, why?" the German having kicked away the shooters matchlock and throwing his cloak over the smouldering oil called back over his shoulder "No I meant did he dress like a colour blind peacock, but never mind I doubt this man is your Doctor Brass" the Doctor finally making his way past the blocked door and into the room straightens himself up and looks down to the body and lets out a huge breath "Oh thank the Lord its just some peasant" Wilhelm having done his best to clear the smoke had started to search the body, finding only a few pennies and some general tat in the mans pockets he looks up and into the Doctors obviously relieved face "Nothing to say who this man was or why he decided to shoot us. And I thought you were supposed to be the caring type Herr Doctor?" The Doctor was still struggling to regain his composure and snapped back "I tell you what Herr Wilhelm I will poison you and then we shall see how blasted jolly you are, if you had killed Brass with your reckless behavior then you would have done for me as well." Wilhelm apologizes but then spoils it by reminding the Doctor that they are at war with the forces of Satan himself and that sacrifices need to be made.After finishing their check of the room which appeared to be a writers study of some sort and clearing away the last of the burning paper and oil the Party were at something of a loss of what to do next, so Ralph was taken downstairs and into the kitchen where the Doctor made him as comfortable as possible whilst Wilhelm went outside to check on Giulio and to ask Neb if he knew the stranger upstairs.Giulio was still fast asleep in the bottom of the skiff his thumb wedged firmly between his lips whilst Neb was found huddled behind one of the scrawny trees. Wilhelm called out to him "Hello Neb it is quite safe now I assure you, can you come into the house now and have a look at this man as he seems to be dressed much like you?" Neb gripping his knife tightly in one hand slowly walked towards the house keeping a wary eye on the windows. There then followed for Neb a horrifying encounter with a now late friend as he was able to identify the shooter as one Steven Dunlap a fellow guide who had recently been employed to take a couple of gentleman out into the Fens to look at some property. Neb couldn't answer the Parties question as to why Steven had decided to hole up in this house and fire upon them, especially since he should have recognized him at least, this fact understandably irked Neb somewhat.The Party rested and the Doctor wasted a few minutes searching through the remaining scorched paperwork in the room but it all seemed to be pre-war plays and rather risque ones at that, this matched up with what Neb had said earlier about the last renter being a playwright of some kind. The trail had gone dead, it seemed that Steven had been left behind as a means of slowing down any pursuit he had been cast aside much like the fisherman Coster.Wilhelm wasn't to be dissuaded though and asking Neb a few more probing questions went back outside and started to go over the sparse grass at the back paying particular attention to the area where Neb said a small skiff was normally tied up, Ralph his head tightly bandaged and awkwardly sipping on the wine given to him by the Doctor was feeling oddly contented as he walked outside to see what the Witchfinder was up to. "Mmmumph" went Ralph which somewhat startled the concentrating Witchfinder who quickly realised that Ralph was perhaps a little poppy happy and smiling patted him on the back "You should not try to speak my friend, Herr Doctor will be most upset with you I'm thinking if you redislocate your jaw nien" pointing to a small patch of flattened grass and then to a few faint marks in the muddy bank near the high water mark he continued "It seems we are after a most clever of foes but they are not clever enough to escape one such as I" he paused and tapped his nose thoughtfully before continuing "See those marks Ralph they have tried to obscure their actions but always something is left for those who who have eyes to see and I am thinking that are quarry has doubled back to the hamlet of Duns or even back to Yarmouth, quickly get the Doctor and Neb we must press on while there is still a chance" So soon the Party was packed up and back together in Nebs somewhat overcrowded skiff (The Italian was still fast asleep and even worse was now occasionally sleep singing some terrible opera of some kind and even a few none too gentle kicks could stop him for long) Neb realising the need for urgency told the Party of another more direct way back to the hamlet of Duns. It was a lot more dangerous though as the waterway was constricted in places which caused the current to change speed suddenly and sometimes dramatically there was also a couple of nasty eddies that could easily tip a skiff over if you were unwary but if they had gone that way it would explain why they hadn't seen Anholt or Brass. With the Party forewarned Neb punts along heading westwards before sharply turning into an inlet and heading back towards Dun. The water is as Neb had said treacherous and deadly, the Party has to clear a path through dense overgrowth whilst Neb fought the current keeping the skiff moving and avoiding the numerous black oily stumps that reared out of the river threatening to smash the skiff to pieces. Wilhelm pointed out a few torn pieces of cloth snagged by one of the numerous thorny vines which covered the banks on both sides "It seems I was right gentleman it looks like someone has indeed been this way recently, well done Neb" After an hour of hard work the sweating Party came out into a fairly tranquil pool, the watercourse flowed into and around it continuing onwards towards the hamlet. Neb breathing heavily pointed up to the nearby bank "Strange I would have thought we would be seeing Van Cosser by now he has a farm over yonder" Ralph mumbled something and Neb not missing a beat replies "Well no I didn't expect him to be waiting for us but you see he has a couple of pretty decent working dogs and they bark up a storm when anyone's around normally, and I can't hear nothing can you?" Neb lands the skiff onto the nearby bank "What are you doing Neb the hamlets still a ways off we haven't time to make any house calls" asked the Doctor as Neb jumped into the shallow water and began to climb up the bank. Neb now on firmer ground turned back and said "I think you better come with me as you see Van Cosser owns that old Inn at Duns and I remember hearing that those two friends of yours were asking questions about it, so I am thinking that they may have paid him a visit since they were passing anyhow." with little option the Party minus the still sleeping Italian jump out and scrabble up after Neb.The small farmstead is quiet and deserted looking, the front door is open and there is a faint lingering smell of cooked food coming from within. The Party draw their weapons and slowly circle the building and when ready Ralph gives Neb the nod and he calls out to the house, minutes pass and there is still no reply so the Party move into the house watching and ready for an ambush but nothing the house is empty and the table has been set a now cold plate of food sits on the table half eaten it seems as Van Cosser had been interrupted by something and had gone out to investigate. The odd thing was there was no sign of a struggle anywhere everything was in its place and intact. The two dogs were found tied up around the back and they seemed to be in a deep sleep and it was only with some difficulty that Neb was able to rouse them. There was a brief discussion on what to do next as Ralph and the Doctor (Mainly the Doctor) explained to Neb and Wilhelm that this indeed seemed to be the work of Anholt as he seemed to have the power to control people and bend them to his will this would explain the lack of struggle and indeed the strange behaviour of the dogs, time was running out they needed to get to Dun as soon as possible. Wilhelm thought it would be handy to take the dogs along as they would know their master's scent and be able to find him and surely wherever Van Cosser was Anholt and Brass couldn't be that far behind. So the dogs were thrown on top of Italian and it was back into the skiff and off back to Dun hopefully in time to catch up with the accursed pair.The last part of the journey passed quietly each Party member hoping that they would finally catch up with Anholt and stop whatever he was up to before it was too late but they were all tired, cold, injured and hungry and did not relish having to chase Anholt again. Ralph and Wilhelm after initially suffering from a few nasty bites seemed to have become fast friends with the dogs, especially Ralph who seemed to be more or less lucid now even though he was still taking the occasional sip from the laudanum bottle. As the hamlet of Duns finally came into view the weather was becoming cold and the dark clouds hinted of a coming storm, the skiff bumped into the jetty and a worried looking Neb quickly tied it up as the Party climbed out and onto the wooden jetty. Wilhelm looked around slowly and swung his Donderbus into the ready position "This place has changed, there is evil here" everybody could feel the ominous presence of something monstrous and inhuman. The fact that apart from a strange low buzz that was almost at the edge of hearing nothing else could be heard coming from the hamlet, no children crying, no people talking nothing apart from this buzzing that seemed to worm its way into the brain and put peoples teeth on edge. The Party quickly moved along the jetty trying to get onto the firmer ground and as Wilhelm stepped onto the bank a small group of villagers suddenly appeared from around the corner of a nearby building. The villagers all shared the same blank expression and moved as one they also seemed to be armed with a variety of makeshift weapons. The Doctor called out to them mentioning Anholt and Xaxus they responded to his questions by crying out in one voice "Those who do not share the ideas of the one should not mention his name" their voices weirdly overlapping each other and with a strange echo as if they were merely repeating the words said by another mere seconds beforehand. The fight is brutal and bloody but the result is a foregone conclusion the villagers display a unusual tolerance to pain but they are not soldiers and they are facing brutal men who are armed and armoured for war. The Villagers are soon cut down and in one particular case cut apart the last one standing was finally brought down by the dogs and Ralph's axe . The Party catch their breath and tend to the few cuts and bruises picked up in the skirmish and are somewhat shocked when an anguished cry rings out spinning around with weapons drawn they see Neb on his knees cradling the head of one of the dead villagers, he looks up at the Party his face pale and he sobs "Why did they have to die? why did my friends attack us?" he suddenly leaps up a knife gripped in his hand. He points the shaking blade at the Party and screams "You, tell me now why are my friends dead, why are they attacking us?" The Doctor lowers his sword and slowly walks towards the trembling Neb"I am sorry that this had to happen but there is evil afoot and we are here to stop it." the Doctor reaches out a steadying hand "The Devil himself is here Neb, you can see that can't you?.......he has corrupted your friends as hard as it is to understand now we have granted them peace and they are now safe with the Lord" he places his hand onto Nebs and slowly pushes down the knife. They stand there for some moments in an awkward silence, then Neb asks "Can you hear that?..... a buzzing.....a humming? an Idea!" his eyes roll back into his head and he starts to stumble of towards the abandoned Inn the Doctor shocked steps back but then he to hears the previously low buzz much louder and he then finally understands EVERYTHING and he too stumbles after Neb. The other members of the Party look questioning at each other and then they to hear the buzzing grow in volume but it stays as a buzzing noise for them, they shake their heads as if trying to clear them and thin trickles of blood begin to flow from their eyes and noses but they resist and remain in control of themselves. Wilhelm smiles and spits onto the floor "It seems the Devil is singing for our souls Ralph but he sings out of tune, too low I think, I suggest we make him a Castrato" and with that he heads towards the old Inn swiftly followed by Ralph and the yelping dogs. They walk slowly through the large double doors and are confronted by a strange vista, the room is largely empty a few broken pieces of furniture and barrels have been pushed to the rooms edges Neb and the Doctor are sitting down in the middle of the room facing astrange and wondrous contraption. Resting awkwardly upon stacked chairs sat a large copper bell which sprouted a variety of clockwork gears and sweating pipework which belched steam and strange coloured vapours. Sitting underneath this unholy thing was Martyn Anholt his face partially obscured by whirring cogs and gears. The buzzing seemed to be coming from Martyn and somehow amplified and strengthened by the bell. Ralph and Wilhelm crossed over the room their eyes everywhere and weapons drawn. Suddenly a figure appeared from behind the device he was muttering to himself and adjusting various clockwork parts "Yes, yes I understand I need to add a valve here and a Measunder and Meabul there" he completely ignores the approaching men so engrossed is he in his task. Ralph walks past the sitting figures of the Doctor and Neb and approaches the bell for a moment the buzzing reaches a terrible volume and Ralph and Wilhelm stagger and scream out in agony, blood begins pouring from their eyes, ears and noses Ralph screams a cry of pure rage and brings his deadly axe down cleaving through the thin copper of the bell and down into the head of Martyn. There is a pause and then an explosion of sorts as a great pressure wave shoots out from the rent in the bell throwing Ralph across the room and knocking everybody else down. After several moments people begin to stir Wilhelm is one of the first up and he quickly checks Neb and the Doctor and seeing that they are still alive quickly manacles them muttering something about it better to be safe than sorry Ralph staggers up swaying slightly his terrible axe still gripped tightly in his meaty fists he coughs and starts to move behind the ruined bell, kicking aside piles of now broken cogs and gears he pulls a twisted sheet of copper aside revealing the stirring body of Doctor Brass. Brass opens one bloodshot eye and seeing Ralph begins to wail "You fool don't you understand the Idea was perfect and we would have been made perfect in his image" the last words echoed by the now conscious Doctor and Neb but from them it is staggered and trails off as if they are unsure what they were talking about. Ralph leans into Brass and pokes him sharply in the chest and says "Mynbgsdhnph" which shuts Brass up but leaves him looking somewhat confused. Wilhelm coming up behind Ralph leans around his bulk and smiling translates for Ralph "I think he says you're buggered mate" The Doctor still manacled suddenly leaps up and barges past the two stunned men, grabbing Brass by the throat spraying spittle into his face as he screams "Give me the antidote you fucker" he starts to bounce Brass's head of the floor to reinforce the depth of his feeling. The other two have to pull him off and restrain him. Brass groggily reaches into a pocket and pulls out a thin glass tube which is sealed with a wax bung "The antidote is in here Martyn made a wondrous concoction it was arsenic based but oh so much more he was a gifted apothecary." the Doctor snatched the vial from Brass and with a muttered curse downed it in one coughing loudly as the liquid burned its way down. Brass continued "You must understand you are a Doctor a man like myself, a follower of Von Hohenheim you must understand it was all done for science, Xaxus could have told me everything that I needed to make my distillation furnace work and allowed me to drive away the demons that cause madness, say you understand Doctor? it was nothing personal you simply could not be allowed to interfere" The Doctor appearing calm now shrugs off Ralph's grip and walks towards the kneeling Brass "I see Doctor but I do not understand what was Xaxus doing under your contraption? " Brass looks relieved "It was amazing he saw me at that.....well lets just say club and knew all about my work he revealed to me the idea and how I could play my part in spreading the good news, you see my design with some adjustments could not only drive away the miasmas of madness but also boost his call bringing more and more people into his loving embrace, the more people who came to know the Idea the stronger the call would become and soon the whole commonwealth would be united as one in his name." as he talked he became more energised more strident Wilhelm cut him off "Ah good Doctor Brass please be telling me did you meet up with anybody else on your travels? I believe we have met Mr Dunlap and I'm guessing one of the cooling bodies outside is Mr Von Cosser" Brass stumbled at this interruption but answered the with finder "No we had work to do and time was pressing, when the furnace was ready we would soon have all the companions we would need, why do you ask?" the Witchfinder merely nodded and said rather cryptically "Oh just a matter of book keeping" the Doctor pulled out his reloaded pistol and placed its barrel between Brass's eyes the now shocked Brass struggled to move away but he had no where to go Doctor Norton asked one final odd question "Oh by the way do you know a man called Mallebeench by any chance?" Brass a look of desperate hope in his eyes looks around at the others but seeing no clue there stutters a drawn out Nooooo and dies as his brains are blown across the wall of the abandoned Inn. The Doctor lowering his pistol merely says "Pity" and walks away to see what he could do for Nep.The Party are now left with a terrible decision they are under orders to keep this whole affair quiet the new Commonwealth can't afford yet to make enemies of their fellow Protestants the Dutch. So everything must disappear, the Anholts never made it off that ship and no one can be in a position to say otherwise. So they collect all the bodies and place them into the Black Rooster and then they start to fill it with brushwood and any other flammables they can find. The Distillation furnace is further smashed apart, Brass and Martyn are also added to the pile of villagers in the Rooster. And when all is done they stand by the shore and Nebs skiff as darkness descends they light their crude torches and cast them into the prepared buildings and slowly oh so slowly the fires grow and spread finally engulfing the whole squalid hamlet of Duns. Neb with tears in his eyes and still struggling to cope with recent events turns to the Party as his home and friends burns around him "What now? what will b...." he never gets to finish his question as Giulio suddenly appears from out of the skiff and thrusts his sword into Nebs throat yelling "I got the bastard, think you can outwit me do you?" he then bows at the shocked Party farts and then falls into the water. Neb meanwhile with a look of shocked betrayal upon his face gurgles, falls to the floor and dies. Wilhelm finally turns to the others and with a shrug says "Well we were told no witness after all. Now lets get the Italian out of the water before he drowns, Neb into the fire before it cools and then gentleman let us get out of the thrice damned marsh.
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    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    Another fantastic session report is about to drop from the good Dr!
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    My Adventure Writing Contest

    I'm glad you think so. The idea is being trashed on Reddit.
  8. This is not BRP releated, but RPG related. Just wanted to let you all know in case someone wants to participate. Vanishing Tower's Adventure Writing Contest
  9. jagerfury

    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    A five page thread now with over 100,000 words and clocking in shortly with 6,000 views. And no end in sight to this campaign. I've never seen anything like it. Very cool people, very cool.
  10. jagerfury

    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    start of latest session report from the good Dr. This was a bonus session to give Dr. Norton a chance to catch back up with the party and gave Saul Goodman an opportunity to play a session again since it ran on an “off” week.
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Seeing this late so all have great games this year . This is a very friendly board and I promise to be part of the good vibe here.
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    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    Besides suffering 20%-40% penalties on skill rolls, Giulio seems to only be under the effects of excess alcohol consumption.
  13. jagerfury

    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    The loquacious Thomas Norton was unable to join today's live game session so here is a short recap on what the PC's were up to today; Session Notes 01/21/2018 Jonah stops the NMA troops from arriving so they do not initiate a firefight with the Digger militia and jeopardize the new found peace. He bids the PC's to hide the Dutch corpse until he returns with a cart to sneak the body away. The PC's hide the dead Anholt in a residential flat while the Digger militia combs the streets. Since the house they broke into was the site of a secret Catholic mass they were able to keep things quiet until the militia moved on. Later in the evening Jonah returns with a small donkey cart and the dead Anholt is taken back behind EA lines. Now back at the “Sausage” they debrief Harrison on what happened on Campton Street as well as the Dr. and the last cultist are currently missing. Zeal-for-the-Lord orders the C.lU.B'ers to go back out in the morning to track the remaining Xaxus cultist at large. If Parliament's enemies find out they are responsible for murdering the Dutch representatives and their family, well, it would be a severe blow to the war effort. It also should be noted the PC's ratted out the Catholics to Zeal when they were in the debriefing.
  14. jagerfury

    How do you create NPC's

    I write up major NPC's exactly how I want them to be. Mooks, regular joes, the town guard, etc. I like to prepare a simple stat block for these groups which I can add some random color if I want, hence I made the Renaissance Combat Tracker which is in the download section.
  15. Does this mean I can skip looking at this book for our campaign?