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    Currently running a Clockwork & Cthulhu campaign online via Google Hangouts. Previous online campaigns have been USR Sword & Sorcery in the World of Xoth, BFRPG based in the classic known world of Mystara, and a Classic Traveller adventure arc.
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  1. Does this mean I can skip looking at this book for our campaign?
  2. All hail Cthulhu!

  3. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    Keeper highlights of 2017! Here is a blog post on my favorite encounters of the last year in the game.
  4. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    The Eastern Associations lines end north of Prince's Road. Here the Diggers and Levellers of the Land-Sea Cooperative are dug and threaten the EA's food stores. Smith and Barber Stone Carvers is west of Walker Street. The Fornicating Duck is the HQ of the Land-Sea Coop. The picture below is the "Listing Sausage".
  5. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    PEACE IN OUR TIME? (a record of recent events by Butters)The CL.U.Ber's having refreshed their supplies either from plundering the supply wagons that came with them or from braving the Yarmouth Quartermaster and hoping that the chit from Zeal would pry the needed equipment away from Blood from a stone Jones were finally able to retire for the night inside the slightly dubious Inn The Hangman's daughter.The CL.U.Ber's didn't get much rest though as they had been summoned to an early meeting with Zeal , maybe they would find out who all these extra soldiers were and why they seemed so heavily armed. They found Zeal surrounded by messengers and scouts all rushing in and out having passed on paperwork or received it from Zeal. A great map of Yarmouth was pinned to one of the walls and it looked like the town had been split into coloured zones, red for unsafe, yellow for contested and orange for secured. There was also a lot of noise coming from a group of men who seemed to be from one of the Sapper regiments and much to the CL.U.Ber's relief the overheard snatches of conversation seemed to imply that the much needed relief effort was about to get underway. The good feeling was short lived though as the tired looking Zeal finally spotted them "Ah its about time you lot showed up" he somewhat nastily called out to them. Then turning to the rest of the room he ordered the others out leaving the large tap room eerily silent after the hustle and bustle of mere moments ago. Zeal cleared a space at the main table and indicated that the CL.U.Ber's should sit down and help themselves to the slightly warm pottage that oddly bubbled away in a large clay pot. After a hasty breakfast and some further questions about what had happened in the Palace of the pale lady he got to the point. "Gentleman as you know Yarmouth is almost completely ruined and that can not stand we need the harbour working and the fleet working, things are reaching a crisis point between the Blight and the weather food stores are running out and we face a grim future and its not just Norfolk but country wide. Cromwell and the upper leadership are concerned that we might still lose the war as a hungry man is can become only loyal to those who promise food" he clears his throat and continues "That is why it's so important to get the fleets out and bringing the fish in and to do that we need a secure Yarmouth, one that isn't being held to ransom by these so called Diggers" he rummages amongst the great pile of letters and documents next to him finally pulling out a leather tube sealed with the new heraldry of the Commonwealth. "Ah here it is" Zeal tosses the tube at the Craigh "I would have offered different terms but this is a peace offer from London to those Diggers it promises them a complete pardon for all and any crimes, and the offer of food for work, they need to get Yarmouth working again and since they were moaning about a lack of food before they should be more than happy to accept this extremely fair offer." Guilio coughs and asks "Whatta happens if they don't sign?" Zeal slowly smiles "If they don't sign....well that's easy the soldiers you have no doubt already seen are but a fraction of the forces that have been released unto me, If they don't sign then the answer is they will be hunted down and killed as traitors of the Commonwealth" he pauses seemingly for effect "The Clockwork regiments will unleash hell upon them" Guilio nods but Craigh seems a little paler than before. "Your orders are simple take this most generous of offers to the Digger leadership, their names are Thompson and Coster convince them to sign the treaty, disband their pathetic militia, return the stolen cannons and hand themselves into the care of the towns Alderman for allocation of food, shelter and work assignments. They are expecting you so I don't foresee any problems, a nice restful task for you as reward for all your good work on the island" The Doctor wasn't the only one to suddenly feel a shiver run down his back.So gathering some equipment and food the CL.U.Ber's head out and after leaving the bedlam of the compound with its officers and sergeants shouting sometimes conflicting orders, the Dawn Legion gathering their matchlocks and cord and just the general scrum of an army getting ready the CL.U.Ber's but once out of the close confines of Yarmouth's icy streets they were greeted with an amazing site, a couple of companies of the elite Clockwork regiment were formed up a faint whirring and clicking could be heard coming from them. they were supported by a troop of Iron horses which guarded their landward flank and most wondrous of all there was Charity the leviathan fully repaired and upgraded clanking its way forwards towards a slight rise in the ground which faced the rebel held area of the town crushing the very earth beneath its mighty wheels. The Doctor spun around a huge smile upon his face "Oh thank you Lord for your wondrous bounty" He then falls to his knees and begins to pray he finishes and almost leaps back up "My Father with the armies help no doubt must have got the mine working again, it seems as if my families troubles will be soon behind them. It was hard to see my Father brought so low and I must admit I was worried that Mother was tainted by her recent choice in friends" He seems to be about to break out into song before catching himself and instead coughs a bit and rubbing his hands "Well that's not what we are here to do, sorry got a little carried away there" Craigh slaps him on the back and with a crooked smile says "Nae problem doctur aam glad yer fowk worries seem nearly ower. We waur a wee woriat abit yer Maw tae be honest" The Doctor with only a slightly confused look thanks him. Ralph meanwhile had paused to look upon Charity his mouth open at the scale of the ironclad shakes his head and tells the others to hurry up after all they have a town to save, Guilio does overhear some of what Ralph mutters under his breath afterward though, it seems that Ralph almost wishes that they fail to bring peace if only to see the Charity in action. With the military might of the Commonwealth forming up on the fields behind them the CL.U.Ber's hurry toward the first of the Digger barricades. The Doctor and Criagh pulling out long willow rods and attaching somewhat whitish handkerchiefs to the ends before wildly waving them back and forth, especially when they get nearer and see the first cannon being run out and the tell tale smoke cloud of match cord being quickly lit.
  6. Clockwork & Cthulhu Combat Tracker

    I've reformatted the combat tracker. I think it is imagined as a more combat specific sheet for the busy Keeper. Look for version 2.1 in the downloads section.
  7. While Forgive Us has a nifty table for generating random names for your Norwich adventures, with only twenty surnames and first names I started getting some repetitive results as the campaign marches on. I needed something which would give me many more names. Like thousands! Fortunately sites like Last Gasp provide the answer with the ability to make your own home-grown random generator of whatever you like! While this way cool tool does have some built in limitations, Zak S. recommends Text Mechanic web site. It allows you to generate text files of every combination of table entries so you can import this back into your random table generator and avoid its individual table entry limits. I then googled seventeenth century names to compile a large list of names. This has given me over 22,000 possible male names and just over 10,000 female names. I'm posting up the text files I created to make these nifty bookmark insta links. you need to just copy and paste the text into the Last Gasp table making java tool to accomplish this. norfolk male names combinations.odt norfolk female name combinations.odt
  8. Version 2.2


    A sheet giving boxes to track reload progress, Dexterity Rank, and the passage of overall combat time. This is sprinkled in with the usual fillable stat blocks combat skills.
  9. Here is a quick combat tracker I put together so I can pay attention to all the DEX ranks, turns expended, and boxes to tick off how much time has been spent reloading those black powder weapons. There are the usual vital stats laid out as well as your line for pertinent combat skills, weapons and their stats. Once I figure how to upload a new file to the Downloads section of this site I will add it there too. [EDIT] The pdf has been reformatted. Looks better and has more specific combat info.
  10. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    I don't think the spelling is all that important as long as we know who we are talking about.
  11. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    The mysterious Clamen Morrow and the device he was working with in front of the Pale Lady's palace.
  12. 'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    For my own reference here is a list of the characters which make up the Player Character's group in our Clockwork & Cthulhu campaign. The nominally secret (C)(l)ockwork (U)nderground (B)ureau's list of agents includes;Zeal-for-the-Lord Harrison, Scoutmaster General NMA-Norfolk, and a major NPC. Dr. Thomas Norton, NMA Physician, PC. Ralph Norton, NMA Conscript, PC. Guillio, NMA Mercenary, PC, and Craigh, NMA Mercenary, PC (KIA) and replacement currently being rolled up! The rest of the party consists of the NMA soldiers assigned to Zeal's company when they set out for Yarmouth. Here is the roster of the current living and combat capable NPC's; Sergeant Francis Sherfield, Will Drum, William Frank, Henry Worth, Joseph South, Jan Burkhunt, Richard Van, Tobias Bear, Chris Deere, Edmund Crew, Jan Southworth, Cuthbert Cobb, Nicholas Tellman, John Fanshaw, Joseph Crooke, Samuel Crooke, Tom Shaw. This is the roster of casualties since the company left Norwich; James Bartlett (Wounded) Sergeant Anthony May (KIA) Randall Moelant (KIA) Mathew Pedlar (KIA) Roger Kely (KIA) Thomas Williamson (KIA) Roger Howard (KIA) Chris Cox (KIA)
  13. Clockwork & Cthulhu; a revised look.

    That sounds cool. Glad you had a great weekend. I usually post a "Live Session" link on the G+ community page the day of the game so when you want to jump in it should be pretty simple.
  14. Clockwork & Cthulhu; a revised look.

    Why yes there is.
  15. Clockwork & Cthulhu; a revised look.

    You are routinely "pinged" at the start of every live game session. Understand if you can never make it. As an invite set up game it is the only way I can keep your allways open seat at the table. Butters would light candle in the window if he could...