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  1. Just an observation that a new reader might expect a map of Glorantha (or at least Genertela) that shows the places named in the geography chapter and elsewhere.
  2. Andy C

    Sourcebook Map

    Yes, the cosmos map is wonderful but doesn't really cover it, even with an explanatory caption. I guess it depends on what the target audience for the book is supposed to be. If it's intended to be the introductory point to Glorantha as a game setting then the omission of an overview map seems a bit odd. If I bought a book about a setting I didn't know I would be puzzled if the places discussed in the geography chapter weren't shown on a map within the book.
  3. Andy C

    Sourcebook Map

    Just picked up the sourcebook on pdf and am very impressed! I was just slightly puzzled at the lack of a large scale map of either the world as a whole or Genertela in particular. Are readers expected to know where the places mentioned in the first chapter (and later) are located or is there something I've missed pointing them to the atlas? Or is it not thought to be important? I know the introduction mentions that this book isn't a gazetteer but it does have plenty of other maps.
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