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  1. Is the Blue Moon also Mistress of the Light of Knowledge that Lhankor Mhy married after finding her in the Underworld after Tien beheaded her in the Darkness? The Uz say all knowledge is available from the Blue Moon. Is there a connection between Blue Moon and Daliath?
  2. Was the Blue Moon visible during Day and Night?
  3. Hailing from the same town, I've known Greg and Suzanne for many years. Still shaken from this news am I. WEIZUZUntitled.tiff
  4. Is it safe to equate to each other Darhudan/Darhudana, Flesh Man, Kalwoan, and VogMaraden, they being in one way or another as First Human. I may be way off here, or spot on.
  5. It is true Kyger Litor is referred to constantly as a goddess, but Troll Gods page 78 indicates all troll deities are seen as spirits and they are worshiped through shamans, though this may be misapplied worship for some. If Kyger Litor is indeed a spirit, she may be in fact a Dehori. The Dehore section in Troll Gods also mentions that of all his children, the Dehori are especially intelligent and powerful. Perhaps Dehore also has many other, lesser children, and they may be "regular" Darkness Spirits/Shades. I see some evidence that Sinjota the Guardian is a Dehori, as are Yomat and Yostal,
  6. I see in GtG that Kyger Litor possesses the Spirit, Man, and Darkness Runes, and I also see notes that suggest all Darkness Spirits are Dehori. Does this make Kyger Litor a Dehori, or does the presence of the Man Rune squash this? I still suspect that Ikadz/Ikaj is indeed a Chaotic Dehori, though I could just as easily be wrong.
  7. I see this now, upon further review.
  8. I am not sure if Ikadz is Chaotic or not. Any thoughts? Also, I know little of Hegeda except there is a chance she(?) is important somehow to the Dehori species. Certainly possible that Hegeda Dehora is simply a forgotten title that means Mother Dehori, and is indeed Subere, Xentha, Nakala, Space Mother, or some other lucky lady. Perhaps there are several castes of Dehori, certain of them named, powerful, and self-aware, and others much less powerful, mindless, and roaming around. Do you think it is possible for two (greater) Dehori to couple and generate more (lesser) Dehori? Do any other ele
  9. I have seen some very old notes that suggest there are 22 named and/or special Dehori, but this info seems to have been either been rejected or revised into the current form. It is fun to learn more about the unknowable corners of Glorantha. May I ask what the publication schedule for this new troll book is?
  10. I see. Is there a more in-depth article about Dehore and the Dehori that is canon? Much of what I speak is not canon it appears. My Glorantha certainly varies from the official version, but I hope not too much.
  11. Do we as a community have the names and/or titles of all the 22 (?) known Dehori? I think Ikadz and Lord Lurker in Shadows are known Dehori, but are there others? Is Himile, for example, a Dehori? And is Lord Lurker a title or a name? And are all the Dehori as mighty as Ikadz and perhaps Himile? Is the mother of all the Dehori known? Perhaps it is Hegeda Dehora? Or are Mother of Space and Father of Demons the known parents? Complex questions no doubt from a simple Animal Nomad!
  12. This is my current understanding of all the known, and perhaps unknown, entities we mere mortals call “Ocean/Sea Gods”. Perhaps we can together fill in the gaps? Subject to change as knowledge expands. This message is not about the Water Tribe per se, but specifically about only deities of Seas and Oceans. References to parents or children that are not Seas or Oceans are not included in this report, with a few exceptions. I am happy to correct my understanding. In proper Water Tribe fashion, though, the parentage and offspring list is somewhat mutable. Any help is appreciated to more fully und
  13. Well, it is true the Basmoli are in poor shape in the Age of Time. Back in the day though, in my own wacky Glorantha, I imagine a lion-riding tribe, that one may find to this very day while visiting the Other Side. And perhaps the grumpy One-Humps were indeed a Trickster prank involving Genert, while the lusty Two-Humps were a combined Uleria/Boggle plot as hinted at in Anaxial's Roster.
  14. My source for this is a brief Stafford unpublished manuscript with little or no detail, it being the same source for the other Tilntae/Altinae. Please send any info you have for the newly (for me) discovered Ifttala and Pendal please.
  15. Joerg, I go non-digital and record all info on blank index cards the same size as Magic/playing cards. So far the index is about 20 inches tall. Right now I am only recording names of known entities, sphere of influence, parents if any , and offspring if any. I also include an AKA note, to keep the index relatively easy to use. I am once again actively updating after a number of years offline so to speak. When this phase is complete I will add other info but that is in the future, this phase being simply identifying as many deities as possible, be they canon or not. I am happy to receive info
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