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  1. Perhaps but weren't you asking if there was any borderline case unresolved? So trying to inderstand the back and forth above: A spirit is engaged in a spirit combat with Bob when Boris shows up with his magical sword. 1) Can the spirit also engage Boris in spirit combat? No (unless it has a special power to do so) 2) Can Boris swing his sword at the spirit. Yes. If he does, he becomes engaged in spirit combat, it is resolve through the same spirit combat mechanics (quick contest) with the same consequences (refers "Resolving Spirit Combat" and "Spirit Combat Damage" p.368.
  2. Ok, I went back and read that section again. I always interpreted it as "Spirit Combat can only be initiated by a discorporate spirit" because it has to become visible and manifest itself but once it is initiated, others could jump in. Which seems supported by "Corporeal entities may attack a spirit that is engaged in spirit combat with enchanted weapons and spells" which doesn't say it has to be engaged with them. Now I see there is another potential interpretation.
  3. DreadDomain


    I remember that one because I thought it was quite a departure that somewhat mirrored the decision to not split attack and parry.
  4. DreadDomain


    I have not clicked on the link but going from memory, is it that they considered using a shield would not be a separate skill but would be part of the main weapon skill?
  5. I see, but that is not my reading of that section. The sentence you quote is actually not written like this but rather says: "Corporeal entities may attack a spirit that is engaged in spirit combat with enchanted weapons and spells." It doesn't say it has to be engaged with them.
  6. I didn't come with an expression but white elephant and usine à gaz are clearly not conveying the same message I also like that it comes with a different mechanic (quick contest) if only for flavour. Ok, now I think we might be over thinking this So far so good Not sure what you mean by that. Using a weapon in spirit combat is still resolved by a quick contest so from a rule perspective, it is an exchange How many time you can use roll your weapon skill and when (SR) in a round is still subject to the normal rules but for spirit combat, I do not believe
  7. I see, the file itself you mean. If you look at the bottom of the fourth page of the PDF you will find: Chaosium Publications 2020. ISBN blablabla Published in May 2008. Printed in the USA
  8. That is certainly a good argument for it (feeling different).
  9. That is how I prefer it. It's just simpler.
  10. As someone who his favorite classic RQ is RQ3, I will echo this. . My perspective is totally different. I believe RQ3 was a vast improvement over RQ2 and I would have preferred RQG to be based off RQ3. But in the end, even if RQG does not make all the choices I would have made, in the aggregate, I believe RQG is better than RQ3. Actually, for all the expressed design intent, beyond what the stat block looks like, I do not find RQG that close to RQ2. And I am also glad the timeline was advanced. It is interesting that I probably am a grognard whose opinion Jeff thinks should be dis
  11. In RQG it's almost like: 1. Statement of Intent 2. Movement of unengaged characters... well unless you choose to do 3.1 or 3.2 or 3.3 first 3.1 Rune Magic on SR 1... plus MP-1 3.2 Missile attacks on Dex SR and you can potentially cast another one 5 SR later... or move... or if unengaged, do something else 3.3 Spirit Magic or Sorcery Spells on Dex SR... plus MP-1 and you can potentially cast another one 5 SR later.. or if unengaged, move... or do something else 3.4 Melee attacks on DEX+SIZ+Weapon SR... plus maybe a second attack.. and maybe a third. 3.5 Spirit
  12. I would be tempted to rule that the Trance spells allow all sorts of "in combat" activities but that the spell drops at the end of the combat.
  13. Since it is a quick contest, there is no such thing as attack versus defend isn't it? If you use you sword to try to overcome a spirit, you use your sword skill vs its spirit combat which represents the whole engagement. There is no strict attack versus parry/dodge unlike in physical combat.
  14. As soltakss say. It's fairly easy to do. The question is how are character created? Are you creating characters on a point budget? If so buying Alternate Form is probably the way to go. However, BRP is not strickly a point buy system and usually people will pick a race/culture/profession and get whatever comes with it. You when a werewolf? Pick the werewolf template, roll your characteristics (or assign them on a budget) take the traits that come with it (positive and negative) and skills and so on. Something in the template doesn't fit your vision? A gm/player discussion resolves it. Imm
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