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  1. Neither did I (I was quite young). I funneled all my money on it. Never regrettred it. Would do it again (although today, I would not put all my money on it, that would upset my wife and my financial adviser too much).
  2. Strangely the passage you quoted was attributed to me but it was actually from Lord Abdul's. He is the one making frames!
  3. Man, I always loved the RQ3 cover. I still remember when I first saw the deluxe box set in a store in the 80's. It jumped right into my hands.
  4. Understandable. There is no way for me to tell what is easily done or what is hard. I was only stating what I would buy as a customer without having the ability to judge viability or practicality of said desire.
  5. Duh! How could I miss the obvious? If there were only three things from RQ3, I'd take the rulebook, Gods of Glorantha and Genertela.
  6. I much prefer Apple Lane and Snake Pipe Hollow from RQ3 but ok. That's fair. No question there. I would love Gods of Glorantha and Genertela. I fail to see why there is no point to make GoG available but Cults of Prax is. I would take Trollpak, Haunted Ruins and Into the Troll Realm. That's fair. That would be nice! I'd rather have River of Cradles as a whole.
  7. Quite a few good tidbits: Archetypes, backgrounds, personality, passions, reputation, contacts, streamlined skills and combat, ships and crew roles. Clearly, roleplaying mechanics will be showcased. Being BRP, there are quite a few possible variants. Will we see a shorter list of personality traits? Are they lifted straight from BGB? From Pendragon? How long will the skill list be? How is it streamlined (skills dropped, skills combined)? What they be modified by characteristics (skill modifiers)? Will contacts work like they do in RQG (as loyalty passions)? Will reputation work like in RQG? How will combat be streamlined? Will it use hit locations? SR or DEX rank? Anyway, so far, it looks very promising.
  8. That's fantastic news! I may not be the target market here as I believe I already have everything even if only collected as part of the Glorantha Classics. Still, I am quite happy to have the option. Would love to see RQ3 stuff as well (even if only in PDF but POD would rock).
  9. I also like these covers and would I liked seeing them on some of the POD... ... but that is quite an understandable reason for not happening unfortunately...
  10. Agreed. There are so many movies with good fights in them but I am not sure why this one specifically stuck with me. Do you have an "iconic" fight (for lack of a better term) that you like modelling with rpg rules?
  11. Funnily enough, when I look at a game (RuneQuest, Magic World, KAP, GURPS), I think about how the combat system can model that fight...
  12. Hardly surprising. Many innovations of RQG are directly inspired by Pendragon and adapted to it to make more sense for RuneQuest. The seasonal rythm instead of yearly, personality traits integrated into runes (which leads to character emulating their gods true nature), etc. Passions are pretty much the same (except on a d100) but, I believe, the experience roll for 4 additionnal occupational or cult skills does not come from KAP. Or does it? Anyway, colour me happy for how KAP influenced RQG.
  13. Mythras works along these lines with each types of magic (theism, sorcery, mysticism, animism) governed by two skills, one that manages the strength of you spells and the other your ability to cast it. Rune magic in RQG also works like this. Each spell is associated in one or more runes and your ability to cast it, if you know the spell, is tied with your connection (represented as a %) to the best of those runes.
  14. I was only mentionning it because for rune magic and spirit magic, you do not learn a new skill at a lower base value than your under spells. If you Air rune is at 85%, any new air rune spell you learn will start at 85%. In a sense, experience works a bit better in RQG (you don't have to chase skill checks) and the problem evoked in the OP only happens in Sorcery.
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