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  1. My approach on this is to merge the two. 1) Each skills are linked to an attribute 2) Base skill is unchanged from the RAW 3) Raising a skill up to attribute value is cheaper. Depending on what you prefer, it could be: 3a) HEROIC - half cost up to attribute value and then normal cost from there OR; 3b) GRITTY - normal cost up to attribute value and double cost from there. The benefits of this approach is to make attributes (DEX and APP) much more influencial without changing anything else.
  2. I hate to agree but this is the reason why I have decided to pass on the physical book. RQG is brillant at places but quite mediocre when it comes to combat.
  3. Not specifically but issues with the combat system have been brought up so often that they may decide to offer solutions or more advanced rules in the upcoming GM guide.
  4. Good point. And, if someone like the idea of the SR system, BGB also offers a better implementation of said system.
  5. Or maybe Mike Mason is just that good?
  6. Done! Can't believe RQG wasn't nominated for best cover.
  7. Exactly it. Just by curiosity, I looked at how damage versus HP scaled in other BRP games, I discovered that the flatter HP progression was RQG, with RQ3 and Mythras being very similar and the steepest was KAP (but damage also works differently). The game with the better HP to damage scaling was Mythras, followed by KAP and then RQ3. RQG is the worst by far.
  8. For what it's worth, flattening the HP curve was a good decision (IMHO). However, you cannot rescale (flatten) HP without scaling (flattening) damage and not get weird results. The problem is not with the vision, the problem is that vision could have been better executed from a game design perspective.
  9. Yes, this one is bizarre as (SIZ + CON)/2 is easier than the table and gives better results (and by that I mean results that are more believable and more balanced with how damage scales). And as you say, is more in line with the BRP suite.
  10. Nice sheet. You have extra stuff on the last page (appearance, affinities, etc.) Where is that from?
  11. If you are specifically looking for new rules, probably not. RQG bring RQ2, RQ3 and KAP to the table in a package that is Glorantha specific. Background character creation and personality and passions are adapted from KAP in a way that it bring Runes to the forefront. The way it is connected with magic means that your character has every reasons to act like his God. However, if you do not want to jump in Glorantha because you feel like you need to catch-up, I would offer that RQG is the perfect edition to jump in. Runes, background creation and personality, cults and cultures in the core book, is all you need to jump in Glorantha. I'm serious. I've known Glorantha for 30 years now and when I created a few characters with RQG, I felt that I was rediscovering the setting and that I did not need all the bagage. Ignore the grognards and jump in!
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