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  1. New RuneQuest SIZ and Kg table.

    Out of curiosity, does the progression stay the same or does it flatten after SIZE 90?
  2. QuickStart 2 attacks in one round?

    @Paid a bod yn dwp thank you for the link to Jason's post and subsequent explanation. From what I have read so far, it makes sense but will wait to see the final product before passing judgement. My biggest fear right now is that RQG will be a fantastic product from production value, character creation and setting integration perspectives but compared with more modern games, like say Mythras, its combat will feel outdated and clunky. While Jason alleviates some of my fears, I am still not 100% convinced especially in the light of how multiple attacks in melee will work. I thought it was clunky and artificial in the 80s and it still feels that way today. However, I do not want to jump the gun and maybe it will make sense within the whole ruleset.
  3. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    @David Scott, thanks for the breakdown of character creation and subsequent clarifications. I still hope against all hope that the RQ2 skill modifiers won't be used as is (I am sure easily house ruled to something better) but everything else looks very very promising. Thanks again.
  4. New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    I personally do not care at all about the logo used for the Quickstart and prefer the new logo. I agree it would look good with some red.
  5. One Parry per SR?

    Hmmm, good point. The 1 party per SR might not make sense. I'm sure dropping it won't break the game.
  6. Just wow! If there is something I have very high confidence in, it's production quality. I'm very much looking forward for the book.
  7. QuickStart 2 attacks in one round?

    I appreciate the attempt to rationalize the rules, I really do. To be honest, I'd love to buy into it because I'd love RQG to knock my sock off from cover to cover. In the end though, that explanation doesn't really work when placed side by side with how range combat works and certainly doesn't feel "visceral" as described by Jeff in a design note (I believe). To top it all, managing SR and attacks differently while in or out of mêlée is simply a extra layer of complexity that frankly doesn't bring any benefit IMHO.
  8. Artesia

    Huh, no. GURPS is a RPG and you don't need to create a system. You can play fantasy straight out of the Basic Set and like any other RPG (except the Artesia RPG) you will have to make decision on what is available to the players and more importantly, how to manage magic. Actually, the gritty, cinematic realism would be excellent for Atesia. Mythras would also smash Artesia! I hope Loz and Pete would look into it ( I am sure they don't have enough on their plates). We will see when it's released but RQG is most likely a contender if combat is more interesting than what we see in the quickstart.
  9. QuickStart 2 attacks in one round?

    So far my biggest (only) turn off in the quick start is how SR are managed when engaged in melee. I don't like that once you attack, this is what you do for the rest of the turn (aka it represents a series of blow) but if you are at range every single shot is played out (much better). I also don't like that you need a skill over 100% to "attack twice"... Wait, is an attack a serie of blows or not? If it is, how can I have two series of blow with only one weapon against the same opponent going at the same time (for the rest of the turn?. If it is not a serie of blow, how come I am limited to one blow per 12 seconds (unless I split my skill)? Honestly, I believe how SR is used when unengaged, is already an excellent pacing mechanism. Melee is already different from range by the nature of how SR is calculated. As written, melee is anything but visceral. It feels artificial and gamey. So far everything else looks fantastic though.
  10. Dodge and Jump

    I always thought attributes on a 1-20 range and skills on a 1-100 range was one of the best mix because it is then easy to make every attribute value meaningful to skills. I am still befuddled the method forcing unatural breakpoints is seen as a good thing and was chosen. That the second and third break points are so high clearly diminishes the influence of attributes on skills and is a stark contrast with Dodge and Jump which are very much dependent on DEX. In the end, it is not a deal breaker (simply annoying) and it is still better than attributes having no influence at all on skills. Still going through the QS and my impression is generally positive.
  11. Really! Where did you get it? Not that it matters because I won't be in Brissy for a short while but I'm curious.
  12. Any news on the launch of the new RQ?

    I hope you can. I truly hate podcast too.
  13. I'm with BRP any edition

    I have never heard of that one. Someone knows something about it?
  14. I'm with BRP any edition

    Dark Detective? By the way, very cool family tree!
  15. It never was an issue for us in RQ3 as we did choose age based on concept rather than minmax. I thought generation in RQ2 was more tedious than in RQ3 and in fact loved how age directly impacted skills in RQ3. It felt very organic. However... ...looks like an even better approach. RQ was the game to hardcode in my brain that the best chargen was all about choosing race, culture, homeland, occupation and so on instead of race/class and level. That background will be so ingrained in the process is a definite plus. 1) How will characteristics be determine? Assign points? Roll dice? Different options? 2) Will there be options to start older/younger or less or more powerful (having more skill points to distribute, a generation method that drives the characteristics up)? 3) Will age influence skills at all? 4) A stated goal was to make this edition a true % system (as opposed to RQ2 who only had skills in 5% increment). From what I understand, skill bases will be in 5% increments, skill packs will be in 5% increments, skill distribution will be in 5% increments, skill bonuses from characteristics will be in 5% increments so am I correct to say that starting characters will have all of their skills in 5% increments? What makes the skill system %based then? Experience can be gain in 1% increments? Critical/special/fumble values can have none 5% increment values? So far the chargen of the new edition sounds very promising. Thanks, DD