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  1. The first post explicitely talks about Chaosium but the second, I assume, talks about Le Département des Sombres Projets. Exciting that there are some conversations with Chaosium. Let's wait and see if it will come to fruition.
  2. I am generally happy with 7E as it seems to bring the right level of crunch to a Cthulhu game. However, I agree with Mike, autofire could have been better/simpler and chases are a lot easier to run than the section actually reads. My pet peeve with CoC 7e, as it is with all the BRP games except Superworld, is that Size (and Build, which I think is brilliant) is inconsistent. It scales really well up to a point and then becomes linear. It causes big creatures and vehicle to have ridiculous SIZ and Build. Is it important for a regular CoC game? Absolutely not. But scaling is important to me. I'm weird that way.
  3. Are you after a specific magic system and specific creatures? CoC 7e has a magic system and an extensive grimoire but allegedly not what you are after. The Monstrorum has many, traditional creatures. Magic World could also fit the bill. It has magic and a bestiary. RuneQuest could also be reskinned with a bit of effort but it might too crunchy for your taste.
  4. As much as I am very keep to get my hands on the cults book, a pre-release being detrimental to the full release is certainly a distinct possibility But to me, as a customer, this is the main consideration. While I accept for some art and production value is not that important, I am firmly in the camp believing RPG books need strong visual identities and I'd rather wait for the complete product than read a text only version. Similarly, I would not watch, even for free, an advance viewing of the next big, universally anticipated block buster movie with the special effects unfinished. I view rpg books with strong visual identities, like RuneQuest and Call of Cthulhu, similarly. I appreciate others will have different views.
  5. May I suggest this thread to be pinned. Especially if the intention is to keep it alive.
  6. This summarizes my favorite parts of RQG.I would further add that the way Runes cover both personality traits (another cheer for Pendragon!) and your ability to cast divine spells is a very clever way to ensure characters will want to emulate their god. And this. I like generic systems (I love BRP, HERO and GURPS) but I prefer when the systems supports/enhances/emulates a setting. Crack open RQG and it's immediately clear it is about Glorantha (did I mention it is my favorite fantasy setting?).
  7. Chris Spivey's Superhero game based on Pulp Cthulhu is definitely another one I am very interested in!
  8. I would also be interested. I recently bought the Alien RPG and the mood of the game made me want an official Cthulhu sci-fi setting.
  9. Very promising! Am I correct to assume that the Player/Keeper book combo will still require CoC Keeper's Book to play? Or by "rules and setting" do you mean it will be a stand alone game?
  10. They are looking good! Time to transfer some characters unto the new sheets.
  11. Thanks guys, these are very good articles. Very different approaches but both equally valid depending on what style you prefer. The Runic Rant article seems more in line with the philosophy in RQG and a bit more guidance on what to do with unresolved or ties results would have been good. Maybe something for the Gamemaster guide?
  12. Just send them an e-mail here customerservice@chaosium.com. There are usually pretty quick to sort things out.
  13. I suspect that while they are different, The Laundry and Rivers of London fill more or less the same niche and since I would guess that RoL is way more popular at the moment, not pursuing The Laundry kind of makes sense. All this clever analysis based on no evidence whatsoever.
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