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  1. The Strike Rank master document?
  2. Like Kloster, coming from RQ3 as my preferred "Classic RQ", all that crunch sounds pretty cool to me and I also loved the way characters were built. At the same time, the simplifications make the game more approachable and easier to get into. Unlike Kloster, I do not feel it UnRuneQuestize the game. Yes, I love the addition of multiple parries. They make combat a lot more credible to me. However, the concept of melee combat (single attack, 12 seconds round) and how SR works (taking only reach into account but not providing options for shorter weapon fighters to get into an advantageous position) is a good base to start from but just too simplistic and tactically unbelievable. I hope the Gamemaster Guide will expand on that.
  3. Ok, Joerg description made it sound like something that would not interest me very much.
  4. Ok, that's interesting. Out of curiosity, is your RQ closer to RQ2 or closer to RQ3?
  5. That is one specific example where the RQ mechanics of attack/parry works better for RQG than the opposed approach from KAP would have (I am basically supporting Kloster's comnent that it is not automatically a good idea to port stuff from KAP to RQG). I also believe that retaining the RQ parry/dodge approach and adding a rule for subsequent defenses (from SB?) works better for RQG than an action point system à la Mythras.
  6. And I agree. There is always a limit on what you can bring from another game, however great it is, before you make your game less... your game. I still stand by my statement that if you have to be inspired by a game to modify RQ, Pendragon is a great choice because it's a great game with similar themes and a common rule base. Of course, KAP internal logic is based on a much higher level of abstraction than RQ so you have to be careful what you port over. I believe the influence of KAP on RQG is brilliantly done. I am curious to hear what you believe came from KAP or SB that made RQ less RQ?
  7. You cannot go wrong with a rule inspired by Pendragon. RQG's Runes/Personality/Passions and backgroung based character creation is most definitely inspired by Pendragon and is the best part of the system in my opinion (along with how the runes interact with Magic). I wish Pendragon had an even greater influence on RQG.
  8. I never read the Illiadand that short blurb is very informational. It makes it less likely that I will ever read it (so many good books to read) but still gives a context around the whole thing.
  9. That's a very difficult but interesting question.I would have a hard time top rank them (so much good stuff). Among those i like, in no particular order, are Lunar/Pelorian, Dara Happan, Carmanian, Sartarite/Esrolian/Pavisite, Seshnegi/Loskalmi/Salfester, Rathori/Basmoli, Fonritan, Praxian and definetly Uz. Some I have less affinities (Some more because of lack of depth) like, Pentan, Kraloreli, Teshnan, Vormaino, Morokanth. Some I have no interest in, Durulz (and for the record, I despise the Donald Duck look).
  10. Sounds interesting. Can you elaborate a bit on how ot works mechanically? What do you mean by quicknes-based initiative? It reminds me of something we also tried back in the days. On initial engagement, we used SR as is. After that, we were only using DEX SR. The shorter weapon fighter could try to close by using movement and thd longer weapon fighter could back away (as you describe I believe). The SWF could also attack. If he hit an extremity, fight you proceed normally but if he hit chest or abdomen, we considered he had slipped inside their opponent reach and be in close combat (as per RQ3).
  11. This really highlights the game's strong suit. The setting is very rich and engaging and RQG gives characters a sense of history, belonging and connection to a community. RQG covers a lot of ground. Some areas shine, some are covered in broad strokes and some are fairly rough. The comat chapter would have needed a lot more love. Would love to see the Guide soon but there is no telling how long the wait wil be!
  12. I still believe it should be covered by the weapon skills themselves (they include all the positioning and footwork after all) or dodge.
  13. Good on you mate! Such a positive post. I take it you are the gamemaster? What would be the highlights of the sessions you had? The immersive world? The fact the setting feels fresh and different? The quality of the published scenarios? Thd ruleset?
  14. Outmanoeuvering in Mythras is a combat action (not a skill) where the fighter uses the Evade skill in a opposed roll against their opponent. The same could be recreated in RQG with Dodge or even with the weapon skill itself. I guess it would take 5 SR to perform.
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