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  1. Fortunately it was mentioned within the context of the 50th anniversary. A new edition in 10 years is not unreasonable but clearly not for the 40th anniversary!
  2. Cool. It's seeems like the situation is embroiled enough that beyond a gentle poke to "whomever holds the rights", energy should be spent elsewhere.
  3. Let's see: Martin (STR 45) wants to move the Raft (SIZ 150). Since the raft SIZ is 100 above Lucky STR (150-45). Lucky automatically fails (no roll needed). Cecil (STR 40) shows up to help. This help is mechanically represented by substracting the lowest of the two STR (Cecil) from the raft SIZ (150-40=110). Martin STR does not reduce the SIZ of the raft. Only those assisting do that. However, because of Cecil's help, Martin now needs to roll against SIZ 110 and because that value is less than 100 over his STR (110-45) he can now attempt the roll. The contest will pit his STR 45
  4. Je ne sais pas d'où viendrait cette info. Je ne crois pas qu'on ait jamais communiqué quoi que ce soit sur ce sujet, et on ne compte pas le faire. On ne s'appelle pas pour rien le Département des Sombres Projets ! Haut Which translates more or less like that : After re-reading his answer, I realize that I may have misunderstood him, and the thing they had no intention on doing was communicating, not doing the translation... Maybe it's a project they have, but thought it was secret. I would have read it like you did first but I see ho
  5. To be fair to Mugen, Jason was also giving a vague "they indicated..." instead of posting a link or a quote.
  6. For some reason, the extract you quoted is not from me. Irrespective, It was my understanding from quotes from MOB and Jason that the rpg rights were not available (Jason adding it was tied up with the BBC). I would be happy to be wrong.
  7. Just to be clear, my comment was not anchored in reality. Chaosium said already the rights were not available and even if they were, they could not produce a new edition in 9 months. My comment was absolutely fantasy.
  8. By the way, I believe this year is the 20th anniversary of Stormbringer 5e. What a wonderful year would it be for a 6th edition.
  9. Lately I was wondering how come Mask looked more beautiful that the Core books. While the layout/template of the later might be better, I still like the core books. The real difference for me is the sketch like drawings that are more prevalent in the Keeper and Investigators book (I really do not like them). However, an "aligned" layout doesn't sound worthy of a 40th anniversary special release. It may be not something that I am after but it absolutely sound like a good idea for a 40th anniversary special release.
  10. It looks like a very good combination. For Riposte, I would tend to wave the requirement to have two weapons (but that's just me). To reduce lethality (if it is a goal), you could use the CoC rule that upon reaching 0 HP, the character is dying only if a Major Wound was inflicted (in this combat or before if still untreated). If no Major Wound was inflicted, the character is simply unconcious (but still bloody and battered). Of course, once incapacitated, anyone could just kill the character with the appropriate means (no need for a Major Wound).
  11. It'd make me happy too. I believe Chaosium might see RuneQuest occupying that spot.
  12. I was wondering what "Uncategorized" meant and how it was different than "Other Games"...
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