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  1. Looking good. It is shaping up to be an even better starter set than CoC!
  2. Not a legal advice by any stretch of the imagination but reading the SRD (link provided by Nick) should be your first step. Read the Game Licence carefully, specifically around the prohibited content. The benefit of the SRD is that the basic mechanics of the game are already written for you. The drawback is that it specifically prohibits the use of some mechanics that are actually pretty cool. If you were not intending to use these mechanics anyway, no issues. If you are, you cannot use the BRP SRD and therefore will have to write the rules yourself using your own words. The licence also prohi
  3. Maybe not the odd man out. I was much more impressed by the rules of CoC 7E than I was by the rules of RQG. I don't like everything but generally CoC 7E feels slick and simple, efficient and easy. And generally well explained.
  4. Hehe, sorry, I meant "I suspect RQ does better <than Mythras> (from a sales perspective)" I edited my post for clarity.
  5. I didn't want to like CoC 7e. I really didn't. In the end, I love it. It doesn't mean I would like everything to be transitionned to 7e. I could totally see a super game built off 7e but for fantasy, I still prefer vanilla BRP. I'd rather see Magic World updated to the high production value Chaosium is now known from but it is clearly not going to happen (sales of current MW does not warrant it and RQ and KAP have much higher profiles than MW). From a rule consistency perspective, no doubt, Mythras is the king of the hill. From a sales figures, not so sure. While I am sure it is quite
  6. Yes, please, let's talk about this 😉
  7. Hopefully not just a reprint. I'd like to see it expanded like MoN. I can totally visualize my book shelves with the following slipcases side by side: Call of Cthulhu, Masks of Nyarlathotep, Spawn of Azatoth and Shadows of Yog-Sothoth. Glorious! (not that I am asking or expecting it for the 40th anniversary)
  8. I quite like the look and feel of the Keeper's Book, especially the 2 pages pictures at the start of each chapters. On the flip side, some illustrations are not great. The Investigator's Handbook, has a similar style but doesn't look as good. It's too yellow for my taste. That being said, I find the new layout, template and color palette (like in Pulp Cthulhu or Masks of Nyarlathotep or Malleus Monstrorum, etc) much nicer and easier on the eyes.
  9. Glorious! Hopefully all of them (not that I will benefit from it but I hope our fellow German gamers will). Do we know if it includes the slight changes to the occupations skills found in the French edition? And it has the new logo!
  10. I would agree with AndrewTBP. Between the core book, the Quickstart, the Gamemaster's Set, Smoking Ruins, Pegasus Plateau, the upcoming Starter Set, there is already a lot of scenario and material to get going for a long while without getting entangled with older publications. Not they are not worth it but they could be nice to get to once you are comfortable with the current edition.
  11. There is post collating all the info gleamed as it comes. it's not official but it's based on various statements made by Chaosium.
  12. What other campaign are we talking about? Is there a reason to make it so cryptic <smells scandal>
  13. I am not too sure who Spectrum is but were the characters in the ballpark of the power levels of Superman and Flash? A team-up with a Moon Knight expy is pretty cool.
  14. Can you please elaborate what options and maneuvers from RQ3 you feel might resolve the potential issue. Also, are you using multiple defenses with a cumulative -20% from RQG or a single defense à la RQ3? RQ3 have long been my sweetheart so I am curious to hear about this.
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