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  1. Hi MOB, The colour pdf appears to be in English rather than Italian, at least when I click on it. The text only is in Italian as expected. I see my error, the colour rulebook is annotated with the Italian, sorry, I missed that. Thanks! Thanks for considering translations and thanks to Matteo for translating.
  2. The game is set in Sun County around the Mo Baustra temple, ranging so far from Pavis to Corflu but they will range further eventually. The Yelornan player is so far quite satisfied that all suitors receive an angry look from a very scarified Gorgorman and tend to leave at that. I have taken inspiration from Babeester Gor for ritual scarification and such things but I'm using the short write up from Gods of Glorantha for actual cult rules which are remarkably lenient. I struggle a little to see the value of the cult in the world, temporally, so I've been considering having them heavily supported by the local female worshipped earth cult, in this case Dendara, as an alternative to a husband protector cult for matters relating to women. I can only imagine the Yelmalions of Sun County would be somewhat unhappy about that relation, but is there some mythic relationship that I'm unaware of that might prevent Yelmalions from ejecting Gorgormans from their lands?
  3. Hi guys, my last post got some very informative answers which I appreciated so I'm back for more. I've got a player in my game of Runequest Glorantha in the cult of Gorgorma, admittedly because I pointed out the similarities to the Storm Bull she wanted to play, but it fit better with a Solar Pantheon group (mainly Yelmalio cultists, but also Yelm and Yelorna). I've searched around and collected some meager information about Gorgorma's mythic role in Glorantha but was wondering if there is more anywhere? This player is also looking likely to be the first Rune Level in the party so I'm especially keen on godtime myths I might be able to work into heroquests, and ideas for allied spirits and trials to get one. My impression of the cult is that it's a particularly small one, probably maintained mostly by associated worship from Dendara cultists and temples. My player has particularly taken to the Defender aspect of Gorgorma, taking the Yelornan cultist 'under her wing' so to speak, to ensure she can maintain the purity required for eventually gaining a Unicorn, and passions related to that aspect of the goddess, but I'm interested in anything to do with her. The only mythic story I found so far is about Gorgorma and Dendara playing chess each evening in Yelm's palace, and something about Gorgorma being rejected as Yelm's bride 'because she had to be rejected' which I haven't quite got my head around yet. Thoughts, opinions much appreciated as well as further sources of Gorgorma lore to read. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, Just a quick one as a player in my game has queried the part in chargen under heavy infantry warrior occupation about Yelmalio cultists using pike and shield. There doesn't seem to be any further explanation on that in particular in this book. I vaguely know of it from previous versions. Should I dig out RQ2 and give him those rules or is there updated rules in this book that I've missed?
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