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  1. I have missed that.... Can you tell me more about it? Is it a future Chaosium product?
  2. @g33k: yes it's helping, thanks. But i am dreaming on novel in Glorantha (and translated into french! )
  3. I aggree with that, but why not continue the RQG idea of focusing on some world area and publish cultural material in Sartar/Dragon Pass first and then materials where RQG will go?
  4. Hello all of you. I am playing/reading RQG since the beginning, but never played RQ before. As an old new player i have some remarks on what stuff is missing in RQG in order to live a more immersive playing experience. I think that we need to know more about Glorantha. Actual books, with the basic rules book, the bestiary and the Glorantha Sourcebook explain a lot of things in this universe and allow a good basic playing experience. But we can found a lot of information about mythic and history of the world and very few things about mundane things (how are living standard peopl
  5. Hello Jeff, i am only familiar with last RQG rules, but when i was reading them i have the feeling that you want to make it easy to play and fast to start playing even for bigginer (Glorantha backround is very huge, but you can play without knowing all mythologies, for exemple). Am i true? If yes can you tell me some exemples where you have done such things and why have you make this choice? Do you plan to continue it? Thanks.
  6. I would like but accessing informations from one thousand hundred years ago is very hard for me. If you have found some, please let me know, i will be very pleased to begin to solve my ignorance trouble.
  7. Before the starting of history (it's begun when writing come), there were hundred thousands years of human societies, and we have no real ideas about what they were thinking. So how can you says that torture prohibition is modern? Personnaly, i am sure that somewhere in the past this idea was living... Remember that some native people of north america where socialy more advanced than the barbarians european invaders... Please forget that you are a citizen of W.E.I.R.D, and have a look again!
  8. This seems to be a very sad state... But why ghosts, who are dead, have some desires, or does is it because ghost have desires that they are ghosts?
  9. I have a query: could a "man" spirit join a new cult (after his death)? More generally could spirits act and change when they are dead? Edit: a more general query will be what is Death in Glorantha?
  10. Pheres

    Is it possible

    It's very interesting is there some informations about the Flesh Man in some RQG products? (I am including the Guide in them)
  11. Pheres

    Is it possible

    According to all your replies, and several others i have read in other topics i can say that what i really like in Glorantha is YGWV, because everything is subject to imagination of all players over the table, and we can really make a new world based on a ton of old stories! But starting to understand this universe take a long time... Edit: About the time it takes to understand Glorantha, i can see that Chaosium is making a great job in order to simplify the understanding, and it's great!
  12. Pheres

    Is it possible

    I am not sure that the world would be better, but it should be more understandable for us poor french people!
  13. I have a Daka Fal shaman who leave in Sartar. He want to improve his social status. But in Sartar you are not great if you are not an Orlanthi, and he can not join Orlanth cult because Orlanth cult is not an ancestors cult associated to Daka Fal cult... He don't want to become an illuminate, because he is freighten by illumination and think it's chaos related. But he has an idea: why not heroquesting in order to turn Orlanth cult into an ancestor worshiping cult associated to Daka Fal? I think that he has a great idea that nonone had before!!! Oh, i hear someone saying God learn
  14. No i don't want illuminates to be unemotional, but i ask : is there some kind of illuminations that make you unemotional? Because in Glorantha it seems that illumination let you see all things as an illusion, so my query is what's about your feeling? But i aggreed with a lot of answers that's says it could be or/and not, Glorantha is ambiguous... I think, that a "true" reply would be YGWV! But i would like to know if there is a canonical answer.
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