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  1. Pheres

    Prince of Sartar webcomic

    Thanks Jeff for the link
  2. Pheres

    Can't find any info on these new shaman pilgrimages

    What is a specialist?
  3. Pheres

    Can't find any info on these new shaman pilgrimages

    In rules taboo tables it's explicitly writen that the pilgrimage must be done in the spirit world, Shaman have not to physically travel to the physical location prior to do the quest: So a shaman have to enter the spirit world where he is in the mundane world and travel accross the spirit world to the pilgrimage location every season. But the travel for this kind of taboo have to be done in the spirit world where it can be shorter to go to one location than in the mundane world.
  4. Pheres

    Shaman limit to bound spirits clarification

    I like your comment in very small characters... For me it's what means changed, it can vary and variations can turn Glorantha into a new thing. I also really think that rules are strongly linked to how an universe is played and how it makes the universe living. So changing the rules can change the universe. (For example i have read somewhere in this forum that in one or more previous RQ rules book it was very hard to use runes magic, but now it's seems to be easier, this kind of thing is making an universe more magic than the past one, so it has an impact on the universe)
  5. Pheres

    Shaman limit to bound spirits clarification

    So, perhaps it should be a good thing to just use the basic RQG stuff and wait. Because some mysteries can changed compared to previous game settings. I would like to discover what can be written today on the Glorantha universe and, even if i am interseted in previous version of the game i will wait and see! I think that people who are playing in Glorantha for years should do the same and could be surprised with new things and become lay member of this newer version of the old universe...
  6. Pheres

    Shaman limit to bound spirits clarification

    Yes, it's explicitly said: When i have post my first quey, i could not expect that the topic turn that way. But all that have been writen here is interesting to read. But i have one other query, about how to become initiate of incompatible cults, some of you said that by becoming illuminated it should be possible. I have search in the Glorantha wiki and found the chapter about illumination. It's interesting, but it seems to be an old stuff, because, except if i have missed some part in the RQG core book, nothing is writen about illumination in RQG, no?
  7. In RQG book p 359 it's write: and p 250: I would like to be sure to well understand this rule. As i read a Shaman with CHA of 15 and a fetch CHA of 12 can bind 27 entities (the total of Shaman CHA and fetch CHa must not be divided by 3). When an adventurer, who is not a Shaman, with a CHA of 27 (if it's possible to have such a CHA) can bind only 9 entities.
  8. Pheres

    Testing the RuneQuest Form-Fillable Adventurer Sheet

    I have tried in Adobe Reader and all seems to run well except for free Int and spirit combat value first page that is not link to the one on second page. Free int seem to be calculated in the sheet with the following formula: INT - 13 and equal 0 when INT is lower than 13. But it's not the right formula.
  9. Pheres

    Dear Chaosium and the RQG Team -- Thank You

    I am reading the RQG core book since few weeks, i have played few session using it as player and i am enthusiastic! Sure, i want more, and especially about all Dragon Pass cults. But i want more because i love this game! I have never played on previous version of RQ, but i think that this one is great! So thanks Chaosium!
  10. Pheres

    Testing the RuneQuest Form-Fillable Adventurer Sheet

    I am on High Sierra
  11. Pheres

    How Much RuneQuest Do I Need to Know to Play RQG?

    I am a new player in the world of Glorantha, starting playing using RQG, and i completely agree with Cawdorthane. I think for both players and master it's a great idea to learn the game litlle by litlle. So you can start using only RQG core book. The only things that are missing from my point of view, is rules for heroquesting and opponents/animals/elders/... technical and social description. Two things that are not necessary in order to start play the game, but are quickly needed in order to improve game experience. So i think that at start only core book can be used, but the two first books to buy after that should be the bestiary and the GM book who detail heroquesting. Personnaly, i am also waiting for the cults book, because i want to deep more in the Glorantha universe. All this stuff is in the road map (if i have weel understood all i read)
  12. Pheres

    Testing the RuneQuest Form-Fillable Adventurer Sheet

    I have tried to open it under Apple's Preview and Safari, all numeral are dispayed, but nothing is generated. Damage bonus, SR and Skill mods don't auto generate (i can see negatives values for skill mods and damage bonus that don't change when characteristics values changed). Note: i have tried Jason's sheet.
  13. Pheres

    About Greater Entities

    Thanks, i will have a look on the Xeotam Dialogues And Thanks jajagappa,!