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  1. And what about their skills, are they the same than an assistant shaman?
  2. In the Q&A of RQG, in CHA4028 RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha – Chapter 13 Rune Magic Q&A, we can read, in chapter Stackable Rune Magic (page 315) : Non-stackable spells can neither be improved through additional rune points, nor be subject to Extension (for instance, I can’t Extend Madness). Yes But, later in this Q&A page, we can read some exemples where Charisma, a temporal, non stackable rune spell is subject to Extension... In Extension description we can read: This spell extends the duration of any temporal Rune spell that has a normal duration of 15 minutes So, isn't Madness be Extended, because it's an instant spell, and non stackable spells, like Charisma that are temporal be subject to Extension?
  3. About the rune spell Matrix Creation: Is the spell that will be stored in the matrix have to be cast? If yes a one use rune spell have to be spent, but what about the spell stored in the matrix, will it be also a one use spell? (I think that it will be, but ...) An other thing: can a rune spell coming from a spell trade be placed in a matrix? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone. Is it possible to learn other form runes that the ones you have at the begining? for a human, it will be Man and Beast. And if yes how does it works with the previous known runes? Thanks
  5. Pheres

    Allied spirits

    What make me think that you can sacrifice POW to a spirit is: p 365 of RQG, about negociation with a spirit So you can sacrifice things to a spirit In the Shaman chapter, when the apprentice meet a Greater Entity, who is a spirit: The applicant is not a Shaman at this moment, but he can sacrifice POW to a spirit, so i think, that everyone can sacrifice POW to a spirit.
  6. Pheres

    Allied spirits

    Edit: I was sure to have read that you can sacrifice some POW to a spirit, but don't find the rule. So perhaps i have confund with the worship of a spirit when you give him spirit point...
  7. Pheres

    Allied spirits

    You can not give POW to your allied spirit when gaining it, it's your POW. But an allied spirit is a spirit, and you can give some POW to a spirit when ever you want... So in fact, yes you can give your allied spirit POW when gaining some... About the second question, i am not sure. According from books it seems that a spirit can gain POW only when someone give some to him, but i am really not sure of that. About an other point, if everybody can give some POW to a spirit a spirit can theorically have an infinity POW. The racial limitation to POW seems to be only for living creatures, not for spirit.
  8. To definitively end with this discussion, i can suggest everyone interested on this subject to read in the Glorantha sourcebook the Runes chapter and especially the What is magic sub chapter (p198). You can read things like that in it: Spirits are associated with Rune power (specialized one) and that's how they can grant rune magic to their followers.
  9. Thanks, i haven't seen this phrase before and i have learn a new thing! About runes and gods, we can read the following thing in RQG, p 13: So, perhaps, us, poor humans can not understand and still be at loggerheads about this! (And thanks Tindalos)
  10. My point of view is that every gloranthans that have met a dog and a stone are knowing very well the distinctions between their nature and they could explain it in a very consistent way. But for gods and spirits, they can not... If they can not it's because the difference is not obvious! If it's not obvious, their can not be a huge difference in their nature, no?
  11. The complete sentence in the book is: "Most Gloranthans distinguish between gods and spirits; however, such distinctions are not consistent and vary from religion to religion " So i am thinking that if not all gloranthans aggreed on what exactly are distinctions between spirits and gods there could not be a lot of differences between them.
  12. In the Glorantha sourcebook p 198 in Gods, Spirits, Heroes and Demons we can read a litlle more information: We can see that: So it seems that there are very few distinctions between spirits and gods, except that about spirits: One thing that make gods being gods is their living in God Time. Heros and Demigods have a partail existance in the God Time. They didn't born with this, so it is possible to gain this existance. Perhaps spirits cults become a "true" divine one if the spirit exist in the God Time (and wish to become one)...
  13. I am liking all your post. Like other posts i have seen elsewhere, it put to front the fact that our Glorantha game depend on our point of view and must be a compromise between game master and players point of view, according on what allow the rules. My personal point of view is only becoming from the last edition materials (RQG), and some lesser reading from RQ 2 materials. I am waiting for all new materials. In a lot comments (in all threads), i can read that there are a lot of differents thoughts about Glorantha things (differences between gods and spirits, how shamanism is working, etc...). But i think that we have to find our own Glorantha, according to what we think and what can be fun (It's also an idea that is written regularly in posts). My feeling is that there is no Absolute Truth about some glorantha things so you have to make your own.
  14. I completely aggree with that. Spirits can changed from their own, but gods can not... So it could be better to stay a spirit!
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