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  1. Should a rune spell be listed as non-stackable to be not usable with extension spell? In other way is there 3 différents kind of spells, stackable ones, non-stackable ones and a third category that contains the others spells?
  2. Thanks Joerg, so, it's a very powerfull spell, at no cost! Edit: i have read another time the rulebook, and p 247-248 in Terminology chapter it's written that varaible spell have to be learned at several intensity: So i think that you have to learn the summon(entity) at the appropriate intensity in order to cast it for summoning a spirit that have 15 in POW.
  3. I am thinking that if a player abuse, a GM must abuse too. And a very powerfull shaman that become so powerfull by defeating spirit diseases could face some trouble, i guess, when their last three oaths are to not wear any clothes, don't take bath and always speak the truth, during social encounters...
  4. That's a good idea, but summon disease spirit spell is very expensive, you need to learn it at level 14 or 15, because it's the astandard spirit disease POW, 15 points in one unique spirit spell is very expensive! Plus if a spirit that don't have 15 in POW or fewer isn't living in the area, the spell don't summon it! So GM have a lot of tools to control the inner power of a shaman player. It could be, also, a starting for a new adventure for all the groupe, to find a place where disease spirit can be summoned... If i was a GM, i will use it this way, allowing a player to summon all the disease spirit he can in the area (3 or 4 spirits could be a good number) and when all the spirits have disepeared, the shaman player have to find a new place where he can summon other spirits.. I like to think about Munchkin things, and in this way, binding a disease spirit into an object could be a good thing, so you can fight him until he has no POW!
  5. TYVM Chaosium, like g33k, i already have the bestiary book, but can give something for this. I am trying to support a lot of things who fight against our stupid society and the near end of our world... And i am telling all of us to help in this way! To all of us: enjoy this new year, because it could be the last one...
  6. I have no answer based on rules, but in Glorantha, all things can be linked to a kind of spirit, so perhaps we can say that a spirit can pass through walls, or other things, but if the wall is linked to a spirit, the both have to fight if the first one want to pass through.
  7. Thanks to all of you. I am a new RQG player, but still playing for litlle more than one year, so i have read/play/experiment things, but want to know more... I was knowing the fact that a lot of materials are anbiguous, even contradictory, but both can be "canon", and that the only true "canon" rule is that Your Glorantha Will Vary! But a lot of things you were writing is interesting for me. I am playing with an experimented Gloranthan GM, who is well knowing Glorantha, but all of, his players are starting with RQG, some of us are still playing at RQG for less than 6 monthes. The major difficulty for us is to understand how a character who is both a professional with a particular activity and also a cult initiate have to act. I think that if one day a book is written that's says how a typical merchant that is also an initiate of Issarie (for exemple) is thinking, it will help us. A book that contain short stories showing a typical day for him as a merchant and as an initiate and all other "standard" people could be a great thing.
  8. I know and even if i am not the Game master of our RQG game, i also know that my GM (even if he is free, and not really mine) will allow such thing, i would like to know if it was more detailed in the gods books! I like books, because they always open new ways for me to play and understand the game. I am a new Glorantha player, RQG is the first edition i ever played, so everything, including clear canon rules help me! Edit: for exemple, when i read that a Daka Fal priest is a shaman and not need standard prerequisits for becoming one, several ideas come in my mind. First of them, because an initiate is an apprentice shaman who spend 90% of is time with his mentor, i think that 80% or more of daka fall initiates are trying to become shaman (and also priest) in order to become "free". So this particular cult should have more priests than initiates. And as i have understand this is not a common thing for a cult... So sometimes, "litlle" rules can change the world! (Ok some GM could change this and say that for becoming a priest you also need the standard, in this case their will be less Daka Fall priest and more initiates, but a great number of initiates will be shamans...)
  9. Subcults can provide rune spells that are different from the main cult. But can subcults have particular subcult skills? And could a subcult have different cults affinities than the main cult. For exemple, can a Daka Fal subcult that is related to an ancestor who is the daughter of Orlanth be associated with Orlanth cult (Daka Fal cult is not in good standing with Orlanth, basicaly)? Do you know if this is describe in the futur book on cults? Thanks
  10. And what about their skills, are they the same than an assistant shaman? Edit: Ok, i have not seen before, but you have written: "same skills as assistant shaman"...
  11. In the Q&A of RQG, in CHA4028 RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha – Chapter 13 Rune Magic Q&A, we can read, in chapter Stackable Rune Magic (page 315) : Non-stackable spells can neither be improved through additional rune points, nor be subject to Extension (for instance, I can’t Extend Madness). Yes But, later in this Q&A page, we can read some exemples where Charisma, a temporal, non stackable rune spell is subject to Extension... In Extension description we can read: This spell extends the duration of any temporal Rune spell that has a normal duration of 15 minutes So, isn't Madness be Extended, because it's an instant spell, and non stackable spells, like Charisma that are temporal be subject to Extension?
  12. About the rune spell Matrix Creation: Is the spell that will be stored in the matrix have to be cast? If yes a one use rune spell have to be spent, but what about the spell stored in the matrix, will it be also a one use spell? (I think that it will be, but ...) An other thing: can a rune spell coming from a spell trade be placed in a matrix? Thanks
  13. Hello everyone. Is it possible to learn other form runes that the ones you have at the begining? for a human, it will be Man and Beast. And if yes how does it works with the previous known runes? Thanks
  14. Pheres

    Allied spirits

    What make me think that you can sacrifice POW to a spirit is: p 365 of RQG, about negociation with a spirit So you can sacrifice things to a spirit In the Shaman chapter, when the apprentice meet a Greater Entity, who is a spirit: The applicant is not a Shaman at this moment, but he can sacrifice POW to a spirit, so i think, that everyone can sacrifice POW to a spirit.
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