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    RuneQuest, CoC, MRQ for a while, D&D 5e with my less enlightened friends, Seven Seas, Tales from the Loop, Savage Worlds. Have published a set of solo RQ adventures available on Wargames Vault
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    RuneQuest homebrew - mostly 2nd Edition and 3rd age. Running games for my gaming group who rarely play RQ. Also much time spent playing Napoleonic Navwar games in 1:1200 scale.
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    London, England
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    Grown up kid, with life in London with four children all of whom I have turned into roleplayers and wargamers. Go me.

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  1. Harsh, sir. Harsh. Looking (hard) for positives it is at least spared the atrocious artwork of one Mr D. Dobyski.
  2. Hello RuneQummunity, I published a series of solo adventures for RQ about 8 years ago which where much improved owing to the kind thoughts and comments of a bunch of playtesters recruited from a forum much like this one. I'm looking for interested folks to volunteer to take part in play testing some new solos. Please pm me for details if you are interested. Thanks
  3. Okay ladies and gentlemen, I'm seeking to find new homes for: 1. Tales Of The Reaching Moon #13,14,17,18,19 2. RQ Adventures #1,2,3 and 4 (John Castellucci/The RuneQuest Society) 3. Daughters of Darkness (Avalon Hill) 4. Apple Lane (Chaosium/GW - but really, who doesn't already have this...) 5. Wyrm's Footnotes #13 (Chaosium) 6. The Glorious Reascent of Yelm (Issairies Inc) 7. Tradetalk #2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and 14 (The Chaos Society) 8. Trollpak boxed set (The original Chaosium one with the beautiful Lisa Free illustrations) 9. Miscellaneous ed
  4. Evenin' all, Is there a thread somewhere on the forum for folks to point to RQ things they wish to buy or sell? The actual selling would I am sure be through eBay or whatever (Your Online Marketplace May Vary) but I thought it might be a good way of putting people who want things in touch with those who have them. Since you ask I have just cleared out my loft and have some RQ stuff that needs a new home. All Hail the Reaching Moon.
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