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  1. We have 6mm Morokanths as our next release, along with Broos and Tuskriders coming.....
  2. Just a small bump to remind people, this offer ends 31st May 2019.
  3. Well there are plans afoot at Rapier Miniatures for even more, so after the Morokanth in 28mm, we have Tuskers and our first Bison now sculpted, ready to think about putting riders one. If that helps.... We also have foot Bison tribesfolk, who have been waiting for their mounted breathren before release....
  4. Hi folks, firstly no US distributor, so UK postage only I am afraid. Secondly they will be available as individuals from 4th June 2019, when the pre-order officially ends.
  5. Rapier Miniatures Presents: Runestarter 2 As many know, we hold a licence to create Miniatures for the Glorantha world setting and Runequest Game system. Here are our latest additions in the 28mm Range: 4 New Morokanths 4 Herdmen 3 Existing Morokanths In Pre-order sets, for shipping on Tuesday 4th June 2019. The three sets all show a special discount compared to buying the figures after that date, so get in early and save some Lunars! http://www.rapierminiatures.co.uk/page/Glorantha/Glorantha28mmPraxStart.html
  6. We at www.rapierminiatures.co.uk are proud to add Bison Riders to our 6mm Gloranthan Range. They can be viewed and purchased from here: http://www.rapierminiatures.co.uk/page/Glorantha/Glorantha6mmTribes.html
  7. Latest in our range of 6mm Gloranthan Miniatures Range. See them here: http://www.rapierminiatures.co.uk/page/Glorantha/GloranthaHome.html They should be available for purchase soon.
  8. It always annoyed me that the Dragon Pass/Prax maps did not go to the coast!
  9. Or the Pteradon riders flying overhead, dropping nasty things and magic on the defenders....
  10. Well they do get, create dream dragon as a spell.....
  11. I like the egg idea, if I did them they would be like a large scale (or scales) over a bone/wood frame. Waiting for Gencon to be over, then can get a proper answer from the Gloranthan sages.
  12. Swordbreakers are lethal to spearmen, same as renaissance bucklers, knock the spear up, step inside the point, stab....
  13. Ahhh Simon, I am asking as a miniatures maker as much as for my own game. Hence the en masse part of the question.
  14. Dragon newts in the bestiary do not have shields listed as a normal weapon, they have the offhand dagger and sword breaker though. So would Dragonewts en-mass use shields or stay with the offhand options?
  15. Estarriol


    Hi David, that helps greatly for playing them, I was hoping for artwork as well (I am part of www.rapierminiatures.co.uk and we have a Glorantha licence, with special emphasis on Prax).
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