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  1. I've got Boyle's book and while it may perhaps have been a good Gloranthan novel it doesn't survive the attempt to port it into the actual late bronze age where there was not for instance a continents-spanning empire worshipping a living goddess that conquered the Hittites (Sartar) or trolls and elves wandering about Anatolia.
  2. 'Harsaltar the Terrible, the son of the Prince, met the Red Emperor in single combat and gave him a fatal wound. That could have won the day except that the dying Red Emperor slid past his defenses and forced the boy to break a geas which killed him'. So having taken the 100 raise characteristic +1 gifts he needed to buff up from 8 year old boy to Humakti superman did breaking the geas just reduce him back to a puny child when they are all instantly removed?
  3. Also less than happy with the binary opposed rune ratings and their so strongly driving personality traits. Back in the day we used to joke about one-dimensional characters (remember Onslaught the Humakti?), but the system now seems designed to produce such characters. It may perfectly represent Glorantha for my and every other 99% Death rune Sword of Humakt to be a relentless, ruthless, ascetic killing machine but I guess am not sure that works for me.
  4. But if condition runes have no role in game mechanics then why does the mastery, magic, infinity and law rune make it into the book? This seems to me to be a case of rules driving lore rather than lore driving rules - which seems retrograde given that RQG is supposed to re-integrate Glorantha back into the rules. But as the man said YGWV.
  5. The Communication rune has been part of Glorantha since Cults of Prax and is still to be found in the Gloranthan Sourcebook (fully written up as a condition rune), the Guide and various other still-canonical sources. And yet in RQG it is gone - other than as depicted in pictures of Issaries and Issaries cultists. Is this deliberate or an oversight?
  6. Truly the last of our Great Old Ones and my heart goes out to all his family and friends. It is nearly 40 years - pretty much my whole adult life - since my teenage self picked up the boxed set of Runequest 2 in the original and then only Games Workshop in London and since then Greg's worlds and games have given me countless hours of enjoyment. And some of my warmest memories of gaming are Greg's talks and seminars at conventions going back 25 years or so and I only wish I'd been able to attend more of those Convulsions and Tentacles and Krakens. And thanks to RuneQuest Gloran
  7. Dragging out Tarsh in Flames I find Notes on the History of Tarsh and a map which being by Greg himself surely counts as 'canon' - and I see there is in fact a Danger Line which is roughly where the Guide map puts it and a Deathline where the Sourcebook and King of Sartar put it. We're also told by Greg that the valley of the Black Eel was devastated by the Trio Weave - three dragons that killed most of the population and then flew east towards the mountains and directly over where Ever New Glory would have been if it had existed in 1120 - and that the human survivors of the Trio Weave at
  8. Looking closely at the maps in the Guide it appears to me that both Ever New Glory and Goldedge are located beyond the Deathline (it is difficult to be precise as I believe the only depiction of the Deathline in the Guide is the Genertela map on page 140 - but you can zoom right in). However the zero, first and second wane maps in the Sourcebook and the Tarsh Map in revised King of Sartar both show the death-line some miles to the south and east of where it is in the Guide c.1220 map - so Ever New Glory would be outside it. So which is correct? - or is there a sort of forbidden but n
  9. The Long Way Home by Moonboat from Pavis could also be a great campaign idea...
  10. Back on the marines in the Roman empire there was an actual 'marine' legion - but then they had a lot of sea to police - which the Lunars really don't - in fact I'd say the Corflu to Karse expeditionary force would have just involved hiring any vaguely seaworthy vessel that came into port and packing troops aboard them rather than the Lunars building actual warships. As for your Lunars stranding them at Corflu with just a regular ship raises the question of where can they go? - not just Sartar and Prax but the whole Holy Country is in revolt so the only way back to the empire by sea woul
  11. Pretty much where I got to before I lost all my files was I had developed a magic system loosely based on the 4th edition Pendragon rules. IIRC I ditched the sleep owed mechanic and rather than fill the charsheet with separate skills for each spell, the success roll for any spell known was Insight divided by the spell cost (with U spells costing 10 points, G 15 and T 20 per level - so a 1000 Insight sorcerer casting a G10 spell needed to roll 7 or less, the same sorcerer casting a T10 had to roll 5 but any U spell would be cast with no chance of failure). Learning spells was a 'wint
  12. Yes please! Also did some work on a Pendragon system for Tekumel but lost it all on a hard disk crash and never had the heart to redo it all...
  13. A while back someone on rpgnet said they were working on an update to Sandy Petersen's old RQ3-era rules for Tekumel to BRP and would publish them here. Wonder if anyone's heard anything more of this as I am in the process of starting something similar myself - combining the few bits of Swords and Glory/Gardasiyal that work for me (primarily the background chargen and the wonderfully evocative spell lists) with BRP mechanics.
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