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  1. If the Sanctify effects it in any way in your game.
  2. I know what it says, I want to know how people play it in their version of RQG.
  3. They wanted to lower their POW for better POW gain rolls and had not temples near by to sacrifice for rune magic.
  4. I think we are all familiar with this common spell, but what I would like to know if any one has additional or special rules for it? For example, we play that enemy cults cannot ask for Divine Intervention in a Sanctified area. And, since it is an enchantment, it can not be Dispelled, but we allow it to be taken down by another Sanctified spell if the Caster overcomes the amount of magic points sacrificed in the Sanctified area during the last Worship ceremony with his POW. In this case we allow this spell case to be cast as a Instant instead of Enchant.
  5. Use a similar thing in RQ, especially on a HeroQuest. You can defeat an encounter with a Weapon or Dance or an Orate. It just have to make sense.
  6. Borrowed this mechanic from another system. Have one person roll and the rest aid with a successful check. Each successful Aid gives +10% to the primary rollers skill. Works well for Scans and Searches, even Communication skill checks. In cases like Sneaking or Lores aiding may not be possible.
  7. As I have said in other threads, my beef with it is Free INT concept primarily. RQG version is more interesting and fits Glorantha better overall, but some of the mechanics .... well, don't get me started.
  8. Two things to get rid/change from RQ3 are Fatigue and Sorcery (RQG sorcery is slightly better IMO, but not by much)
  9. If you and your players have played with this system, its a good choice. I went with the rune pools, but discarded the holiday system of regaining points. Use 1 day of praying to regain 1 point. Makes a good balance, at leas tit does for us. Stick with one or the other. I use a simple 1 = 10 conversion Yeap, also kept spirit spells lasting 5 minutes instead of 2 as per RQG
  10. I would not disagree that in some places that certainly exists, but to me that seems like a plantation model of slavery which can only exist in cases where a particular high demand commodity, requiring a large labor pool, is present. In our history that would be sugar, cotton, tobacco or drugs. All of these require a whole sale demand in quantity which point to large scale commercial centers, that is cities (basic blocks of civilization). Once we start talking cities, we start talking bureaucracy, civil servant slaves. A pyramidal structure with Jann at the top.
  11. Although possible, I would argue against that. The Fonritans threw off the shackles of freedom imposed on them by the Malkioni and would be loath to maintain such an outdated concepts as casts (Yes, I know they divide their society by slave strata). IMO, sorcery for the Fonritans is another building block of civilization, like slavery. It is more than likely integrated into the civic/bureaucratic structure as opposed to religious one.
  12. Just change that to True Mace
  13. I just allow check and training to be done weekly.
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