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  1. Basically what I am getting from this is a Gloranthan NO (which as we come to understand covers 80% of the cases). I would say the intent and action (raising the child and performing the rituals) would count for a lot. Thank you everyone. This was informative.
  2. Ok, what about if one finds a (magical) egg and hatches it by donating Magic Points and POW?
  3. Requirements for Ernalda priestess: Rune Priestess Standard, plus a candidate must have given birth to a healthy child. What is if the candidate in question belongs to a species which does not give birth as a human? Is it possible to become a priestess if for example one lays eggs?
  4. How about Shapechange Troll to Carrot? Can they then kill it and eat it?
  5. Glorantha has multiple types of life forms animal, plant based, fungal, stone, fish, spirit, undead (anti-life). What makes plant based life different for CAs from fish or animal? Are they allowed to eat fungus? It seems the standard is arbitrary and only makes sense form Real Life point of view. That is why I was saying that the defining factor should be intelligence.
  6. Sure, but that is specific case due to the hate between Mostali and the Aldryami. There are myths for that.
  7. Its more than just elves, there are other intelligent plant and fungus life forms in Glorantha, and what about animated lifeforms, and Mostali? "Vegetarianism" just does not fit in a fantasy type setting, including Glorantha, especially as a dietary restriction.
  8. Fine, since you are basing the structure on myth what is the myth which allows CA to kill/eat plants?
  9. And I am saying that there is no reason that CA are specifically allowed to kill (even with Food Song) plant based life and are not allowed to kill insects, fish, reptiles, or mammals. Sentience should be the determining factor with all life.
  10. Sentience was not a defining factor in your statement (it is in mine) and why are we limiting ourselves to humans? What prevents a Chalana Arroy Troll or an Elf? When talking plants then sap is equal to blood. Life is life in a fantasy setting. There is no difference between a mammal and vegetable both generate spirits for example. Real life vegetarianism should apply.
  11. Nonsense. You are saying that killing an elf is ok, but a rabbit is not?
  12. Money equals power in these games. Give them what you think the should have. If you give too little, then up it next time, if you give too much, then give less. Only you know what is the right amount for your game.
  13. Since everyone is chiming in here is my 2 cents worth: 1. CA can kill Chaos and Undead even if they are intelligent. 2. Anyone (not Chaos or Undead) are under CA's protection if they have been incapacitated by the CA (such as wit a Befuddle or Sleep spell) 3. CA is allowed to hunt for food. 4. There are restrictions on the spells CA is allowed to learn and other, friendly cults would not teach them to the CA even if asked. 5. CA would not be taught weapon skills, same as #4, but can be taught Shield skill. If they use it to attack, the consequences are on their heads. 6. Only Chaos, Undead, and possibly ZZ worshippers would attack a CA as the consequences are drastic on them and their communities.
  14. I think she can, but she will never advance beyond an Initiate in Ernalda and may not be able to advance above God Talker in BG.
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