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  1. I am "cruchy" kind of guy when it comes RPG rules. That is why I still play with mostly RQ3 rules with RQG and RQ2 stuff added in.
  2. Ok, following this line of reasoning, Ragnaglar was thrown in as an attempt to temper him to such desires to make him a champion perhaps even one they could control, but his corruption either made him fail the test, or hyper succeed (depending on whom you choose to believe) and lead to the well known consequences.
  3. I was wondering what they were, not play them out. Ok, so why did "they hope" that the demons would drive him mad? It seems that he was not being punished as the rape of Thed occurred later, afterwards?
  4. Well, as I said before SHE severed HER ties to Chaos. I doubt things will go that far, or even that way.
  5. Will leave it up to the character and see which way they want to go. Now where can I find some material on "the events that led Ragnaglar to become mad" ?
  6. Interesting. I will let that character make their Death rune check. If they succeed than they are Humakt, but if they fail then Ragnaglar it is.
  7. Ok, here is a little wrinkle to the thing, one of the group is a Broo who is a Humakti and had severed her association to Chaos. Since they are in the Hero Plane and time, as I understand it, does not apply, there should not be a specially hostile reaction to that character. Is that correct? Or am I wrong?
  8. Hmm, excellent stuff. I guess I can let them choose in what activities they wish to participate. Now, how do they leave?
  9. I am envisioning it as Valhalla. That seems a pretty similar concept.
  10. In my game, the party is fleeing some undead and stumble upon a Godlearner construct (a series of small hills laid out as an air ruin) which was used by those same Godlearners to access Orlanth's Hall on the Hero Plane and steal and gain abilities and items. The players will have an opportunity to use it as well. I am looking to set up some interesting scenes for the game. One will definitely include a possibility of catching some Godlearners in the act (since time does not exist on the Hero Plane) and interfere with their actions. Would like to get some other ideas of what is happening i
  11. To determine if POW increases, add the adventurer’s maximum rollable POW not including any Rune characteristic modifier (i.e., 18 for humans) plus the minimum rolled POW (3 for humans).. Humans roll 3d6 so its 21 Baboons roll 2d6+6 so its 26
  12. I think you should make it a lot more than that. It seems that. All qualities do not appear to be worth the same. Each point of Effective should be worth at least as much as a same value as Bladesharp spell. Other game systems increase the price for similar affects by as much as 100 times the base price for a weapon and about 10 times for a common item.
  13. How would you advise adding your Rune spells to existing cults and/or characters? For example I would love one of my Player Character who is an Issaries to have access to Communicate with Strangers or possibly one of the other spells under Trader category, do I just add these spells to the the cults Special spells? Should setup a Rune category (similar to that of Common Divine) and give access to cults with those specific Runes?
  14. Max rolled + Min rolled. 2D6+6 Pow has a “Pow species max” of 26 Yeah, elves rock as well.
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