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    A fan of Chaosium since my high school days, when I got started with Stormbringer and Hawkmoon. I came to love RuneQuest in college, then Pendragon. I created the Chaosium Digest, an online fanzine and ran it starting in 1989, then I worked for Chaosium from 1996-1998. I've written for numerous Gloranthan fanzines and have also produced books for Call of Cthulhu, Pendragon, and Nephilim.
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    Author, tech writer, gamer
  1. Got an early start on my play tonight.
  2. Greg was one of the greats in the roleplaying community. His Glorantha is a wholly innovative fantasy setting, unlike anything else in the gaming community: a world of myths and legends that has depth far beyond the surface of its modern-day. But Greg was more than that because he saw and embraced the creative vision in others as well. He worked with creators such as Steve Perrin and Robin Laws to design game systems for his magnificent world and he also helped to bring to life other totally disparate settings, such as Ken St. Andre's Stormbringer and Sandy Petersen's Call of Cthulhu. To be ab
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