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  1. I look forward to it! The more material available, the better. I'll bet the KAP community can produce some amazing stuff.
  2. Will KAP be getting a community content resource like the just-announced Jonstown Compendium for Runequest? I'd love to see fan-published adventures and play aids for the game. What would be a good name for it? The Scriptorium, perhaps? If one exists already that I missed, please point it out so I can hang my head in shame... 😄
  3. Seconded! That cover looks like a lost N.C. Wyeth painting. I'm so glad you can get it from the RedBubble store now.
  4. I collected the physical books over the last two years. I feel lucky to have done so now.
  5. Cubicle 7 is ceasing publication of The One Ring. From Cubicle 7 Games: UNEXPECTED TOR2 UPDATE This is a real shame. TOR has a number of Pendragon-inspired game mechanics, and is one of my favourite games. A second edition was forthcoming, and looked great from the previews. At least I have all the first ed stuff to enjoy...
  6. I like The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England by the historian Ian Mortimer. It's a social history of England in the fourteenth century. Very well-written and accessible. With all the glorious medieval anachronisms in Arthur as presented in the game, I'd say it's relevant.
  7. I would be interested in helping out with the project. I like the kind of detail-orientated work that seems to be involved. DM me if you want assistance.
  8. Good news all around! I'm glad that the backers got a concrete update. And it sounds like the rest of us will be able to buy the books someday.
  9. Wise old Sir Gregor de Stafford belongs in all Pendragon campaigns played from this day forward.
  10. Glad to assist! As I said, the scenario is excellent and the design of the document is beautiful. I love medieval illuminations.
  11. Page 13, left column, 1st paragraph under The Terrible Feast: "If Pig Boy is captured the knights are still present...". Looks like it should read "If Pig Boy is captured and the knights are still present..." I've gone through the whole adventure now. That's all I was able to spot.
  12. On page 10, there is a layout note at the end of the red text: "(Note that I pulled this from the main body text.)" The full block of red text is still in the main body, appearing as the third paragraph in the right column.
  13. Page 9, right column, third paragraph (under Pursue the King) : "Once inside the keep, should the knights reach it, arethey find the king...". Should just be they.
  14. Page 9, right column, second paragraph (under the heading Remain) : "After the time required to armor up, more knights the kingwill appears, including the king (if still alive)...". Looks like it should say "After the time required to armor up, more knights appear, including the king (if still alive)..."
  15. Page 7, last paragraph in the left column: "...double that number ofthirty warriors in the castle...". Given the context, I assume that should be of without the thirty.
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