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  1. I would be interested in helping out with the project. I like the kind of detail-orientated work that seems to be involved. DM me if you want assistance.
  2. Good news all around! I'm glad that the backers got a concrete update. And it sounds like the rest of us will be able to buy the books someday.
  3. Wise old Sir Gregor de Stafford belongs in all Pendragon campaigns played from this day forward.
  4. Glad to assist! As I said, the scenario is excellent and the design of the document is beautiful. I love medieval illuminations.
  5. Page 13, left column, 1st paragraph under The Terrible Feast: "If Pig Boy is captured the knights are still present...". Looks like it should read "If Pig Boy is captured and the knights are still present..." I've gone through the whole adventure now. That's all I was able to spot.
  6. On page 10, there is a layout note at the end of the red text: "(Note that I pulled this from the main body text.)" The full block of red text is still in the main body, appearing as the third paragraph in the right column.
  7. Page 9, right column, third paragraph (under Pursue the King) : "Once inside the keep, should the knights reach it, arethey find the king...". Should just be they.
  8. Page 9, right column, second paragraph (under the heading Remain) : "After the time required to armor up, more knights the kingwill appears, including the king (if still alive)...". Looks like it should say "After the time required to armor up, more knights appear, including the king (if still alive)..."
  9. Page 7, last paragraph in the left column: "...double that number ofthirty warriors in the castle...". Given the context, I assume that should be of without the thirty.
  10. I'm reading the adventure now. It's excellent, of course, and I'm loving the layout and design. I do want to report a typo. Page 2, paragraph 3: "Sir Gregor then urges the knights to sear to the Quest." Should be swear, I assume. If I find any others I'll post them here.
  11. I was looking at the Kickstarter page for "Le Morte d’Arthur and The Arthurian Concordance", a project created by the late Stewart Wieck. Part of the pitch indicates that this will be the beginning of a larger project called "The Arthurian Library". Fulfillment has been understandably delayed by Stewart's passing. Interestingly, recent updates say that the whole Arthurian Library project has been moved to Chaosium. The last update includes this: "The delay is being caused because Chaosium and Nocturnal Media are reworking the layout, final presentation and approach to the books in order to better have them support, compliment, and exist in the long term alongside King Arthur Pendragon." Does this mean that The Arthurian Library will be like the old Pendragon Fiction line? I sure hope so...
  12. As the person who was asking for this (specifically the 1st edition cover) last spring, let me say thank you! Now to decide between a poster and a canvas print...
  13. Right there with you! Put me down for prints and an art book!
  14. Thanks for letting me know. It's a shame, though. I'd buy a print in a heartbeat.
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