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  1. I have no server space to offer, but I am really looking forward to your annotations. I recently bought the first three Fantagraphics hardcovers. I just wish they would bring their Definitive Prince Valiant Companion back into print! Please let us know when you are able to get your rewritten annotations online.
  2. Harlem Unbound just got a stellar review over on rpg.net.
  3. This may be heretical, but I'd go for the standard cover in both instances. The art is so nice!
  4. How do your Cornish fighting arts stack up against LLAP-Goch?
  5. The most Lovecraftian thing he's written IMHO is The Mist. The movie is good too.
  6. Thank you! Though strictly speaking I'm getting back to it. I own the 4th edition (it's in a box somewhere...), and got a chance to play briefly about 30 years ago. For all I remember about it, I might as well be a total newbie! My grandfather introduced me to Lovecraft's work almost 40 years ago. He read some of the later stories as they came out in Weird Tales, and owned a number of Arkham House books before I was born. He was always into the coolest stuff! I have him to thank for my taste in books.
  7. I haven't picked up the Keeper's Rulebook yet (still going through the Starter set), but does the preview available on DriveThruRPG reflect the latest rules version? If so, I found an erratum: Page 16, right column: In the last (Garrie) Keeper paragraph, it says "...the windows are barred with iron gratings...". This is correct. But in the last paragraph, it says "Do the grills on the windows unlock and swing back?" This should probably also be gratings. If not, it should be spelled "grilles".
  8. If I order the books directly from Chaosium, will I be getting the latest printing?
  9. Miss Fisher's Mythos Mysteries? Sorry, couldn't resist. Love your work, by the way!
  10. Here's a budget dining suggestion from HPL himself: "Incidentally—not many doors away, on the other side of Willoughby St., I found a restaurant which specialises in home-baked beans. It was closed on Sunday, but I shall try it some time soon. Beans, fifteen cents, with pork, twenty cents. With Frankfort sausages, twenty-five cents. Yes—here is a place which will repay investigation!” (to Mrs. F.C. Clark, 20 May 1925)
  11. I look forward to it! The more material available, the better. I'll bet the KAP community can produce some amazing stuff.
  12. Will KAP be getting a community content resource like the just-announced Jonstown Compendium for Runequest? I'd love to see fan-published adventures and play aids for the game. What would be a good name for it? The Scriptorium, perhaps? If one exists already that I missed, please point it out so I can hang my head in shame... 😄
  13. Seconded! That cover looks like a lost N.C. Wyeth painting. I'm so glad you can get it from the RedBubble store now.
  14. I collected the physical books over the last two years. I feel lucky to have done so now.
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