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    Not playing anything right now. My dream is to run the GPC.
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  1. Any chance at a sourcebook for Faerie? You could even call it "Castle of Bones" after the one that didn't get published back in the day.
  2. I think I would go with that. Me support for it comes from that cornerstone medieval English text, uh, Star Trek. Seriously, I like how they call all officers "Sir". To be fair, I would discuss the issue with players first and probably go with what they preferred.
  3. Suppose a player wanted to play a line of exclusively female knights. How would that work in the early periods? Perhaps they could pass as men. Then at the right period, Sir John could reveal herself to have been Sir Joan all along?
  4. I'm really happy about women knights being a central part of the rules. Almost all of the groups I've played in have included women, so it's important to me that games be inclusive. Also, there is no one true Arthurian story. Why not a variant with women knights? Now I am inspired to shake off my pandemic stasis, get out there and find a group. After it's safe again, of course. Edited to say that the art is really good!
  5. Robin Hood with Pendragon rules? I'll take a double helping of that, please!
  6. The reviews on The Green Knight have been excellent, and now I know that it has a lot of applicability to the game. Thanks for this. I want to see it in theatre, but I'm still a bit COVID-shy.
  7. Thank you very much for this David! It's fascinating to glimpse the early origins of one of the greatest role-playing games of all time. One can really see Pendragon being born in that marginalia. I look forward to future entries in the design journal. I will be following it like my favourite show.
  8. There's a Mythos story waiting to be written about all this, I'm sure.
  9. I have no server space to offer, but I am really looking forward to your annotations. I recently bought the first three Fantagraphics hardcovers. I just wish they would bring their Definitive Prince Valiant Companion back into print! Please let us know when you are able to get your rewritten annotations online.
  10. Harlem Unbound just got a stellar review over on rpg.net.
  11. This may be heretical, but I'd go for the standard cover in both instances. The art is so nice!
  12. How do your Cornish fighting arts stack up against LLAP-Goch?
  13. The most Lovecraftian thing he's written IMHO is The Mist. The movie is good too.
  14. Thank you! Though strictly speaking I'm getting back to it. I own the 4th edition (it's in a box somewhere...), and got a chance to play briefly about 30 years ago. For all I remember about it, I might as well be a total newbie! My grandfather introduced me to Lovecraft's work almost 40 years ago. He read some of the later stories as they came out in Weird Tales, and owned a number of Arkham House books before I was born. He was always into the coolest stuff! I have him to thank for my taste in books.
  15. I haven't picked up the Keeper's Rulebook yet (still going through the Starter set), but does the preview available on DriveThruRPG reflect the latest rules version? If so, I found an erratum: Page 16, right column: In the last (Garrie) Keeper paragraph, it says "...the windows are barred with iron gratings...". This is correct. But in the last paragraph, it says "Do the grills on the windows unlock and swing back?" This should probably also be gratings. If not, it should be spelled "grilles".
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