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    Roleplayer since 1981, starting with the Moldvay Basic Set. Encountered KAP in '85 AND CoC in' 89.
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    Not playing anything right now. My dream is to run the GPC.
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    Long time gamer and noted local eccentric.
  1. Right there with you! Put me down for prints and an art book!
  2. Thanks for letting me know. It's a shame, though. I'd buy a print in a heartbeat.
  3. That's probably what I read. Anyway, it remains my dream to have the art as a nice framable print.
  4. I actually emailed Jody Lee through her website about this, but never received a reply. The last update to the announcement section of her site lists an upcoming appearance in 2012, so she might not be using it much any more...
  5. It always reminds me of the NC Wyeth's Arthurian art (here's an example). Very much the noble, idealized Arthur.
  6. I first encountered KAP in 1985 when a friend bought the boxed set. I've always loved the cover art from that first edition. I read somewhere that the original art (or possibly the colour separations) turned up. Is there any chance of Chaosium offering a print for sale? I recall that CoC art prints were available back in the day. I had the one featuring a ghoul sitting on a headstone, to my parents' consternation.
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