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    Being interested and playiing a lot of Rpgs since 1990....in no particular order (mixing old and new stuff): Tunnels & Trolls, D&D (mainly red box, AD&D 32 and 3.5), Conan (d20, 2d20), Pendragon (5th ed.), Vampire, Cyberpunk 2020, Ars Magica, L5R, CallOfCthulhu, One Ring, Eclipse Phase (1st ed.), Shadowrun (2nd and 3rd edition), Blood&Honor (by JohnWick), etc...and many many others I do not remember!
    I've been helping Riotminds with very, very small contributions to the amazing Trudvang Chronicles and Lex Occultum.
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    I'm an Italian Archaeologist with field experiences in Italy (off course!), Libya and Cyprus.

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  1. I hope the revised text of Knights &Ladies will have something (maybe an appendix with clear indications?) to help coordinate character creation of this book with the system in Book of Sires.
  2. Nothing specific....just curiosity and hunger for more KAP stuff! By the way I tried most of things your said there, but nothing works. I kind of remember to have unzipped it from some odd format, when I downloaded it, ages ago, but never was able to open it. Furthermore, I've also lost the original zipped formats. So, I guess, I'll never be able to open these things. Amen!
  3. I did that...but it did not work. Possibly something got wrong after so many times that I copied things on different hard disks. thanks you, I got it. I would really like to help, since I really feel that an Atlas/Gazetteer is what KAP needs now more than anything else. Unfortunately I'm not sure I got time in this time period! (and i'm also sire that there are people way mor expert than me on the matter, lurking in these forums!).
  4. From what I remember it was more a real Atlas than a collection of maps (and that's frankly what actually would need now). From the preview page I can see a list of names....but unfortunately I cannot open index/metadata/data folders with .iwa files (I use a PC, not a Mac). I clearly remember Greg to have said that it was an unfinished work. But I do not know if I have all the files that he put on that website....by the way, I cannot read what I have. A pdf or a .iwa/.pages converted to pdf by somebody who can do it would be great!
  5. I remember dowloading some preliminary, unfinished parts of the Pendragon Atlas from Greg Stafford's website, some years ago. Unfortunately I could not open the file since they were in a format good for Mac, not PC. I remember that I somehow managed to unzip them, but could not open the file. In the meanwhile I maybe lost parts of these files. Since I could not find the website anymore...does anybody know if and where these files can be found?
  6. OK, not strictly an error...but I rolled a PC's past in Acquitaine and he happened to be Roman (there are so many Roman cities there in that table). However, once you start rolling the year events, you notice the amount of battles that Acquitanians do against the Romans. At the end of the day I guess those tables cannot predict every bend in the story and some GM/player interpretation is required (in my case I ruled out that local Roman/Romanized are somehow obedient to the Acquitanian Kings, as their equivalent in Britannia do with Cymric kings, even in wars against other Romans). Furthermore this book is sometimes difficult to combine with BoK&L, especially in terms of how it fits with father origin and starting wealth in BoK&L. But again, I guess that trying to make the two things working perfectly together would have been complicated and (again), some degree of GM/Player interpretation and creativity is required.
  7. I just realized that this implies the d20 glory mentioned on page 7 ("Glory gained prior to 439"). However, the "Yearly events" reference is still wrong, since you do not roll for them.
  8. Other two things on page 6 - the character should be born on 464 (as per normal story in Core rules) not in 463 (they must be 21 on AD 485). - the father should be born on 439, not 438 (he must be 21 on AD 460). EDIT: I just noticed that the book says that one turns 21 at the end of the previous year, so everything should be OK....or at least I hope to have got it!
  9. p.6 "435: Grandfather marries and starts gaining yealy events" In reality he just marries on that year...yearly events starts only in 439!
  10. Another "Ethnic/Religious" oddity. Page 49 seems to suggest that in Brittany there should be more Cymric RC than among the Cymric in Britain. However, table 1.9 on page 13 suggest that all the Cymric are BC (while only Romans are RC). Is it a typo? Or maybe it should be changed with something like: "C/BC or RC" ???
  11. Page 11, Cambria table. The inhabitants of Cheshire are defined as Cymric Pagan....However, this conflicts with Book of the Knights & Ladies page 22, where people from Cheshire should be British Christian. Right or wrong? I know "Cheshire" has roman roots in its name and the area is known for the "City of Legions". Maybe giving Roman Christian religions or Roman ethnics is too much....but Pagan Cymrics seems to be an exageration on the other side of the spectrum! What's the correct religion?
  12. Old names, new names, old names again... We really needs a Pendrgon Atlas with Gazetteer and maps....especially for those of us who are not very expert with British local geography!!
  13. OK, it's been a while....what's the status of this book's pdf? Does it include all the errata? I bought it from Drivethroughrpg (before Chaosium took back Pendragon) but the file there is still updated to "5th February 2019". I like to print my PDFs....but I also prefer to print them if they have not too many errors. So...what's the status of the pdf there? Is it OK to print?
  14. OK OK...but I guess this will be a game inspired by Greek epic literature, which means that, even if many potential buyers are ignorant about the subject, this will not justify the authors to use a very specific word in a very wrong way. I'm not going to say that these games can give you an education on classical matters, or that only educated people should play this game ... but purposively feeding badly-used words would diminish the value of such a game to a huge chunk of other potential buyers. And let be frank: this is not Dungeons & Dragons. The percentage of potential buyers who also had some kind of "Homeric" knowledge (or at least some basic notions) will be much higher than in most popular Rpgs. The same is with KAP which is a game based on medieval literature, but not all KAP players and GMs have read Mallory or Geoffrey of Monmouth....but the author did it! Nevertheless, using Mallory's words in a wrong way would certainly not be a good service for such an excellent game.
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