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    Being interested and playiing a lot of Rpgs since 1990....in no particular order (mixing old and new stuff): Tunnels & Trolls, D&D (mainly red box, AD&D 32 and 3.5), Conan (d20, 2d20), Pendragon (5th ed.), Vampire, Cyberpunk 2020, Ars Magica, L5R, CallOfCthulhu, One Ring, Eclipse Phase (1st ed.), Shadowrun (2nd and 3rd edition), Blood&Honor (by JohnWick), etc...and many many others I do not remember!
    I've been helping Riotminds with very, very small contributions to the amazing Trudvang Chronicles and Lex Occultum.
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    Vacri - CH, ITALY
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    I'm an Italian Archaeologist with field experiences in Italy (off course!), Libya and Cyprus.

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  1. OK! It seems like the whole situation is messy enough in terms of published events that I can change what I dislike as much as I want without conflicting with anything in the GPC (at least with this version of the GPC....only God know what the future 4-volumes GPC will tell about it). I just hope next KAP edition will have some form of better Gazeteer or Atlas for each time-period (maybe one per each of the 4 GPC volumes).
  2. @Morien thanks a lot for the information. That's some good material for being inspired to create a story.
  3. As per title, does anybody knows what happens to the "Marche" after the Uther period? Do we have any published names for Heirs and/or Sons of the Duke?
  4. Listen, I'll stop using whatever word you feel it's offensive but, please, I never accused anybody of "moaning" and "whining" only because they have different opinions.
  5. If the word "she-knight" is insulting I beg your pardon. I'll stop using it. As a non-native English speaker (and maybe also as a non-English/non-American, living in a different context, where these issues are felt in a way more relaxed way) I did not realize the amount of sexist offense that word implies for you. From now onwards I'll call them "female knights" but, frankly, I do not feel I'll speak again about it soon,, since tones here have been over-exagerated on that topic. It is not really worth discussing it anymore. On the other hand, if you really think that my different opinion was just "moaning", please, check the number and length of my posts above. I was the first person raising the problem, but I just stopped replying when I've seen there was no point in speaking about it. I just accepted that my opinion on the matter will not change anything for anybody in Chaosium. And now again: I'm eager to see KAP 6, I'll just ignore what I dislike and enjoy the rest.
  6. That would be awesome. I agree with so many of Atgxtg's arguments on female knights, but I also accept as a matter of fact that my opinion will not change that part of KAP 6. And KAP6, from the few other details thus far revealed, really seem to be an interesting book to have (I'll just keep on ignoring those odd she-knights at my table). Therefore, let try to focus on other details! And, in that sense, I really hope that the game will give more opportunities for "traditional" Ladies to be played in canonical female roles, but also having more options than just that Industry skill. In this sense, some new Court/Social mechanics would be really welcome, and not just about ladies, but also about knights. And also, maybe, new systems for so many other details of nobles, ladies & knights' lives (Music? Trobadours? Medieval fashion? Chess and other games? Some decent Falconry rules?).
  7. Thanks a lot! Any news about the Book of Castles?? ( Maybe @sirlarkins ??) I've been waiting for that book since forever!!
  8. It depends on how many female knights NPC we will see in future books and future GPC. Furthermore, if all options are open, it would be nice if KAP6 would also expand on the bad and messy consequences on having common "fighting dames" in your pseudo-medieval Logres (inheritance, childbirth, inherited glory etc...) like Atgxtg was explaining above.
  9. Off course They Should tell people to play KAP as they like with knights of whatever gender or sexual preferences they like. However, if your read above that she-knights will start now to be common in Salisbury. That's definitively a change about the default approach. While, at least for me, the default should be the old Traditional approach which was in Mallory as well as in all the old chivalric literature (knights are men, with some unique, quite special female warriors). And, more than anything else, if we start seeing important NPCs changing gender in the GPC, that could be a problem for those, like me, who want to remain traditional and maybe also buy the new books.
  10. So, the game will present us options.... But it is clear that the default expectations about female knights is changed. One question about the setting: will this change affect also the new, revised multi-volumes GPC and the NPCs there? All the barons and knights in the GPC are obviously male (as they should traditionally be), will you change that? And, furthermore, will we have for example something like starting PKs been trained by some Old Dame She-Knight instead than good old Sir Elad?
  11. People should be free to play as they like, even with a whole female knights group of warrior dames married to calm gentlemen peacefully tending their manors at home... But the genre is what it is, with its strict genderized Male Knights/Female Ladies paradigm. I just fear that the assumed default will be changed.
  12. Listen...I'm old-style, and I feel that female knights are completely contradicting the genre that this game evokes. I feel that 5th edition did a great work explaining the traditional/non-traditional mode. Warrior women should be exceptional individuals, as they are throughout all European chivalric literature ....but I know many people play KAP with male/female knights at a 50/50 rate. And I have not problem with everybody playing as they like at their tables...as far as female knights / warrior dames do not become taken for granted as common in the core rules. That double knight figure makes me fear that from now onwards the "50 male /50 female " rate will be the default assumption. I just hope to be wrong about it. I would rather prefer the Ladies' options to be expanded.
  13. Need time to properly consider this but the Pre-made PCs now have "arming swords", and we got "aketon" counted separated from "Coat of Plates" and "Great Helm"....that's interesting!!! The new Passion Results seem also to make sense. Thanks! I'm less enthustiastic on the she-knight on page 19 ... By the way, I'm eager to learn and read it properly when the book will be published!!
  14. I have done the same thus far, but I kind of like the way it standardize the Vow and not fulfilling it. Maybe I should have a look at it....thanks!
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