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  1. One thing I am going to get a lot of use from even after completing The Children of Fear campaign is the extensive NPC roster in Appendix A. It's nice the have a collection of NPCs in various roles that you have an idea what attributes and skills they might have.
  2. Not really, the book goes as far as to have the detail such as a Mauser Broomhandle C96 it's a nice detail as the China used a .45 C96 as it's service weapon. However it also has the model M1912 pistol mentioned (another nice detail as that version was designed for export to China), yet these models are different calibres (both listed as .45 in the book). Also the .45 Automatic in the Keepers book says 7 bullets in the mag while the Mauser C96 has 10 fed by a stripper clip not a magazine, so not the same gun at all. For the Mauser M1888 are we just to assume the stats of the .22 bolt-actio
  3. Thought people planning to run The Children of Fear would find this resource useful. https://monovisions.com/vintage-peking-china-in-1920s-historic/
  4. Are the weapons statistics listed anywhere? Couldn't seem to find them listed in the Table of Contents or in the Appendix. The weapons have the damage listed with the NPC stats but nothing else.
  5. First off what qualifies? Does it matter if no one is around to see it? Does it apply on every occasion? Say a knight is off questing, comes across a cottage where an old wise women asks him to chop wood for the fire, so that she may make a herbal brew that will cure his Lord who is dying of some illness. Or a knight is travelling on a Saxon longboat and the crew expect him to muck in. Boating is not a non-knightly skill, but would it count as physical labour? In both cases -2 honour feels a little steep to me. If he was seen tending his own fields because the serfs had le
  6. What languages are people from the various regions likely to speak at this time? How much trouble would a Saxon have understanding a Briton, etc?
  7. You might want to try https://www.wargamesfoundry.com/ they have a nice range of Dark Ages, Viking, Saxons and Normans plus Medieval miniatures from Early to Late periods.
  8. You might as well remove Glory while you are at it. I wouldn't call that a pro-tip myself. They have pretty much been the driving force behind most of the conflicts and drama in our game so far. Without them you might as well not be playing Pendragon IMHO. I'm not sure Pendragon needs much streamlining to be honest. It is a pretty straight forward system until you use the battle rules or get into the nitty gritty of running an estate (it these if anything that need streamlining).
  9. What if they were assigned to Prince Madoc say for raiding, but the Earl himself didn't go? Would they swear an oath to Prince Madoc at that point, which would last for the time they were on the military campaign, even though they still vassals for the Earl?
  10. Thanks for all the advice, it seems I was in error to give them the Loyalty in the first place. I suspect I gave it when it was technically as oath of Fealty on a campaign under Uther, would that only last for the duration of the military campaign? It hasn't come up much until recently, and I think Loyalty (Roderick) would have been enough to make them consider informing on Cornwall's escape plans anyway. As he is a vassal of Uther and they would know it would make him look bad if it happened on his knight's night watch. So things would have played out the same anyway. On top of that
  11. I hope so, I like presenting players with difficult decisions. Although I'm not sure how the players feel when Pendragon as a system can take sometimes take certain decisions away from them due to passions, or traits. I kind like when the system forces you into a position you might not really want to be in but, if your the sort of player use to playing Chaotic Good/Neutral in D&D it can be a bit of a paradigm shift, and hard to adjust to.
  12. The PCs are Vassals of Earl Roderick, and have fought in the army of King Uther and Price Madoc on various occasions, but they are vassals of Earl Roderick.He has rewarded them on several occasions, but they have not been given land by him, so not direct vassals. So indirectly via Earl Roderick. So should they not really have any Loyalty to start with? They didn't see the transformation itself but were at Tintagel that night spotted some weird goings on and directly confronted Merlin. The main kicker however was earlier two of the PKs were in the process of courting Handma
  13. My player knights aided the Cornwall court to flee London, then heard King Uther declare Duke Gorlois, a traitor, a thief and murder (killing guards and stealing treasure) when they knew this wasn't true. They then went to Tintagel and witness Merlin's magic pressing him for an explanation as to how Duke Gorlois could be in two places at once. They rightly asked considering the events they had witness, would their Loyalty (Uther) drop, some of them would lose out on Glory as their current Loyal is over 16. If it would (and I think it should) how much do you think it should drop,
  14. Typical knight does 4d6 or 5d6, with the -1d6 for a dagger, that's 3d6 or 4d6. The weaker knight isn't going to get through armour and shield very often, and needs to roll above average to get through just armour against another knight. Seems it would happen a lot, assuming they even succeed, as their dagger skill isn't going to match sword.
  15. Is the best time to move from manor to estate during the anarchy period where you can just make a quick land grab, or offer protection to your neighbour if they basically become part of your holdings? Marrying your son off to a allied neighbour seems a good move as well, if something were to happen to his sons. On the other hand... I'm currently 490 marrying two of my Player Knights off to maidens from Cornwall as Earl Roderick thought it strengthen the relationship with Duke Gorlois... well if they must wait around so long, they will get pushed into a political marriage. Visi
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