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    Been an avid role player for over 15 years. I like to check out lesser known games, but have played in a large variety of different games and genres. Have been both a player and GM. Discovered Pendragon in 2009 and have been an avid fan since. Regular viewer and sometimes poster on the old Nocturnal site.
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    GPC 5.1 (Using Book of Uther and started in 480 AD)
    KAP 3rd Ed
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    Traveller 1977
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    30 years old. When not RPing, I love to explore the wild places of the world. Most of my gaming is done via play-by-post these days to accommodate my busy work schedule (auto sales.)
  1. That is true! I actually had to give the idea some thought before I made the decision. But my knight was not very religious to begin with, and thru role play and roll play, nothing came up to indicate to him what it what exactly he was seeing. (Those who dwell in the Castle of Joy can be very close-lipped ) All my knight knew for sure is that he was in a place that was perceived to be a Christian stronghold, and that his fellow knights (who were Christians,) told him it was a miracle from God. So, I decided to use the momentum to create an interesting story line.
  2. I'm currently playing a pagan knight that has converted to Christianity. (He witnessed the procession of the Grail, and the healing powers the grail had.) All of his stats are still pagan stats, and I role play him as a new convert that is trying his best to understand his new religion. It has created a very interesting story arc. I really think it's all about how your player portrays him.
  3. Thanks Morien. Glad everyone is still around. You guys have always been a great resource to lean on!
  4. It's possible that it is. I'm referencing a hard copy of KAP 5.1. Incidentally, the whole reason I even know about this site is bc I tried to get onto Nocurnal to see if I could find anything about it, and Hzark (who I play in a game with) mentioned this site. I'm having some de sha vu about this, but can't remember what the outcome was. Is it possible to still view anything from the old forum, or is it all gone?
  5. Hey Everyone! Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, as this is my first appearance on this site (was a fairly avid follower on the old Nocturnal forum.) I'm reading the description for Inspirations from Passions, and I notice it says it may be applied to any skill or combat skill. My question is, why not STATS? My thinking is, if a knight can be inspired to greatness beyond his normal skill with a sword, or instrument, horsemanship, ect, why can't the same inspiration help him run faster (DEX) or moved to some great feat of strength? I can see the reasoning behind APP and SIZ, of course, and I suppose you could probably make an argument for CON, but I would also say that inspiration can help a knight dig down deep to keep going if he has to make a CON roll. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? Feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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