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  1. It's already been ruled in our campaign that Indeg had no children with any of her previous husbands (at least none that lived to adulthood,) and that there are no other known heirs around from any of the other marriages that might lay claim to them. Now, he didn't say anything about the other husbands having bastards or children from previous marriages, so if he decides to throw that curve ball somewhere down the road, that's up to him, and I would welcome the challenge, because that's just good role playing. At any rate, my questions really had to do with npc wives being able to give birth past a certain age, and whether or not said wives could die of old age, which I think you all have answered. Thank you!
  2. I likely saw Morien's table on the old forum, so that would explain it. As far as Indeg's lands go, I am aware that they don't belong to my PK, but I was under the impression that they would pass to Indeg's son (my PKs heir,) being a male heir of her body. I believe there is something in either Warlord or Estate that says this. In our game, we have agreed that my knight holds these lands in stewardship until their son comes of age. That said, is there a system in place in the RAW that deals with wives dying of old age, like the player knights?
  3. No, certainly not trying to push a point. As I said, I'm fine with his ruling, if that's what he decides. But one great thing about our game and the GM is that we all discuss the rules, point out discrepancies (which happen from time to time in this game system,) and he makes a final ruling from there. We have not yet discussed this, so please don't think I'm trying to battle my game master bc something is disadvantageous to me after he has already made up his mind. I just thought I had seen some tables somewhere about it, and thought there might be a discrepancy in the rules. I run games too, so I like to know for my own sake when my players ask. I most likely saw it on the old Nocturnal Website. Wasn't aware if it came from or ever made it into one of the new supplements. And to be fair, if women past 40 can't have children (like you know, in real life,) then they should be able to die of old age as well. Especially if there is a system in place for the PKs to do so (i.e aging tables)
  4. Hello All, I am currently playing in a GPC game using the current rule set. My character has managed to marry Lady Indeg of Salisbury. My GM has said that Indeg is past child-bearing age, though through game play, my knight has managed to acquire a magical means of siring a son and daughter on her (twins.) However, the KAP 5.1 rule book says that there is no age limit for being able to have children, but this is not the only game I've played in where a GM has said something similar. Now, I am totally willing to abide by whatever decision my GM makes, but for my own peace of mind, I can't seem to find anything in the rules that contradicts what the 5.1 rule book says. I do, however, remember seeing a table somewhere about birthing tables, and a wife's age. I think it went something like "the older the wife gets, the harder it is for her to get pregnant, and the higher risk she runs of dying in childbirth," but I can't seem to find it again. I'm also not sure if my wife will ever die of old age, allowing my character to marry again and sire children with someone else. I realize 5.1 isn't exactly the most current, and I may be missing something somewhere; I just don't know where. So, my questions are: Is there anything in the supplements or anywhere else that says a wife stops bearing children at a certain age? If so, where? Can a wife die of natural means over time? (i.e. old age?) Is my knight stuck with this otherwise infertile old lady for the rest of the game? Please help!
  5. That is true! I actually had to give the idea some thought before I made the decision. But my knight was not very religious to begin with, and thru role play and roll play, nothing came up to indicate to him what it what exactly he was seeing. (Those who dwell in the Castle of Joy can be very close-lipped ) All my knight knew for sure is that he was in a place that was perceived to be a Christian stronghold, and that his fellow knights (who were Christians,) told him it was a miracle from God. So, I decided to use the momentum to create an interesting story line.
  6. I'm currently playing a pagan knight that has converted to Christianity. (He witnessed the procession of the Grail, and the healing powers the grail had.) All of his stats are still pagan stats, and I role play him as a new convert that is trying his best to understand his new religion. It has created a very interesting story arc. I really think it's all about how your player portrays him.
  7. Thanks Morien. Glad everyone is still around. You guys have always been a great resource to lean on!
  8. It's possible that it is. I'm referencing a hard copy of KAP 5.1. Incidentally, the whole reason I even know about this site is bc I tried to get onto Nocurnal to see if I could find anything about it, and Hzark (who I play in a game with) mentioned this site. I'm having some de sha vu about this, but can't remember what the outcome was. Is it possible to still view anything from the old forum, or is it all gone?
  9. Hey Everyone! Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, as this is my first appearance on this site (was a fairly avid follower on the old Nocturnal forum.) I'm reading the description for Inspirations from Passions, and I notice it says it may be applied to any skill or combat skill. My question is, why not STATS? My thinking is, if a knight can be inspired to greatness beyond his normal skill with a sword, or instrument, horsemanship, ect, why can't the same inspiration help him run faster (DEX) or moved to some great feat of strength? I can see the reasoning behind APP and SIZ, of course, and I suppose you could probably make an argument for CON, but I would also say that inspiration can help a knight dig down deep to keep going if he has to make a CON roll. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? Feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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