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  1. One roll (with modifiers). You fight a different foe each round (to simulate the tides of Battle ^^) Yes. They are still vassals to the count. For the royal court, it's a different matter. They could be escorting the count if he is there, and you are inclined to. If they are low-rankings knights, they will not be in the spotlight, but they can still hear rumors, interract with some people, etc. As a GM, you don't have to play each court. If you feel there is not much to do, you can gloss over easily.
  2. Your maps are gorgeous ^^ I love it! They are very close to the map in poster I had with the third (french) edition. A very few nitpicks: - Roestoc is Elmete, not Lambor. In fact, you should probably stick with the mythical kingdom of Roestoc, and forgot the historical Elmete (That's what I do actually) - What is this mysterious kingdom of Trane in Sugales/Powys? I am intrigued... ^^
  3. In all sources I know of, many kings are sworn to king Arthur. So, he is already, de facto, a king of kings. Calling him High King is just a way to formalize that.
  4. First, I read your 550 year, and it was fantastic ^^ I really love it. Your map is beautiful as well, even if it is a bit different from the official one in Blood & Lust? The Grail Quest is tough. My thoughts of the best way to handle it in your campaign: Read the Grail Quest in Malory. Know that your players won't probably succeed. They are probably not worthy enough, and it's ok. However, one of your PK, Aston, could make it with enough dedication. So... Throw the Grail Quest at your players, then make them suffer. They won't succeed at much, they will lose (Hor
  5. Oh yeah. For the tournament phase, there are many great scenarios published . But for the Grail Quest however ...😢
  6. Honestly, I'm hungry for more "crunch" about Grail Quest and Twilight. Others books look fine, but I NEED this one.
  7. Good questions. Logically, they should reroll (loyalty is a personal connection). In game, I would let them the choice, as Morien said (^^). The savvy regent should invite all of the vassals to swear allegeance as soon as possible to the young count and to herself (if the regent is the countess). But your loyalty is for Robert, not countess Ellen (she is just the regent). OF course, you could have unruly vassals who claim their loyalty to the count, but not to the Regent.
  8. The old d&d trick ^^ As Morien said. Each figther gains loot according to his status (Player Knight could have a x2 part if they are officers). 1/3 of the total is for the lord. You said it was a crushing victory so, there was from 25% to 50 % of loss (dead, badly wound, prisonners) and the rest fled. The defeated spearmen are worthless. For each defeated knight, it's about 10 £ of loot (it's more if you count everything, but consider some horses were killed or ran away in the battle). 20 knights x 10 x25%(or 50% if you are generous) = 50 £ of loot. The part of the lord is 1/3
  9. To be honest, I never understood this specific question. When you are playing a game about super-heroes, you play a super-hero. When you are playing a game about cops, you are playing... cops. Not criminals. Not civilians. cops. You get my point. KAP is a game about knights during arthurian's times. There is no room for a cunning thief, a bard, a barbarian for the frozen wastes, a wizard and only one knight. It is not a D&D game (happily).
  10. Sure, but I am not sure everyone in this forum understands what you are saying ^^ Yes, Gawaine was trashed by the narrative, in the post-Vulgate, and therefore in Malory. It's my take. My "Gauvain" is a mix between the "sun of chivalry" found in Chrétien de Troyes, very courteous and brave, and the "Gauvain" in the Vulgate. Still a good guy, but overshadowed by Lancelot, the new guy. Gawaine became soon after the second best. So even if Lancelot and him respect each other, Gawaine knows deep done that he is not "THE" best, with a hint of jealousy. His rage against in Lancelot at t
  11. IMHO, there is no adventure per se anymore. You could keep the unused parts of the adventure (the good ones) for other parts of the GPC. If the younger brother have his senses, he would negotiate and bend the knee to keeping his lands. Maybe the countess of Rydychan wants his head, and your players have to negociate. Maybe the brother wants to betray her to avenge his brothers and take the county...
  12. Poor guy. Best romance ever ^^ The tournament was well done, and I love how you managed to portray Aggravain as a vilain. Did you players enjoy their journey into the wastelands, or did it was a missed opportunity? Funny. When I played the Grey Knight, I used the same trick (the intel given by the paramour of a PK)
  13. I don't think an archery tournament is a good idea for knights in KAP. However, if you want rules. 1) 3 unopposed rolls in bow (^^). A success, 1 point, a crit 3 points, a failure 0, and a fumble -1 (did you hit someone?). You must have 3 points at least to go to the finale. 2) Final. 3 opposed rolls against all finalists (as chosen by the GM). If equality occurs, go for an extra round.
  14. No. Not during Uther's reign. Nobles are not commoners. You don't sell your lands. During the Anarchy, everything is possible, but usually, it's cheaper to take the land by force. During the last years of the reign of Arthur (Tournament Era, I believe), it's rare but possible. In the third edition, the cost of a simple manor (ie 10 £ in the modern rules) was 50 £, if I remember correctly.
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