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  1. As stated previously, you can't really expand your estate per se. But you can of course construct new investments to maximise profits. On the other side, the investments are precarious, especially during raids. Saxons just love to burn orchards and to steal herd Yes, of course. But each widow's estate must have neighbours. It can be a special bait in game. In my current campaign, one of my PK realize (to my dismay) that a pretty widow of 25 was a neighbour. This widow was the previous wife of the same player. I didn't realise at the time that the estates were so close, but they were. The player married the same woman twice with two different characters! At least the player remember her name...
  2. I always use the following formula: 1 manor = 500 inhabitants So 1 manor of 6 £ under the old rules? 500 inhabitants 1 manor of 10 £ under the new rules? 500 inhabitants A little estate of 120 £ according to the BoE (new rules)? 12 x 500 = 6000 inhabitants
  3. In the arthurian lore, knights can always travel with their armor in the countryside. It's not realistic, but it's part of the genre. If you prefer a more gritty game, it's up to you.
  4. You misunderstood me. Yes, why not. But if you raid a powerful foe, you should be aware that he can strike back. It's not about smacking down the PK. It's about choices and consequences. During the Anarchy, the Saxons are menacing. The GM should never forget that. If the PK are thinking "it was easy. Saxons are weak.", there is a problem. Nanteleod is supposed to be the last hope. And then he dies...
  5. If you feel it's too gutsy for you taste, don't do it. Send a messenger without any political value, even a prisonner released with a message. But it's a felony and a great breach of hospitality to kill or capture a host or a messenger. It will cost you massive loss of honor and hospitality, and worst, your reputation. After that, no one will trust you or treat with you. But it's possible, of course. It's the Anarchy after all! Why not? It could even work (even if the Saxons don't follow the 1 K/2F rule). After that, they will learn there is a word called reprisal. Saxons are not stupid, and they want to be feared. Personaly, the year after if the raid succeeded, I will sent a large force of Saxons to teach a lesson.
  6. Like in the books.... It was my idea as well
  7. Did any of you use Grail Christianity in your campaigns ? I always feel that it was a confusing concept, very "new age", and not very practical for the game.
  8. Of course! My campaign is currently in 533, and I want to settle Meliagrance/Méléagant as a villain before 538, to initiate their "acquaintance" as you say. I will buff him to be a real menace, just a few years before his greatest accomplishment... The tricky thing will be to keeping him alive, I fear. If he dies anyway, I suppose same faerie prince named Melwas or Meliagaunt could remplace him. That's the richness of the arthurian lore!
  9. It's the big adventure of the Beyond The Wall supplement (3e edition). I like the feel of it, and it will be on the table for the next gaming session. I will probably add a nucklelavee encounter somewhere because I like them so much since Bard's tale ^^ Did any of you play it? Any tips?
  10. Thanks to both of you. I will try to implement some of your ideas...
  11. Not at all. I fear there is a misunderstanding between us. Maybe because of my bad english.😅 The Triple Quest stays in 522-523. The adventure of the Knight with a Lion (aka the Chrétien's novel) can be placed, like jeffjerwin suggested, in 536-538, to stay faithful both to the GPC and Chrétien's work. Marhaus does not appear in the novel, so his death is not a concern.
  12. It's a bit late, of course, but your old campaign sounds very interresting. How dit it turn out?
  13. It seems that great minds think alike 😁 I use the exact same houserule, and it's working fine, to lower the death of mothers to an acceptable rate. Women with good Con have "good hips"...
  14. By the past, I used to roll every joust with the complete rules. It's a burden, and it's very difficult for the PK to win in the long run. The rules for the joust in the GPC work well for me. However, for the Grande Mêlée, my quest for finding the good rules is not over. The rules for battle (Like in the book of battles) do not work well with a mocked battle, even with army of knights. With the rebatted weapons, there are many rolls without any real meaning. In classical Tournaments, the Grande Mêlée is supposed to be the highlight, but in play, it's kind of... tedious? In my game, I hesitate to create a new rule of non-lethal damag efor non-lethal weapons to recreate the feel of a real battle. Have you any tips to make the Grand Melee entertaining?
  15. Yes, the two stories are in the same timeline (they overlap as you said). I tried to ignore that to fit the adventure in the timeline of the GPC. As Yvain is called the Knight with the Lion in 524... And in the third edition, the character sheet of Ywain had a love (wife) 20, which of course indicate that Yvain has met his wife in 531. But, I admit that I love your idea more! It gives something to do for PK during the abudction without Lancelot stealing all the glory. Your forthcoming book sounds very intriguing... I would love to hear more 😁 Sure, but his influence is huge, and like I said, I just love the books
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