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  1. What tools do you use for your online campaign? Which ones are handy?
  2. Greyblade is right. There is no detached map anyway.
  3. It is a bold statement, Morien Lancelot have probably celtic roots. There is the german Lanzelet for example, which is very interesting to study in that regard. All his childhood with the Lady of the Lake sounds very celtic to me, for example. To be honest, many adventures of Lancelot in his first novel have a celtic feeling. However, Lancelot was probably not associated with Arthur before Chrétien de Troyes.
  4. I know it's a matter of cultural pride for Welsh people (and rightly so), but the myth of King Arthur is not exclusively welsh. In fact, most of the canonical sources are written in old french or english (with a few others languages). So there is no such thing as "authenticity" in the arthurian setting. KAP is based mostly on Malory, and the names are a big mash-up beetween all the sources. But in your game, you could take a welsh flavor if you want to. You can call the guy Bedwyr, Bedivere, or Bédoyer. It's the same guy. As Morien said, G. Stafford tried to "desaxonize" the names in some 5.2 supplements, which was an interesting take, but it was very messy. Read the books, look at the maps, look at the Book of the Warlord with its new names. Don't judge at first sight. KAP is a fantastic RPG about King Arthur. If you love the myth, you will love the game. Trust me^^
  5. Was the marriage arranged by the count orthe families? What are the feelings of the bride herself about their union? What is her chaste/honor value? Is she a good wife for the character? Maybe the best way to surprise the player could be to play her like a real woman, with feelings and goals. I would play it at first a bit like a romantic comedy, with trivials events to play the dynamics beetween the two characters.
  6. It's a mess. All the publishing companies and magazines don't exist anymore. I don't know if anyone still owns the intellectual property, but I know that french law is very protective toward the authors. If you want to translate them into english, I think the best is to try to contact directly the author by social medias, and to talk with him. Each one was beautifully illustrated, but it's another issue.
  7. For everyone fluent in french, the best Pendragon Adventures are IMO : Premières Armes (Casus Belli 74). A very good first adventure for squires. I played it 4 times and it was always a success. La Chasse au Blanc Cerf (Casus Belli HS 8). Maybe the best KAP adventure I ever read. It's like an old tale coming to life. I played it 4 times and it was always a success. Fleur de Sang (in some Tatou magazine). An hilarious premise. Every woman in the county suddenly hates her husband (and all the men by the way), including all the wives and paramours of the players. A good adventure, but I never had the chance to play it. Maybe some day. Le roi oublié (with the GM screen). A good adventure about the legendary city of Ys. PS (in french, sorry ) . Je n'ai pas lu Chroniques de Pendragon saison 2, et c'est quasiment introuvable aujourd'hui. Cela va quelque chose? J'avais été un peu déçu de la saison 1. De même, pour les scénarios de l'édition d'Icare, cela vaut le coup de jeter un oeil?
  8. You could do a crossover of course, but it will drastically alter the arthurian setting. I don't think it's wise in an KAP game, but it's a good twist for a Call of Cthulhu game
  9. I watched this movie a long time ago, like 25 years ago... Nostalgia... Memories....
  10. Maybe you can use the squires as messengers, or even as "investigators" (a murder, a taxe issue, whatever) while the war is raging elsewhere. Otherwise, I wrote a little adventure for squires here.
  11. Crossbow is not a knightly weapon. In my game, there would be a honor's loss for using it. It's a dirty weapon for commoners and cowards.
  12. Same. I would love to read them, so please, if you can reprint them, or make a pdf, I would be very happy.
  13. I never used the fey passion myself, but... It could be the fuel of a very interesting story in very specific consequences.
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