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  1. I never played the May babies slaughter in my campaign, for the reasons you mentionned. Arthur looks like some tyrant. But I never had the chance to read the "Suite Merlin". If it is some some kind of shipwreck... very interesting indeed.
  2. I understood it was a joke, but I did not get it. Your explanation is very clear. Thank you. It is true, but Arthur was a king who had kings as vassals. So, I understand how the concept of "high king" was applied to Arthur.
  3. The Anarchy is probably the best choice of the GPC. It's the best way to show Arthur as a savior when he finally comes. The land needs a king. Your alternatives are good, if you want to surprise your players who already know the GPC. For a rerun for example. From my french eyes, Ireland is not a part of Britain. Where is exactly the cultural appropriation, from your irish perspective? Honest question. I just want to understand.
  4. During big battles, it's only useful if your players are going to extended rounds. During skirmishes, for minor foes (robbers, footmen, wolves), a MW is enough to win. For tough opponents (saxons, knights, monsters), I use the complete rules. But of course, as a GM, I use my wits to decide as well. Even a brave knight won't risk his life for some trifle matter, etc. Of course, I don't care if some random NPC lost one attribute point. Except, for big names or personal rivals.
  5. Same. It doesn't work in french. I use "dame" in both cases in french, and it works just fine ^^
  6. It's my houserule, so I can attest it's not game-breaking. I limited the fake inspiration under App to one by social event (feast, whatever), and it works. Love it. I am going to steal it for my game ^^ I am honored. This houserule works. I use a slightly different rule. 10 in App, 50 points freely between all other attributes. Each point invested in App counts double. I was tired of Quasimodo Knights in my game ^^
  7. I tjhink it's the best way to handle the matter. To link the rise of female knights with the rise of Arthur and his progressive ideals.
  8. I like your houserules, except I think you should keep the bonus for the winner, for the competition between players. Maybe with a threshold as I suggested elsewhere? Nice to be noticed ^^ My own houserules can be found here :
  9. As Morien said, don't underestimate the old stuff. Blood & Lust. Good Adventures (for the Romance period mostly). Good advices from Greg Stafford. A Good description of Anglia. A must have. 9/10 Spectre King (3e version, not the Tales of the Spectre Kings). The first edition is the best indeed. Good adventures. A good book. 8/10. Savages Mountains. Good Sourcebook for Cambria with many good adventures. 8/10 Tales of Mystic Tournaments. Good old adventures, the Grey Knight especially. 8/10 Saxons! A good sourcebook about Saxons. Just ignore the rules. 7/10 Tales of Chivalry&Romance. Nice adventures for the Romance era. 7/10 Tales of Magic& Miracles. The less good of all the adventure compendium. Still useful. 6/10 Perilous Forest. I like it a lot, but the half of it is in the GPC now. 6/10 Beyond the Wall. Good Sourcebook, except I don't like their take on Picts. Still useful. 6/10 Pagan Shores. I really want to like it. I just don't. 4/10 Tales of the Spectre Kings. 2/10 if you have the Spectre King (for the white horse adventure). 7/10 if you don't. Land of Giants. Useful if you want to play a viking campaign with KAP rules (8/10 in this case). Otherwise, useless 1/10.
  10. Ok. My take on Merlin: He really is the son of a devil and of a virgin, a mixture of both good and evil. He is not the archdruid. He is not a pagan either. He is an agent of God, working for the Greater Good, but a very ambiguous one. He is the son of the sevil after all ^^ His Greater Good is the Grail Quest, a mystical event of the greatest importance, about the Redemption of all Mankind. He is a dirty bastard, ready to everything for the greater good. After 523 (?), he is imprisoned in a "tower of wind", the "Esplumoir" by the Lady of the Lake. But a bit like a jedi, it's his way to becoming more powerful for the greater good. BTW, he is not the hidden architect of the Brexit ^^
  11. That's what I do, and it's working just fine ^^ The Grail Christianity is a weird syncretic religion, just as Morien said.
  12. I did not know about the custom in Anjou or Artois. Good stuff 😆
  13. My answer from discord: The sexuality of noble women in the Middle Ages is always tricky to handle. Basically, she should always say no to everyone, except her husband. So why a lady would throw herself to a knight, as the card said? 1) She was seduced. Her family should press for a wedding, or may consider she was raped. 2) She wants to marry the knight (because she is in love, beacause it's a good catch, she wants to escape her family, etc.) 3) She is unhappy in her mariage. Maybe she is looking for bit of fun, maybe she is in love, maybe she is plotting against her husband, maybe she wants revenge against him, maybe it's just a game between them, etc. Anyway, it's a big insult for the husband (revenge?) 4) She is a courtesan in disguise, paid by someone else. Maybe it's a trap? Maybe not? The GM should always have a plan. For any lusty knight, the easiest road is always to bed with a woman (married or not) with no connection (Commoners, low-ranking nobles, etc)
  14. Good Idea. This NPK had a strong "Greg Stafford" vibe anyway ^^ Or, there is no heiress at all. Only the Red City to fight for. I played this adventure in the Wuerensis county, and it worked very well. Be careful with the possible end, but why not after all.
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