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  1. If you want background to your campaign, Book of Sires is maybe what you are looking for. Your beginning PK in 485 (or 480) will have the history of their father and grandfather, year by year. It is well done. The GPC is already ambitious. I always felt that Uther's reign was already a prequel of Arthur. Are you sure that a prequel of prequel is a good idea?
  2. I agree. That's why I made him a grandson of Budec in my game
  3. Thank you for your explanations. If two players critted their passion rolls, everything become possible of course. You had a crazy session and it's fantastic. I am always amazed how crazy rollings, against all odds, happen all the time in KAP. yummy!
  4. It sounds very promising! Thank you. Your erudition is always welcome. In all the sources I readed, Hoel is a son of Budec/Budic/Dubric, not a grandson, but it didn't match up with the KAP chronology. Like Graelent, in the lai of Marie de France? It's a queen how slanders him, but yeah, a duchess in Britanny made more sense.
  5. As I said in another post, the genealogy tree of Britanny in Book of SIres (p67) is good, but incomplete. So I tried to fit the duke Hoel into it. According to the GPC, his sigil is ermine plain like the historical dukes of Britanny. So it makes sense to add Hoel to the family and to link him to Arthur in some way, like in the legends. I tried very hard to respect the chronology in BoS or GPC, so I was forced to tweak the sources. So here is my attempt: Hoel-budec.pdf The war in 536/537 between two brothers is an interesting twist to be sure!
  6. I love it!! It just so good! However, it looks to me you forgot a few rules during the battle, which is perfectly fine. I don't understand how your PK can manage the battle so well, even with a bit of luck. Did you apply all of the intensity bonus (the killing zone especially?)? Did you remember that passions last only one battle round? Either way, the army commander should be Aelle himself, even if I perfectly understand why you changed it. The brother-in law of Aelle is probably not a thegn but a more powerful noble. Vengeance is in the air, I suppose. Aelle is not a man to forget a grudge. During the extended melee round against an army battle, the process is: First round, you fight each a bodyguard round 2, a new bodyguard appears for each player (even if the old ones aren't dead) and you have a chance to fight the army commander So, I don't understand how your players managed to have numerical superiority in this fight. Anyway, awesome read!
  7. You mean Mona (Anglesey), I suppose? And this slaugther had tremendous repercussions for druidism in Britain. Druids were persecuted in Gaul too. They were keepers of oral knowledge of this esoteric religion. Their secrets died with them. Of course, druidism survived in Ireland, but we don't know much of them either. It was an oral tradition, and (christian) monks were not chatty about them. So it's one of the main reason that (celtic) paganism in KAP is historically anachronistic. Romans disliked their political power and influence, and druids were really into rebellions against Rome, so...
  8. It's not exactly an error per se. I was studying the Brittany Tree (p.67) and I was wondering. Where is the duke Hoel of Cornouaille? It's an important figure and Geoffrey of Monmouth said he is related to Arthur in some ways, so... I suppose he is a son of Meliau, King of Vannetais. This Meliau shoud have two sons at least. King Conan of Vannetais then duke Hoel. Their war in 536/537 became much more interesting. By the way, the french region of Cornouaille in Britanny is without any "s" in French, so I suppose it's a typo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornouaille british Cornwall = in French "Cornouailles" (with an "s") Cornouaille = in French "Cornouaille" in Britanny (without an "s"). Same pronunciation.
  9. It's probably a better idea, to show the "golden age" of Arthur. Uther's reign is brutal. I don't think it's too late to change, as your campaign just began. It's an interesting idea, but as written now, your houserule is just a way to minimaxing.Cunning players will always chose useful skills, like first aid, hunting, or riding if you allow it.The family bonus is fun, I swear and the randomness of it is fun too.
  10. Yeah, it's fun to play with the legends. Ganieda looks like Morgan. Maybe she is the power behind the throne...
  11. For the record, I will be playing the Saxons devil's advocate. It's not the king road, and the saxons are from Nohaut in Cumbria. The King of Logres is not their overlord. And I daresay... kidnapping a maiden is the saxon way of courtship
  12. I misunderstood you, sorry. The Lake of the Lady of the same name is indeed very difficult to situate. In the Vulgate, as you said, it's close to Burgundy. But the kingdoms of Claudas, Benoïc and Gaunes (Gannes) are smaller (all three of them in Poitou/Berry). It doesnt' match up with KAP. In all the legends, even Malory, the lake is necessarily close to the city of Trebes. As it is a fake lake made of glamour, I suppose you can put it anywhere. Not really a perfect answer, I know.
  13. Not in the Vulgate, where the lake of Lausanne (in modern Switzerland) is explicitly named. In fact, it was probably the lake of Bourget (in Savoie in modern France) where there is a "mont du Chat" (Cat's mount). A link (in french) : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dent_du_Chat Another one (in english) https://books.google.fr/books?id=XZFbczeMtYcC&pg=PA267&lpg=PA267&dq=Lausanne+cat+arthur+vulgate&source=bl&ots=XgXR6Bbv-5&sig=ACfU3U2n2g_cWEEMOjQoSosLMeNDrWbUGA&hl=fr&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiA5Pa5kOXlAhWnAmMBHRzkC64Q6AEwA3oECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=Lausanne cat arthur vulgate&f=false There is in my mind two different Devilish Giant Cats. They don't have the same origin story, so it's all good. the Chapalu or Chat de Lausanne (Lausanne's Cat) Cath Palug is firmly in North Wales
  14. I know, believe me, I know. And during years, I forced my players to roll. But it works better that way. You still need to test if there is a magical compulsion (a siren trying to lure a chaste knight), or extreme circonstances (a Valorous roll for a monster for example, or a sober roll after days without eating for example).
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