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  1. What duplicity was that? Didn't he fall off a cliff trying to evade a dinosaur? That's what the Storm Voice told me. Quote is from The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories
  2. Chaosium has published free templates for the Jonstown Compendium. There's been a few improvements by writers (some added to the Facebook group). However, not all writers are comfortable using them, which has resulted in the current variety in visual presentation in the JC.
  3. Puckohue

    Item Prices

    Do you have a system for this or do you make it up as you go? How do you determine prices for trade goods? As an example, if they go to Boldhome with 50 ENC of salt, how would you determine the price of salt there?
  4. I'm about to run the convention scenario The Fainting Spirit but there is one thing I need help understanding. The question is a heavy spoiler, so if you think you might want to play it, now is the time to go somewhere else.
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  6. I am more than happy to help out if you want campaign input.  I don't know how big your factions are likely to be i.e. whether they are just clan-sized or tribe or nation sized.

    I'd be happy to fill any role.

    (1) I would like to play an Issaries oriented clan like say the Konthasos "Wine Clan" who dominate in the city/town of Clearwine and are members of the Colymar.

    (2) It might be fun to play the Lismelder Tribe.

    (3) I would really like to be running the Tarsh Exiles/Earthshaker temple.


  7. I run a fairly standard RQ:G-campaign on roll20/discord. The adventurers are all from the Ernaldori clan doing standard RQ:G-stuff like defending Apple Lane, going to the Smoking Ruin etc. Now, for my personal enjoyment I’d like to find some people who would like to take on the role of “factions” in my campaign. I’m not really offering to GM anything, I just want some other people telling me what the different clans, great temples, elder races realms, town rings, etc are up to. It’s all very vague I know. It’s on purpose as - again - I don’t want it to sound like I’m offering to GM some kind of faction game. I’m considering making this experiment with external input, and if you think it sounds like fun, please send me a PM and a list of the top three “factions” you’d like to give input on (I don’t even want to call it “play” ). This would be run on discord in a very slow pace.
  8. I don't worry about stats when GMing anymore, but I guess statted NPCs are a way for new players to get a better grip of the system and the setting. They were for me.
  9. Page 7 first sentence after first heading: "The Three Emeralds Temple is carved deep into the rock of Pegasus Plateau and dedicated it to the three different aspects of Ernalda" Change to "The Three Emeralds Temple is carved deep into the rock of the Pegasus Plateau and is dedicated to the three different aspects of Ernalda"
  10. Thanks, that thread helped me find David’s design notes at https://www.chaosium.com/blogpendragon-design-notes-the-book-of-feasts/ where he writes ”There should be a hard limit of no more than one such feast a year, and I would recommend reserving the Feast Deck and only bringing it out on average of once every three to five years.”
  11. Even this is too often according to the author, but I’m not in a state where I can look up the source atm. Probably this forum though, or rpggeek.
  12. Puckohue

    Item Prices

    Please do I too have lost interest in micromanagement.
  13. Puckohue

    Two Sisters Area

    Thanks for the very nice map. I'm hoping to use it for an online Battle of the Queens using HoTT miniature rules. I have a question (not that it's very important, but still): what altitude difference do the elevation lines signify?
  14. I made a macro that rolls on the fumble table. I can't share the "rollable table", but it's basically a matter of create a rollable table called "fumble". enter each table entry and give it a weight of its chance to appear on the table. If the D100 result is 01-05 the weight is 5. If the D100 result is 46-54 the weight is 9. I then made the macro: There's a "Make visible to players" box below the code window where you can enter "All players".
  15. Could you drop a few names please?
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