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  1. There's quite a few unanswered questions in the tribal edit thread, but I'd like to distinguish between copy editing and content discussions. At the moment I have two questions: My guess is the choice of Sea Season was made in order to tie the adventure to the adventures in the GM Screen Pack. The last of those take place in Storm Season 1625. But as noted, the High Holy Day of Ernalda is in Earth Season. The easiest solution is of course to run it in Earth Season. But then again - the weather is expressively mentioned as important to the adventure. I can easily change "High Holy Day" to "Seasonal Holy Day", but that does make it less obvious why the adventurers are supposed to have a tight deadline. And that makes me wonder: why is the tight deadline so important? It's mentioned many times as a major point to consider when choices have to be made. What's the dramaturgical significance of it? The deadline is supposed to be important when the adventurers decide on the route between Duck Point and the Smoking Ruins. Three routes are described on p. 62-63. Why does the approximately three times shorter route (option 3) take three times as long to travel as option 2? Am I missing something obvious?
  2. https://github.com/Puckohue/rqg-family-history
  3. One reason to let your Glorantha vary from the sociological descriptions above, a reason I've read is relevant to some gaming groups, is that in order for your group to reach MGF you need to remove certain issues from the game. There may be RL issues that you play games to get away from. One such issue might be the fact that your gender limits your opportunities.
  4. Yeah it's a work in process and I forgot some parantheses before I went to put the kids to bed. It's up and running again.
  5. It's php. If there's a way you can use it, please do. It's a work in process though, so will continue to develop. On the to-do-list are random homelands and occupations, both either straight 1D20 rolls or statistical outcomes à la RQ3, among other things.
  6. In The Eleven Lights she’s at the Sartarite attack on Jonstown after the Dragonrise. the same book clearly states Jomes survived the Dragonrise (to answer my own question).
  7. Here's a Family History generator: http://antikvanti.com/priv/rq/famhist.php
  8. If you do and let me know I’d be happy to add it to the Early Family History pdf.
  9. Ah that explains it then. And thanks for your polite points. I knew exactly what I was doing when I set it to PWYW, and why.
  10. I've sold 271 copies of Early Family History but it's still listed as "Silver".
  11. And if you don't like them it's not like the canon police is going to show up at your gaming table and arrest you if your Glorantha varies. I honestly can't see the problem, for the reasons others have articulated above.
  12. I found this statement in a convention scenario: Really? Temples? To all of them?
  13. I’ve GMd and played RQG on rpol.net
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