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  1. Turn 1631 - 6 (Late Fire): https://bh.antikvanti.com/viewtopic.php?t=988
  2. Turn 1631 - 4 (Early Fire): https://bh.antikvanti.com/viewtopic.php?t=882
  3. Glad you’re having fun! 🙂 I posted about the game elsewhere as it’s not Runequest.
  4. To help offset what is going to be heavy medical costs for Jennell’s treatment and recuperation from Guillain-Barré syndrome. Among all the rpg-stuff she made, she co-authored Griffin Mountain. https://gofund.me/2b60d9cc
  5. That would be me. It's in need of work (it sometimes produces errors) but unfortunately it's not high on my list of priorities.
  6. Turn 1630 - 10 (Late Dark Season): https://bh.antikvanti.com/index.php
  7. My campaign is in 1627 atm. We've run through a lot of material, both from the new edition and from older, including several published in old fanzines. It's unclear to me why we would be locked in 1626.
  8. If two separate groups go on the same heroquest at the same time, would they meet each other?
  9. Both Clearwine (in the GM Screen Pack) and Jonstown (in the Starter Set) have more or less defined quarters. Could you please help me make out any obvious quarters on the Boldhome maps? There are two markets, and the Issaries temple and the Guild hall are close to the North Market. There's Artisan Row. Are there more nobles than peasants living in any part of Boldhome?
  10. The squire skill button seems to try to roll squire_squire_skill instead of squire_skill.
  11. Midsummer in Boldhome Erinestra, a spirited entrepreneur, chose to liquidate her marketstand, setting her sights on new horizons. The air crackled with anticipation as Broar and Quatlu sought the aid of moneylenders, their aspirations reaching beyond the constraints of their current means. A newcomer, Dararda of the Balkoth tribe, joined the fray, seeking financial support through borrowed funds. In a display of noble aspirations, Erik, with a heart ablaze with determination, purchased the esteemed rank of Ten-Thane within the Colymar Cavalry. At the front, the indomitable Wonderful claimed a similar honor within the ranks of the Wolf Runners, their names now emblazoned with the weight of command. However, the echoes of coin resounded hollow, for Wonderful lacked the means to acquire the steed befitting her newfound rank. Yet, fortune granted her a respite, bestowing three turns' grace to secure the majestic companion she so ardently desired. Like hawks circling the sky, Afur and Broar sought noble patrons in need of loyal aides, their hearts yearning for a chance to serve greatness. Alas, the fickle winds of fate blew against their endeavors, denying them the opportunity they sought. Undeterred, they joined the chorus of revelry and excess, engaging in conspicuous consumption alongside the likes of Dararda, Erik, and the enchanting Erinestra, whose devotion to the cult of Issaries propelled her to the rank of Initiate. As the sun cast its golden hues upon the city, new haunts were claimed. Broar became a regular at The Scribbled Scroll, the air heavy with stories and libations. Dararda, accompanied by the fresh-faced Grumbold of the Locaem tribe, sought solace in the embrace of The Red Beaver, where laughter and merriment flowed freely. Meanwhile Erik found his sanctuary within the vibrant embrace of The Crazy Horse, where legends were born and destinies intertwined. The call of duty beckoned, and brave souls heeded its summons. Olaff of the Vantaros tribe, scarcely within the city walls, eagerly volunteered for the tribal levy, his heart aflame with valor. Joining him in this noble endeavor, Jarin pledged his allegiance to the Colymar tribal levy, while the courageous Lemmina cast her lot with the Malani tribal levy, their names etched in the annals of bravery and sacrifice. Week 1 In the vibrant tapestry of events, Afur immersed himself in the sacred rituals at the temple of Ernalda. Broar took center stage as the host of an extravagant soirée within the halls of The Scribbled Scroll. Erinestra, accompanied by her captivating companion Eslanla, graced the festivities with their enchanting presence. The atmosphere crackled with anticipation as Jarrek and Daradra, like moths drawn to a luminous flame, joined the revelry. Broar, a patron of generosity, took upon himself the burden of carousing costs, ensuring that the libations flowed freely and laughter echoed into the night. Dararda, a free spirit unbound by conventions, sought solace in the embracing arms of The Red Beaver. Amidst the lively ambiance, she danced to her own rhythm, surrendering to the intoxicating pulse of the night. Quatlu, with a heart aflame with ardor and ambition, courted the affluent and influential Harmeleenrios, seeking to win her favor and weave their destinies together. Yet, fate proved fickle as Harmeleenrios remained unmoved by the serenades of the musical troupe and the fragrant offerings of blossoms. Erik honed his prowess with the broadsword. His muscles flexed with each fluid motion, the blade singing through the air, a symphony of bronze and determination. In the tender embrace of sacred intimacy, Grumbold ventured into the temple of Uleria. Week 2 Afur delved into the sacred depths of the Harmony Rune at the revered temple of Ernalda. The resonant echoes of celestial melodies reverberated through his very being, harmonizing his essence with the cosmic cadence of the world. Broar and Qualtu, seeking the embrace of passionate connections, ventured into the mystical sanctuary of the temple of Uleria. Within the sanctuary they surrendered themselves to intimate encounters, where desires intertwined like tendrils of a fiery embrace. Jarrek honed his battle axe skills amidst the grounds of Goldgotti's stables. Each swing of the mighty weapon carried the weight of their determination, forging them into an instrument of destruction and valor. Erinestra unleashed her ambitions upon the realm of commerce. Her once humble Marketstand transformed into the Small Shop known as Erinestra's Axe Emporium and Tattoo Parlour. Grumbold took the first steps on the path of enlightenment by becoming a devoted lay member of the revered cult of Issaries. Erik embraced the allure of revelry within the captivating confines of The Crazy Horse. In the company of Gnarg, he indulged in the intoxicating elixirs of mirth and celebration, his laughter blending with the rhythmic beats that pulsed through the night. Week 3 Afur, Jarrek, and Dararda visited the temple of Uleria, where passions flared and desires intertwined. Within the embrace of intimate companionship, they discovered the depths of ecstasy. Erinestra graced the temple of Issaries with the radiant presence of Eslanla, participating in the sacred rites and ceremonial offerings. Grumbold cast his lot with Goldgotti's Company, ascending to the esteemed rank of Ten-Thane. With the thunderous hooves of a mighty steed beneath him, he was seen riding around the city. Erik pledged his allegiance to the cult of Orlanth as a lay member. Enveloped by the winds of destiny, he embraced the teachings of the storm deity, his spirit charged with the electrifying power of the heavens. Quatlu embarked on a transformative journey within the Military Academy. Enrolled in a rigorous course, he immersed himself in the art of warfare, honing his skills with every strategic maneuver and martial technique, his potential blooming like a blossoming warrior's spirit. Week 4 Afur forged a sacred bond as a devoted lay member within the cult of Orlanth. Dararda earned the coveted privilege of joining the ranks of the Snakepipe Dancers regiment. Erinestra dedicated herself to tending to the vibrant heart of her newfound shop. Grumbold and Jarrek, their muscles pulsating with raw strength and determination, delved into the art of the battle axe within the hallowed training grounds of Goldgotti's barracks. With each swing and parry, their skills blossomed like a furious tempest, their weapons an extension of their very souls. Erik, guided by the ancient echoes of martial valor, honed his prowess with the broadsword amidst the resounding echoes of the Colymar Cavalry stables. His blade cleaved through the air with the grace of a soaring falcon, their every strike an embodiment of disciplined might. Meanwhile, Jarrek, driven by an unyielding thirst for mastery, dedicated himself to a second week of relentless practice with the battle axe, his skills sculpted into a formidable weapon of devastation. Quatlu, his thirst for knowledge unquenchable, remained within the Military Academy. Like a relentless scholar of warfare, he immersed himself in the ancient teachings and strategic wisdom, each passing week a stepping stone on the path to martial enlightenment. opThe Assault on Slavewall King Argrath arrived at the front and addressed the Guildsmen and Bush Rangers regiments, strengthening the battle will of those regiments noticeably. During the battle he also addressed the Candle Dancers and the Free Philosophers. Field Army Commander General Saliamath Garriordson then led the Orlanthi army in the assault on Slavewall. The wall defenses were eventually defeated, but the General and his adjutant, the Warlord of the Thieves Arm, were among the casualties. 1st Division 1st Division Commander Bvt General Derdin Minsarson achieved a bloody victory. The Division Adjutant, the Lt Warlord of the Guildsmen, was killed. 1st Foot Brigade 1st Foot Brigade Commander Warchief Entreea Korltipsdaughter sacrificed her brigade which was crushed. She was herself one of the casualties, as was her Brigade-Thane, Duienina, Hundred-Thane of the Candle Dancers. Candle Dancers The regiment’s contribution to the assault was inconclusive. Elisia was promoted to Subaltern. Free Philosophers The magic of the philosophers managed to achieve a pyrrhic victory. The Warlord and his adjutant were killed in action. 3rd Foot Brigade The brigade won a bloody victory. Wolf Runners The Wolf Runners, their Lt Warlord being acting commander, were victorious, but the cost was high. Most officers fell in the assault. Not Wonderful though, acting battalion commander, who somehow managed to avoid also a promotion. Thieves Arm The regiment took full part in the bloody victory, costing the lives of many, including the acting regimental commander and the adjutant. 4th Foot Brigade 4th Foot did their part to achieve this pyrrhic victory. Guildsmen The Guildsmen regiment was crushed in the process. The incompetent Hundred-Thane acting as regimental commander was one of the many officers killed or captured. Bush Rangers The Bush Rangers were one of the regiments still fighting at the end of the assault, despite heavy losses, that included the Warlord. Frontier Division The Frontier Division did their part in this bloody victory. Tribal Levies Colymar Tribal Levy The result of the Colymar levy was inconclusive. Lismelder Tribal Levy The Lismelder achieved a bloody victory. Malani Tribal Levy The result of the Malani levy was inconclusive. Vantaros Tribal Levy The levy achieved a pyrrhic victory, with most of the leadership wiped out. Cowbone the Warrior was killed, and Olaff the Warrior was captured by the retreating Lunars. Summary In the end, the Lunars were driven from Slavewall, but at a very high cost. Many survivors asked themselves if it was really worth it.
  12. I searched the net for ”battlemaps” + terrain type, and found useful stuff.
  13. Late Spring in Boldhome In Boldhome during late spring, the moneylenders were swamped with work as newcomer Malvolio of the Aranwyth, Hundred-Thane Ondureen, and newly arrived Cowbone of the Vantaros all took out loans. Despite appearing richer than most, Cowbone still took out a loan, leading to speculations about his plans. Afur asked the Warlord of the Colymar Cavalry, Okinakt Yrshison, to volunteer the regiment for the front, but was declined. Undeterred, Afur volunteered his squadron to join the Colymar Tribal Levy and left Boldhome. At the same time, Haebis left Boldhome to join the Torkani Tribal Levy. Those who opted to enjoy a life of luxury in Boldhome during this time included Cowbone, new arrival Erik of the Colymar, Hundred-Thane Ondureen, and Subaltern Wonderful. Erik became a regular at The Red Beaver while Malvolio was mostly seen at Fantarn’s. Wonderful was denied permission by Lt Warlord Sartarvud Korolsdaughter of the Wolf Runners to be excused from regimental duties. Week 1 During the first week, Cowbone was denied acceptance into the Free Philosophers regiment, being told to “Grow a beard” by the Warlord, a reference to the regiment’s patron god Lhankor Mhy. Jarrek and Wonderful spent the week at their respective regimental barracks, practicing their regimental duties and weapons. In another part of town, Erik Stargazer tried to court Silast Anolanson with a fine fur coat, but Silast slammed the door, saying, “It’s almost summer.” The Duel for Rastik Rastik Ernalsulson was having a quiet time, contemplating the mysteries of the Seven Mothers, when Eodal and Erinestra both paid a visit - at the same time. They were both courting him, and it didn’t take long before weapons were drawn and the duel began. Eodal fought with a spear and Erinestra with a battle axe. Erinestra took the initiative, but Eodal blocked her attack and placed her in a disadvantageous position. Eodal was not late to exploit the situation and made a deep, but non-crippling, wound in Erinestra. Erinestra quickly regained her senses and struck a definite hit that left Eodal off balance. She used the momentum to keep the initiative, but Eodal managed another effective block that exposed Erinestra. His counterattack was weak though, and Erinestra easily blocked it. He kept the initiative though, but made another weak attack, this time ending in a disadvantageous position. Despite this, he pushed the attack and landed a definite hit that instead left Erinestra off balance. Eodal kept the initiative and bruised Erinestra, pushing her back. She made an effective block, but Eodal kept on pushing the attack, landing yet another hit, and then yet another definite hit. Erinestra, who started out as the stronger fighter, was now clearly losing to Eodal’s slightly better weapon expertise. Erinestra managed to block the next attack and take the initiative. Her attack came close but Eodal was able to avoid her axe and riposte. Erinestra, however, kept the momentum and struck the killing blow. RIP Eodal. Erinestra dusted herself off and prepared to overwhelm Rastik with expensive gifts. Turns out he’s already Wealthy and not impressed by her gifts. He wasn’t that impressed by her battleworn appearance either, and rejected her proposals. Week 2 During the second week, Erik became a lay member of the Temple of Ernalda while Malvolio became a lay member of the violent chaos-hating warrior cult of the Storm Bull. The Temple of Uleria was bustling with activity as Erinestra, Jarrek, and Wonderful all worshipped there. Ondureen took part in a Babeester Gor ritual as part of her cult duties, toadying to the Rune Lord and getting her axes blessed. Week 3 In week three, Erik applied to the Snakepipe Dancers, was accepted as a Warrior, and bought a horse. Malvolio was accepted into the Free Philosophers and bought the rank of Ten-Thane, along with a horse. Jarrek continued to spend his time practicing the battle axe at the barracks while Ondureen participated in more ceremonies at the shrine of Babeester Gor, where an ox was sacrificed before the upcoming war season. Wonderful took part in ceremonies at the Temple of Orlanth. Week 4 During the fourth and final week of spring, Malvolio initiated into the trader cult of Issaries, and Erik made fun of the stables at the Snakepipe Dancers barracks. Ondureen hosted a party at The Red Beaver, attended by Jarrek and Wonderful, and which Erinestra was on her way to, but was intercepted by her Issaries cult superiors, who reminded her to participate in at least one cult ceremony during springtime. At the party, toasts were made for those about to go to war. The Duel at The Red Beaver Unfortunately it seems things got out of hand for some guests on the way home from the party. The petty insults between Jarrek and Wonderful due to their regimental enmity grew into fierce quarreling, and soon weapons were drawn. Jarrek drew his battle axe and Wonderful her spear. Jarrek advanced, but as both duellists maneuvered for position neither gained an advantage. Jarrek lounged, but Wonderful riposted and drew first blood. She pushed the attack, but Jarrek blocked. He swung at Wonderful, but again she riposted with a hit. Jarrek came close with his next attack, but Wonderful was able to avoid the axe. Her counterattack failed and instead received her first wound from Jarrek’s counterattack. Wonderful ducked his next swing. Jarrek kept the initiative but was unable to get a hit in. Instead Wonderful managed to scratch his arm. Inspired, Wonderful scratched his other arm, getting him off balance. Finally Jarrek managed to riposte her attacks. Wonderful inflicted a series of minor scratches until Jarrek again riposted, inflicting a wound that made Wonderful surrender. At the Front On the battlefield, the sound of clashing swords and battle cries fill the air as brave warriors engage in the deadly dance of war. The tribal levies, fueled by fierce loyalty and a burning desire to protect their people, charge forth to secure the lands around the lost town of Bagnot. But the Colymar Tribal Levy falters and is forced to retreat in the face of the enemy's ferocity. Despite this setback, Hundred-Thane Afur rises to the occasion, displaying unparalleled courage that will be sung by the Boldhome bards for generations to come. Though he is only granted a second mention due to lack of vacancies, he manages to seize 350L worth of loot and has a chance to get a well-deserved title upon his return to Boldhome. The Malani Tribal Levy's operations are equally intense, resulting in inconclusive outcomes and heavy losses, including the new acting Warlord. However, Broar emerges victorious, having "secured" some 250L worth of enemy supplies. And in the Torkani Tribal Levy's case, the battle takes a deadly turn, as they too are forced to retreat, with Haebis being among the fallen soldiers. The price of war is high, and its toll is felt deeply by those who wage it.
  14. I don't worry. If there are published rules I don't like I change or ignore them.
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