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  1. In the GM Screen Pack's Adventure book it says (p. 30) that "Nameless" was a member of the "Battalion of the Wooden Sword". Is that just another name for the "Temple of the Wooden Sword", or is there some other reason not to call it "temple"?
  2. I could use an additional player or two for my play-by-forum test of QuestWorlds: https://rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=75550
  3. I GM a Borderlands-campaign (1615) using RQG-rules where the adventurers currently are on loan from Duke Raus to solve a problem for the Sandheart militia (pt 2 of the JC Sandheart campaign). My 1626 Colymar campaign is paused. The adventurers had just stolen the big eye of a Lunar temple statue and were returning to (possibly) bask in glory at the Clearwine fort. We rotated GM and I now play in a Middle Earth campaign using RQ3 rules. We're a mix of people from the lake area east of Mirkwood currently escorting a merchant to a spring festival.
  4. Apparently someone is working on RQ support for Fantasygrounds:
  5. I'm thinking it might be easier to just go with the m-space rules and just import the setting, if I want to run the New Horizons campaign.
  6. I find "Multiply also by 5 the sum of the appropriates adventurer’s characteristics for a given occupation." (sic!) but I can't find info on what characteristics apply for the various occupations/careers. I also can't find what planet types the Outer Colonies are. It can affect the character creation. I can't find any "ranks and promotion" tables for civilian careers, nor info on how to "reenlist" in those careers.
  7. Is there a way for the adventurers to cleanse themselves from Chaos later?
  8. There's a lot of info on the Namolding clan and the Arfritha Vale in the Red Deer Saga (alliliate link). A lot of it diverges from canon but it's still definately worth looking at if you're interested in the area.
  9. I agree with @Thaz. I started two campaigns: one Borderlands and one GM Screen Pack. I recommend going with the GM Screen Pack. My players in both campaigns were new to Glorantha, and in my opinion the new stuff is better at introducing Glorantha.
  10. Why's the Pegaus Plateau not called Hippogriff Plateau?
  11. Edit: I'll move my question.
  12. I never ”offered” the adventurers this. As to Thinala, I played her as someone on a mission important enough to sacrifice Treya. When he was told, Asborn went to Queen’s Post to find out more.
  13. Although I largely agree with the criticism my players enjoyed their trip to the Smoking Ruins. They are eager to go back to pick up on the loose threads. We played on Roll20. I don't know if it helped that our sessions were short (two hours) so that I had time in between to read up, think, and decide how to present it. My players immediately agreed to try to help the Ernalda priestess by going on this apparently exciting exploration mission. Their adventurers are very eager to help their community, and the players are eager to have fun, so if I give them a hook they most often bite.
  14. I have to say I find it peculiar to equate "a society without a modern police force" with "a society without law". There were plenty of laws in ancient Rome. But maybe it was just lazy typing.
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