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  1. Puckohue

    Family details of the Warlords

    I have a PK doing intrigue trying to find out who the competition is.
  2. I'm trying to determine who among the Gamemaster Characters are the most obvious rivals to the hands of the heiresses. Are there anywhere any clues as to who among the Barons etc. are already married and who might be looking to win, for example, the hand of young Lady Jenna?
  3. Puckohue

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    On p. 214 it says that I've heard some very critical comments on this rule: It should be a static negative modifier, not "half the chance". The negative modifier should vary with the target's speed and angle. Easy to houserule, but maybe the rule-as-written should be reconsidered?
  4. Puckohue

    Crowdsourced Old Characters and 1610s Family History

    I took the liberty of pasting your tables into a document. Would happily expand it if any creative persons added material. rqg_early background.pdf
  5. Puckohue

    Crowdsourced Old Characters and 1610s Family History

    I love your tables. I'd love to see more of them, covering events in the years 1574-1581.
  6. If I cast Shield on myself, does it shield against Bladesharp on my sword? Against Mobility on my mount?
  7. Puckohue

    Cost of casting Spirit Magic

    (RQ:G page 406) But what about the casting of Spirit Magic spells? What would be the normal cost to expect to get someone to cast a spirit magic spell?
  8. According to Sartar : kingdom of heroes, the Vingan high holy day is in Earth Season the day the first Defender Storm blows. What week does this usually happen, and what exactly is the defender storm? Isn't it bothersome to go around waiting and then one day suddenly discover that today is your deity's high holy day? What if you are half way to Runegate to buy a dress for your niece? Are you supposed to keep your calendar agenda empty for all of Earth Season?
  9. Puckohue

    Harmast the Pregenerated

    I have a question about the pregenerated Harmast. Base Farm is (10) (p.61) Sartar culture adds +20% (p.60) Knowledge modifier is +10% That is 40%, but Harmast is listed as having Farm 35%