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  1. Please help me understand the phases of the Red Moon as seen in Dragon Pass: The Guide to Glorantha says on p. 648 and Does this mean that the Red Moon is "Black Moon" or "Full Moon" at sunset on Wildday?
  2. As I noted in another place, that’s not a mistake. Rules p.28 states it’s voluntary to roll if your homeland is not listed.
  3. Thanks everyone for inspiration!
  4. The listed homelands have to roll that year, but all characters are allowed to roll each year.
  5. During the Hero Wars it might become interesting for some characters to explore alternative ways to enter and/or exits towns. What's the general take on sewers smugglers' tunnels etc in Sartar? Personally I think sewers would be non-extinct in Sartar but on the other hand the towns were built using magic so as long as someone thought about it they ought to be present. Smugglers' tunnels... I don't know. Maybe the long term traders in some places - Like Joh Mith in Jonstown - have tunnels. Maybe some rulers have secret escape tunnels from their forts.
  6. Nice, thanks! But in my particular case I need someone who the PC can be related to (heirloom #1) more easily.
  7. Exactly my thought before I fell asleep! Now I'm thinking of making a cult of Eonistaran the Wise who founded the Jonstown Library and designed the catalog wheel there. He died less than a hundred years ago though. Are there other hero cults of people who lived rather recently?
  8. I've found the following Lhankor Mhy subcults: Dilfar The Gray Ones Hevduran Irnar Lhankor Knowing Torvald Are there any other Lhankor Mhy hero cults described somewhere?
  9. You mean you have more of this? *drools*
  10. I'm jumping on this part of your post: the last year I've learned to play-by-forum at rpol.net. I'd never be able to find time for more than a few sessions around a table a year. I've also found that as I've become older I'm not so quick-thinking anymore (that, or I've become more critical to my initial ideas) which is problematic both rules-wise and for story-telling. GMing-by-forum solves this by giving me time to prepare each post at any time in the day I can find a few minutes. I'm running an RQG-game now and I'm really enjoying it.
  11. A small addition from the flirting skill description on p.102 : "The Gamemaster may wish to impose a modifier on the Flirting Skill of any character with unusually high or low APP."
  12. This is probably a Sartarite rebel warband. It's mentioned in The Eleven Lights on p. 166 as being part of Kallyr's Candle Dancers: “It is those rebel bands who fought with Kallyr during the Shiprise. My Storm Rams, Orstalor’s Mudhens, Thundercape’s Silent Wind, and Gyffur’s Hidden Gale are amongst them.” says Venharl Stormbrow. Does anyone have any more information on the Hidden Gale?
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