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  1. Yeah the stat blocks comment was not so serious, but I’d love to see something more than ”an idea of what you will find”. Obviously I’m not making demands (how could I?), I’m just explaining what I’d find useful for my game. Reading about having to catch a ride with a giant turtle gives me ”an idea”. A writeup of the heroquest as a playable scenario/adventure would detail the specific problems the heroquesters would face in trying to accomplish this, as well as descriptions of creatures and NPCs, details on the setting where this takes place, how to get there etc. No stats needed. I know I can write my own material, but I would prefer not to.
  2. If there's one Actual Play I'd watch or listen to it would be someone playing through a heroquest. I can find a lot of stuff written about the structure and overarcing stories of heroquests, but very few details (stat blocks ). There's a reason I once bought the Apple Lane scenario book instead of settling for "the adventurers have to defend the pawn shop" and "the adventurers are tasked with clearing a cave system of troll bandits".
  3. I have a PK who's converting to paganism. I'm a newbie Pendragon GM and the campaign is in the early GPC years. I can wing it, but are there any published texts on pagan late summer/autumn ceremonies the PKs might attend, or a suitable pilgimage they might do? I found the text on the harvest festival in The Great Book of Pendragon Treasures, so that's an alternative of course.
  4. Here’s Chaosium’s Discord with a Glorantha-channel: https://discord.gg/QM78wn3
  5. I’m GMing a forum based campaign on rpol.net
  6. That depends on the quality of your soul.
  7. What were the reasons for her exile, more than "the lunars supported her rivals"? How did the tribe motivate the exile?
  8. Can’t help to think of this
  9. What does it take to build a shrine to, let's say, Orlanth? In RQG terms preferably.
  10. Thanks for the rules clarification. I disagree about the reasoning about the editorial decision though.
  11. I'm running a battle and have a question about enemy units with missile weapons. The rules (5.2 p. 239) says but the quote is from the section on the First Charge. Is this the only time the enemy can use missile weapons? Why then does it say "or a normal melee attack"? Why is there no mention of missile weapon attack in the section on combat rounds after the First Charge round?
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