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  1. Now Silver Best Seller with 240 copies sold at an average of $0.66.
  2. I know and agree. My players would definately not think "wait... there's no spell like that!". I guess I'm just trying to learn the rules a bit, and asking for inspiration for problems for the adventurers that doesn't feel silly (like the rock falling from the ceiling when the chest is opened). Thanks
  3. A bound spirit is set free when the binder dies. So is it not possible to have an active enchantment in an ancient site where the spell caster died ages ago?
  4. I've had a look at the binding enchantment stuff (p.249f). If I understand it correctly, it would be possible to enchant an item (i.e. a religious idol) with a spell conditioned to be cast on non-initiates touching the idol? What spell would be a good idea to have cast at people you want to deter/kill? And when the mp storage in the enchantment has run out, the "trap" is "off" until someone refills it with magic points, right? So the number of times the spell could be cast is rather limited. After the first few looters in the ancient abandoned temple are burned it's probably safe to touch the idol again.
  5. I'm reading the Pavis and Big Rubble Companion vol 5, Beyond Pavis : adventures in the valley of the Zola Fel River. It has a couple of expansions to some of the scenarios in Borderlands & Beyond. Personally I find it very inspiring, and I will use several of the ideas and expansion maps. But often I find it too cheesy (as are some things in the original B&B scenarios), especially when it comes to traps and magic mechanics, things like "When you open the chest a rock falls from the ceiling" (not an actual quote, but almost). I'm ignoring most of that stuff. But still, traps and magic protections are part of the genre, so I'd like to exchange the cheesy stuff for non-cheesy variants. What ways are there for an adventurer to set a trap, magical or otherwise, around her treasure or room, in accordance with the game rules? The Rune Magic spell Warding can be stacked to do a maximum of 4D3 damage, if I'm not mistaken. The Device skill doesn't give examples of traps that can be constructed. What would you consider non-cheesy traps and protections?
  6. If you can make it through the air rushing towards the area I think you’re good to go. I’d make it hard and scary, but not impossible. At least not for the adventurer type.
  7. While Carpenter's The Thing may be in the spirit of Lovecraft, it's a remake of Howard Hawk's movie The Thing from Another World from 1951, which was based on the short story Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell, published in 1938.
  8. Haha, the one issue I don't own. *scribbles on next year's wish list*
  9. Thanks, that's very kind of you.
  10. Yeah they seem hard to come by unfortunately (edit: I'm lucky to have #1, 4, and 5 though).
  11. A Rough Visit to Glamour was in Pavis and Big Rubble Companion v. 1, which was first published in Ye Book of Tentacles #3.
  12. I’m doing some campaign planning. It will ofc also function as a general scenario inventory. ”A Rough Visit to Glamour” references several texts I don’t have. Could anyone help me find the following: * A Rough Guide to Glamour * The Fall of Whitewall * The Knowledge Temple of Pavis I think the last one is in one of the ”Pavis and Borderlands Companion” volumes. Where can I find those?
  13. Will the maps be provided as stand alone pdf:s like with the other RQ:G products?
  14. Here's an Ernaldan initiation rite: https://andrewloganmontgomery.blogspot.com/2019/03/the-riddle-ernaldan-initiation-for.html
  15. My Early Family History is PWYW with a recommended price of $1. It has now reached Copper Best Seller with 142 copies sold at an average of $0.66. I chose the PWYW-model for two reasons: 1. it's publicly crowdsourced material written for the public by several authors, and 2. I don't want the hassle of dividing the negligible amount of dollars between the various authors. I think there are more factors to consider than "how much royalty will I earn from this particular publication". Letting more people have a look at RQ/Glorantha material without cost might work as advertisement for the game system, potentially increasing future sales of other publications. The same goes for you as a writer: if you produce very good content, making one (minor) publication free could be a way to show off your skills. But I remember working in retail, listening to a business consultant: "If you need to increase revenue, raise your prices."
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