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  1. But... I want BOTH a reason for them to go to Prax and get a crappy employment as mercenaries for a loser, AND a reason to return to the center of the story of the Eleven Lights.
  2. In the RQ:G family history for year 1613 there’s both a ”relocated to Prax” and an ”outlawed by the Lunars” possibility. With no question about clan membership.
  3. You're right. Making them Colymar makes the exile thing easier to explain.
  4. I'm planning a new campaign starting with Borderlands campaign set in 1615. I want the PCs to be Sartar exiles from the same clan. I was pondering if I should make them be Red Cow exiles, just to keep the Eleven Lights-campaign as a possibility in the future. Otherwise I'd make them Ernaldori because of the newly published material. Any thoughts?
  5. Puckohue


    Found it! I’m so used to using pdf’s now I forgot to check my shelf...
  6. Puckohue


    Has Horngate (or Horn Gate, whichever it is) been detailed somewhere except in Borderlands, with a map for example?
  7. Sorry to interrupt but in the Adventures book of the Gamemaster Screen Pack one adventure taking place in early Dark Season involves some herders herding their herd. I guess they must have been home for the slaughter and then returned to the grazing pastures? Before returning again for winter shelter? I know nothing about herding or cows so would appreciate any help understanding why they're out there after slaughter (which I imagine would be on Reaping Day in Earth Season).
  8. Puckohue


    At least two: https://discord.gg/QM78wn3 https://discord.gg/5a7RPZe
  9. I was unable to run the game during the summer, and now I’ve had a hard time finding the time. My ambition is to get it up and running again ”soon”. If you’re interested you should sign up and have a look.
  10. I reacted when reading it as the events differ slightly from the once described in Vasana's saga in RQ:G. Like spoiler: Kallyr disappearing when she is killed in the Battle of the Queens.
  11. Does anyone recognize the attached text called "How Argrath became Prince of Sartar"? It's from a printed doc I found in a box the other day. I must be at least ten years since I printed it. filename-1 (3).pdf
  12. Yeah the stat blocks comment was not so serious, but I’d love to see something more than ”an idea of what you will find”. Obviously I’m not making demands (how could I?), I’m just explaining what I’d find useful for my game. Reading about having to catch a ride with a giant turtle gives me ”an idea”. A writeup of the heroquest as a playable scenario/adventure would detail the specific problems the heroquesters would face in trying to accomplish this, as well as descriptions of creatures and NPCs, details on the setting where this takes place, how to get there etc. No stats needed. I know I can write my own material, but I would prefer not to.
  13. If there's one Actual Play I'd watch or listen to it would be someone playing through a heroquest. I can find a lot of stuff written about the structure and overarcing stories of heroquests, but very few details (stat blocks ). There's a reason I once bought the Apple Lane scenario book instead of settling for "the adventurers have to defend the pawn shop" and "the adventurers are tasked with clearing a cave system of troll bandits".
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