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  1. It's for outside the county itself, not outside Sarum. I think the fourth option would be a good starting point for determining internal defense, but I'm sure one's relations with neighbors (especially Silchester and Wessex) would also factor in.
  2. I see where you're coming from. I do think I'm making the right call for the Countess in 496 in my GPC - she's still nervous about the events of the previous year. (Frankly, I didn't even know whether the group would let her take power until my most likely candidate leapt to her defense in the debate.) Still, I think she'll feel more comfortable about sending out some of her retinue in the future, once she becomes more secure in her position. And I'm glad I asked about the numbers here - because my PK marshal certainly did.
  3. I interpret those knights as a perq of the position. Plus, giving the marshal the ability to order away a noble's personal bodyguards seems problematic, especially in Anarchy. Thank you! With that in mind, I'll revise as follows: Ride out recklessly from Sarum with those knights immediately available: Half Sarum garrison (4) + Knights with "other business" but in Sarum (7) + retinue for marshal (4)* + retinue for constable (2)* + PKs (5) = 22 knights Send out messengers and wait two days: Half Sarum garrison (4) + Knights with "other business" but in Sarum (7) + retinue for m
  4. I'm getting ready to run GPC 496, and one of the PKs is the marshal. He'll need to decide how to respond to the events of the year, and subsequent years, which means figuring out how many knights he can spare when riding out to battle outside Salisbury. I'd like to present him a few options, and I'd like to get people's opinions on the breakdown below. This is based on the 75-knight breakdown in the rulebook. Ride out recklessly from Sarum with those knights immediately available: Half Sarum garrison (4) + Knights with "other business" but in Sarum (7) + retinue for marshal (4)* + r
  5. Welcome back to my irregular series on running the GPC, year by year. We've come to a year of skirmishes and listening to NPCs talk! Let's get started! This is one of the most underdeveloped GPC years in this period, so if you'd like to run a side adventure or spend some time working with your characters, this would be a good year to plan for it. First, it might be good to look over the Uther period timeline, to add another layer to the action. Uther chooses this year to go to Cornwall rather than to rescue Malahaut, which sets up a number of other story elements, including the marri
  6. I think a key change here would be handling Mark. He's present in the action by Anarchy, provides the default plot for people not going after the Grail during the quest, and is nearly a century old by the end of the campaign. It would seem that some re-arrangement of the timeline for Cornwall's rulers might be appropriate.
  7. Everyone, For my game, I created my own Google Sheet for characters that can be customized for my own campaign and quirky rules set. One of my players has just consolidated and updated it. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it, and what might potentially be changed: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O6e2t_hJW9CXUbmO5AnGquqLtqsoZhIuYzUaNPSTMOM/edit?usp=sharing (One caveat - there's a drop-down for "Religion" that automatically calculates the religious bonuses, but I'd have to give editing permissions for people to activate it.)
  8. Having examined that quote from my game notes, it is 100% pure vintage Wikipedia. But I did get beyond it, and I think I actually dipped into this work right here, before realizing that it was legitimate and I didn't actually need the research for the game: https://www.google.com/books/edition/Contes_populaires_préjugés_patois_prov/J-FiAAAAcAAJ?hl=en&gbpv=0 Thanks! I hadn't thought of it that way. My read of the chapter was that the main drama was the Syagrius-Madoc conflict, with sympathies leaning toward Syagrius. If the praetor's mission leads to horrible sla
  9. The next year in my irregular series is 488, in which our brave knights go to France (probably). This session may require more GM preparation than previous years. The characters will be essentially choosing between two different courses of action - accompanying Uther to Somerset, or joining Madoc's expedition to France. To be realistic, neither group I ran through this year decided to stay in Britain, but your mileage might be different. This means choosing between two scenarios, both of which will probably require some extra work on your part to create some additional material for both s
  10. I've done searches online for explanations of past Pendragon rulings on the differences between these two, and I'm quite confused, seeing different answers in different places. (The change from 6 Libra to 10 Libra manor income didn't help.) Assuming a standard 10 Libra manor, what would be the annual discretionary funds deriving from it be, based on whether it were demesne or enfeoffed?
  11. As with Morien - although I have been making exceptions for weddings of the royal family and the like, as I assume people come far and wide for those. It does tend to lead to awkward situations sometimes if you're using the cards... It's probably also bad form if a PK's spouse doesn't attend their marriage feast, allowing everyone to properly watch one of the happy couple fumble a Flirting roll with the other.
  12. I could have sworn I saw stats for Ulfius in one of the official books, but I've been looking through Sires, Uther, Warlord, and the additional character PDF for GPC, and I can't find them right now. I could make up my own, but I think I used them the last time the players interacted, and I'd like to be consistent. Any ideas?
  13. This looks like fun! Some thoughts: Item 3: I think some battles are deadlier than others - and in a lot of them, it seems the "died" and "died with great Glory" ranges are about the same. I'm not sure how you model that. Item 6: Is Flirting appropriate for childbirth? Maybe this should just be a straight d20 roll. Item 7: Given the lower number of skills, would it be better to reduce the skill points allocated? There are some unusual results on the tables, like getting lost in a storm with Gorlois, that might bear some thought about how to model.
  14. Here's some information. I don't know how finished this is - perhaps someone else can weigh in?
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