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    Played some AD&D in the early 90s. Got hooked into CoC 5th edition and went into GMing it. Managed to finish Horror on the Orient Express, before life matters intervened and had to take a long break from role playing games.
    Got back into CoC 7th and feeling young again!
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  1. Volume II, PDF page 111 (book page 110), inside the "Yellow Sign" text box: The first sentence reads as: "The Yellow Sign is connected to the King Yellow and a token of worship for He Who Is Not To Be Named." If I'm not mistaken it should read as: "The Yellow Sign is connected to the King in Yellow and is a token of worship for He Who Is Not To Be Named."
  2. Indeed two gorgeously looking tomes! As for the gugs, I think I've read or heard somewhere that there won't be any Dreamlands creatures in the books. They will probably be a part of a future Dreamlands publication.
  3. Thanks for the episode! It was pretty interesting and illuminating.
  4. Page 99. The text under "T’challix, future denizens of Earth" reads as follows: The T’challix are tall and strng. Basically humanod, they have an etra pair of smaller rms under their pimary ones. Theirheads resemble something between a snake, a lobster, and a rhinoceros. There are some letters that are missing. Unless I completely misunderstood the meaning, it should read like the text below. Missing characters are marked red and bold, while there is a space character missing between "Their" and "heads". The T’challix are tall and strong. Basically humanoid, they have an extra pair of smaller arms under their primary ones. Their heads resemble something between a snake, a lobster, and a rhinoceros.
  5. That release was indeed a surprise! I'm reading through Mr. Corbitt now and I love the whole thing. The writing, the artwork, the layout, the keeper advice and the maps! Well done Chaosium! By the way during my initial skimming of the book, I've found some typos that I'd like to bring to the editors' attention. Can I post on this thread or use another one?
  6. I think that this thread might deserve a sticky?
  7. I think that "The Shadow over Providence" will also get a print release. On Chaosium's website (link) it mentions the following: Buy this PDF now and get a coupon for the printed version later! So you want to purchase the physical version, but really want to get your hands on so you don't have to wait. We have you covered! If you purchase a PDF we will send you a discount coupon just before the physical book goes on sale to offset the PDF purchase price you have already paid.
  8. Is it me, or is the interior of the PDF in grayscale? It has the modern layout, but no color!
  9. Thanks everyone for all the replies! I'll try to implement some of the nice ideas into the game. /cheers
  10. #WeAreAllUs Finished another session from "The Two-Headed Serpent". This one was dedicated to the memory of Greg.
  11. I think I' ve created a monster! Me and my players are about to start The Two-Headed Serpent tonight. I allowed one of them to get the Psychic talent and gave him the Divination skill. It is currently at 80% and I think he intends to use it constantly for everything, which might be a potential spoiler for all things to come. Even though it's not mentioned anywhere, I came to the conclusion that I as a keeper, should do a hidden roll whenever he goes for it and give him the "yes" or "no". This way he will know that there is a very good chance that the answer might be true, but he can never be certain. Have you ever faced a similar situation? How did you handle it? Do you have any suggestions on how to work things out? Thanks for your time!
  12. The mi-go looks fantastic! I love the eldritch feeling that this artistic style emanates.
  13. I just noticed that the hardcover and leatherette version of "Berlin - The Wicked City", are available on the Chaosium website. Go dive into the madness people!
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