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    Played some AD&D in the early 90s. Got hooked into CoC 5th edition and went into GMing it. Managed to finish Horror on the Orient Express, before life matters intervened and had to take a long break from role playing games.
    Got back into CoC 7th and feeling young again!
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  1. They look amazing! Can we have a peek inside to see the new font size and a sample of the layout?
  2. For the Malleus_Monstrorum_Volume_II_-_Deities_of_the_Mythos_v1.22.pdf file: Page 50 - Inside the "TYPICAL PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION: CTHUGHA" text box, "bust" should be "burst". Flame Burst: may belch forth fire instead of using pseudopods. A flame bust has a range of 150 yards/ meters and blankets an area of 20 yards/meters with fire, incinerating most things within
  3. Check at the 54m 55s mark. Really exciting stuff on "Cthulhu - The Dark Frontier"!
  4. Chapter 6 of "Terror Australis 2nd ed" has quite a lot of information (about 10 pages) for you to build upon and expand regarding the Yithians, Pnakotus & Flying Polyps. Definitely worth for getting the PDF or, even better, the book! Also, the Australia chapter of "Masks of Nyarlathotep" has a fantastic description of various areas of the underground city. Great stuff, great resource material!
  5. I know that all good things take time, and that something is ready when it's ready, but are there any updates on this wonderfully looking campaign?
  6. Thanks for the very interesting video! Please keep them coming!
  7. Thanks for the information! It seems that COVID-19 among other things must be blamed for this delay. We'll just have to wait a little bit more!
  8. It almost October! I hope that the books will be available soon!
  9. It seems that version 3 of the PDF is now available to download from Chaosium's website! Thanks for the very quick fix of the links in the table of contents!
  10. A relic indeed! Thanks for sharing this piece of history!
  11. Well the only thing easily noticable is the addition of certain copyrights on the Table of Contents page. Which by the way messed up the links to the pages. It seems that the ToC was compressed to allow the new text at the bottom, but the links have not been updated / moved accordingly. Other than that there might be the occasional errata corrected, but I guess M. Mason can provide the full information.
  12. It would be really nice if Nameless Horrors gets the full color / hardcover treatment in the future. The interior art is already great so there shouldn't be much work to be done.
  13. Not an actual errata, just a little detail, but I'm going to mention it anyway. Page 45, in the paragraph with the description of Hank and Edith Haggarty, it mentions that "Edith is a thin-faced individual with glasses". The portrait of the couple in page 44, does not depict Edith wearing glasses. One might argue that she is not having them on all the time, but my group actually asked me about it two days ago when I ran the scenario for them.
  14. A very minor detail in the 1.2 version of the pdf file. Page 11. Left column. Second to last paragraph. The word "sanity" in the sentence "The experience caused Corbitt to lose a large degree of his sanity and left him with a split personality and partial, somewhat selective, amnesia." has a 1 point smaller font that the rest of the document. It is visible with the naked eye and can also be verified by copying the text in a word processor like word.
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