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    Played some AD&D in the early 90s. Got hooked into CoC 5th edition and went into GMing it. Managed to finish Horror on the Orient Express, before life matters intervened and had to take a long break from role playing games.
    Got back into CoC 7th and feeling young again!
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    I like solo video games, but social table top ones!

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  1. I've just noticed that my copy (printed in Lithuania) has the same error. But I don't mind since the contents of that book are awesome! Two of the best CoC scenarios I've ever run!
  2. Thanks! Very nice floor plans! I'm definitely going to use them when I run "A Saturnine Chalice" again.
  3. Yeah, for a moment I thought the printed version was available!
  4. During the Chaosium "Impromptu 2" gathering on Discord, almost a month ago on the 27th of March, Rick Meints mentioned something about a Kickstarter, starting this April, for the reprint of the CoC 2nd edition boxed set. Unless the stars are not quite right yet, this should probably be coming very soon. That alone is a fine way to celebrate the 40th Anniversary, although I'm sure there will be more to come!
  5. Greetings fellow keepers and investigators! Here's an issue that I would like your opinion on. I prefer my CoC games without any firearms fired. But the thing is that on many occasions, violence is either the only option or the path the investigators follow because it makes them feel confident and hopeful against the inevitable madness and horror. During my 3 year run as a keeper, I've noticed that every player in my games, acquires the .45 Automatic or .45 Revolver handgun. It's cheap, reliable, does a lot of damage (1d10+2) and in many cases, solves the problems very quickly (e.g.
  6. Indeed, full color. I'm definitely grabbing this! But to save on shipping costs, I'll order it when Children of Fear copies are also available at the EU warehouse.
  7. Oh yes that sign also made an appearance in episode 4, on a blackboard among other occult symbols, during the flashback scene at the seminary in Rome.
  8. I always believe that all good things should take their time to happen! But, are there any news on the release of the physical book? It has already been mentioned that it will come out in February/March 2021, but considering the delays from the pandemic I wonder if the plans have changed.
  9. Thanks for your insights into this campaign! They definitely provided a great summary of what one should expect while reading and running it. I'm there with you being a slow reader of PDF, so I'm still halfway through chapter 3. I hope the physical book comes out soon enough.
  10. They look amazing! Can we have a peek inside to see the new font size and a sample of the layout?
  11. For the Malleus_Monstrorum_Volume_II_-_Deities_of_the_Mythos_v1.22.pdf file: Page 50 - Inside the "TYPICAL PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION: CTHUGHA" text box, "bust" should be "burst". Flame Burst: may belch forth fire instead of using pseudopods. A flame bust has a range of 150 yards/ meters and blankets an area of 20 yards/meters with fire, incinerating most things within
  12. Check at the 54m 55s mark. Really exciting stuff on "Cthulhu - The Dark Frontier"!
  13. Chapter 6 of "Terror Australis 2nd ed" has quite a lot of information (about 10 pages) for you to build upon and expand regarding the Yithians, Pnakotus & Flying Polyps. Definitely worth for getting the PDF or, even better, the book! Also, the Australia chapter of "Masks of Nyarlathotep" has a fantastic description of various areas of the underground city. Great stuff, great resource material!
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