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    Played some AD&D in the early 90s. Got hooked into CoC 5th edition and went into GMing it. Managed to finish Horror on the Orient Express, before life matters intervened and had to take a long break from role playing games.
    Got back into CoC 7th and feeling young again!
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    Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition
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    Athens, Greece
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    I like solo video games, but social table top ones!

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  1. It has already been mentioned but version 1.2 of "A Time to Harvest" still has "Original Concept" appearing twice.
  2. The map of Vermont has BRATTLEBORO misspelled as BATTLEBORO: cha23176_-_a_time_to_harvest_v1.0 - Page 36, 311 cha23176_-_a_time_to_harvest_player_handouts_and_maps- Page 28 cha23176_-_a_time_to_harvest_keeper_map_pack - Page 2
  3. The 1920s sheets are now pristine clear! The text is readable and sharp, even if you zoom in very closely, and there are no digital artifacts at all! Not wanting to sound ungrateful for something that Chaosium offers for free, but is there any chance to have the other character sheets get the same kind of treatment? That would really be fantastic!
  4. This is not a problem, but for some reason the 1920s Standard Color and Greyscale files are 14MB in size, while all the other ones are 3MB.
  5. They seems to be up and working fine! Call of Cthulhu Character Sheets (chaosium.com) 40th Anniversary Investigator Sheets (chaosium.com) Thanks Chaosium!
  6. Trail of Tsathoggua: - The PDF bookmarks and hyperlinks do not work. Cthulhu Companion: - The PDF bookmarks and hyperlinks do not work.
  7. A few months ago, during an impromptu online meeting that Chaosium arranged on Discord, Mike Mason mentioned something about updated versions of Call of Cthulhu character sheets getting readied for release. These ones are supposed to work like the full autocalc PDFs that are currently available, but won't strictly require Adobe Reader. They can be opened and filled in using any PDF viewer, even modern internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge and so on. Has anyone read or heard any related news on that matter?
  8. I've just noticed that my copy (printed in Lithuania) has the same error. But I don't mind since the contents of that book are awesome! Two of the best CoC scenarios I've ever run!
  9. Thanks! Very nice floor plans! I'm definitely going to use them when I run "A Saturnine Chalice" again.
  10. Yeah, for a moment I thought the printed version was available!
  11. During the Chaosium "Impromptu 2" gathering on Discord, almost a month ago on the 27th of March, Rick Meints mentioned something about a Kickstarter, starting this April, for the reprint of the CoC 2nd edition boxed set. Unless the stars are not quite right yet, this should probably be coming very soon. That alone is a fine way to celebrate the 40th Anniversary, although I'm sure there will be more to come!
  12. Greetings fellow keepers and investigators! Here's an issue that I would like your opinion on. I prefer my CoC games without any firearms fired. But the thing is that on many occasions, violence is either the only option or the path the investigators follow because it makes them feel confident and hopeful against the inevitable madness and horror. During my 3 year run as a keeper, I've noticed that every player in my games, acquires the .45 Automatic or .45 Revolver handgun. It's cheap, reliable, does a lot of damage (1d10+2) and in many cases, solves the problems very quickly (e.g. NPC with spells that can't utter a single syllable before getting blasted by Extreme rolled shots). So, it has become the default weapon of choice and they rely on that a lot, thus ignoring other ways of solving problems, and actually becoming murder hobos. I once tried to give them less powerfull handguns, like the .32 Revolver (1d8 dmg), but the first thing they went out to do was to buy more .45s! Hell, one of them bought a couple in case one of the got jammed or ran out of bullets! Some scenarios, have antagonists that are immune to mundane weapon. But most don't. And the use of guns, which is nice to have from time to time, is very common. But for me, this is something that subtracts from the actual horror experience. Has anyone faced the same issue? What are your feelings - thoughts on the matter?
  13. Indeed, full color. I'm definitely grabbing this! But to save on shipping costs, I'll order it when Children of Fear copies are also available at the EU warehouse.
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