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  1. If you don't have rune dice, you can use my web based rune roller. http://flyingspaniel.com/talkingruneroll.html
  2. When I asked about this (see ...Stall Speed...) all I got was "no physics in Glorantha" https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/12819-stall-speed-for-a-hippogriff/
  3. I really like the @Runebloggerconcept of the "Anti-Critical" point. In previous Fire and Sword (A RuneQuest like system by Ray Turney, set in Glorantha) campaigns, we would take a group vote after sessions on who deserved "Fame" (kind of like Reputation) and Hero Points. This often got contentious, as you weren't supposed to suggest yourself, but often your PC did the best thing and everybody else is a selfish fool and forgot it. (you get the idea). Eventually we got a little better at this, but your group dynamics might make the "lets vote for it" process difficult. We found it wo
  4. I like the idea of "wandering healer". But in service to an entire clan or tribe, not a group of murderhobo adventurers. Also, **technically**, a Priestess is tied to a Temple. At least 90%. But a God-Talker could easily be wandering.
  5. @Darius West I like your story of Miluxia. Did you discuss with the GM whether being a drug dealer and slaver is "causing harm" to others? My first ever RQ games featured a CA who was extremely blunt and undiplomatic and "accidently" started lots of fights by insulting the other side. "Geez, trolls really are ugly!"
  6. Though there is obviously parental influence on your pantheon, I don't think there is much influence on your exact God. (In Glorantha)
  7. I find a straight up Chalana Arroy terribly boring. YMMV. Give them a fascinating backstory, and at least on other distinctive skill or role. Amazing fiddler. Used to race horses. Her brother is wanted for murder.
  8. This is the best solution. Likewise, Foundchild and perhaps a few others should also not be Death.
  9. I can see Humakt as glum, asexual, ascetic. Babs Gor as well. But Storm Bull is also a Death cult, and the primary image one has of a Bull is, well, a large member, whose purpose is to make many babies. Plus Storm Khans are explicitly allowed to marry and have many concubines.
  10. Technically, even this is dubious. "To be strong with the Fertility Rune is to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, most notably sexual desire" "To be strong with the Death Rune is to separate oneself from the material world and seek to deny or even destroy the world of the senses. Such adventurers are relentless, ruthless, and ascetic..." However, in our game, we are (currently) not bothering our Humakti (88% Death) and a couple of other fighters at 75% who all enjoy drinking and an occasional (or frequent) roll in the hay. That seems like too big a penalty, for now. We are usin
  11. One suggestion. (Maybe somebody has already done this?) A little episode guide, like for a TV show. E.g. "Kulbrast loses his arm, Gina learns that she is Argrath's love child...". Would help for those of us who watch rarely but occasionally want to rejoin the story.
  12. Great idea to allow player agency. In our campaign, the Battle of the Queens happened before our PCs obtained hippogriffs. But, they were quite rich, and spent many thousands of Lunars hiring Chalana Arroy healers from Nochet. Many of the Colymar slain or wounded survived thanks to their efforts.
  13. Best answer ever. Or at least in a month or so. Instead of making up a new skill and mechanics, use existing ones. This does raise the question of how good your language skill should be. 80% is way too high, but 10% seems feeble. But otherwise, I love this take.
  14. Any. So you could boost that 0% Element to the 50% range where it becomes useable.
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