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  1. I think a Trickster needs to be one of two things, and possibly both: Subtle. Keeps their head down. When the gig is over, be prepared to get out of town. Bonded In our campaign the Eurmali is bonded. He is also shockingly well behaved overall. Frankly, my Vingan with an attitude has been more of a "Trickster" so far. The Eurmali is not exactly "subtle", but hasn't, as of yet, created too much disorder. I think he will do so in the future as he warms up into the game (it's a fairly new character).
  2. I have no answer, but I think this is an excellent question. I always wonder if my PC is richer than all of Apple Lane or perhaps even all the Hiordlings clan. We've been awarded, IMO, way way too much money. But maybe clans are richer than I imagine?
  3. We ran Lunars for ~20 years, and once had a Yemli noble PC. The sexist obnoxiousness upset everybody, especially the player of the Yelmi. And none of us were women! Nobody regretted his heroic passing. So, just a warning - make sure the old fashioned sexist (but, hopefully, chivalrous) behavior is o.k. with all the players on "Session Zero".
  4. On a Holy Day, yes. You may need to put in more MP than usual to boost up your Worship skill. Or else roll well...
  5. I am still confused. Is your new skill "Lance"? That's not an entirely new weapon, its a well known weapon in the rules. Agreed, it may be new to that PC. Starts at base (or maybe at some fraction of a spear skill) Or is your skill "Lance on Hippogriff"? That is a new weapon. But, IMO, not the "RQG way". There is no "Lance from Bison" skill. Just Lance, capped by your Ride skill on your mount.
  6. Nearly every PC is already an initiate of a cult and under these restrictions and obligations. Gaining a new "shoot fine off your hippogriff" spell from that same cult (or subcult) will add no major "pain points".
  7. In contrast, I hate rules where "this simple spell makes a skill useless". Ever since D&D. Why be a Thief/Rogue when a wizard can just cast Invisibility? Never liked Kushile. I'm not so sure about Darkwalk and Silence in RQ:G. YGMV.
  8. Making it a new weapon skill doesn't match up with how RQG does things. For example, there is no separate "Archery on Foot" and "Archery on Horse" and "Archery on Impala" skills. We just base it upon the character's Ride Hippogriff skill. Many of our PCs were cavalry and are in good shape, some not so much. And only two PCs are any good with a bow. Note that the Pegasus Plateau hippogriffs are young and cannot carry warriors in heavy armor. So we haven't used them for any actual combat yet. Though they have been handy for dropping cowpies on the obnoxious Malanni Tribe in our border
  9. Sometimes we allow the good sneak to use their skill as an augment for everybody else. Helps a little.
  10. Augmenting a social (or "non-combat") skill is almost always safe, and the main situation where our group really likes the augment rules. Often you have a "so-so" social skill, at 25% or so, and you'd like to use it, and get better, etc. for roleplaying and character development. With a successful augment you have a roughly even chance to succeed, and get a check to improve. Over time, that Dance or Intrigue or Devise can get up to a reasonable level and give your character more character. Without augments you just fail a lot, seldom improve, and get frustrated. We are less "
  11. I completely disagree Why not just have a bot roll the passions and make all the PC's decisions? Then sit back and eat popcorn? I know Greg, and others, like Pendragon. I hate it. Using Passions and Runes to make most of the character decisions is roll playing, not role playing. If you can't make most of those decisions yourself to create an interesting character who is "not me", find another game. I suggest Backgammon. Occasionally, if I truly have no idea how my character will react, I'll roll a Passion or CHAx5, etc. But not often.
  12. The very different mechanics are a nightmare. I'm pretty sure we've been playing Runes "wrong" and giving a -20% to the Skill. However, that makes much more sense. As for the Hate passion, note that it, for some strange reason, only applies to a single opponent of that type, not all of them. Not sure if it has come up in our games but I'd ignore that restriction. Inspiration does slow down play. But, at only once per scene, not too much IMO. Our group use Skill Augments a lot, frankly, too much, and they often do greatly slow down play. If I ever become GM they will generally be
  13. We seldom try to "Inspire" with any Passion or Rune that's less than 70%. There are exceptions, but between the drawbacks for failure, and the "one passion per scene" rule, it seems suboptimal to use these weaker values.
  14. WF Issue #11 introduces "The Riddle Man", and has the first question, "When was the last time you wished you could use Guided Teleport?" Issue #13 has "What is the most useless Battle magic spell?" Issue #14 features "What is the most useless Battle magic spell?", (more answers) plus "Has your allied spirit ever misbehaved?"
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