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  1. Orlanth stole a Sword to kill Yelm. He did not steal a spell. Arkat was noted for an Unbreakable Sword, not an Unbeatable Spell. If Sever Spirit is "sacred" to Humakt, cite an important myth featuring The spell.
  2. @Dissolv Not only is a 6-10 point Lightning far more expensive than a Severe Spirit, is is far less effective. Most of the time it blows off a limb, not a soul. Madness and Mindblast are very effective. But those spells come from a magic focused cult, so are fitting and "reasonable". 7M doesn't have True Sword, Scimitar Trance etc. They are a middling combat cult. As written, Humakt is not only the "best" melee cult, it's also a top tier offensive magic cult. p.s. Not sure how an Issaries or LM can defeat a powerful Ernaldan at court either. Chopping off her head might be the best way. 馃檪
  3. Because players want to be heroic. Frankly, the "smart thing" is to be a farmer and let others die in battle. There are no heroic tales and myths of brave St. George shooting the dragon with a trebuchet.
  4. For a cult that prides itself on swordplay and honorable face to face duels, Sever Spirit makes absolutely no effing sense. And it's ridiculously overpowered. Our group tends to ignore or even ban it. p.s. always cast disruption first to test for Reflection.
  5. Arkat was a once in all of History hero. Arkat also left and joined a gazillion cults. Doesn't mean that a typical PC can. This is the exception that proves the rule. If it requires an Arkat to bring Humakti and ZZ together, clearly, they very very rarely go together
  6. Why is one "immensurable" and apparently the other one isn't?
  7. For a culture following the maxim "nobody can make you do nothing", there's a lot of forcing you to go to worship. Just saying... 馃檪
  8. Befuddle is pretty easy to "shake off" given a few rounds. It actually favors making dumb characters.
  9. Thanks. A short ceremony is much better! GMs could easily work it in into the flow of the narrative: "you see a Ernalda shrine covered in flowers" or "The sun is covered by dark clouds as a violent thunderstorm approaches".
  10. Our party is a bit large, but a reasonably typical mix of two Orlanthi, an Ernaldan, an Issaries, L.M., Storm Bull and Humakt. Just counting the first three cults, a PC is "out of action for all-day Worship" three days a week for their weekly minor holy days. It's painful to get anything done. How do other groups handle this? @Jeff, how did the official test group (Vasana et. al.), that has roughly the same mix of cults, handle this?
  11. @Dissolv thanks. However, since your other players buff the crap out of the Storm Bull,band there is no talk of any need to buff up the Humakti (In a normal battle), that proves the SB is weaker
  12. So if ogres eat humans (or elves or trolls or whatever) it's o.k.?
  13. I'm starting to grok that Orlanth really isn't perceived as a straight-up "fighter cult", and Humakt is an order of magnitude better. And it's starting to work for me. My Vingan is starting to focus on Bow, social skills, and getting all those interesting Orlanthi Rune Magics. Fortunately, she can avoid most of the dicksizing contests. 馃檪 Has anybody actually done a fight vs. a big chaos baddie, where the PCs had both a Storm Bull and a Humakt? I'd still put my money on the Humakt, but wondering...
  14. Until the entire party, Ernaldans, Eurmali, and possibly even Chalana Arroy, walk around in black, wearing (fake) runes, and waving swords with 1 point of some random spell.
  15. Many of these spells I have not used, so reread them. Think they are "just fine" - Shield: I don't see how it is 4 times as tough or hard to dispell. 1 rune point of Dismiss Magic or 2 MP of Dispel Magic should take out 1 point of Shield, right? What am I missing? - Truesword: don't see why this is broken against spirits. It does a d8+1 damage to them, not much more than a fairly commonly available Bladesharp 4. It is still a very good Rune Spell for just 1 point. - Impede Chaos: lots of any Rune magic will break things. At least this requires say 4 Rune Points to be problematical. - Morale: great spell, (I agree that Yelmalio should have it and probably not Humaht) but requires an hour long ritual, and that the regiment "stay together". Something that a clever opponent could disrupt. If all else fails, Dispel it. Tend to Agree they might have issues, but don't have enough experience to say for sure - Spirit Block: just 1 point turned a modest Spirit Combat from "scary" to "no problemo" - Bless Crops: similar to "just throw in MP at Worship", this spell solves the roleplaying issue of farming. - Thunderbolt: above my pay grade at this point, but the "1 more target for 1 more rune point" is troubling. Definitely has issues - Weapon Trance: for 1 measly Rune Point you completely dominate melee. Even if it gets dispelled, you still had a couple of rounds of completely dominating melee. Since they can't parry, that's effectively +12 to your damage! (completely ignoring added damage from increased crits and specials) When they can't hit that's effectively +100 to your armor. Also, you should parry with your sword (which likely has Truesword) and you will be chopping their weapons (or claws) into smithereens. Let's imagine that the opponents are organized and effective at dispelling after three rounds. By that point there are likely two major opponents disabled limbs, one with a broken weapon. Is that a fair trade for 1 Rune Point and 10MP? Absolutely. If you have decent stored MP, just cast it again the next round. The Chaosium party line that you "just dispel it" or "target with missiles" or "just run away for 15 minutes" is true, but there is no other one point spell that completely changes encounters like that. Nobody is arguing "oh no, I see a Troll/Vingan/Elmali, target them with everything and then flee!" Nobody is arguing "oh no, that Odalyan cast Bear鈥檚 Strength (a 2 pointer), we have to run away!" Maybe a Storm Bull with Berserker would get similar treatment, not sure there... As for dismissing, well, a "generic" dismiss targets defensive spells first. Sorry, you lose. To dismiss a specific spell, one must "magically discern or ... otherwise guess the specific spell." It is not clear to me how you can magically discern Sword Trance. Detect Magic just makes and magics glow, and does not reveal what or how powerful they are. Analyze Magic might work with a nice GM, but that's a rare Rune Magic. So, you are left with guessing the specific spell. "I'm guessing he has Sword Trance cause he just took out our two tanks.". By then it might be too late... Final Argument: Imagine there were a 1 point Rune Spell that, using N MP, boosted your POW by 2N. (+10% to overcome and resist in spell combat). Anyone think that is balanced???
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