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  1. Getting rid of Defense was the best thing RQG did. It too often rose to absurd levels.
  2. The Heal Body rune spell should be good for this. But not much else.
  3. I would strongly suggest that this "wait till next round" rule be made official. @Jeff and @Jason D
  4. No, he isn't saying that Sleep should be widespread. He is saying that if it were a basic normal spirit magic spell, there is no reason it wouldn't be widespread. And we all agree that is bad. The simple, clean solution is to make Sleep a CA (and Erissa) rune spell.
  5. Depends on the group. We had a budding shaman character and basically shot down the concept because we saw that, within a year of game time: They could put most enemies to Sleep. (Shaman are extremely powerful offensive casters, and have access to Multispell) We could then "win" the encounter. And the rest of the party members are useless. The player of the budding shaman is still pissed. Sorry to be a harsh critic, this should have been fixed in playtest. I love making Sleep a Rune Spell.
  6. This makes wonderful sense. Think Argrath (and, to be fair, the Emperor) will agree with you?
  7. Some of us have been patiently waiting well on 40 years.
  8. This is a good question. I think it is up to your campaign to decide how your leaders and players react. To me (the earth person me), Leika is a hugely responsible, intelligent, thoughtful, yet determined protector of her Tribe. Even my "Kallyr-fan-girl" Vingan PC now greatly respects Leika's slower, less dramatic approach. Yet she's not blood of Sartar, she can't pull the sword from the Stone. This strange man with awesome powers arrives as "Liberator", in company with a Homicidal Trickster, a Psychopathic mass-murderer Pirate, and (some time later) a "destroy cities, back to farming and herding" Praxian who would fit in with the Khmer Rouge. He plans to make them all look like misbehaving Boy Scouts when he releases Genghis Khan from Hell. He promises victory - no more nice guys finishing last, he will fight just as dirty as them. "I alone can fix this". When Sartar follows this creep, maybe they deserve what they get. (Yes, some real world politics has changed my view of Argrath...)
  9. I'm with @soltakss on this one. Does anybody really care that Ralzakark is a broo? If he were really just a super-chaotic unicorn King of Dorastor, and not a broo, would anything significant change? Would you suddenly be "oh yeah, glad to see you dude!" I think not.
  10. In our very non-canonical Glorantha, Gbaji had a powerful, devoted wife. After the final battle, to which our bold PCs heroquested to save her and restore the proper timeline, Arkat tasked her, some might say cursed her, with preserving Gbaji's good aspects. She thus acts as a significant counter to Ralzakark, and some of the worst aspects of the Empire. YGMV.
  11. Thanks for all the answers. Sounds like there are many different approaches that work for different groups. Next our group needs to figure out what works for us. 🙂
  12. Not sure what you mean. Players would only augment main skills if it mattered. There's a significant fight, augment your weapon or spirit combat or whatever. That's not "reckless'. If at the end you need Insight to interrogate a prisoner, too bad, but at least you won the fight. If you mean use Loyalty A in scene 1, Death in scene 2, and you have run out of good Runes or Passions by the climactic scene, yes, I agree that's possible, and desireable. But only if GMs enforce the limits (many have replied that they don't, or are generous on resetting). And only if they are a bit strict on which Runes or Loyalties apply. Which was the question of this original post. If a GM tends to be loose and allows, say, Mobility to augment Climb, then the fact that one recklessly used Water in an earlier scene is unimportant. Under a stricter GM, the player might think harder before using that key Augment. For example, we are in the middle of the Pegasus Plateau scenario, and **everybody** is saving a good augment for Climb.
  13. Most of our group really like the chance to augment your poor offbeat skills. Your warrior needs to try some Intrigue? You can augment and go from a pitiful 10% up to a "I feel like I at least got a chance" 30%. And you might get a check! Your character might develop some flavor... We are less sure about constantly augmenting your main skills, and generally prefer to reserve that for the "climactic" scene.
  14. One suggestion for @Jeff: occasionally push back on the PCs when they try using Passions or Runes for augments. I find them all more or less reasonable, but it would be educational for how a GM and the players should think about them. See also this link, specifically about using Mobility for Climb. Thanks! Great job on the videos!
  15. Our group is struggling with how to decide whether to allow Form Rune augments. For example, in the White Bull Campaign episode #2, one PC used his Mobility Rune to augment (technically, "inspire") their Climb skill to climb the walls into Pavis. @Jeff allowed it, didn't bat an eye. My initial reaction, watching, was "o.k., reasonable, but let me think about it". (Note - Jeff, might be nice for education if you occasionally questioned the players, asking them to explain why their Passion or Rune made sense as an augment. They usually do, but this might help others learn ) Certainly Climb involves movement. But so does every other Agility skill. And there's already a runic augment for that - Water. If a GM allows Mobility to augment all agility skills, plus dozens of other skills that involve movement, the it becomes a pretty all powerful augment. OTOH, if you don't allow Mobility to augment any Agility skill, that seems restrictive. Note: my character has a high Water, chosen specifically so that, when I really need to Dodge or Climb, I have a chance at a bonus. When I really need to Spot or Communicate or Hide, I'm on my own... Our group is very much confused and on the fence. One player is "certainly that makes sense". I am leaning towards "if there is another official Rune for that skill, the player should really use that instead, or a Passion". Another player is "Certainly not". In his view, Mobility might make you climb faster, if speed matters, but it won't augment your skill percentage. I find this an intriguing approach too. Thoughts?
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