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    Playtested some old Chaosium stuff, including Call of Cthulhu, Superworld, Griffin Mountain.
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  1. Except, in RQG you do learn to attack with a sword separately from how to defend with shield. The new rule is inconsistent. And makes spells like Bladesharp and Sword Trance a confusing mess.
  2. <sarcasm> Yes, good idea, as we all know that Humakt is weak in combat, and needs more spells and special abilities to make it effective. </sarcasm>
  3. I'd check out Bless Thunderstone as a baseline, then adapt for the vorpal sword
  4. At some point years ago (on Earth, not Glorantha) there was a Vinga myth of her rallying the women and helping guard the Stead, with some competition and rivalry with Yelmalio. Not sure if this still applies or how this should fit in.
  5. We let players assign 92 points worth of stats. Then add 6 (3 from runes) in accordance with the rules.
  6. I agree on most of his overall points, but disagree that "Glorantha fans get lost in the minutia of the mythology" because of our "modern" perspective with too much emphasis on facts. Ancients also had no problem getting lost in minutia. Consider early Christians and the details of The Trinity.
  7. A great example of what a proper Chalana Arroy should do! And extremely brave as well - with a good GM, they are definitely not for the faint hearted.
  8. I'm with @PhilHibbs on this one, only more so. Not acceptable. This is not to say that a CA would never do it, they are "human" after all, but it is doctrinally wrong.
  9. Interesting thread so far. I lean towards not using Devotion as an augment for or alternative to D.I. It is already an extremely important skill - just ask my Wind Lord wannabee who has been stuck at 85% Devotion Vinga for over a year real-time and Glorantha time. In a way, it already factors in to D.I. due to the Devotion requirements for Rune Levels.
  10. This is probably what should happen. However, as pointed out by @Effthe example in the rules explicitly contradicts you. The best description of the Lie spell comes from a long time RQ friend. "The Lie spell has never not been broken". Just with RQG it happens more often.
  11. Given that Argrath is following the "cheap expedited conveyor belt illumination" for thousands of his special units, the Hero Wars will prove interesting.
  12. We haven't needed DI yet. When we do I will try to remember this idea and make up some mechanic.
  13. "Memorable", perhaps. But do you feel it was good for resolving the scenario? I guess I'm weird, but I keep reading replays of other group's sessions where "the PCs crit on Round 1 and won", which strike me as extremely unsatisfactory. The battles I find memorable are close fought affairs lasting many rounds with increasing tension and danger. YMMV.
  14. This is fairly "historically realistic". But 1H Spear seems extremely lame as a RQG weapon. How does it work out in your games?
  15. An emergency dagger is fine when your main weapon goes. My PC carries two (never had to use them yet). This is definitely not what the other two posters were talking about. They described switching from spear to sword, and another going through weapons in "descending order of proficiency".
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