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  1. @Qizilbashwoman Since Jeff described the upcoming Yelmalio cult write-up as "remarkably similar" to that from Cults of Prax, not Sun Country, you can breathe easier. They are certainly "old fashioned" in attitude, women shouldn't show bare arms and legs and such, but no talk of veils or the malicious predjudice faced by Vega.
  2. I haven't played "official" Glorantha in 30 years, just returned recently with the advent of RQG. Had no idea about the Ergeshi. Thanks for the info. Yelmalio used to be a challenging but very playable PC cult, and Griffin Mountain featured a female Light Son. One of my Light Son's 3 personal followers was female. It is very unfortunate that the powers that be have apparently turned it into such a nasty cult that many real world people cannot stomach playing. I await the new Cults book. Maybe it will mellow things out. Otherwise, Our Glorantha will hopefully differ.
  3. Good take. Worshippers messing up their diety's message.
  4. @Mirza wow, tell me how you really feel. 🙂 Question: how many Orlanthi PCs actually know any of that history cosmic compromise mumbo jumbo about Dayseneros, Monroth, etc? Few. I expect it to be more like "Gbaji Chaos bad, Arkat smash!". But they all know about Orlanth killing Yelm and "Elmal" Guarding the Stead. Our great hero Argrath was just complicit in enslaving the entire Lunar garrison of Pavis, so you can't complain about slavery. As for the predjudiced sexism, yeah, bad, but how bad depends on your version of Glorantha. Our group hasn't met any yet.
  5. Complex? I really like your explanation, it works, and it makes Yelmalio the most amazingly forgiving and altruistic cult in the world. Orlanth kills your dad, steals you mom, ambushes you on the Hill of Gold, which leads to a hated troll stealing your fire powers, yet, when the world really needs you, you aid Orlanth and help guard his stead. And you aren't even regaled in the Myths as a big-shot famous "Lightbringer", that honor goes to buffoons like Eurmal. (Nor do I recall Orlanth ever saying "I'm sorry" or "Thanks, have this Generous Gift for your help"?) My Orlanthi, even the Vingans, are going to give Yemalians the usual friendly crap upon greeting, then the utmost respect and gratitude and a free drink. I think a future player may bring in a Yelornan, they are different, not sure how to treat her.
  6. If Elmal is "functionally the same as" Yelmalio, how can it be an ally of Orlanth? Or, why did Rurik Runespear rant at Biturian Varosh and those Priests have to divorce their wives and try to kill him? These can't both be true. Yes, I know it's Glorantha...
  7. Is this considered "normal" and "honorable"? Slightly Harsh? Very Harsh? Asking since our party will arrive there next year and wondering how they might think about reacting. (Glorion, the original poster, is our GM) Some of us Hate Lunars and don't care, some of us don't hate anybody and have high Honor, a Passion I haven't quite figured out. What were the Eaters is another interesting question, I'm sure our Glorantha may vary there... Thanks.
  8. We are just following the fairly standard 1625 Scenarios, (possible SPOILER ALERT) so there's not a "creative" aspect, but one of our players is maintaining a wiki with adventure summaries (and lots of rules fiddling). Check out the "Narrative" for his well done summary of each adventure, and "Lagerdsaga" for a "mock-Beowulfy-Odyssey-sagalike" summary. Full disclosure, I'm the author of Lagerdsaga. Link Here to Runequest Glorantha
  9. We played this yesterday. A slightly lucky hit in round 1 took out the bad guys. Disappointing. Not clear to us how the villagers should "atone" for their crime. Do we report them and they do the equivalent a lot of Hail Marys? The background and mystery were very well done. But perhaps too deep for PCs to figure out? Has anybody played it where the PCs figured it out? Our PCs are pretty battle oriented...
  10. I remain dubious that sex between minors is non existent, or even rare.
  11. Can you elaborate on "not permitted"? How do you stop them? Are there giant posters of Ernalda saying "just say no?" 🙂 This does bring up some interesting scenario ideas.
  12. Naimless: "Sure I'm a mother" Bureaucrat: "Of whom?" "That invisible child over there" "You expect me to believe that?" (Starting to draw sword) "Yes, I do". (Gulps...)
  13. Possibly not "canon" any more, but Vinga had a main temple, Tarthcaer, in the Quivin Hills. As for h/b joining Vinga / Nandan, I imagine there is some magic (or munchkinny) workaround, but reminds me of the famous quote from roughly 1805, when the British are facing a possible invasion by Napoleon: "I do not say the French cannot come, I only say they cannot come by sea".
  14. Interestingly, that is one of the few options not outlined in RQG p427. But I guess it could happen.
  15. Regarding the dangerous high Moon Rune idea some have broached, Vasana (the pre-gen RQG character) has 50% Moon, and I see no hints that she is under double secret probation.
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