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  1. Everybody needs DNA, and for their cells to renew themselves. So yes, the **potential** for cancer is pretty much necessary.
  2. You gonna mess with a Babs Gor Bridesmaid? 🙂 A little more seriously, in our game, my Vingan PC was Brightflower's Bridesmaid and I was kindof hoping for some violence, or at least roughhousing. Was thinking of running a scenario where she got captured by mistake by a rival clan. She was also sister of the Groom, so would be interesting.
  3. Bridesmaids were there to protect the Bride or at least try to confuse the bandits.
  4. When one of our PCs became Thane of Apple Lane, two of us, my rowdy Vingan who is his sister, and an even rowdier Storm Bull, did some "looking for marriage candidates". Our priorities were a good skill at "Manage Household", and large, er, "tracts of land". 🙂
  5. Maybe this belongs in a topic of it's own, but Glorantha History has a theme of Some group tries to "improve" the world and man's understanding and control of it Things go wrong A great hero or cataclysm sets the world back. Does anybody know this: was Greg a big fan of the classic post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel A Canticle for Leibowitz?
  6. Having recently watched Good Omens, I came up with a similar concept.
  7. Greg sometimes said that there are no "good guys" or "bad guys" in this struggle. As @jajagappa said. "We are all us".
  8. A good compromise is to use the full SIZ + DEX + size of weapon for the first round of combat, then fall back on just DEX for all subsequent rounds.
  9. Once you are engaged in combat swinging your weapon it's too late to think. However, planning ahead "if those two guys attack me, I will do XXX..." applies. Arguably, one could penalize high INT characters in combat.
  10. Hmm, probably not a big help! One reason I've noticed the trend is that my Vingan is looking for reasonable, preferably warrior-like single men to bed. The pickings from the scenarios we have run so far (haven't done "The Pack Train" yet) are extremely slim, close to non-existent. By contrast, our randy Storm Bull has no shortage of good female options. :-(
  11. I gotta say I'm getting a bit tired of "every significant (human) warrior you meet is a woman" theme. And I'm running a Vingan! Does make me think about some of the classics, like Conan and LotR where much was reversed.
  12. This campaign would be suitable for players from most any culture, though Esrolian, Sartar, or Lunar makes the most sense. When Harrek the Berserk sacked the City of Wonders, the "official" line is that his pirates killed everybody. Later, others performed a hero quest to resurrect everybody. (Sorry, don't have the references handy, but I believe this is canon) But, some young, soft-hearted PC (mine) who was there in her RQG background, was shocked by the slaughter, and saved one woman and child, later smuggling them out of the city. She killed one pirate, who was probably about to do something unforgivable, while doing this. Somehow, this act of mercy has corrupted the hero quest, (or maybe the dead pirate's soul did?) and the something "ain't right". To make things right, some heroes must find and kill that woman and child. Or, if you prefer, your heroes must protect her from those who seek her death...
  13. In our extremely non-canonical Lunar focused campaign, one of my PCs became a Yanafal hero. She was originally from Talastar, just outside Dorastor. She hated chaos : it had destroyed her family and village, driving her onto her eventual path. She also knew of Hospitality and some of the Storm Tribe myths and customs. There was a very testy negotiation / meeting between her and Kallyr, that only went peacefully because of the Code of Hospitality, aided by a Chalana Arroy claiming protection over Kallyr. (Kallyr had overextended herself as usual and gotten captured). I don't see why Tarshites will have forgotten their past traditions so quickly. Whether they keep to them is another question.
  14. That's a false legend. The real names were Monogamy, Duplicity, and Menagery. 🙂
  15. An interesting twist to RQG, which I don't remember from RQ2, is that if a character takes damage, spell casting is aborted. It makes SR matter, and adds tactics. E.g. Bad guy is pumping up their Befuddle to get through your Shield, do you cast Bladesharp and delay your attack, or do you swing early and try to interrupt their spell casting? Whether these tactics are worth the added detail and complexity may vary from group to group.
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