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  1. We just ran this for a PC, and I agree that there are really no places to "fail" once the mentor approves. And it's a harsh GM who will hold a player to a failed roll. It's just how good the fetch will be. Our candidate also cast Charisma and Glamour for the fight with the Bad Man. Not clear if those spells should be o.k. or last long enough. As it turned out, the +30% to Spirit Combat never mattered. Our candidate won 1 out of 4 rounds which seems vaguely reasonable. One rules point: after giving up POW to the Fetch, most candidates will drop in their Magical skills (less cate
  2. Yes, it celebrates the Ernaldan High Holy Week, so it should be an annual event. There should be at least as many bondable Hippogriffs as you have PCs.
  3. This could make a chaotic character problematic.
  4. Depends a lot on the other PCs. Are they particularly anti chaos? How well do they like the Humakti PC? Do they deal in higher level politics, or are they "under the radar"? This does give me a great idea for a scenario for other PCs, with the flavor of a TV crime show. Several Storm Bulls have turned up dead. All within a mile radius of the stead where a certain very strong Humakti lives...
  5. Most PCs only have two strong element runes. Their player should be able to remember what skills they augment. However, in practice, this is not the case. Good idea.
  6. As Captain Renault said: "We haven't quite decided yet whether he committed suicide or died trying to escape"
  7. We are also playing that the young Hippogriffs can only carry PCs in "light armor" .
  8. Our group used Roll20 for the hippogriff bonding, and the GM included their names along with the pictures, mainly for his benefit. The players used the names to guess as to their runes. A bit "weird". but in retrospect I guess that was our version of somehow "sensing" them. It helped a lot to match up PC with a compatible hippogriff..
  9. We interpret the restrictions on Rune Priest as "your PC is pretty much retired". Most of our PCs strive to be God Talkers instead Being a Priest of two cults, even if legal, is "you are retired". (Or we would play it that way)
  10. 1) What Nick said, which is "What they said". Don't sweat it. And, unless you build a big family tree, you only need two names, for a parent and one grandparent. 2) How about using your character's name? Many names get reused in families. My character is named after her famous grandmother.
  11. Would vary for me. Few of my characters are fanatic Toadies, most are devout and respectful, and some are smartasses. Our campaigns emphasize that the Gods need **Heroes**, not doe-eyed puppies. I get zero impression that Argrath is a devoted self effacing servant of Orlanth. With apologies to Braveheart: "Him? He can't be --William Wallace-- Orlanth! I am prettier than this god"
  12. @Bill the barbarian Please let us know how it turns out!
  13. Good idea. And these healers may need help, scouting, or protection from other party members. Otherwise, alone is alone. I really don't see how you get around that.
  14. Just have the Hunter character show up an hour early, run a separate little session for them, whatever. That's how we did it for my PC. Who is a Vinga worshipper, not a real "hunter", but wanted to impress the Cinsina by singlehandedly taking out a Telmori and Dire Wolf.
  15. The Hunter vs. Prey should be one on one. Sorry, no help from the rest of the party. But the non hunting party can be nearby to handle unexpected events. Maybe trolls or Lunars attack the proceedings?
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