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  1. As I noted elsewhere, the Gift / Geas is a choice, not a random die roll. Choose Chaos Gift only if you feel lucky, or are willing to "tear up" the character and roll again.
  2. While I agree with you and @Jason Farrell, the fact that you start with "IMHO" shows that the wording should be clearer.
  3. Another clarification request. For Lunar Cyclical Rune Magic, what does "available" mean? e.g., page 31, Black Moon, "Only 1-point Rune spells available, and no spells stackable." Example: During a Full Moon, my Lunar PC, who is outside of the Glowline, casts Shield 3 with Extension 3. it lasts a week! Actually, since the duration is doubled, it lasts 2 weeks? Woohoo! Then, a few days later, it becomes a Dark Moon. Neither Shield 3 nor Extension 3 are "available" (strictly speaking, they aren't stackable). The spells remain in effect for the full two weeks The spells go away. It drops to Shield 1 but will cycle through Shield 2 and Shield 3, then down to 2 and 1, as the Moon waxes and wanes.
  4. This assumes that one in 10 initiates choose Gift #10. The actual fraction could be lower. Or higher. It will be interesting in a year or so to poll RQG players who run Yanafail to find out which gifts are the most popular. I'm guessing that #3, increase a raiseable characteristic, will be very popular.
  5. If Regrow Limb were "great" and "personal" then yes, Deezola would have something special. Many other cults, including not-healing-focused cults like Issaries, Yinkin, and Maran Gor, have access to Regrow Limb. It is far from personal. Nor is Regrow Limb "great". Heal Body fixes the entire body, and regrows the limb instantly. Heal Body cost one more rune point, sure, but is a great spell. Note that Babeester Gor, not my idea of a healing cult, has both Regrow Limb and Heal Body.
  6. Even when you are on the Lunar side, Jakalleli are creepy and possible antagonists. 🙂 But fun to play as a PC. Believe me - we played a variety of Lunar characters for ~20 years.
  7. Jakaleel Rune Priest Question, page 89 (clarification needed?) Assume a PC Assistant Shaman with a POW 18 does the "fetch thing" and succeeds. They give a reasonable 8 POW to their fetch, dropping their personal POW to 10. Do they qualify to be a Priest? Yes, so long as their combined POW remains 18 or higher. No, they have to wait until their own personal POW reaches 18.
  8. The Lunar Cults should provide Worthy and challenging adversaries for most PCs Interesting opportunities for some PCs I think Yanafal is a success. And I really like His gifts and geases, because they are simple and (largely) logical, with little need for a GM to interpret. The Humakt geases require a lot of GM interpretation. As for some of the other cults, at a very preliminary reading, I somewhat agree with @Eff, they do seem lacking in magic and "cool stuff". Some of which, like leadership for Deezola, I was expecting. Whether that is mythically correct or not, ultimately, I don't care. The cults are there to support the game. Now, maybe, as I explore the combined arms aspects of the Lunar Way, they will become more interesting. I very much hope so.
  9. It depends on how strict your GMs are on allowing purchase of spell matrices, learning spirit magic from shamen, and learning spirit magic from other cults. We have been pretty loosey-goosey on this, which, in retrospect, I regret. Also depends on access to MP storage.
  10. Necromancing an ancient thread, what is the status of this timeline?
  11. If @French Desperate WindChild were a Gloranthan, then yes, following the God Learner playbook will fail spectacularly. However, they are, I believe, an earthling, possibly from France, so they are free to use logic and "one truth" to analyze Glorantha. As for whether a God Learner "take" is correct for analysis, I constantly see analysis, including on this very thread, that goes God XXX "owns" the YYY Rune. Therefore they can ZZZ Now, #1 is a God Learner concept. Does that mean such an analysis is "shallow" and will "fail spectacularly"? I dunno...
  12. I love this phrase! A nice euphemism for "Gregged".
  13. Arguably, Mastakos already has too many cool spells. Plus all common rune spells, which is unusual for small cults. I agree with @PhilHibbs that Proteus came out of left field. Perhaps there will be further info later, or when the Water cults book is published. I also agree that at least some of Leap et.al. makes sense for Mastakos. As @David Scott has helpfully suggested.
  14. O.K., understood, and very reasonable. We did that when we first started. And the Occupation Income table on page 423 covers the basics. Note that Shaman don't use POW, they use Spirit Combat. First, if a Warrior or Hunter dropped their POW to 4 to obtain gobs of Rune Magic, would you tell them "sorry, you can't perform your duties, because your Protection or Speedart spells are unlikely to work"? Second, and most important, even if a Shaman didn't drop their POW, and kept it at something "reasonable" like 12, saying that they are expected to routinely go on the Spirit Plane alone as part of their duties is unfair and dangerous. Our PC Shaman was wildly overconfident, and, with other GMs, convinced them that he could "easily" go on the Spirit Plane and find and defeat some spirit in order to learn every spell he wanted. I mean, he has Spirit Block and is over 100% at Spirit Combat, right? What could go wrong? Then, when I was GM, we did lots of actual normal-plane spirit combats. After several crits by relatively middling POW enemy spirits, he realized just how random and dangerous is Spirit Combat. He got knocked out of battle, but his companions saved him. If he had been alone on the Spirit Plane, that's probably a permanent character death. Call it a Thought Experiment - assuming that a Shaman goes routinely on the Spirit Plane is incorrect, as the Spirit Plane is far too dangerous. While I agree with everyone that it is horrible munchkinnery power gaming to drop the Shaman's POW and give almost all to the Fetch, the solution to say "you must routinely go Spirit Plane, where you can't perform your duties" is unfair, and, as proved in the thought experiment, wrong. The solution is to ignore the unpublished, and, so far as I can tell, untested and unbalanced "errata"
  15. As GMs, do you force PCs in other occupations to go out and do things between sessions? For example, do your Hunters go hunt, Warriors war, Entertainers entertain?
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