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  1. Good point. Circe from the book (great book BTW) did a lot more interesting things than turn men into pigs. I'd focus on those aspects more.
  2. Some unsolicited advice: don't try to stay too close to the inspirational character. I've run lots of, perhaps too many, characters "inspired" by books, TV shows or movies. I ran a "Femme Nikita", a "Josie Wales", a time traveling "Leopold" (Kate and Leopold), a "Meg Coburn" (Replacement Killers) and am now running a Lagertha (Vikings TV). Use the background for ideas, perhaps a few key personality points. For example, my Lagertha won't put up with any polygamous marriage arrangements for her. But I'm not going to force the campaign to take us into raiding England and sacrificing cattle.
  3. For the record, this was answered in another thread. The intent is that the arrow should be used immediately. So the arrow in the specially marked quiver is just a normal arrow.
  4. Well, you are mistaken. At least how I understand Yanafal. Yanafal was a Humakti who dies, self ressurects, yet, by the power of some Sedenyic mumbo jumbo, and in honorable ceremony / duel with Humakt, maintains his Honor and becomes a God. Unlike ZZ, Yanafal is not a hated enemy of Humakt.
  5. Interesting, I can buy it. By that same logic, Yanafal proves that Humakt has lost his full power over Death. Maybe I'm going by "old" material, but, in Cults of Prax, Humakt is quite passive: Eurmal found Death o.k., Humakt killed somebody (In some myths I recall, it was Eurmal as the killer of Grandfather Mortal, YGMV) Orlanth "borrowed" Death to kill Yelm Humakt dissociated himself and did absolutely effing nothing in the God's War. I stand by my contention that Humakt is a dull boring god.
  6. And, as a follow-up. You cast Shooting Star and carefully place that arrow into a specially marked quiver. Tomorrow is your holy day. What happens?
  7. True in RQ. However, this brought me to an insight on RQ Mythology, gameplay, stories, and life in general. A good friend in High School wrote in my Yearbook "Becoming is superior to being." (a Paul Klee quote) Somehow, it stuck, and I really took it to heart. Yelm is the Sun. Humakt is Death. And, frankly, neither ever really did anything interesting. They never mythically changed or became anything. Both are passive characters, best known for what others (e.g. Eurmal, Orlanth) did to them. Orlanth screwed up mightily then labored to fix it. He became king of
  8. Please wait to clarify until after I create my awakened Alynx shaman with max POW of 38. 🙂
  9. Paraphrased From Cults of Prax invoke Issaries to bind us with his passing, and ordered that we hold hands for the test of the ceremony. A healer called for Chalana Arroy to bless us and keep us whole. The Lhankor Mhy scholar called for his god to make our ground steady to walk upon. Flesh Man (a begger) called for all people to recognize the touch of the gods The Trickster got drunk and called for more ale. Orlanth Priest casts Cloud Call, calls on Orlanth to watch and protect the marriage "Stand together always, two are better than one. Life is sh
  10. Cults of Prax has a ceremony when Biturian weds.
  11. Maybe this should go into another thread, but... Our Colymar Storm Tribe PCs are in Pavis to check out this Argrath guy, and I'm really struggling with what to make of all the "mystic stuff". It's 100% obvious to all of us that Argrath has recruited hundreds of Illuminated Lunars to his cause. Proof: hundreds of IOT scholars who no longer do Lunar worship yet haven't lost their INT. And he likely has even more illuminated non-lunars. I'm usually good at not basing roleplaying decisions on metagame info, or info my PCs don't know. But surely some PCs can be very suspicious? Arka
  12. One of my PCs was a Carmanian hazar drinking buddy of Yanafal from hundreds of years ago, who fled screaming from the 2nd(?) Battle of Chaos, and eventually came through a time warp to current Gloranthan times. Kept making inappropriate comments about YT and various bar maids. And his Carmanian House wasn't sure what to make of him either. Fun concept.
  13. I'm struggling with this concept. Boldhome has the Royal Road, but also seems very far to the east of the direct trade route between Peloria and Nochet.
  14. Anybody who thinks that the RQG rules are "the exhaustive model" is foolish and should find another game to play, perhaps tic tac toe.
  15. An interesting take. I look at who drew the Lunars' attention, and, in that regard, Kallyr seems to draw more countermeasures than Argrath. Jar-Eel personally intercepted her Short LBQ. And the assassins sent to the Battle of Queens seem serious and well planned. By comparison, the assassins sent after Argrath in Pavis seem a bit slapdash - face it, some young PCs defeated them remotely on YouTube. 🙂 (a) In that respect, it sure seems like the Lunars believe that Kallyr was more of a prime mover than Argrath. They (and I) could be mistaken. (a) My wacko conspiracy theory
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