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  1. Hello, information for the timeline came from a compilation from, King of Sartar, Guide to Glorantha, Glorantha Sourcebook, Timelines in current and previous Rq Rulebooks and notes on Sun County from Jeff (in a thread somewhere on here). asaik, it’s canon, but as is typical with the amount of published books, some dates do move around a little. I researched this to help with my campaign’s future event. So, unless the players do something spectacular/inept, I’ll be sticking along with it.
  2. Stephen L, great ideas there, especially the Lunar innkeeper and child. I’d love to know if any of your player characters develops a conscience!
  3. Argrath liberated Pavis, early in 1625. He then unsuccessfully marched on Sartar. Dragonrise occurred shortly afterwards.
  4. Thanks, I’m well aware of the “just roll up new characters guys” vampire In a certain temple. I’ll have to check out the ones in Dorastor. I always felt the game mechanics of vampires in 3rd edition clashed with the cults of terror mechanics. So it will be interesting to see how that’s resolved in the Gods of Glorantha book.
  5. I was reading through “Lords of Terror” and it mentions an upcoming campaign supplement “Tower of Night”, with a full description of the Vivamort cult. As far as I know, this never made publication. So, does anybody know what happened to it, and how far it got, and has there ever been a write up for the Vivamort cult for 3rd edition and beyond. Thanks
  6. That lovable rogue Halcyon, keeps cropping up! Would be an excellent campaign starting point though. Running lunar spies/saboteurs acting against the existing lunar military occupation in hostile Orlanthi lands.
  7. Thanks for the replies so far, all good ideas. Obviously, some are more relevant to my campaign setting and the character involved than others. I’m also wanting to stay away from philosophical arguments that wouldn’t be understand by your average uneducated Orlanthi. In the same way, my players are just getting to grips with the world of Glorantha, and introducing the concept of Illumination could tip them over the edge. My first thoughts were to feed the characters relatives to The Bat (a rather sledgehammer approach!) However, talking to the player involved, she does see two dis
  8. We’ve all run games where someone wants to be different and run something potentially at odds with the rest of the players. A potential dilemma I have in a game which I’m running at the moment. My campaign is currently running in the few years before Dragonrise. Relatively shortly, there are a few events that act to reinforce the Lunar hatred of Orlanthi. When Argrath and the nomads sack Pavis, sources generally describes the lack of mercy given to any Lunarites found within the city. Other commentaries within King of Sartar also seem very black and white, making it hard to creat an arg
  9. There’s some good stuff on that list, and, as you say, with the book references, some follow up work can be easily done. with my Runequest campaign, I tend to run one “event” per season. In a similar pattern to the “Great Pendragon Campaign”. My plan is to have historical events tie in with their adventures, and the players can feel that they are part of a bigger world. If things effect the characters directly, it’s an excuse to give characters passions from it. It’s also easier to generate relevant rumours and gossip from what’s happening in the greater world.
  10. What’s a 400 year time passes... I’m sure Rurik would still look good! my campaign is currently in 1618, having started a couple of years before that. So, that where the focus for this is. From the books I’ve read, although events are recorded in previous years it gets increasingly harder to allocate seasons to them.
  11. Hello, first time post, so be gentle, and if moderators deem this in the wrong place, please let me know. I thought people may find the following a useful reference. My Runequest campaign started in the years before Dragonrise (there’s too much cool stuff happening). I wanted to collate the events in those years. So, I could then tie key events into the characters lives and their adventures. Some will have a direct influence and be able to participate in. Others like the Windstop, the characters and their families, will be affected by, although they can’t do anything about it. I hop
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