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  1. But is is worse than Aftermath?
  2. IRL there are no Chalana Arroys to regrow your limb or stick it back on with a Healing 6. No, our healers were actually the main amputators.
  3. You make a sound point, and I can shed a little light on it. Lovecraft himself decried the religious themes in horror as hackneyed, and said he wanted to write stories that would scare an atheist. One of the tools he used was to try to write in the style of a report, a statement, or a journal entry, to add credibility to the story. Remember that this was in an era where report writing was considered a very important way to relate factual information, and one where reputations were on the line. Over time, report writing has fallen dramatically in cultural importance. While it still gets done, less importance is placed on it as it is seen as too subjective. Back in the 1930s however it was something of a gold standard and was taken seriously even by governments. On the other hand, you could get in serious professional trouble for writing a faulty report back then.
  4. As a useful addition, I bought a pre-copy of the upcoming Gods of Glorantha supplement and it does mention Maran Gor as specifically having mated with Hykim to produce Dinosaurs, and having a Control Dinosaur spell. So I guess I was wrong about that, and some of the guesswork has been taken out about the mysterious Earth Goddess who mated with a dragon to make dinosaurs. As a side issue, it also means that the dark earth isn't necessarily infertile, which is interesting.
  5. Fair enough. There is a point at which rules get top heavy and bog down the game in mechanical trivia. Harnmaster isn't even the worst offender on that score.
  6. I doubt that ANY dinosaurs actually come from Maran Gor.
  7. If they don't want realism, they can get their narrative/systemless jollies playing HQ, and probably already do so. RQ has always been a flagship for realism in RPGs. Don't believe me? Remove the magic system and look at what happens in combat. For me, a good portion of MGF is a game system that behaves like the real world in most respects, but with some magic to spice it up. I am not alone in wanting this.
  8. You make a decent point. Let me suggest that when these critters die, because they are off the dragonewt path, they keep making mistakes and gradually become more and more like the other reincarnating spirits of the world. Now we know dragonewts are tied to the dragonewt rune, and that will mean that they aren't subject to the same recycling rules as other spirits. They get "put in the dragonewt bin, away from general garbage", and get priority rebirth at their egg. As they leave the path, that connection gets broken, and their runic association fades or collapses slowly from dragonewt to beast, and with it fades their "platinum card privileges". How many lifetimes does it take? Who knows? Perhaps they eventually devolve into snakes, newtlings and rubble runners? Crucially, what I don't see is dinosaur hybrids cropping up in the rules. That tells me that they are discrete species. Hell, even Broos that mate with dinosaurs have a close resemblance to their victim parent, so really there is no excuse for pseudosauruses imo, if only because they won't be viable life forms, but it will be even worse if they actually are.
  9. I have heard some gossip about this very point from Chaosium people at RQCon Downunder recently. Yeah, there is a version 2 under discussion. Idk how serious it is, but it seemed pretty serious, in fact, like it was already underway. LOL education inequality. Hilarious. I want a skill system that reflects the real world. If that means you won't master alchemy until your 60s, so be it, alchemists and wizards should be old, and long drawn out apprenticeships should be part of that. The entire change would be a bracket with 2 letters in it next to skills, or even going into the base skill on the character sheet. And the pay off? Realistic skill training times and improvement rates.
  10. Yeah, but this isn't an answer. You have left the door open for pretty much all these dinosaurs to breed with each other by thinking that will work. So you wind up with a Tyrannosaurus with stupid tiny wings to go with the stupid tiny arms, and a dumb head armour. Or a bronotsaurus that breeds with a dimetrodon and has a huge silly frill on its back so it keeps falling over in a high wind. Or a pteranodon with a dimetrodon so that it has a third goddamn back wing that does nothing. Now you might be happy with a herd of broo-sauruses, but color me unimpressed. Unless there is a mechanism involved in the mythology that separates dinosaurs into discrete species, you have opened a pandora's box of mix and match dinosaurs that are goofy. It's unavoidable. If every dragonewt that takes a wrong turn on the path and becomes a dinosaur is equivalent to every other dragonewt, and every presently existing dinosaur made by natural reproduction, and they are all as sexual as Hykim and Hikyh, then what will happen? Now clearly dragonewt asexuality is a product of their immaturity. When they step off the path, suddenly they become fertile as they grow up in a way they have never experienced before. This seems odd, as Maran Gor is black earth, and thus not fertile, so where is the connection again? Now they aren't chaos, so there should be rules, but from what you are saying, if a dragonewt becomes a triceratops it can mate with a maiasaur in your non-system, and the outcome? Predictably silly. And why not? There is nothing to stop this as they are all technically the same species, just like dogs, only this is worse than chihuahua's mating with great danes. When a dragonewt becomes a dinosaur it is a spiritual punishment. Too aggressive? Allosaur. Obsessed with magic? Maiasaur. Stubborn, stupid and brutish? Triceratops. Gluttonous? Brontosaur. Aloof or flighty? Pteranodon etc. This is also potentially a one-way trip too, as the chances of getting back on to the dragon path are very low without a lot of help. Now we don't know which Earth Goddess mated with a dragon, but if it was Maran Gor, it made her infertile and a bit crazy with bloodlust subsequently, and it produced Hykim and Mikyh. If it wasn't Maran Gor, then somehow Maran decided she liked dinosaurs, but let's face it, she has no "Command Dinosaur" spell, just a vague association, that she shakes the earth and so do they. It's a bit flimsy. Isn't it odd that Ernalda can control snakes, but Maran Gor can't control dinosaurs. Big cosmic mystery right there.
  11. While I don't exactly disagree with this, it doesn't sit quite right with me. It is a bit of a sloppy answer, speaking entirely mythologically. To have dinosaurs slipping haphazardly into various species this way and being fertile? Something is wrong. Every other species in Glorantha probably has an origin myth and associated deities, why not dinosaurs? So let's consider Maran Gor. She is the Earth Shaker goddess. She likes these big reptiles that shake the earth as they move, and she has been linked to them religiously. Now how does that fit with a poor little Maiasaur? Maiasaurs don't shake the earth when they move, they don't worship bloodthirsty Maran Gor, and are in fact peaceful vegetarian critters, and quite smart. Or pterodactyls? Can't see much connection with earth shaking there either. Now the connection with the larger dinosaurs is more obvious. Allosauruses are bloodthirsty and earth shaking, and while triceratops and brontosaurs are herbivores, but also shake the earth. Now as far as I know, we don't even have a full list of the dinosaur types roaming Glorantha. We can be pretty sure that a triceratops can't fertilize a maiasaur's eggs though, even though mythologically, if the species are so very wibbly wobbly, that should be far from impossible, and who knows what the progeny would look like? So lets rule out this absurdity before dinosaurs become parents of protean broo-like monstrosities. Clearly dinosaurs have species, and those species can only fertilize others of their own species, like all the other non-Chaotic types of creatures. Back to the Earth connection now... In fact we don't know a lot about any connections between Maran Gor and the Dragonewts. We can speculate though. For example, we know of an earth goddess mating with a dragon and producing Hykim and Mikyh. Did this event even involve Maran Gor ? Perhaps she hold the clues to this possibly chthonic mystery? Then again, perhaps she picked up the connection during the EWF or directly after the Dragon Kill when the Pure Horse people came to settle Dragon Pass and the Feathered Horse Queen became tied to the land via rituals with the Inhuman King? Clearly there is a lot of hidden history involved here, but perhaps it was once more explicit? Say, during the EWF?
  12. This has been one of the long term issues with all BRP based games (RQG included unfortunately). The SIZE stat is wonky and has been for a long time. SIZ has always tried to reconcile physical dimensions with weight to produce a sought of "Mass" stat, but it doesn't work all that well. I believe the odd and apparently arbitrary "odd spots" are to do with examples of real life animals, but I can't remember what was said with enormous clarity. I had a biologist friend who was running the numbers and noted this too.
  13. I wonder if RQ could benefit from a modified CoC 7th Ed pursuit table?
  14. Well it was good enough for the Founding Fathers, who looked at the religious wars in Europe, and said the USA didn't need that. How did they solve it? By guaranteeing the citizens freedom of conscience, outlawing the notion of a state religions, and creating a notional separation of ALL religions from public institutions so no single religion could dominate US political discourse. In return, religions were given tax free status. Despite that, pretty much all religions in the USA have endeavoured to abuse the separation of Church and State ever since. Still, this has nothing to do with the religious persecution of someone who is persecuted for playing Call of C'thulhu. I think we can all agree that any religion that is so very removed from reality that it thinks something as innocent as playing CoC is a threat to them is a threat to everyone alive too, and needs to be stopped.
  15. RQ has never worried about gameplay balance. This is one of its great strengths as a game. Nobody is restricted from learning any skill, save by the bounds of what is opportunistically available to them within the game's geographical and social setting. One's character may start life as a dog worshipping savage, but can learn to read and write and eventually become an erudite sorcerer if one can find a way to do so. That sounds like laziness to me. Why even assume that GURPS is the gold standard here? It isn't even a good system, merely one that handles a great many diverse situations badly. A classic example of a system where one size fits nothing and no-one. Bad game mechanics. Did I think about it? Yes. Allow me to explain... I divided the skills into ones you can learn in a day, a week, a month, a season, a year, and a decade. These may seem like arbitrary time breaks, but they seem to work out surprisingly well in practice. I have put a lot of thought into it over a number of years of research on various skills. Thanks for asking. Did you think about it? Obviously there should be some alterations to those rules. Good point. Like in real life ? Oh noes! The only word I take exception to in that sentence is "unfairly". If it is realistic, it is fair. Or you have made a system which is pretty realistic even better. RQ has had a lot of re-writes, like many RPGs. The aim of every rewrite is to make the game better, isn't it? And isn't RQG getting another rewrite soon?
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