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  1. Sadly, Greg in Arcane Lore (The Stafford Library) is pretty clear that Mysticism is very much its own distinct type of magic and is every bit as important as shamanism, theism or sorcery so I cannot agree that mysticism is just an "approach". Now please understand that I am not disagreeing with you insofar as I think that every culture in Glorantha probably has its own system of mysticism, just as Kralorela which is ostensibly mainly Mystical also has shamans, priests and sorcerers. We really do need a discrete system for mysticism in Glorantha to reflect what Greg wrote.
  2. My friend used a Warhammer random Chaos name generator to name his kitten. He settled on Skullcrush Throb-toad. It was shortened to Skull or Skullie, but never carried the same dignity as his full name. Some less complimentary suggestions: Lurker, Runt, Skank, Ambush. Just steer away from names from Cats them Musical.
  3. I tip my hat to the GM of this session. Very nicely done.
  4. I completely agree. The fact is that the isolated renunciate makes for a truly terrible player character. A fighting mystic like a Taraltaran or an Immanent Mastery initiate make for far more interesting and action packed stories. I did once play a saintly Franciscan monk in Ars Magica (and had a great time too), but the setting lent itself to allowing the character to shine. Agreed. Let us also remember the great Orlanthi mystical tradition of the Larnstings. The foremost member of whom was probably Sartar, who never killed anybody but did periodically change people into things.
  5. I would suggest a different approach. I think that the mainstay of surviving illumination in the West is the Arkat Cult, by which I mean the one that Mularik Ironeye belongs to, not those abortive schismatic Safelstran city state cults. They are a small, selective crew with a join-or-die mentality and an intensely strict moral code and an Orwellian review process. The aim of Irensavalism is to attain a new gnosis of the Invisible God. The aim of Illumination is personal liberation. Now to a casual and uninformed eye, a mad hermit sitting in a cave performing asceticism doesn't look mu
  6. I enjoyed what you wrote and largely agree with it. I do think that there is enough evidence to still defend the idea that Immanent Mastery is a mystical tradition. (1) In HeroQuest we are told there are 2 forms of Mysticism, transcendental and immanent. The transcendent seeks to go beyond the world, while the Immanent see that the world is within us. The very name of Immanent Mastery suggests that second string of mysticism which is often neglected. I recall that the Lunar Taraltaran Sect are Immanent Mystics who practice a scimitar martial art, for example. Draconic Mysticism defin
  7. I am not talking about illumination, I am talking about mysticism, the 4th type of magic in Glorantha. I strongly suggest that Irensavalism sounds a lot more like a sorcerous branch of mystic practice than any form of sorcery. There is some overlap between all the schools of magic, and this one area where sorcery and mysticism overlap imo, as what else do you call going on a journey of the inner spirit to establish contact with a higher manifestation of the Invisible God? Sorcery, but not as the rules know it. I also think that Illumination is all but worthless as a means by which to under
  8. I daresay you are correct insofar as the rules are concerned, but it would be supremely odd for the West not to have a school of mysticism and Irensavalism more than fits that bill, given its similarities to Catharism.
  9. My interpretation of the situation is this (take it or leave it). YGMV, but official history suggests that Leika fails in her bid. Sartarite Tribal Kings are (of necessity) a pragmatic lot and will have no problem horse trading political favors even with their enemies as needs must. The fact is that the Orlanth temple of Jonstown is not the true political powerhouse of the city; that is the Lhankor Mhy Temple. Jonstown is run, not by Tribal Kings, but by a Guild Ring, and many of those Guilds are tied in worship, not to Orlanth, but to Lhankor Mhy who run what is effectively Startar's great
  10. Well at the moment, what we sadly have is a situation where mysticism "is" illumination within the RQG rules. I think this situation does everyone a disservice. To my mind Lunar Illumination =/= Larnstingism=/=Draconic Wisdom =/= Irensavalism =/=Cult of Dayzatar =/= Kralori Mysticism =/= Eastern Isles Mysticism. All these traditions should be treated as somewhat similar but discrete. I also suspect that Mysticism is somewhat more associated with Hero Status, as it seems that being able to transcend the world is part of what makes a Hero able to interact with the mythic realms of their beli
  11. Every sect of Malkionism has strict rules on what is and isn't acceptable in tapping. The teachings of the Invisible God say that you should love creation, and tapping is the opposite of that, and so it needs to be ethically constrained. RQ3 had a series of rules about it.
  12. I would suspect a Harmony Rune on a banner might indicate a desire for parlay. Putting a black rune on a white banner certainly leaves less room for miscommunication. This won't work with Trolls however as it is doubtful whether they see color, so you might be better making such a rune out of wood, or shaving a harmony rune into the hide of livestock then shooing it over to them so they will eat it, see the rune and figure you have fed them so you probably want to talk not fight.
  13. Some intellectual snobs may make a point of it, just to show their disdain for the work of their competitors. Academic politics...
  14. Mongoose Press' "Second Age" books have rules for Draconized Orlanthi mythos cults and for Draconic cults during the EWF. They all rely on a Draconic Mysticism skill to cast. Superficially, Draconic magic doesn't synergise well with other forms of magic. There is this whole lack of a developed system of Mysticism Magic in RQ. HeroQuest had a system based on "refutation", but I get the sense that Draconic Mysticism is pretty different, even if it leads to something pretty similar to Illumination, like most forms of Mysticism. One thing that I have gleaned however is that humans have often
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