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  1. Darius West

    Mass starvation and Our Heroes

    I could see the situation where moonboats are tooled up into grain barges becoming a distinct possibility. It is quite possible that moonboats may be used to evacuate garrisons that are too far from supply as well. It is worth pointing out that Pavis' Sacred Time hero quest to gain food from the underworld via the Puzzle Canal may become important. I would also point out that herder cultures will be less affected than grain cultures by the Windstop, as they may (reluctantly) slaughter and preserve meat animals that they can no longer graze. I wonder how many people will be cast into the arms of Malia and Cacodemon by the Windstop?
  2. Darius West

    Questions about lunarized Dara Happans

    So lets reverse that question. How much resistance, overt and covert, is there by Solar religions to having been taken over by the Lunars? It is pretty normal for the cities to be the haven of the invader culture and the rural areas to be havens of the older religion. On the God Wall, if I am not mistaken, Rufelza is a minor rebellious deity in the Solar pantheon. That would mean that there must be Solar Worshippers who are well aware that the current situation is not what their sky rune deities envisaged. No doubt the local government Solar councilors do what they can to prevent a red-wash of the solar religions. I would imagine that the Red Moon has a lot of trouble governing Alkoth, given the worship of Shargash there. No doubt much depends upon tax rate, with many potential rebels waiting for the central government to have to raise taxes before they make their move. Now while arguably the Red Moon is a very progressive force in Glorantha, that merely makes them more intolerable to the immensely conservative Solar pantheon. While the situation is probably better than it was during the EWF in Dara Hapa, as the Lunar Empire has been there longer, there will be issues. It may even be that the Solar worshipers will take extreme exception to the White Moon cult, as it is like the Red Moon only "worse". Without doubt however, for the majority of people in Dara Happa, life under the Lunars is peaceful and relatively prosperous.
  3. Darius West

    The Trauma of the Dragonkill War

    Things we might compare the Dragonkill to IRL: 1) The detonation of the volcano at Thera and subsequent tsunami. We still have legends about Atlantis and unanswered questions about "the Sea People". 2) The Great Flood. There are a series of flood events that might qualify as Noah's flood , though none would have topped Mt. Ararat. The most likely is the flooding of the Persian Gulf, which filled in much the same way that the Mediterranean and Black Sea did. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utnapishtim 3) The Black Death. 4) The First use of Atomic Weapons in anger.
  4. Here are a few suggestions: 1) Hazia. While illegal, the frontier is a good place to plant a hazia field in among legitimate crops. While you could take the opportunity to launch the "Rabbit Hat Farm" scenario by getting the characters involved with some shady type offering them lucrative drug opportunities in return for terrible risks. On the other hand, the players might try to bust the ring and claim the credit, but that involves butting heads with the likes of Gimgim the Grim and the Blackfang cult who are Krarsht allies. 2) A Tarnished Silver Coin. When someone pays for goods with tarnished silver, you can tell the player that this is a sign of the Cult of Thanatar. Of course when the first person the catch is questioned about their transaction, they show that they have untarnished silver, so they are not a Thanatari. This leads the players on a quest to find out who is spending tarnished silver. This leads back to pretty much anyone you like. It could be an illuminated Yelmalio who is also a Thanatari and hides his status by pretending to always pay in wheels. It could lead to a Lunar military official who is supposed to be overseeing security for visiting lunar officials, but has been paid off with Thanatari silver to turn a blind eye as a head full of Rune Magic is harvested. It could even lead to the "Black Broo of Dyskund" scenario. 3) Weird Praxian Macrame. Among bundles of other items the merchant finds a basket full of leather thong macrame with odd items tied into it. If the vendor is questioned, they will explain that they found it when cleaning out their grandfather's shed after he died recently, explaining that their GP used to be a man of action who raided the rubble and fought Praxians and so forth. The macrame is of course Praxian knot-writing and it can be used as a jumping off point for pretty much any sort of scenario if they can find someone to read it. There could, for example be tantalizing map clues to Lassiter's Reef, or a contract of ownership whereby the bearer may claim a certain number of herd beasts from a specific Praxian tribe if they belong to another Praxian Tribe. There could be a scandalous love letter correspondence between a Waha Chieftain and his homosexual lover who is an enemy Yelmalion that could lead to an opportunity for blackmail or the quiet gaining of a powerful new friend, depending on how it is handled. Optionally these knotted arrangements could make for an interesting thing to hand over one's doorway to deter flies... until someone who can read the knots sees the love letter... Hilarity ensues as the reader assumes the property is the site of a brothel for a very specific sort of client and word gets around... 4) A Trampled Silver Trumpet. Worth perhaps 50L in raw metal, the trumpet comes from a company of 100 Lunars sent out during the first years of the Lunar Occupation on a sensitive secret mission. It has recently been recovered by the vendor from where it lay, and brings many old ghosts and questions back to life. What was the purpose of the mission? Were there survivors who have built their reputation on a certain story that the location of the lost bugle proves cannot be true? Does this wake up the interest of local resistance cells? Does this unleash a plot of desperate intrigue and danger? Well yes... Of course...And it all plays out as yet another intrigue behind the "Melisande's Hand" scenario. 5) A Marvelous Carpet. Dusty and unsightly at first glance, a good beating and a wash will reveal rich colors and vibrant patterns that resonate with mystical significance. This carpet has come across the Waste from Teshnos, and what was once a beautiful work of art is now a filthy blanket for a riding animal. The carpet will fetch a fine price, well in excess of its purchase price, and may be used to encourage the merchant to find a way to Teshnos, to purchase more of these carpets, whether by sea or in the company of Praxians. 6) A Scrap of Hyena Skin. Commonly known as a "GM Dick Move", to be given a piece of Hyena Skin is a bane to all Issaries merchants as it means they have to become Desert Trackers if they are from the Garzeen or Etyries Sect. It's the Issaries equivalent of being tricked into watching the video tape from the horror movie "Ring". The player now has to trade away the Hyena Skin to another merchant who will take up the path within a set time period or they must take up the Desert Tracker's path. Stolen from Cults of Prax, but still a good one. 7) Commercial Opportunity. Local farmers come to Garhound for the contest and trade in product X (Porcelain clay, wool, fruit, nuts? Your choice). The Etyries merchants also come to Garhound and scoop up X for a song and then trade it to artisans in Pavis or further afield where it commands ten times the price, which is completely unreasonable given the poverty of the farmers and the artisans. When the farmers are questioned, they say they suspected as much but can't really do anything about it. If the Issaries player is able to convince the locals to trust the scheme and puts up the money, they could potentially create a lucrative regular trade with the locals by creating a local trade cartel where they are not so ruthlessly ripped off. Conditions to be negotiated. Of course the local Etyries merchants won't necessarily take this situation passively. 8) Diseased Blankets. Muriah the Broo has hit on a dirty trick. Selling disease laden blankets at the Garhound Festival. The victim of the trade is an Orlanthi who regularly attracts impests due to his impious nature, and doesn't realize how sick he is. Of course, he trades the good quality blankets with the Issaries player, who examines the merchandise. The PC is exposed to the disease, and who knows how many other people? If they track the source back to the Orlanthi, he incriminates another source who in turn leads to the various Muriah scenarios.
  5. Darius West

    On illumination and real world enlightenment

    A blind man does not see darkness, he simply does not see.
  6. Darius West

    Aldryami Zombies

    Zombie elves? Sounds like a perfect waste of a delicious elf corpse unless you want them to follow you around for travel snacks.
  7. Darius West

    Barbarian town

    Any details would be appreciated Iskallor. I seem to have player parties with a fixation for the place.
  8. Darius West

    Who are the Tamali

    Did a search online for Tamali. If you are of tender years or weak moral constitution do not read. This was the first entry: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hot tamali
  9. Darius West

    Modular Arkham City terrain

    I am of the opinion that the new RQ would benefit more from this sort of terrain that C'thulhu. Often allowing the player's mind to do the work makes for better horror than pushing minifigs around a map. On the other hand, turning hungry ghouls under Arkham Municipal Graveyard into a Space Hulk game was fun for my crew as a sideshow, so perhaps there is a market for this?
  10. Darius West

    "Wa-ha!", or should we say "Iä Iä!"?

    Iä iä whatever you say buddy. ☺️
  11. Darius West

    Question on the utility of skills

    STEALTH! If the critters and the creatures can't see you, and they can't hear you, and they can't smell you, etc. then you get to survive. Also locksmith. In summary for D&D, Rogues>Mythos. Fighters<Mythos. Clerics+MUs=Mythos.
  12. Darius West

    Any good chaos heroquests out there?

    LOL Orlanth's injustice? The way I heard it Thed used a sleazy trick to try to impersonate Ernalda and sneak into Orlanth's bed so Orlanth recruited trickster to dress Urox up as Orlanth and do the deed. And how did Thed react? "I'ma gonna raise ma boys to rape everyone in the whole world!"
  13. Darius West

    Heroes to Superheroes

    When I spoke to Greg about this, back in the day, I recall he said that mortals are not stuck in their ways, while Gods are pretty much "cemented in with adamantium rebar". Mortals are able to change, and that means that when they grow in power, they can retain their individuality. As worshipers of deities strive to become more like their deities, they often lose their individuality in the process until they are ossified clones of the entities they worship... but not always. Sometimes they take a detour that sets them on a novel path that is sufficiently unlike the normal trajectory of a known power that they come to symbolize something new. Lets look at some case studies: Arkat/Nysalor: Born from a cosmic egg as a result of a mortal compact to create a deity that will unite the world, Nysalor's birth is heralded by the Sunstop. Is the world broken? No, but it isn't good. How do we interpret this? Chaos? Energy Debt? While Nysalor seems legit, as the reach of his empire and the first council extends, it corrupts and ultimately wakes up Nysalors equal and opposite force, Arkat, who is in all ways Nysalor's shadow. Arkat uses the loopholes created by Nysalor's spiritual teaching to exploit all the magic the world has to offer like a "good illuminate". When they face their final battle, Arkat is the one who emerges, and creates a Dark Empire to rival and counterbalance all Nysalor's efforts, before it too eventually peters out. Delecti: Ostensibly a Jrusteli Sorcerer who defected to the EWF, Delecti is a weird one. Was he a double agent or a triple agent, or merely a defector? What we do know is that he set about becoming the Dr. Moreau of Genertela, creating varieties of horrible but not chaotic beast men, including fauns and satyrs, who while effectively goat men, with all the randy appetites of goat men, are not broos. Delecti is still mortal when the Dragonkill takes place, and he is one of the very few human survivors (the Cannon Cult being another example) who remain in Dragon Pass after that event, in the ruins of the EWF capital no less. After that, he takes to making undead. Ironhoof: Hero centaur of Beast Valley, and a creation and enemy of Delecti, Ironhoof grows in magical power and seeks to make the imperfect beast men that Delecti created into something other than deformed victims of perverse sorcerous vivisection and agonizing chimerical experimentation. Ironhoof manages to succeed, and becomes the leader of the Beastmen, who are redeemed by his efforts. Red Moon Goddess: In God Time, Rashorana was a delinquent minor deity in the Yelm Pantheon who, rather than join another pantheon wound up getting stripped of her powers by the Unholy Trio and cast into the hells as a broken entity, a bit like Horse. Eventually Rashorana is reborn as Teelo Estara, who is naturally Illuminated, and becomes the focus of the 7 Mothers ritual. Thus from a mortal she becomes a hero, then a super hero, then a deity after the Battle of Castle Blue. She also reincarnates herself as Imperial Wane Heroines such as Hon-Eel, Hwarain Dalthippa etc, the lastes of whom is Jar-Eel the Razoress. Rashorana is seen as being an equivalent deity to Nysalor, and is also a deity birthed in time. Argrath: The fact that the Red Moon Goddess is effectively a rebirthed Nysalor activates the same karma as Nysalor, and thus Argrath is generated in place of Arkat to reinstate the Compromise and bring the world back to ossified order. Argrath too is a mortal who climbs the ladder to superhero. Go read "King of Dragon Pass" if you don't know his story in excruciating detail yet. Pavis: Pavis was only ever a hero, born of an odd "Lets bring back the Green Age" Conspiracy which saw him born of the blood of pretty much all the Elder Races except for the Dragonewts, he subsequently corrected this by going to train with the EWF and learnt how to become more dragon-like. We currently don't know whether Pavis is dead or alive, but we do know that the Big Rubble is a very interesting place, and that Argrath really begins the Orlanthi counter-offensive from there, twice. Once after the Cradle , and again after his return with the Wolf Pirates. Was this merely because the city was at the end of a supply line that was just too long and expressed a failure of Lunar policy, or was something deeper at work? As to the whole Hero/Superhero debate smacking of God Learnerism, well of course. The God Learners were correct. The God Learners had more heroes than anybody, and the 4th Age will herald their return, and Jrustela will rise from the oceans again and a new Sorcerous Empire will achieve Lozengial Dominance. After the death of Literacy, the counter-reaction will be unprecedented scholastic acceleration, as generations starved of knowledge sate themselves from the Communication Web of Arachne Solara, but perverse Vadeli magic will harness chaos to inflict the hideous mutation of the eye-phone on the new Lozengial market.
  14. Darius West

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    The simple answer in RQ was, "Shit no, that costs too much permanent POW and I lose my elemental to boot; (footnote) go build a shaduf you lazy peasant, this is still a muscle power economy." Well, everyone has at least a dozen trained sorcerers in their back pocket for such emergencies. It isn't like sorcerers and priests have their own agendas after all. I am sure they have nothing better to do than get a job in the construction industry and put their hard won magic to use in the service of common laborers (Total Sarcasm). You are talking revolution and class warfare Evilroddy, dogs and cats living together in sin, mass hysteria! Threaten the fabric of the spirit world indeed! Nonsense! It was just that some fool failed to convert from Seshnelan Imperial base 12 to Jrusteli base 10 properly, blame the bastards at Zistorwal who first put the ritual specs down for forgetting a comma and confusing everyone's context. Could have happened to anyone! It is all merely evidence of the absolute necessity of peer review and solid proof reading. There was nothing even remotely disturbing about Zistor. It was all well understood Jolanti principles reinforced with some Feldichi insights and was going to be the first deity built specifically to serve humanity rather than the other way around. Zistor was going to be wonderful. Blah blah, you and your precious metaphysical ecology. The Goddess Swap was sabotaged by our Vadeli enemies and I have the proof! So stop conflating theistic propaganda with facts please I thought the whole notion of time travel had been vetoed in the canon? It sounds like those so-called scholars spend plenty of time polishing their silver to get the tarnish off it, in between snacking on scrolls. You need to hire yourself a party of Humakti and Stormbulls and "review the student body" for tricksters and atyari inflitrators. I will bet that you will find an idol of a rabbit made entirely of poop in the dormitory attic and a krarsht tunnel behind one of the basement book cases leading to a cave full of rotting head ghosts. "False order" indeed; anyone would think that runes like Law and Truth hold no power anymore! Change oriented scholars? You do know there is such a thing as a trickster spell called "Lie" don't you? I am reliably informed it can seem very persuasive, but any sage worth the beard has the spells to see off such obfuscation. Theories of historical mutability? Nonsense. What happened happened, but those living in the present may have differing opinions about what it all meant. Such opinions, (and they are opinions, not theories), boil down to sentiment, and sentiment has no more reality than the bamboozlement of the callow mind that falls prey to such nonsense. Yes, a dream is a real dream, but it is not reality.
  15. Darius West

    Theory on Dragonewt Weirdness

    Bah! Pure mammalian prejudice! Ask David Icke what our reptilian overlords think of such attitudes. Agreed, if we are talking about humans. Reptilian brains don't develop the same way. Reptiles lack a limbic system and a neocortex, hence they don't have the same emotional responses. Now as we know nothing about Dragonewt brains, other than the fact that a human can only mimic a dragonewt brain after a split brain operation. That early life is a time of learning is not something I will disagree with, but the issue is what is learned. The adults being True Dragons. Good point. I seem to recall reading that the Inhuman King actually laid the eggs in the early literature. More an inhuman queen. Needless to say that I prefer this idea of yours. It makes a lot more sense. I wonder if this connects with the Egglord and/or the Pseudocosmic Egg of Nysalor? On the other hand, we have the whole issue of dragonewts who become dinosaurs. Do they mis-manifest at their eggs, and then wander off? Dinosaurs are fully sexual and breed and lay eggs also, and thus are bypassing many stages of dragonewt development in that regard, and it isn't as if they lay emanation eggs. Not even magisaurs. Hmm... I don't think this is a good analogy. Dragonewts aren't closet Mostali. I see it more as a progression through different syllabuses of monastic training, with the emergent physical form being proof of completion. Okay, that's a better analogy. I think the challenges of these stages are quite different for humans and dragonewts though. Humans pass through these phases in a few years, while dragonewts may well take centuries, not to mention mis-steps into wrong paths like becoming dinosaurs. On the contrary, your statement was that the common Gloranthan conception is that dragonewts are eternally wise and noble creatures is decidedly false. Most people in Glorantha have probably never heard of Dragonewts, and their response will be "wtf is a dragonewt?" (or equivalent). That makes total ignorance the "default setting" for most people and races, and I think, given their penchant for obscurantism, that probably suits the dragonewts quite well. Truth is never irrelevant, and ignorance is still context. The chances of any invading human army committing such a perfect genocide are extremely unlikely. There would have been multiple pockets of survivors and refugees, and even cadres of EWF forces hiding out. As proof, consider that Delecti's Ruin used to be the EWF capital as far as I remember, and he called in the waters to provide an obstacle for the TGH. There is also the Cannon Cult in Dwarf Run who survived the Dragonkill. I have little doubt the TGH wanted to commit total genocide, but I think the work was completed by the dragons. I don't think that the EWF survivors would have been so very hated by the other Orlanthi. Admittedly many would probably have had to accept thralldom due to their post Dragonkill refugee poverty, but I am pretty sure that other tribes would have heard of their tribulations and seen that as more than sufficient punishment. The fact that survivors made it to Shadow Plateau suggests that the nucleus of some clans may have maintained knowledge of draconic secrets other than how to kill them. LOL agreed. Of course they are also a really bad enemy to choose as is demonstrated when the Dragons go all sacred utuma on Rufelza's face at the close of the age. I seem to recall that the Dragonewts do have some weird dragon crop that they grow. On the other hand. lizards are mainly carnivores. Perhaps they feed the crop to small furry animals and then eat the SFAs like the newts are pet snakes? If I had to signal a major cultural difference, it would be that the Dragon's Eye lacks canals and a lake, which was Tenochtitlan's major transportation. I recall an illustration of a tricycle cart in the shape of a dragonewt rune. I suspect such would only be used for rituals, as it would be horribly unstable and terrible for carting loads. I can't see the dragonewts not performing agriculture, as it is common to all settled cultures and even a number of nomadic ones. Even obligate carnivores benefit from controlling a plant based food source that can then be fed to meat animals. I would also draw your attention to the sacred utuma as a sort of positive seppuku ritual. Seppuku, also known as Hara Kiri (Hara being center or belly, kiri meaning to cut) was performed as a means of atonement for failure in Japan, and as a means of passing on to the next incarnation. Due to their martial training and the focus of the attention onto the center of gravity, just below the belly, that location was seen as the locus of the spirit, and cutting the belly was the means of liberating the spirit. Of course for dragonewts it might be a more positive process. On the other hand, performing full ritual dismemberment is not a one-dragonewt job, and no doubt would get performed in public a la the Aztecs, with richly adorned priests in full participation up to their scaly elbows in blood with their gorey utumas. I imagine that this will be done to cresties who are straying from the path before they slip into dinosaur mind, and as a means of purification by others. The issue then becomes, as the dismembered limbs of the dead dragonewts are cast down the steps of the pyramid, what becomes of them? The Aztecs used to eat them, as good sources of protein were scarce in that part of the world at the time. I imagine such rituals would surprise any outsiders as much as equivalent trollish cannibalistic behavior. Of course there is no mention of dragonewt cannibalism, but it seems like a good way to avoid letting your dead body get used for dragonewt skin armor, and more utilitarian than wasteful cremation. I get what you are saying. I see a situation where the "toddlers" (crested 'newts) do all the labour, watched over by the beaks, in a semi-feudal order similar to the old system of those who work, those who fight, and those who pray. The only get to play after they have done their chores and eaten all their friend. A society perhaps like Lemony Snicket's A series of unfortunate events, where the children get killed a lot more often and without much consequence perhaps? Definitely Lord of the Flies though, as you suggest. Don't worry, we'll just realign your perceptions by splitting your brain and your tongue and everything will become clear. We aren't just doing this major invasive brain surgery for shits and giggles, honest. Actually things weren't really an issue until the TGH started attacking the nests and smashing the eggs. Then shit got real. As to the re-purposing the defunct jolanti of the rockwoods into the wings of the trans-Genertela mega dragon... seems legit? This does rather beg the question of whether humans who adopted the Dragonewt path reincarnated onto it. Similarly, can dinosaurs be re-assimilated back into the dragonewt path? We know the whole Orlanthi story about "A dragon is following you" was a precursor to Orlanth's fight with dragons, but ultimately led to his initiation into their magic. It is rare for cultural traffic to be one way, and it may be that the EWF was an important spiritual lesson for both parties. There is some evidence that the dragonewts were trying to teach other races their insights even during the First Council. It is very likely that Cragspider knows a lot about dragon magic, given that she controls the black dragon. I see their behavior as deliberate, ritualized and obtuse rather than merely playful. I think the dragonewts have a spiritual-political agenda on Genertela that goes beyond running a creche. This is where the egg laying of the Inhuman King came in (from memory). The Inhuman king (queen?) lays loads of eggs, and they trans-shipped them. On the other hand, a bit like teenagers getting pregnant, the results weren't great. Many of the new nests began to develop odd ideas not in keeping with Dragons Eye orthodoxy. I am pretty sure there is another Dragon's Eye style "main base" in Ralios too? It often seems as if the rest of Genertela is constantly trying to copy Kralorela and failing miserably. Nysalor gets built to copy the Kralori Emperor. Fail. the EWF is formed and sort of mimics the relationship between dragonewts and humans in Kralorela. Dragonkill. Fail. On the other hand, we don't really know if there are dinosaurs in Kralorela. Just because they haven't been mentioned, doesn't mean they don't exist. On the other hand, with the alleged close harmony between Kralori humans and dragonewts there is a lot less apparent confusion. I have heard others on this forum express some doubts about the Kralori arrangement being a good fit though. Both Kralori and dragonewt societies seem to be pretty homeostatic. As to whether dragonewt participation in I Fought We Won was weakness, it is hard to say. I am more interested in whether the dragonewts participated in the Ritual of the Net and the creation of Time. Of all the species, the dragonewts seem least touched by Time and Entropy both.