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    Currently playing Call of C'thulhu (3 year Campaign), where the emphasis has been on the setting of the early 1920s, and roleplaying rather than wiping out parties.
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  1. He gave of his tears... (Cheaper than magic points).
  2. How about, the damage it rolls gets added to the roll for hit location?
  3. It is perfectly possible to see Eurmal as the model of right action if you don't know you are looking at Eurmal. Charisma, Lie, and illusions spells are like that. Also remember than many gurus are rascals who get you to do the wrong thing to educate you as to why the right path is important, and to teach you to have courage in the face of making mistakes.
  4. Surprise adds +3 to any action the surprised defender wants to perform in the round they are surprised (p193-194). Heaven forfend they have to choose between preparing a weapon OR a shield. Also, they won't have spells cast. Attacking an unaware/defenseless opponent also gets a +40% bonus (p223). Page 224 also indicated that there is a penalty for darkness, hence a GM may see fit to invoke a penalty to defend against someone who is constantly moving to flank when engaging a single character. Remember that in RQ, having your spells cast before combat is an extreme advantage, and doubled if the enemy has nothing prepared. A surprised character will have no spells cast, and likely no weapons drawn. It is possible they won't have a helmet on, and may not even be wearing armor, as armor is uncomfortable to wear when you apparently don't need it. In terms of invisibility, arguably the total darkness rules could apply (-75% to attack and parry, p224) for the round in which surprise is initiated. Remember that invisibility drops in the instant when the attack lands. It is also possible to invoke the aimed blow rules to attack at the end of the round at half skill to guarantee where the hit will land (p197) on SR 12, pretty much insuring that no other action can be taken by their enemy that round. In terms of extra damage, RQ is not D&D, and you don't get rogue backstab damage. The reason a surprise attack does more damage is that it is delivered with more ease and skill, and so is more likely to achieve a critical or special result (pages 204-206). Note, that as written, one's best defense against a surprise attack is to be able to dodge effectively, as this requires no preparation. Of course if you are in a military formation and you dodge, you have broken your position in that formation.
  5. I don't think Eurmal is a master of Dragon magic. He is a dabbler in many things. Eurmal learned what it would take to learn to speak Auld Wyrmish and learn Dragon Magic (ghastly operations). He didn't much like the sound of that but was curious about what it would do to someone else, so he tricked them into it. Of course Dragons and Dragonewts think that everyone else were just dragonewts who strayed from the Draconic path so far they forgot who they truly are; even Eurmal. Of course we all know the dragonewts are wrong and crazy, don't we? The mere fact that dragonewts seem to behave like tricksters is just a coincidence.
  6. Anyone who is interested in running or playing in CoC Berlin: The Wicked City, would likely benefit from watching the German production of Babylon Berlin which is available on Netflix, to get some added visual flavor for the setting.
  7. Actually I suspect for most Chalana Arroys, it is about trying to get their daily routine on the ward finished without anyone dying, or messing up so badly they have to pull extra duties. Perhaps, longer term, they think about qualifying for priesthood. Chalana Arroys aren't Jains, and they aren't saints. Sure, they don't fight, but that doesn't restrict them from all the other harm they can potentially have a hand in. For example, I played a CA who ran an organized crime syndicate out of Horn Gate running hazia, slaves, prostitution, loan sharking, fixed gambling, stand-over, and even murder for hire (though she never got her hands dirty with any of it, generally pulling the strings through money and dirty politics). She ultimately became Chief priestess of Horn Gate's Chalana Arroys and ran them as her personal fief, putting the Cult back in cult of Chalana Arroy. You can talk about high minded ideals, but that only applies to 1% of 1% of 1% of the Chalana Arroy Cult.
  8. Yes, what most people fail to grasp is that the Eel family surreptitiously feed the portion of their many servants and slaves who displease them to the hidden ogre population of the Empire in secret cacodemon orgies. As any of the folk belonging to their extended holdings can be referred to as an Eel, as they are effectively allied to the Eel faction (like it or not), a surfeit of Eels can often be subtext for chaotic cannibalism.
  9. Good advice unless you meet the real Arkat.
  10. Actually Lovecraft utterly eschewed many of his former beliefs and shifted from extreme conservatism to being a New Deal Social Democrat late in his life, decrying the emergence of fascism as the greatest threat to the American way of life. Better late than never. Idk that he ever actually properly eschewed racism, but he did marry a Jewish girl, for what that's worth. Yes, he was an asshole vis race, but the Depression made him grow up a bit politically, before cancer got him. Identifying monsters is definitely mythos skill. Normally a skill like intrigue would be good for avoiding mythos machinations, but CoC doesn't have one, so it is all about actual roleplaying and the decisions you make.
  11. Well, on review, they are likely pretty good with a few exceptions. For example, +5% Occult seems okay for the Golden Bough softcover, but for reading the full 26 volume magnum opus is likely worth +20% Anthropology and +15% Occult. Frankly I don't think the Malleus Maleficarum is worth +3% occult. It is more +10% Christian sexual neurosis, and perhaps +1% Occult. Isis Unveiled gets pretty weird and batty, and some of the ideas of the pre-human races might even be worth +1% Mythos. I also feel that the Witch Cult in Western Europe hasn't been properly treated in CoC. I mean, if you have been to Dunwich or Arkham then you might find that text more valuable than +1% occult.
  12. Ragnaglar is generally depicted with a goat head. Besides, this is all a moot point, you can still meet the Eternal Battle on the Plains of Prax if the whole giant block of truestone with chaos seeping out from under it isn't enough. This is all old territory to the God Learners and their monomyth. Kajabor is not the same deity as Wakboth. They aren't the same for hero quest purposes. They aren't just some "bad man" stand-in for the Summons of Evil ritual. They are on a whole different level, and they are not the same as each other. Wakboth is the god of evil. Kajabor is the god of entropy. They are not equivalent.
  13. It's hard to climb a staple ladder in a hurry with no air in your lungs. ⭐/5 Would not try again. You have done some seriously good work there. I have a pretty good idea about how time consuming programming an environment on your own can be. I'll give you ⭐⭐⭐⭐for encouragement and your last ⭐upon completion. ☺️
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