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  1. Darius West


    It is variously described as being in Karia and Delela thus it would logically be near the south-eastern border of modern Karia but within modern Delela. Clearly it is now too ruined to even qualify as a ruin.
  2. Firstly, lay-membership is very fluid. If you show up to worship, pay your clack and spent your magic point, you're a lay-member. Those who want to get more involved in the temple and aim for initiate status will be a lot more serious about their lay-membership, and it will be pretty obvious who those people are. It is therefore pretty easy to scrape together 150+ lay-members, and often a tribal ring will insist that the numbers, sacrifices, and payments be met for the sole purpose of keeping a temple and its blessings available. So think in those terms; a priest who wants to found a new temple should plan to get on the good side of their tribal ring, or find a place that is sacred to the deity where they can set up a myth-specific temple. Obviously things like sacred items/relics are important too. Most temples will have a consecrated space, and also substantial wardings, and perhaps a number of discorporate spirits or elementals in service to the deity operating to support the defenses. The temple may also earn enough to support some guards, but these will largely be dependent on how threatened the temple is. These defenses will become permanent fixtures, potentially supported by initiates who are "doing work for the temple for a season". Each associated cult will need its own sub-altar, but these serve the double benefit of providing income from associated cultists who come in. For example, an issaries priest can wander into an Orlanth temple and go and pray at the Orlanth Temple's Issaries votive statue alcove, and leave a donation, and meet their cult requirements that way. On the other hand, if an Orlanth initiate wants to obtain Issaries' Lock spell, he would need to join the associated cult when the Issaries priest next comes to perform a ceremony there. This sort of thing is handled as between games day-to-day business of the temple, governed by the Manage Household skill. The Issaries shrine at Apple Lane used to be maintained by Gringle Goodsell, before the Lunars, but I believe he was cleaned out after Starbrow's Rebellion in 1613. The fact that there are 3 initiates doesn't mean that there aren't other people around the area who don't benefit from Issaries worship who will drop in to do business in Apple Lane. Passing Issaries priests will be able to manage the shrine as they need it, and it is likely that there is at least one priest from one of the Colymar settlements who works at the larger temple, but travels to the shrine periodically, but doesn't live there. Back in RQ2, the possibility for people to rent space under a Create Neutral Ground spell that would allow them to set up a temporary worship space for their deity, then pack up and ship off when their time elapsed, typically later that afternoon. Presently the rules are not specific about this sort of thing. In the case of spirit cults, especially Praxian ones, the spirit will be tied not to a place, but to a sacred object, and the reverenced object will be carried about, and a new shrine set up wherever it and its shaman are. Divine relics may perform in a similar fashion, but often the place itself becomes enchanted by being touched by the deity as worship feedback. It benefits a deity to connect to the world, as it supports their power, much like farmers will plant an orchard, and come back seasonally to pick the fruit. There is no reason not to suppose that deities are not sustained by worship, and will return to be fed again periodically. If they stop being fed, they will signal their displeasure however.
  3. Praxians have a good idea about who controls what territory with how many warriors. They are a raiding culture, and this is their livelihood. Praxians will have solid intel on the strength of the Lunars if they are near them, and this will be updated any time they follow a caravan into a Lunar settlement as guards. It's part of their raider culture mindset, just like a robber and every security guard will case every shop they walk into. Given that prophecies don't always quite mean what they say, there would need to be a shift in the balance of power, (most likely the Dragonrise), that would tip the balance imo. If the dragonrise was part of the White Bull Prophecy then it would be a lay down misere.
  4. Yeah, Masquerade Vampires are a horrible pack of edgelords, I completely understand why you don't like them, but at least they don't sparkle. (Yes, I am deliberately misinterpreting your comment).
  5. I completely agree with you, that switching loyalty is pretty characteristic of Praxians, but the Lunars don't represent your usual tribal alliance of convenience, they're a colossal empire, and the initiates into their cult are forever tied to the cycles of the Moon. Arguably, the White Bull Prophecy is the only thing that gets some to change sides, and that is a pretty slender thread to hang a long term alliance on when compared to what the Lunars bring to the table, even when they are losing. That was all I meant.
  6. Waha Priests and Khans have their allied spirit bound into their mount, and if it dies, they have to bind it into an object subsequently according to the RQ:GoG Preview Edition. As you say, there is no mention of dominant possession powers for most allied spirits.
  7. We are told a number of conflicting things about the Sable Tribe in and around the time of the Whitebull Army's victory in Prax. We are told that the Sables joined the Whitebull Army. We are also told that the Sables were defeated by the Whitebull Army and driven into the Chaos Wastes. Given their alliance with the Lunar Empire, the Sables are in an interesting political situation, effectively having a foot in both camps of the conflict. This ambiguity is well worth some detailed discussion. How did this all play out for the Sables? It seems like some clans stayed loyal to the Lunars, and the Antelope Lancers fled back to Peloria, while some tribes fled into the Chaos Wastes. On the other hand, did whole clans of Sables join the Whitebulls, or just Stormbull warbands of Sable riders? We know the Arinstoli clan of the Sables went pro-Whitebull, but did any others? As the write-up says, this change of loyalty from Lunars to Argrath seems uncharacteristic. The whole area needs quite a bit of clarification, and frankly would make a very interesting scenario, or even a freeform perhaps. I am eager to read what people think about this issue.
  8. I am mainly in agreement with you on this. It is a somewhat fraught area of Gloranthan history so I am going to put it up as a separate topic for discussion, mainly to underline that it needs some clarification to the authors on the forum.
  9. Saying stuff like that would get you shot dead in 1860s Kentucky.
  10. "Lab assistants were becoming too attached to their lab rats so they started hiring lawyers, as nobody could form an attachment with them." Basically you care about your loyal vassals in a way you don't care about mercenaries. You can throw away the lives of mercenaries, but you pay for the privilege, plus they will serve over the winter if you keep paying them. This is useful during a siege. Obviously mercenaries are clued in to the fact they will be misused and abused by their employers, hence the low loyalty. They will know a suicide mission when they see one, but if the odds are decent, and the prospect of looting awaits, they will try their luck. Also, provided you don't owe them back-pay, mercenaries will leave when you are finished with them, and hopefully not take to banditry in your lands for want of fresh work.
  11. Bodkartu is the best answer yet I think. Well done davecake.
  12. The thing about taking children as hostages is that it isn't exactly an honorable thing to do in Orlanthi culture. It definitely counts as attacking an unarmed foe/cowardice/shabby behavior, and should solidly trim one's honor passion by at least a -10% penalty. This is not to say that stealing children is never done (as there are plenty of people who have no honor passion to worry about), but the preference is to enslave adults who actually have some skills that can be exploited, especially farmer, crafters and herders. Children are easier to capture, but worth a lot less as thralls. As to calculating ransoms, children should be ransomed for around half what their senior parent's ransom is imo. This just seems logical to me, and I hope other people concur.
  13. Yeah, that's fair. Nobody wants their tribe to be quislings. In fact, when you get down to it, the main culprits are likely to be the Colymar, whose King Blackmoor was definitely a Lunar sympathizer. Of course things change, and with Leika taking charge the politics of the Colymar swung back the other way. On a related note, there seems to be considerable evidence that plenty of Sable Riders went pro-Whitebull, but nothing to suggest what the breakdown of numbers was in the overall tribe.
  14. To be fair, there is a huge upswing in illumination during the Hero Wars among the Sartarites. This is partly because Argrath is an illuminate, and partly because of the increased participation of draconic mystics in the Sartar Magical Union. Personally I would utterly separate draconic mysticism from illumination, as one is ancient draconic insight, while the other is lying chaos trash, but apparently illumination via Nysalor is somehow "legit", despite the fact that it teaches that Chaos isn't intrinsically inimical to all life, when there is considerable evidence to suggest that this just ain't so.
  15. If a Lunar is one of "Fazzur's Men", they might feel very betrayed by the Lunar hierarchy, and the Sartarites might be less against them as for the most part Fazzur was a decent and honorable antagonist. i.e. the sort you could make peace with.
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