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  1. Yes, but Consume Mind actually promotes a rapid uptake of that mystical experience. You make experience checks to the limit of the available skill and everything, and if you fail one, you stop, and gain no more skill. There is no implicit reason why a dragonewt couldn't pass through the crested and beaked stage etc and go on to become a full dragon without needing a rebirth after it is first laid and hatched, based on it having a natural affinity for the process. Remember that most dragonewts alive today are basically the remedial class. If Consume Mind can grant you spells, then there is no reason why it can't grant you mystic insight. For example, if a character had experienced and answered 15 Nysalor riddles before being mentally consumed, the Thanatari would be subjected to those riddles too.
  2. Darius West

    Fate of the ship if all Dormal initiates on it die

    The point is, no ship can make it over the horizon due to the Closing. Yes, Glorantha has a horizon, and the Closing made things such that when any vessel sailed out of sight of land, it sank immediately. The Cradle didn't do that. It went into the Maelstrom eventually, but it did not sink immediately upon losing sight of land as it should have. This should raise a lot of questions, but it seems that nobody really wants to address it, other than to find reasons why it doesn't matter, when it obviously does and should. For all anyone knows, the Shiprise was caused by the Cradle. After all, the Cradle heads down the Zola Fel in 1621, and the Shiprise occurs in 1624, so logically could quite possibly have made the other possible. Remember also that Giants (the children of Larnste) are tied to Issaries, who likes things like trade and communication, which the Closing and Syndics Ban have curtailed.
  3. Hilarious nominal determinism, well done. As to the Second Age, well all ages have seen the Devil arrive in the form of a newborn deity born within time. Each time this breaks the Great Compromise. In the Second Age, it was obviously Zistor. The devil put too much faith in his human followers though. To say there needs to be a Hero/Devil component is not strictly true. If the Devil plays the age badly, it will be defeated without the need for the counter card of the Hero needing to enter the fray. I think the Devil screwed up on the second age, possibly deliberately.
  4. Darius West

    Libraries & Records

    You make a sound point, and there is indeed an intrinsically political dimension to oral records as you correctly identify. I would also point to the famous Greek discussions about how the introduction of writing would make future generations mentally lazy among other things. On the other hand, there is also a reason that we had parish records, and it is not the duty of parish priests to learn to chant the births deaths and marriages of their community. The task is an onerous nuisance and a waste of social resources. Now the wonderful thing about both our world and Glorantha is that we can have both answers in play. You may have conservative Orlanthi who haven't changed a thing since the Beginning of Time; they fought Lokamayadon and Nysalor, and the EWF, and the Lunars, and they'll be damned if they will adopt this new fangled book nonsense, that is obviously some Meldek God Learner perversion. On the other hand, you will also have Orlanthi who are not so leery of trying new things and making their own lives easier. As to books, well, do you seriously think that written records are not subject to politics? I know. I'm putting words in your mouth, but you see my point I hope. Both you and your professor make a good point, about loss of control of information, which is a time honored LM concern, but written records don't stop politically motivated interpretation of the written facts.
  5. Can Thanatari be illuminated? Yes they can. So as illumination is also something gained by experience, and so is dragon magic, then any person can potentially learn how to do it. Saying that somehow Thanatari don't have the right kind of soul is just outright moral prejudice without any foundation in reality. Magic doesn't care about morality, it is just a force. Mysticism doesn't care about morality, it is just an insight. Now Gods and spirits care about morality, and may delimit people's access to their powers if they are bad, but that is the exception, and Illumination doesn't require deities. As to Draconic mystics, well, I daresay that the Thanatari will get more out of it if they have the split brain operation so my consume mind worked to the full effect (disguised as a Yelmalion or a Trickster of course), but they should gain some benefits without such. When playing a Thanatari if I captured a dragonewt, I would be all over getting that split brain operation. As to Dragonewt head ghosts, well, It is a bit hard to transform your body when you only have a severed head, but firebreath and similar "head only" transformations would still work.
  6. If you read the process of Consume Mind, it is a ritual that allows the rapid learning of magic and knolwedge skills (as well as spells). As Dragon mysticism is effectively a magical skill, and is learned via experience, why is there a problem? It would just be like the rapid experience of a series of Nysalor Riddles until you fail one improvement check. I would call it Sudden Illumination. Of course this would be devastating to the dragonewt's rebirth, and would probably nuke them back to a crested dragonewt. This would be even more effective if the Thanatari were already illuminated. I would need to hear some pretty cogent reasons why this shouldn't be the case.
  7. I think the key to the issue for Thanatari wanting Dragon Magic would be to use Consume Mind on the dragonewt. Of course they should probably know the sorcery spell Tap POW, and have 19HP before even attempting the spell. There is no reason why they couldn't learn Dragon Mysticism this way.
  8. Darius West

    Libraries & Records

    Without doubt you are correct, but in a culture where very few people read, that is not endangered by owning a book that does the memory work for you. Seriously who has the time to memorise births, deaths and marriages? I have a Kenyan friend who had to memorise his own tribal lineage back 14,000 years in order to qualify as a chief. It took him 2 years of continuous study and practice to complete memorizing the recitation, then he had to recite it perfectly before 3 gathered generations and it took 4 hours to perform. He attested to the fact it was a lot of work and achieved very little of practical value as far as he was concerned. He was actually somewhat resentful but when pressed agreed that the sheer age of the tradition made it important. When he did actually become chief, he also didn't relish having to teach the lineage recitiation to his replacements. That one makes Buddhist lineage recitations look easy.
  9. Darius West

    Libraries & Records

    I'd say that oral culture has been going out of fashion long before the resettlement of Dragon Pass. Clans have Lawspeakers who will almost universally have eidetic memories and mnemonic devices to help them remember long chants of ancestry for the major bloodlines of their clans. They would also have the ability to question certain ancestors about past events via Daka Fal. Records of births, deaths and marriages are important, but ultimately commiting such things to a ledger is so much easier that if a Tula has a Lhankor Mhy shrine it will certainly have books that details such things, especially dowry records, which are a major point of inter-clan contention. It takes a long time to learn a 4 hour recitation of a lineage back to God Time, and a sage's time can be better spent on other pursuits if he insists upon a book into which the information can be stored.
  10. Darius West

    Regimental Information

    How is it that Mularik's men are Hrestoli? Mularik himself is Arkati, and Rindland, where Mularik put his unit together is Rokari these days. Were they Hrestoli facing persecution unless they left in a hurry? I am a little surprised that the unit isn't Rokari, given that Rinland is Rokari.
  11. Darius West

    The Material Culture of Dragonewts

    This highlights the fact that we know little about Dragonewt reproduction except that it involves eggs, as eggs were smashed by the True Golden Horde and invoked the Dragonkill. The notion that the Inhuman King lays eggs is absurd, as that would make "him" the Inhuman Queen. Clearly Dragonewts are not sexually mature, and the eggs must be laid by true dragons. I have heard a couple of theories on this. Firstly that each Dragonewt has a single egg that reforms after it is hatched from, and that needed to be laid only once. Second that egg shipments are made regularly via the Dragonewt roads from the Dragon's Eye, where there is a laying dragon hidden away. Third, that every Inhuman King transforms into the laying dragon as their final duty upon becoming a True Dragon, and they are only released from the duty upon the successful ascension of the present Inhuman King.
  12. Darius West

    Fate of the ship if all Dormal initiates on it die

    Plenty of boats sink without being sucked into Magasta's pool as a result of the Closing. Any ship that goes over the horizon is supposed to invoke the Closing. Clearly the Cradle didn't do that, nor did it have an altar to Dormal onboard. The Cradle literally sails for days past the horizon of Prax without invoking the Closing, we know exactly the path it takes, and it should have sunk on day 1 if the Closing was in effect. Furthermore, there is no record of a late addition altar to Dormal being put onto the ship, and clearly Argrath would have been clued in if this were to be a problem.
  13. Darius West

    Fate of the ship if all Dormal initiates on it die

    Yes it did. As soon as a ship goes over the horizon and out of sight of land it sinks. Those are the rules of the Closing. Most ritually unprotected ships sink well before they ever reach Magasta's maelstrom, but the Cradle doesn't.
  14. Darius West

    The Material Culture of Dragonewts

    There is certainly a good deal of truth in what you're saying. The Dragon Pass nests are all on the magical road system of Dragonewt Plinths that form a dragonewt rune. I get the feeling that might be more than just grafitti. I also get the feeling that the Rockwoods megadragon has all the hallmarks of human over-reach. Dragonewts are really mainly concerned with their own dragonhood, but humans have that whole infrastructure project way of looking at the world. It was pointed out to me recently that the dragonewts that are still on Glorantha and haven't transformed into dragons are essentially the special ed class of the dragon world, and it's a bit of a wonder they haven't all fallen off and become dinosaurs by now.
  15. Darius West

    1652 Great Flood

    I think I know what the Trolls are up to. They are very likely to be well aware of the Elf Plot to superseed the world, and flooding it is their answer. It will also cause the Dwarves a good many problems with their little plot to raise all those sunken lands. Remember the Praxian prophecies about how the people who wish to return Prax to the Green Age will ultimately destroy everyone? I think this may refer to the Aldryami plan to reforest Prax and the rest of the world, and the Trolls then flooding the place to stop this taking place.