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  1. Remember that Second Age Glorantha was pretty technically advanced.
  2. Of all the damned things. I have actually been working on this as part of my notes for New Pavis and the Big Rubble, figuring that if we are going to be talking about a huge ruin, that the architecture might be important. I actually wrote a (deliberately pretentious) article on the subject from the perspective of a LM scholar specializing in architecture based on what I had read from a gf's architecture literature review. Here is an excerpt regarding one building, definitely erected during the EWF period: In discussing the architecture that remains in Old Pavis, I want to draw your att
  3. I agree with this, and am only going to point out that Oslir River basin is largely protected from the full force of the easterly Stormbull wind by the Eastern Rockwoods. As a result, the Pelorians will seldom experience the Bull wind unless it blows up through Dragon Pass, which lies mainly to their south east, which is also where the Stormbull raids from Prax come from.
  4. I suspect even chaos creatures are reticent about migrating to Dorastor. I have seen the "fourthly" above, and those stat blocks are obscene. Not everyone wants to be eaten or molested by Chaos Godzillas even if they are themselves chaotic. Far better to be a big fish in a small pond.
  5. Chaosium's Dunwich Campaign pack is excellent imo. It is very much the sandbox, which is how I like to run my games too. I encourage my players to develop their characters with a sense of agency, and avoid railroading altogether. By comparison, I think Masks of Nyarlathotep is a lot more railroady, and Horror on the Orient Express actually benefits from railroading (for obvious reasons). I enjoyed your reference to phrenology in the Dunwich area. Maybe it's inbreeding? Maybe it's Maybeline. 😆
  6. I must disagree. Phosphor bronze is simply an example of how alchemy should be able to alter the world of Glorantha in tangible and meaningful ways.
  7. There are plenty of options for the remains of Noah Whately. He might simply spontaneously come alive again, as such is the reputation of wizards that they seldom ever truly die, and (proverbially) uneasy is the town wherein a wizard is buried. Perhaps Wilbur keeps Noah's living head in a cookie jar, like in some B movie, to ask it questions now and again? This means that Noah is still an actor in the story, but the players don't feel as if they have to fight him all over again, just shriek and find a way to dispose of this newly discovered horror. Not also, that when Wilbur is killed
  8. Well the character is now chaotic. The fact is, Humakt the deity doesn't love or hate chaos for its own sake, as Humakt is illuminated. He hates chaos that is dishonorable. On the other hand, most Orlanthi deities hate all chaos and won't be nearly as forgiving of a chaos taint on a character once it becomes detected. In fact, even the Lunars are not especially fond of such things, truth be told. The character's best option will be to make a beeline for Tarsh and the Lunar Empire. While there are ways to potentially cure a chaos taint, people have to be tolerant enough of the tainted ind
  9. The key to your inquiry lordabdul, I suspect, is to ask the question "What causes spirit vortices ?". There are a number of different answers, so lets get a bit Godlearner for a moment and discuss them as part of a living ecology. Some spirit vortices will not be true vortices, but rather a form of swarming associated with the spirit equivalent of a large seasonal food source. This might accrue from the residue from a temple performing a ceremony where excess power radiates, or a sudden seasonal effect such as a regional blooming event. The spirits will mill about trying to increase th
  10. Alchemists will tell you that Making chocolate is a lot more disgusting than you think.😄
  11. Yes, I would agree with that. I would highlight that dyes and mordants are typically the areas where alchemists do their most profitable work with industry. On the other hand, an alchemist will adapt their craft to the needs of the local economy, out of sheer necessity. If they are in an area where there is an established fabrics industry then they will make dyes and mordants. They are also good for making potash, which is used as a fertilizer, and in soap making and brewing, as well as other chemical processes. Alchemists are also generally very good metallurgists, and are responsible fo
  12. I could see some value for the cack-hands to be forming a portion of the left flank of the line. During hoplite rank fighting in ancient Greece there was a recorded tendency for the formations to engage, and then sort of rotate around the battle-field in a counter-clockwise direction due to the way the shields interlocked, and both sides fighting for advantage. Having dedicated Left handers in play on the left flank would tend to off-set this tendency potentially without entirely breaking the formation, with only a minor change in the drill. Just a suggestion. I can also see why it might n
  13. For a long time Cults of Terror from RQ2 was the go-to source for Glorantha lore. It has a summary of the history of everything Genertela in the first few pages that will take only minutes to read. While it has been superseded these days, it is still a good short intro to the lore imo, and may save you wading through extensive treatises. The compatibility of the volumes or the compatibility of the adventures? As a disclaimer, pretty much all the material is lore friendly and consistent with both the history and mythology of Glorantha and the area where it is set. In terms of the lo
  14. This is a great feature🙂 The idea of a Mostali settlement cut into the living rock adds living dimension to the city. Is there much lore about Sartar the Founder dealing with the local dwarves?
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