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    Actually, when you really look at the evidence, the Lunars really didn't achieve much in Pavis. The fact is we don't have baths and aqueducts being built in New Pavis. The main lasting things the Lunars bring to the region are slave plantations and a market for hazia. Notions of religious tolerance are skin deep at best (consider Orlanth temples filled with sand and all lightbringer temples with new Lunar appointees), and the administration was raucously corrupt and existed mainly to line the pockets of the carpetbaggers of the ilk of Sor-Eel and Halcyon Var Enkorth. One might argue that Corflu was going to be developed into a major port until the capture of Karse, but really it remains a hole and a backwater. Then there are the efforts to develop farming on the Zola Fel by Raus et al. Not a huge success, and unlikely to last after the rise of the White Bulls. Given the long supply lines, it is respectable that the Lunars were able to hold on to Pavis for 20 years across a desert, and one must suppose that this was largely due to their Sable Tribe allies, who liked controlling the best pastures while the Lunars were in charge. As to what happened in the aftermath of the Whitebull take-over, as the account provided by Jajagappa suggests, it seems as though there were very few survivors of the Lunar garrison at the end of the fighting. As to what then happened to the civilian population, well, it is worth remembering that Argrath knew a lot about New Pavis, and who was who, and even after a period of considerable absence, that knowledge would have been important in hunting down Lunars. As slavery was pretty typical, it is likely that a good many Lunars became slaves on the very plantations that they formerly built and owned. No doubt a good few Lunars were also ransomed at Pimper's Block too, and the money would fund the coming White Bull war effort. As New Pavis was all but Argrath's home, it is unlikely that he would have tolerated extensive damage being done to it. Clearly the Lunars would have to go, but he would want to keep the damage to a minimum, and is likely to have been able to assert that much authority.
  2. While I certainly don't endorse the views expressed in the Bible, it does try to portray the Queen of Sheba as a villainess. I would also point out that allegedly her son by Solomon stole the arc of the covenant and brought it to Ethiopia according to folklore.
  3. Purity is about avoiding worldly and spiritual contamination and adulteration. Purity can somewhat be defined by its opposites i.e. what it is not. Dishonesty, corruption, lewdness, profanity, impiety, and discourtesy are all things a pure person will avoid doing. Purity is often associated with asceticism and innocence.
  4. And what language are we using? In fact I think you will find it derives from the old French "forrier" from which we get foray, forage, foreign and forest. The etymology of "wood" is a combination of welsh and old germanic.
  5. Okay, point taken about the revelations about the opposition, but I don't know many people who are simply accepting that their character has died unless the dice have been rolled. There is, after all, always a chance that if the creature missed or produces an absolute minimum damage roll that they may survive for a round or two at least before their luck runs out.
  6. Remember the episode in the Bible where the legionaries allegedly play dice for Jesus' clothes ? Why don't more players indulge their gambling urge in this time honored fashion? Gambling was a pastime that pretty much every warrior type indulged in according to antiquity, almost as an expression of their bravery and willingness to lose everything based on the whims of fortune. Or they cheated, and sometimes got caught, and there was a PvP fight. A nice sentiment, but how do you think people get to be heroes if not by keeping the loot occasionally? Frankly a clan leader or tribal king is likely to take the lion's share of the loot and leave the characters with a thank-you and the scraps, and they will know this. The decision to gift their monarch with their takings is a measured one, as every gift given is a two-edged sword for gift giving is very political in a situation where a ruler's generosity is a measure of their fitness to rule. Too large a gift to a ruler may be perceived not as a gift but as a challenge to their authority if they cannot somehow reciprocate.
  7. It is worth pointing out that a "capital F" forest isn't what we think, it is in fact called a Wood. The old definition is that one may "foray" through a "forest" (i.e. traverse with an armed band typically including mounted individuals) but not through a "wood" as the vegetation i simply too thick. Today we use the terms forest and wood interchangeably, but they are in fact technical terms with separate meanings. Sherwood Forest seems like a redundant name (why wood + forest? Redundancy!) for example, but it actually referred to the track cut through the Wood, as the path allowed "foray". That is why it formed a good ambush point for RH et al MM. It might also be worth pointing out that when Europe was covered in forest, one of the primary forms of agriculture was to farm pigs, as the natural diet of wild boar (which were pretty much identical to the farmed swine of the period) was acorns, and as the woodland was abundantly supplied with acorns, it was cheap and easy high energy feed.
  8. Why not do both? When you roll 10d6 against a 15HP character, they can't complain that they didn't get a fair deal when the numbers fall and so does the character, and then you hit the other party members with the narrative. I am all for the "gentleman gamer" rolling in the open so the dice help tell the story, but the Keeper still interprets and narrates, while the players know you aren't fudging rolls to railroad them.
  9. To be fair, that could happen. Just because one is at point blank range doesn't mean that the target didn't move at the last moment, or flinch, or the shooter didn't anticipate the recoil or instinctively flinch from murder. The outcome? The bullet clips the scalp and ear of the intended victim, but they are alive and able to retaliate, even if they have temporarily ringing ears and damaged hearing from having a firearm discharged too close to them. Nah, always roll damage, it can only reinforce the point, and who knows? They may (remote chance) somehow survive.
  10. I would point out a couple of things. Firstly, divination should take a while to perform. It isn't simply a reliable coin toss. Secondly, you could make it that it becomes less reliable the more often you use it, decreasing it by 5% increments for each use in a day after the first, or, better yet, make each divination cost MP and/or SAN (but only when it comes true, as relying on magic to solve every problem is not very sane in a modern setting). Thirdly, not everything can be answered with a "yes" or "no", and without a "maybe" option, those maybe questions are always going to be way more ambivalent than the answer can ever suggest. Personally, when it came to divination, I would normally give my players one pertinent but occluded hint about the scenario. For example, when there is a haunted crockery cupboard, the clue is "the one you seek guards china".
  11. Also remember Granny Keeneye. Just because she's bad, doesn't mean she isn't local.
  12. Suggestions for Gloranthan life pictures: 1. Stormbulls and Yelmalions in tense Praxian stand-off over sense chaos allegations. The Pavis Road. 2. Hauling in the day's catch on the banks of the Zola Fel outside the walls of New Pavis. 3. Students smoking hazia behind the Knowledge Temple dorms in Jonstown. 4. The selection process for food trollkin at Gobbleguts Thunderbreath's kitchens, Skyfall Lake. 5. Lunar lady casting glamor as she prepares for the evening's festivities. 6. Orphaned children starving to death under the walls of Boldhome during the long winter. 7. House fire causes pig stampede in Trilus. Balazaar. 8. Lord Death on A Horse poses for an intimate home-life portrait with favorite horse and concubines/catemites. 9. Town life when the Crimson Bat is nearby. Redlands. 10. Brontosaurus round-up time in Slon. 11. Haragalan naval vessel battles Tsankth pirates off the coast of Hombobobom. 12. The morning queue at Casino town's casino. 13. A giant strolling through the Vale of Flowers looking for military units to eat. 14. Just another case of Orlanthi on Orlanthi violence. South Sartar. 15. Not another Rooftop Duel? Kingdom of Ignorance. 16. A duck and a keet slave being awkward wallflowers at an orgy. Rinlidi. 17. Order of the Swallow catching Rokari militants flat footed as they attempt to cross a ford. 18. Military Elephants of Afadjann city states in mortal combat during a battle outside of Sarroganda. 19. Kresh wagon with busted wheel getting assistance while the caravan rolls on while nearby Aldryami contemplate attacking. 20. 3 Wagon pile-up on the Daughter's Road, south of Jillaro. 1 Dead, 4 injured, not counting animals.
  13. It's what happens when yo mama did it with a trollkin.
  14. You have this all upside down. I swear I have met more Yelmalios who were secret chaos worshippers than ones who weren't. It is approaching the point of being a cliche. Why there isn't an outright Stormbull vs Yelmalio war idk.
  15. I personally would completely forgive anyone who says we are living in some bizarre dystopian alternate reality and the Mandela Effect is a real symptom of a deeper problem. I confess it seems increasingly plausible.
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