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  1. Agreed. When the Kalikos heroquest is successful, which during the days of the Empire has been most years, then Glamour has warmer winters. Should the Kalikos hero quest fail, then Glamour might get colder than Boldhome, but Boldhome will be cold and rainy most of the year, so on average, Boldhome will be colder during the hero wars, especially during the Great Winter.
  2. I thought it was a combination of "to hew" meaning "to chop", and the Germanic word "macht" or "to make", thus hew-macht, meaning the one who makes chopping. That's my 2 cents.
  3. True, but he's not talking.
  4. Okay, so lets resolve a couple of test cases... (1) An orlanthi casts detect enemies within range of a party of sleeping Lunars whose watchman has fallen asleep too. They have never met and neither side have any hatred passions, but their nations are at war and they are loyal to their nations. Do the Lunars show up as enemies. (2) A humakti casts detect enemies on a group of hidden gagarthi bandits. Neither party has seen or heard each other, but the spell is in range. The gagarthi are cowards who are only interested in attacking weak prey, which the humakti is obviously not, but the humakti has been tasked with finding and killing the bandits. Do the gagarthi show up as enemies? (3) The same case again except that the humakti isn't looking for a fight but the gagarthi are, but neither side knows the other exists yet. (4) Siblings A and B have flown into a rage with each other over imagined insults and blows fly. A knocks down B and runs away to avoid trouble with the watch. B wants to make peace. A does not want to make amends and is now hiding from the watch. If B casts detect enemies, will A show up as an enemy even though A wants to keep beating B up but has no intention of homicide? Does A show up as an enemy? (5) A shopkeeper notices a well dressed person lurking in part of their shop that is difficult to see, and suspects they are the disguised thief they have heard of. This is true, but the thief is really not interested in harming the shopkeeper physically, only in stealing some inlaid silver boxes. The shopkeeper is also terrified of the potential confrontation and would sooner let the thief run than actually fight them but fully intends to summon the watch. They both cast detect enemies within seconds of each other, as the thief suspects that the shopkeeper is onto her. Does either spell detect the other party as an enemy?
  5. So, where would I verify this please? Given that it is definitely in the RQG rules on page 258, where is the errata that changes that? Are they planning a reprint? Presently there is no Detection Blank spell. Also, the Detect Enemies spell's exact wording on page 259 is that it affects "any being intending to harm them, or it detects and locates a specific individual on whom he caster concentrates." It doesn't require "killing intent" but an intention to harm, and that may also include harm to one's interests. Many enemies never actually draw each others' blood after all. or is this being retconned as well? Good point. I forgot that spell exists. On the other hand, would you really spend one of your tiny allotment of divine spell points for that? Detect Enemies is far more economical. Or they whisper the spell under their breath and do any hand gestures behind their back. It would be one of those times when a matrix under one's clothes would be valuable as that requires only the MP to activate. If detect enemies were a personal spell it would be next to useless. How could you avoid an ambush with Detect Enemies if you don't know the ambushers personally if Detect Enemies were so personal as to require that? Furthermore, clearly if a character has any positive passion towards their deity or temple, then a sleazy illuminated infiltrator is a threat to both. I'd even say that if the institution is on the land of people you owe a loyalty towards (such as being on your clan's Tula) then an illuminate will detect as an enemy. I think a competent illuminated infiltrator would opt for a more subtle approach. They wouldn't approach members of cults that had detect enemies, and they would seek to ingratiate themselves wherever they could with their target through deeds that earn their trust. They might ask questions about the target cult and express their admiration for their new friends and their deity's powers. The aim is to receive an invitation to partake in the cult, because an invitation means a lot less vetting, and if you have done good deeds for the cult, it is a lot less likely that the deity can really say you are an enemy, as deities can't sense illuminates, only hostility. The trick then is to genuinely befriend the cult and to genuinely change alleigances, just like Arkat did on multiple occasions. Oh, but then later, he betrayed those allegiances because he was illuminated and a better offer came along.
  6. Korasting is the mother and fertility power of the trolls. Black Eater is obviously connected to her. Black Eater eats Gbaji, and as Gbaji is used to being killed, and uses his light to rip out of Korasting, who is supposed to be a pure pre-natal underworld darkness that allows for troll reincarnation. All the trolls who rely on Korasting worship for their fertility are thus affected i.e. the Jungle Hot Trolls of Pamaltela are not affected. If you look at Uz Lore, the trolls had been shrinking since coming to the surface, and obviously Gbaji discovered a way to make that worse.
  7. There are a fair few. Sestartos the Artist, Panaxles the Architect, Vogarth the Big Man, Kalops the Sacrifice, as well as the 3 Bad men Herkool, Kodig and Elaliol, Tereen the Axe Man, Desdel the Surprise, Veskarthan the Devourer, the Jolly Fat Man (Oroypsus?), Nandan, Barntar, Minlister, and maybe Doburdun. There may be other deities from the Gods Wall that have Earth origins too. Obviously Genert and Pamalt, plus Pamalt's pantheon. Tada?
  8. It is pretty simple, Detect Enemies tells if there is a mutual or one-sided desire to harm or exploit (which is a form of harm). I have always included groups the caster hates as detected enemies. Illuminates definitely want to exploit the cult, and show up like any other con artist. It isn't about the moral compass of the agent, it is about the intent to harm, and that isn't suddenly confused by illumination. The real question is, does countermagic actively or passively block detection spells i.e. can the person casting the detect tell that their spell is being blocked or not. I think the answer is probably that countermagic is passive, and that you can't tell it has been blocked. Of course that means that cults that give Detect Enemies spells are going to be far harder to infiltrate though. They include Barbeester Gor, Daka Fal, Humakt, Hykim & Mikyh, Issaries, Lhankor Mhy, Malia, Orlanth, Pamalt, Storm Bull, Thed, and Yelm; probably others too, but no majors. Cults that offer Countermagic include Aldrya, Asrelia, Daka Fal, Etyries, Hykim and Mikyh, Issaries, Kyger Litor, Malia, Pamalt, Thed, and Waha. I would suggest that cults like Lanbril, Trickster, Krarsht, and Black Fang seriously need Countermagic as a simple matter of survival. They also need to learn the words to Detect Enemies so they can use their superior Dex SR to fast cast a point of countermagic when they hear someone casting detect enemies. It has often been said that being a spy is a bit like getting leprosy, in that you are constantly performing checking routines on yourself for marks and signs in an anxious and paranoid fashion. It is all part of tradecraft.
  9. Oh, sorry, I don't really consider Lay Membership worth mentioning most of the time. By a member I generally mean an initiate, not a blow-in. With no power comes no responsibility and all that.
  10. Yes, well, ask your divination question carefully (as if that was news to anyone). Detect Enemies is potentially the end of most Gloranthan spy plots when you think about it. I wonder how many cults surreptitiously cast Detect Enemies on prospective new members? Most, I would guess.
  11. I think when you declare an attack, you definitely have an enemy in mind, and that enemy does indeed have a skill, whether you know it or not. I think this description is over-abstracting the rules process. Agreed. Agreed. Not quite. What a player gets to do is make a statement of intent. If their intent is an attack, then the opponent gets to parry or dodge. If the player wants to launch a faster attack than their opponent they have to state that first, and the opponent still gets to choose their response subsequently. I am not suggesting that they will know if they can do this before they attempt it, and it will be up to the GM to make the necessary adjustments based on the players' statement of intent. For example, if the player needs to go 4SR faster, they will be losing 40% of their skill in the attempt, but the player won't know the exact penalty, merely that they are experiencing a penalty. Much like IRL having attempted it, they may have a better idea of what the odds were after the event, assuming they survive. Given that nobody is going to try this move in the first round of combat, the notion that the information is privileged is moot. Nobody tries to solve a problem before they know the problem exists in my experience. As to knowing whether your opponent is better than you in skill, well, an experienced fighter will quickly figure that out just by studying their opponent, their age, their race, their gear, their moves, their reach etc. It also doesn't matter so much as a lucky trollkin will impale an unlucky Balastor's knee one time in 100, as this is RQ. In terms of how to run this, the GM doesn't need to say anything prior to the player's statement of intent. The GM may then ask for a clarification of "if they seem to be too good for you, will you just abort or still try?" If the player says they will still try, the GM can then ask "How hard" will you try? Are you prepared to go all out, and potentially leave yourself wide open to a superior enemy, or will you hedge your bets and not leave yourself open, or somewhere in the middle?" The GM will of course need to say whether the opponent will parry or dodge, but once the rolls are made, it is all just narrative, with the penalty ascribed based on the players' responses, and the dice tell the story. As a GM I really don't mind a player knowing their enemy is better than they are, it adds tension and risk. Similarly, knowing an opponent is not as skilled as their character often leads to overconfidence and getting impaled by said trollkin.
  12. Actually yes I am surprised. The notion of even allowing women into the masculine Orlanth cult and then offering them extra privileges is just plain stupid. This is a Fem-Thor level of stupid. Now this sort of nonsense might fly in Esrolia, but not elsewhere. Furthermore, there really isn't any reason why Vinga doesn't simply provide her spell for Orlanthi in general as an Associated cult like all the Thunder Brothers should do.
  13. Actually, illumination offers you no protection against divination or detect enemies. It only protects you from spirits of retribution. It is quite possible for illuminates to be someone's enemy and be detected as such, and divination will work on them too, except it is expensive and most people won't bother unless there is a good reason to waste your divine magic that way this season. Does Thanatar even get divination except via hijacking someone's brain? I can't remember.
  14. God of inner peace through becoming a zombie. http://glorantha.tumblr.com/post/98049927088/lawspeaker-teach-us-about-the-undead As to the notion of Gark offering a mystical path, I am not so sure. They turn you into a zombie. All your problems are solved.
  15. LOL since when do religions have to make sense? I agree with the general idea, don't get me wrong, but if it is going on, it is likely in Ralios not Dragon Pass, as there are all those other Arkats there, and some of these new outfits probably don't play by the same rules as the old Arkat secret society. The older Arkat outfit is all about protecting the Hero Plane, and probably aren't that worried about other chaos.
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