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  1. Yes, I have done so a few times. Back in RQ2 days, you got a price in the thousands for the right matrix, and I was occasionally high on POW but short on cash. More recently I had shennanigans involving my Chalana Arroy gangster character and a Sleep Matrix she created that was used to get one of her enemies, a snoopy Issaries priest chucked out of her cult for offending the Chalana Arroys by using prohibited cult magic. It also involved shelling out hard earned cash/ill-gotten gains for a Divination Block at an exhorbitant price when the whole scheme nearly blew up in my character's fa
  2. These economic issues are complicated. As a rule of thumb, a ransom is a round number value that is about 7 times (a crude average) of one's yearly income (give or take) and one's weregild should be about double that. As to a clan's finances, they draw income from their lands, which are divided in to cropland, pasture, and wilderness, and more directly from their clan artisans and the goods they make, plus whatever the clan temples bring in from outsiders. The land in turn is divided into Hides, and people of different status will work a certain number of hides, or draw income from some
  3. Read the Yelm entry more carefully. The RQG rules are not for the Yelm of Dara Happa, but for "Sun Horse" aka Yu-Kargzant of the Grazerlanders. In the forthcoming RQ:Gods of Glorantha supplement, Yelm definitely has his two Fire/Sky runes, and all the deficiencies you have correctly addressed and questioned will be far closer to your expectations.
  4. Yes, I forgot that Excommunicate was now called Ban. Good to know. And yes, illuminates don't get their full suite of powers automatically like they did in RQ2, and that is a good thing imo, as it creates opportunities for scenarios which involve the development of such powers, which can only help contextualize things, and means players have to work for them rather than having them handed out gratis. Well, you can ask them nicely in a court of law... With the subtext being that not to comply might be taken as admission of guilt. Now consider, Moon Phase is something even illumi
  5. I take your point, but I think that a Mastery Rune should cover both eventualities. Admittedly people will defer to a Rune Lord, but it goes somewhat deeper than that, surely? I mean, much like the Mobility Rune covers both movement and change, and so Mastakos has both reusable Teleport and Protean abilities, surely Mastery is both mastery of skill and mastery of people? It is a crown after all...
  6. As an aside, and given how technically Yelm should rule the Spike, what do we know about the politics of Ventland, given that it is the Fire/Sky rune State of Belintar's Confederation/Empire?
  7. IMO this is pretty easily understood, but please pick holes if you see them... Belintar washes up in the Holy Country in 1313. By 1336 he has established his empire and instituted the Tournament of the Masters of Luck and Death. Now the Holy Country has territories tied to the various elemental runes, and each is best described as a semi-autonomous region that owed fealty to Belintar. In 1616 Belintar gets assassinated by Jar-Eel and subsequent tournaments fail to bring him back. The Holy Country is an attempt to set up a model of the world back in the God Time, if you consider th
  8. It is an interesting point, and the rules for Illumination are not clear on this. Excommunication is supposed to break the connection between the deity and the worshipper via intervention by the High Priest, and has been expressed as divine magic in RQ3. Illuminates are not immune to divine magic, but are immune to spirits of reprisal. The current status of the rules on this point list no power of Illumination that could prevent them from having their connection to a deity via initiation severed by direct divine/rune magic intervention, but there is no excommunication spell either in RQG.
  9. So what then denotes Political Leadership? I was always pretty certain that Orlanth Thunderous was about the Air/Storm Rune, Orlanth Adventurous was about the Mobility Rune, and Orlanth Rex was about the Mastery Rune? And didn't Yelm have a Mastery Rune also, of much the same reason?
  10. Ejertson has good advice there. A C'thulhu scenario is essentially a detective novel with a horror theme. To enlarge on "Start with the ending", that doesn't mean figure out how you want it to end and work backwards, but something a bit different... Figure out the crime or event that draws the characters in (often the MacGuffin), then figure out all the steps it would take to get to that point and write them down, then figure out what clues these acts would leave. The more obvious clues might be hidden, but even hiding the clues might leave traces for characters to find. Ob
  11. I loved this post Ali. What a great find! You can just imagine this being part of some bronze age big wig's planning room decor. It definitely needs a Gloranthan equivalent.
  12. I find myself agreeing with this and chuckling at the profound cynicism of it. It's a comparison I had never thought to make, and the real world implications... Let's just say that I snorted into my coffee when I read this. You've given me a very interesting insight into the antiquity of theme parks, and the white marble Grecian statuary of the gods that was garishly painted to make them seem more "real" take on a very different context. I wonder if the Pythia of Delphi had spruikers touting the attractions?
  13. Idk about written source material, but the logical enemies are Tcho-tchos imo.
  14. Split the party ? Really? There IS a Humakt Temple in New Pavis ffs. If your Humakti is not a "Sword Man" Praxian he may even feel more at home in New Pavis. Also it is much safer travelling Prax in a group. Suggestions: (1) There is a new clan of the Unicorn Riders being formed, and they are coming in to the Big Rubble to collect a Ceremonial Labrys, but they get attacked by Zorak Zorani. (2) Rubble Aldryami from the Garden petition the Yelornans for aid after trolls steal a precious bag of Bow Seeds that need to be recovered before some troll eats them. (3) A unicor
  15. Is it just me or does Jar-Eel look quite a lot like Lois Griffin here?
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