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  1. Darius West

    Javelin - 1H Spear or Thrown?

    Atlatls are pretty much the same as the woomeras used by Koorie tribes in Australia. They lengthen the throwing arm's arc, adding leverage and force. When you get good at it, you can throw a spear like a jai-alai ball. There are quite a few YouTube videos on the subject. It is also super-easy to make one. Given an hour you'll be launching broomsticks across your rugby oval like a pro (until the police see you). They take a little getting used to for aiming, but aren't much of a handicap considering the force and range they offer. Many ancient cultures developed a variant of them.
  2. Darius West

    Devotee Plot Obstacles

    Really? You're going to eat it after all that? You do realize you'll be the laughing stock of Beast Valley?
  3. Darius West

    Devotee Plot Obstacles

    I suppose there's more than one way to hollow out a duck.
  4. Darius West


    Well, I stand corrected on that point. On the other hand, I also can't see how it makes sense as a rule. It looks like simply re-nerfing Sorcery so it looks more like RQ3, when the whole foundation for the limit, i.e. the use of INT is gone. Personally I don't think it is a rule I will enforce, considering the boost Shamanism has received from Shamanic Abilities. I prefer having Sorcerers who can actually be a threat.
  5. Darius West

    Devotee Plot Obstacles

    Given that Orane had to trade her clothes for the necklace, and the necklace simply made her ultra-sexy and she was already naked, things started to get uncomfortable for her as she walked home. Walking home naked with a huge appearance boost in the middle of Beast Valley with all those centaurs, satyrs and minotaurs, then having to wander through Yemalio Sun Valley territory sounds like a dreadful ordeal. I wouldn't wish it on a duck trickster.
  6. Darius West

    Gloranthan Slang.

    "Go chew your father's foreskin into a blanket with your one good tooth !" -Popular Praxian insult reserved for moments of utter exasperation. "Thistle" the Tribe, look after yourself ! Thistle - A term referring to assault, usually sexual, used by Natha. Entekosiad p51. Perhaps implying being stabbed with many tiny pricks?
  7. Darius West

    Battle of Hender's Ruins

    The worst thing about Cwim is the hit location table. (jk)
  8. Darius West

    Fantasy economic system - starting money question

    That is very true. The thing Harn does best of all is the detail it puts into regional agricultural yields on manor houses and villages. You get an average yield of bushels per acre, from which you can decide if you are putting in crops or not. The rule is, if your ration is <1, graze animals on it instead, their poop may help improve the soil eventually.
  9. (1) I think a lot of people are going to want to spend a point of Free INT to remember this one. Remember how in RQ3 you needed Free INT to cast sorcery, but you stored your Spirit Magic in your INT stat too? These days that is no longer true. Now Spirit Magic is stored in your CHA instead, leaving your precious INT "Free" for all that sorcery goodness. I refer you to page 254 of RQ:RiG "Limits to Spell Holding. So, that will certainly serve to take the chains off to some degree. Tattoo that one into your brains, and correct anyone making that rookie "I'm still playing RQ3" mistake that Spirit Magic fills up your INT. The rules are different now. Now off you go sorcerers, and fill up your neglected CHA on all that Spirit Magic happiness. (2) LITERACY! I refer you to page 388- Learning Sorcery. Sorcery is a literate discipline, and a sorcerer cannot know a spell better than their Read/Write skill. I will point out that this is a little ambiguous, as if you learn a spell in a language you have at 25% but you have your own first language skill at 100%, effectively you translate the spell and write it down at 100%. That means you really only need one language at 100%+ for sorcery, but you REALLY need it. (3) Memorizing Spells. Read and re-read this section of the rules on page 390. What it means is that a sorcerer can use meditation to "forget" spells in their Free INT to free up space for a big spell, and at some later stage, they can choose to remember it again through more meditation. Yes, your character will spend a lot of time sitting around and wracking their brains. The crucial thing is... don't forget to forget and don't forget to remember. Of course there are other rules you need to remember too. For example, how to master a sorcery spell (page 384), how to use components and days of the week to boost your casting (p387-388), and how to make new spells that will annoy your GM and break the game (p390). You also really REALLY need to know all about the Enhance INT spell and how you can amp yours up (p395). Now get out there and get God Learning. Jrustela won't unsubmerge itself.
  10. Darius West

    The Pavis Plan

    Yeah, I think we've all made adept by now, huh?
  11. Darius West

    A Trip into Trolltown!

    Doesn't the Earth cult have Jolly Fat Man?
  12. Darius West

    Genertelan Vadeli population estimates

    "Neighbors" means non-Vadeli. Of course the Vadeli know about their "little peccadillos".
  13. Darius West

    A Trip into Trolltown!

    LOL, you're including a Krampus Encounter for the Sacred Time Festive spirit I see. Better than having a beardy old Lunar Convert Uncoling land his sled on your roof I suppose? Last time he crashed through and we mugged him. Loot all round!
  14. Darius West

    Gloranthan Slang.

    Languages have always used slang. Every subculture, especially craft subcultures, produce their own special use words and terminology. Languages also borrow words and expressions from other languages. The effect is word use that has a certain precondition of knowledge. When humans use language to produce a humorous analogy, then contract the word for convenience, slang is born. It has been going on forever, and is a major source of new words.
  15. Darius West


    So it's Shargash, Jim, but not as we know it? The notion of the Tolat link to the Amazons becomes more clear however.