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Newcomer question

Lloyd Dupont

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Hi all.. 

I am a new comer to BRP which, after some thinking might be a better suited for my GM style than Mythras. I particularly how the magic is acutely less OP than in Mythras and few other minor tweaks.

However there is 7 problem I want to tweak, I came up with some ideas.. But I wonder if there is already a work around...


Problem 1:

I like elemental attack spell. I also like how prohibitive it is to do a powerful one (3mp/D6-Level for Blast, Fire, Lightning,Cold) but I am a little disappointed by you cast it twice (or 4 at best with a Staff) and you're out power. And one can just dodge it (I'm fine with that, I just want more casting), also I don't quite like mage staff trope.. but I guess it could be a gem instead or whatever..

Anyway I was thinking of a spell "Repeat" that cast with an other offensive spell (take lowest percentage) spread your level between the elemental attack and the repeat (cost = 1/level). (both together <= INT/2) Each level of repeat gives you 1 (2?) more round where the attack can be cast again.

How about that?


Problem 2:

I am unclear on how one make magical items


Problem 3:

I want to have interdimensional portal that can be open for quite a long time (a yet to be defined spell that would only last a few round in its basic version).  I guess they could be enchanted (problem 2), but I was thinking to introduce some sort of other combine spell with some yet to be define limitation that could make a spell last POW hours.

How about that?


Problem 4:

I like how how BRP, has in fact, special effect like Mythras but with a lighter touch. However I'd like to add a few more, like say "trip opponent". Unsure how to proceed here.. I guess I could add them on the special result?


Problem 5:

I like the resistance table concept. But why not do Defensive_Score+D20 >= Offensive_Score+10 for success, instead of using a table?


Problem 6:

I like general HP, but I kind like a soft touch of localisation. I came with an idea. No major wound table. Instead if one take 1/2 total HP in one strike (or 2/3) one roll localisation do the HP (2HP) damage to limb effect. BUt then I'd like to use the chose location so... I guess chose location will only be on special hey?


Problem 7:

Love the Blood and Tide Stunt. Like to gate them between some kind of XP like thingy. But there is no XP in BRP, which might not work so well with the huge number of skills... Mmm.. any thought?

I like the way the Power Budget for Martial art is Martial score / 20. Would there be a way to do the same thing with the stunt?

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