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Playing in Glorantha using Godbound?


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Godbound is a wonderful game that combines modernised OSR mechanics with the spirit, genre and tone of Exalted (semi-divine heroes being [re]born into a diminished world and setting out to change it to their whim). While it's not something that sounds very Glorantha-y, I recently had an idea that this system could be quite useful for a game where PCs are heroes or superheroes, around the high-end of 13th Age Glorantha - for a few reasons:

  • The "Words" system that governs supernatural powers combines a lot of freeform freedom of HQ2 with more constraining mechanics and clear examples of Runequest, and is well suited for mythical magical feats, while the Words themsleves should be easy to reskin into Runes
  • Godbound has systems in place governing how great and permanent changes the hero inflicts on the world around him, which would be very cool to use for a Hero Wars level of setting recomposition
  • The mechanics are quite simple and fast, and well-suited to epic battles, with special simple rules of destroying whole units of mooks with one blow
  • There are rules for gradually becoming a deity, amassing followers and a cult, which could possibly work for an Arkat-type hero, albeit probably with heavy modifications


Am I the only one who thinks it sounds interesting? Not sure if I'll be playing it, as I don't feel confident enough to come up with the necessary mechanics modifications, but perhaps someone will take it up for themselves.

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I also saw the potential in Godbound for Glorantha, and I think it'd be a quite fine system for running the setting in a HQ2-like vein. Instead of the HQ2 or RQG assumption that the characters are people who could become Heroes, using Godbound would assume the characters are people who are already capital-H Heroes. Weak and in their Heroic childhood, maybe, but still able to cut down scores of normal men if they need to. Just be ready for characters to reshape the whole setting to their liking rather than go along with the canonical plot!

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