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  1. Hteph

    Dice mechanics

    Yep I have had PHDs in social science that thinks anything jsut looking at numbers (manipulating numbers in ANY way yeeeach). So I have a system (much borrowed from Harnmaster and WFRP) med 10s and doubles and switching the numbers around. I was thinking of using the 5s also ... but that was on the limit and could to easy be overlooked in the heat of combat.
  2. Hteph

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    Oh, 'muricas and their fear for the dreaded nipple! ROTFL!
  3. Hteph

    RQG print copy?

    Hush, Murphy may hear you! 😉
  4. I have also stared at those rules for a while and rigth now I'm toying with just two combat skills Hack&Slash and Stabbing. Then some kind of specialisation at later stages., much like Styopa outlines. Probably draw in the RQ6 special weapons qualities and effects shenanigans for those who like to fiddle with their combat. Then I need to squint at the missile combat and see if i can make some sense of that too...
  5. Ooooh Snipbeak, my new favorite!
  6. Hteph

    Two weapons and multiple parries

    I think that my take away from this headeache inducing (not in a negative way, just my age showing) is that my house ruling (if it rear its ugly head) will be that two weapon wielders can choose dual parry as an option and the effect will be that the first attack recived can be parried twice (ie rerolled, if the first ty fails) and subsequent parries have a -10% penalty instead of -20%. (I think the FAQ is a bit to limiting, I want to give the dual wielder something without making it too overpwwered) The Gorakiki multiple condindrum would I rule as -5% in consecutive penalty.... In the group I used to GM it would never risen as they weren't combat focused, but in a future group I don't know I guess I should be prepared.
  7. Hteph

    RQG eTools?

    I wasn't the GM so I could put in the time to keep all clients updated and organised, it certainly helped that I was the only one who was interested in testing the limits of the system and doing any actual hacking of it. If there was more than one of that ilk it could have been a mess that is true.
  8. Hteph

    RQG eTools?

    Hero Labs is very configurable (haven't used it for a while so I'm not in the loop of future development), we used it for Pathfinder with a lot of houserules, additions and stuff. I was suprisingly easy to hack when you got the basics.
  9. Hteph

    Six Ages progress update

    I didn't remember that Heroquest was so difficult to succeed in ... but then I have run all the KODPs so many times I could mumble them in my sleep and completely forgotten the first five-six failures.... (except Elmal, never succeeded Elmal I think)...
  10. I was also staring at that wondering how they ended up withthat mess....
  11. Hteph

    HeroQuest and Glorantha, the future

    To me the HQ line evokes the mythic of Glorantha in a much higher degree than RQ and I prefers (so far) the HQ products as a basis for my RQ campaigns (I always rewrite and ad lib so much RQ stats are pretty irrelevant in the published material anyway). Unless the heroquest system in the upcoming RQG is frakking brilliant, I probably will use my old HW based system for HQs anyway, but I sideeyeing Torchbearer/Burning Wheel for ideas rigth now. (One of these days I should actually take a serious look at HQ2 too). What I want to say with this rambling is that the continuing support is good news to me!
  12. Hteph

    Lhankor Mhy Sorcery and Meldeks

    That was the reason i would choose to substitute the Beast rune, sorcery becomes trancendence from Beast to something beyond Man, a higher organisation, a other kind of being. Just as I imagine Plat opposing the Man Rune for Aldryami and DragonNewt Rune opposing Man Rune for ... well Dragonnewts. The Chaos part is perhaps logical, but here we have an unatural substitution, hence the problems sorcery user faces now and then. And in my mind the RQ Chaos rune opposes everything.
  13. Hteph

    Lhankor Mhy Sorcery and Meldeks

    And my ad hoc houserule is: In order to use sorcery you have to substitute the Beast rune with the Law rune, this is done by Study, Conditioning and mojo-shenanigan-magic. To me it explains why Wizards (and some Lankhor Mhy) feels so alien. Of course Mostali ilks has the Law rune by birth from the vat.
  14. Hteph

    Mass starvation and Our Heroes

    As Furry Fella says, the locals won't go extinct for missing out on two harvests, one of the main reason for this is the agricultural order (western european IRL) that the Sartarites have. They will eat their animals and the woods are full of stuff that are no fun at all but can (and will) be eaten. Two years will cost lives and have long lasting effects; the animals that where eaten, especially the cows, are very important for a healthy crop in the long view. A lot of seed will be gone and that will be even worse to replace. But most people in the age range of about 5 to 40 will survive, outside that barcket .... well that depends on how good health care that is around. The Lunars are a totally different cake as Ian_W says, when there is no grain to steal ... it will be though....
  15. Hteph

    Splitting the RQ Fourms

    To me, and frankly all RQ players I know, there have always been a unholy mish-mash of editions in actual play, and I'm pretty sure that will continue even if this RQG is a mash-up of RQ2,3 and 6 with some foreign stuff thrown in (Pendragon and HQ) and a bit new spicing. So I belive a split would be hardly functional.