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  1. Hteph

    Mass starvation and Our Heroes

    As Furry Fella says, the locals won't go extinct for missing out on two harvests, one of the main reason for this is the agricultural order (western european IRL) that the Sartarites have. They will eat their animals and the woods are full of stuff that are no fun at all but can (and will) be eaten. Two years will cost lives and have long lasting effects; the animals that where eaten, especially the cows, are very important for a healthy crop in the long view. A lot of seed will be gone and that will be even worse to replace. But most people in the age range of about 5 to 40 will survive, outside that barcket .... well that depends on how good health care that is around. The Lunars are a totally different cake as Ian_W says, when there is no grain to steal ... it will be though....
  2. Hteph

    Splitting the RQ Fourms

    To me, and frankly all RQ players I know, there have always been a unholy mish-mash of editions in actual play, and I'm pretty sure that will continue even if this RQG is a mash-up of RQ2,3 and 6 with some foreign stuff thrown in (Pendragon and HQ) and a bit new spicing. So I belive a split would be hardly functional.
  3. Hteph

    Ducking the issue

    When I started playing RQ for the first time I also had a problem with ducks, so my solution was: I play one! This become one of my most beloved (by me) characters ever. Tompkin "Two-clacks" Pebbelfeather, Issaries peddler and constant source of astonishing stupid plots and ideas. I think I still can make the special "I have an idea/opinion"-duckish sound and my fellow gamers will roll their eyes thirty years or so later.... Soo, there is hope...
  4. Hteph

    Runes, how many?

    It concerns mostly how much thinking I should do about adding additional runes retroactively to storyelements already present in the database and what system I should choose for displaying them. For the latter I guess I go for the simple rune font for now, if the addition of new rune will be few ... I have to think a bit less about automatisation and leave that for adding them by hand.
  5. Hteph

    Runes, how many?

    I was searching for the topic (difficult to filter out content with that keyword) so if the topic has been touched on a pointer is enough for me. My question is; what is the design thoughts about which runes will be used in RQG? I see that Communication is gone from Issaries and that tells me that the minimalistic view of the number of existing runes (even more limited than I remembers from RQ2. I think HW went a bit over the top, but I'm partial to both the Hunger/Undead and the Communication Rune as concepts. (The reason I'm asking is that I working a bit on an app that connects story elements and Runes, as a inspiration source for scenarios/myths/HQs etc).
  6. Hteph

    Rune Magic in RQG - limits seem to be off

    In my bygone In my bygone RQ6 campaign I had a similar system that also incorporated MP (as we all didn't like the count hours to figure out how many MP you get back). Instead MP got refreshed by perfforming mundane actions in the spirit of gods you belonged to, Y/elmalites by greeting the sun, Erumals by being annoying and pranking etc etc , A bit more by doing stuff a bit more sacred related, cleaing a shrine or creating a tiki or repaint a tiki already in place. The Runepoints you got back a bit by observe holy days and everything in sacred time. A bit more that the oneshots of RQ2, but still to precious use up at a whim.
  7. Hteph

    Same Round Death is Harsh!

    Last time I GMed RQ (a couple of years ago) I had a intricate damage/health system - have always loathed hitpoints, but now I think I just go with : if anyone go below zero hp as a result of a Crit or Special it is instant death, otherwise it is unconcious and (IRLish bleeding out perhaps, needs treatment after combat to not die). I gives a bit of edge to those rolls and still keeps people around for Ransoms and such stuff.
  8. Hteph

    Dark Glorantha

    That was one of the most shallow analysis of LOTR I ever seen. It isn't grimdark, no, but the price everyone pays for winning is hardly shiny ... And no I wont argue the matter further, but it is quite a bad example. Even Narnia isn't that positive if you read a bit between the lines (and are able to dodge the disgusting christanity propaganda).
  9. Hteph

    Some thoughts after a first read

    It is perhaps mostly me being sad to see the concept of HeroQuests reduced to a combat game. Because, honestly, 90% of gamers only really care for stuff which you put numbers on, the rest is just "fluff". I think HeroWars did a good job on that par ( then there was other parts that fell through) and this was a step in a direction that was not in my interest. i'll plunder it for good ideas to augument RQ but I have really no interest in running it. There are some feats and options and a bit about HQs that are useful loot. Well, it is hardly the first Kickstarter that turned out to be not what I wanted/expected/imagined/whatever
  10. After a first skim and some more focused skipping around i got a realisation. There is no system support for anything outside combat, it is a pure (high level/heroquest) combat system ... and nothing else. Three fourth (something) of talents/features/spells/whatever is just a list of damage dice and the rest is about combat round tactics (as far as I have seen). I haven't had the opportunity to play 13th age, but i have had the books for a while, so I could be wrong, but the Icons relations/roll seemed to create a systemic connection to stuff happening outside the combat round. The Runic attunement that replace it is more or less (I see some excellent use for it outside combat) focused on in-combat use. This is not a criticism of the 13th age Glorantha per se, as it is probably the best Heroquest Combat system I seen so far (never got the Hero War system to really work), and seems to be thematic/inspirational/system-sound etc ... But to me it is lacking system support like social interactions, religious factions and stuff like ancestry/clan/backgrounds. The skill/background thing is nifty, but it is so abstracted it have a strong feel of "get that unnecessary RPGing out of my combat game". As I like to have the system integrate with my gaming world (and I think the later versions of RQ has become much better at that) I can't see this really hitting my table soon. I see a use perhaps when the time comes to (combat oriented) Heroquesting doing a couple of "character creation" pre-quests where my players do the characters choices (they are simple enough) by rituals and mundane dry-run quest emulations. Then use these as their hero plane "avatars" with results and effects feedback into my ordinary RQ game. I'm not sure what I expected, and this book is very well done and beautiful, but I guess I wasn't the target audience. To me this could only work as a bolt on, plug-in extra stuff. I can hardly bother my players with a new system that will only be used in combat and the rest of the time improvise, handwave and house rule. I have already a Hero Wars/RQ2/RQ3/RQ6 mishmash, adding a modified 13th Age special case that solves the Hero Wars combat is just fitting. (And again I think what it does it does well, some of the classes are awesome, it is just a bit too limited for me to truly enjoy).
  11. Hteph

    Returning after 35 years...

    Ha! I remember you, because I still have like a small book of printouts from stuff you wrote in a list/usenet group/whatever. It was very early in my net existence so it left a lasting impression! Welcome back!
  12. Hteph

    RuneQuest rules at Gen Con

    If something is depressing it is your attitude. Used in a intelligent way the use of coin (an other props) can greatly enhance the gaming experience for a lot of players. it isn't like it will be an integral part of the game as specialy designed (and difficult to reproduce at home) dice or tokens would be (jfr WFRP 3).
  13. Hteph

    RuneQuest rules at Gen Con

    I have bought way to much coins from them before and always been more than satsified ( acctually bought several series for use in a RQ campaign that never got off). The actual coins are a great resource at the table as it focus the greed of the players something enormously. But as 4000 L are difficult to handle at the table :-) I use other types of treasure objects and jewelry to handle the larger amounts of coins instead.
  14. Hteph

    Weapon Damages

    If a player dragget this semi-flame fest to me as a GM I would poit out that the mythic aspects are also important in my Glorantha. That means (to me) the sword (as an icarnation of death) always will hold an edge in combat, and as death was wielded to kill Yelm who could be seen as the representaion of both bows and spears, the latter two is pointely worse perhaps, than in our world. Something similar could be said about axes and clubs .... swords and axes, however, we could trade blows over and in the end that they are quite equivalent but different. (Just my two pints of naphta)
  15. Hteph

    Glorantha Links

    Toby Partridge's Griffin Mountain Campaign Seems to be gone, I get this message when trying access it. Forbidden You don't have permission to access /rpgwiki/GriffinMountainCampaign on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.