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  1. My browser is trolling me …
  2. It will probably be easier to parse with an example in the finished book. But perhaps an editorial pass could be done, because I find it a bit difficult to understand.
  3. I'm also a bit uncertain on the 5.3 Wagered rules. As you lose AP calculated from your own wager unrelated to the opponents wager, is there ever a reason for betting more than one? Wasn't it the opponents bet that you lost back in HW days? <Trying to find my HW books>
  4. I'm not sure I follow the "5.2 Sequence" stuff, there are appearances of "Resource" here and there, like in 5.2.2 Scored Sequence Outcomes and in Resource Point Knowledge I assume it should be Resolution Point instead ... or have I missed something from earlier in the document? I would rise a Github issue but I'm uncertain if I missed some connection.
  5. Absolutely, and when the lakes are frozen it is a excellent time to “pilka”. Fishing by boring hole in the ice and with correct knowledge and right circumstances it is more efficient than using a fishing pole in the summer.
  6. I “consulted” on a venom blurb for a .... Pathfinder article many, many years ago, I’ll see if I can recreate it. In short the venom is extremly interesting because it is a mix of three different venoms (varies of course, but in general). The first is a fast acting component that causes intense pain and makes muscles lock up, the classic paralytic spider effect. It however has a rather short duration and its main function is for hunting allowing the spider to wrap the prey in silk. The second component is a corrosive venom that liquify the innards of the insect, it works best on exo-skeleton prey where the venom pass around the whole slushy inside and makes it easy to consume. This could be the source of the ghastly effects of the bite from Brown Recluse or that Australian trapdoor spider, but it is a bit controversial, it could be a secondary infection from flesh eating bacteria ... an intersting topic. Aaaannyway, it burns the circulatory system of a mammal pretty badly and is a feeding poison. The last and perhaps interesting component is a neurotoxin that attacks muscle coordination and has a slow onset and a long duration. It is thought that this is a defensive venom making it possible for the spider to get away from something that is to big or to aggressive to eat, such as a wasp or another spider. IRL humans this usually manifests as intense pain at first, a pus filled bite place and headache and nausea later on. And one interesting thing is not only do the proportions differ between species depending on hunting strategy, it seems individual spiders can shift them around depending on purpose of the bite. The perhaps most interesting aspect is that there is a possibility of brewing three different poison from the spider venom. And did you know that the spider that “shoots” a net from their head, do it from a mutated venom sack (probably) and the net is not just sticky, but also venomous... And this I can talk about for hours ... spiders has the fewest mitochondria per cell of all animals! They must have a stamina that sucks royally and .... and ... and ...
  7. oh, to me it is very simple, the protection rune is a aquare, so ofcurce this need to be as squarish as possible, and in the ritual to set up there will be steps* that guarantees it. If you get it from a "round rune" etc cult doesne't matter, they probably was gifted, or stole it, or something, from the earth to start with. *So there are probaly a need of walking the perimeter, and then crossing the diagonal in a certain amount of steps, where the length step has been defined in learning process. Some twaking are probably possible, but too much and the ritual starts to fall apart.
  8. In old Sweden the winter activities was mainly two things, repairing all things that broke or was damaged during the more labor intensive seasons, and hunting. There is a reason the god Ull was the god of winter, skis and hunting, snow is excellent for tracking and slowing down large animals. So plenty of opportunity for those who dip in Valind's knowledge of skis. Stories and such entertainment was mostly for passing time while doing small work in bad light.
  9. I really liked this one, got a vision for an arachnetaur character going into rage everytime they got accused for being a Scorpionman ... and in the end accepting to be the stead for the party´s trollkin and thus getting seen as a weird Uz thing instead of chaos monstrosity ... and grumbling about it all the time. (and as a spider afficiado I really, really, have to publish something about how spider venom really works because aaaaaaahhhh)
  10. I’ve lately starting to mull on starting a Griffin Mountain campaign... have anyone done work on a family history for the area? I fail to find anything with searches, but perhaps just my google-fu are bad.
  11. Tolerated is perhaps the wrong word, accepted existence as non-chaotic, like how Malia has a non-chaotic existence too. It is mostly a question on the semantics around pantheon and we are in need of a treatise in how to apply taxonomic science to the various parts of the mythology. addendum: Of course it is forbidden, suppressed and hunted, you want psychos to try any other venue (Humakt, Stormbull, frakking Vadrus) before ending up there. It is the end station. Beyond that awaits Thed ...
  12. I was thinking about this while doing chores in the garden when it was to much sun and heat stroke was rearing up, so take it for what it is worth... What if Gagarth is tolerated in the “Orlanthi family” for safety valve reasons? There will always be people who don’t really get this “being good honorable and nice” thing. The worst of that bunch would be heading into the embrace of Chaos before you could say Broo-poo, some you could probably divest to Humakt and Stormbull, but there will be those who are lying cowards with thoughts of grandeur. That is the target audience for Gagarth, a kind of honey trap to catch the last dredge before it gets really bad.
  13. As note above, there is really an important distinction between rune level of clan “usefulness” and adventurer rune levels. An “investment” in an Ernalda priestess is a much more apparent benefit for everyday perception, years to come. Supporting an Humakti or Stormbull lack the same instant pay back ... until you really need them, that is. So I would really separate out the Runelords from the average runelevels in a clan and say that they are a completely random number, where the actual presence in clan lands are also a chance. A number of factors guide this, presence of special temples/places/events, if a clan was involved in epic battles and conflicts, you name it. ... that is how I view it at least. No (or almost no one) clan keep a Humakti runelord around just in case they need him in a battle. But if they happens to have the Shrine of the Twice Killing Sword and the Runelord (who brought it with him from a heroquest) hangs aound the tula during the winter with his mates, that a different thing.
  14. In the Swedish (old,old,old) version of BRP - Drakar och Demoner, they did this between 1st and 2nd edition, so this was the how I learned to play it from the start. The two reason for keeping the % scale is better granularity for skill increase, and that people coming new to the hobby have it a bit easier to start with with percentage skill it seems. Aside for that I saw little differences in actual play.
  15. I have also been thinking of this, as I have more and more been sliding into the GM should not roll dice camp, but I haven’t found any solution yet that don’t make a mess of the rest of the elegant system .... However, with Ian’s latest iteration of, I can actually can disconnect the generation of successes and use any system for generating successes. The thing I’m not sure about yet is how to deal with skill level and Masteries in an elegant way ... the fixed 5 unit have given me some ideas, but I really need to crunch some numbers to be sure the probabilities are not completely bonkers.
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