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  1. I was thinking of this a bit ago and how to make the Ernaldan a bit more than the Healer on the battlefield (or the one that directs the Elemental). The "wield an husband or two" commet above triggered that memory. I was sketching on a set of actions for an Ernaldan battle field manager, how to improve and support more actively and dipped into the Pathfinders tactical Feats for inspiration. Never got any further than that but I think there may be something in there.
  2. Hear hear! Eh I was GMing Borderland (I think) I found this being so frakking useful that I started doing that everthereafter in all games I GMing, I must have produced dozens of booklets with stats over the years, and you can often reuse them in a pinch. Pre PDF I either xeroxed and glued them together or typed them in to hypercard stacks. Ahhh ... those was the days. Stat blocks in the texts I hardly read any more, they are just annoying. Sometimes I even make booklets with such stuff removed.
  3. The Clearwine map (50-51) the numbers 8 and 10 are duplicated. I guess the left handed side are wrongly placed (unless I have misunderstood something about the map).
  4. Hteph


    Absolutely, there is a disturbing tendency amongst Orlanthi of "Might makes Right" that is chafe a bit, and that is why Ernalda and Lankhor Mhy is essential to elevate the unruly Storm God from a petty Warlord to the actually king of the Tribe. There is a (non-canonical?) story somehwere about Orlanth and Thed going along the lines that he is unable to punish Ragnaglar for raping her as his brother is a mamber of his tribe and Thed is not. But he is willing to allow her a boon to compensate for the crime against her. There is a lot to read from that story and others have discussed it better than I'm able to.....
  5. Hteph


    I think, and that is just my own opinion, rape would be much less prevalent in a world with an actual present deity that abhor it and have a very, very dedicated daughter ... Babs may not have time to find every last perp, but what she does to those she get is probably well known ... and I think people would look funny at everyone that just plainly refues to enter an Ernaldan temple ever again (I mean would you even take the chance that the Goddess have gotten a whiff of your transgression?). For those who don't care or are incapable of connect the dots ... well ... there is always Thed, and we know what that leads to ... I hope they like the smell of goats. And most of the motley gang of the White Bull follows gods that have honor somewhere in the curriculum making repeated murder of defenseless less fun the next high holy day., So a sack is probably not the same as the horrors of the thirty years war, certainly violence, deaths and plunder, but less torture and rape, less of murder a orgy ...
  6. I would have Glue affect undeads, as it is a creative (moderately so, but still) application of magic ... and you still have to touch them so there is no risk it will be overused. But I would also have the zombies tear apart, the skellies would be in a pickle tho.
  7. Hteph


    Sigh, never got my hands on that one, Has any of that material found its way into a digital publication?
  8. Yes, of course you are right, it is all about presentation and intent, I was more after the effect that changing system as a marker of that change of mindset. Then I also think HQ is a easier (for me at least) to build and maintain a mythic heroquest. In RQ I like to like to be down to earth and gritty, the change to HQ allows me to use pastell and four colour and keeping the systems for that separate and not bleeding into each other.
  9. One thing that I have used to insert "strange stuff my players want that has no apparent in-cultural support" is having strange stuff happening during the clan initiation rite. Unexpected visits from ancestors, trickster shenanigans, odd ancestral enemies appearing and mistakes/bad choices at critical points. I usually have a clan-creation myth which is recreated during this initiation. it can be a bit much to start a your Glorantha experience with that level of prep, but you can always just say "it is because of strange things that happened during the clan initiation" and then do a flashback later in the campaign when things are clearer and there is an eventual need to actually know what happend. Using chaos is not a good idea tho (IMHO) especially if you are new to Glorantha, better to save that for later as it is not a trivial topic and better savoured later.
  10. I have also been thinking of this, mostly because I feel the narrative focus of HeroQuest feels better to me thematically and I also want a divisor between "here we are murderhobos" and "now we emulate important mythic stuff". The HQ character making is also easy enough (when you get a hang of it) that it is possible to make a new "character projection" for each individual heroquest, putting emphasis on what mythic role (if any) the RQ character take on.
  11. hmmmm ... yeah, I would say that this would produce a ghost, or similar, perhaps a (dangerous) way for a Sorcerer to jump between bodies if combined with a suitable second spell for inserting them into a suitable vessel.
  12. So now I have arrived at perhaps the most controversial part of all Runequests rules through the ages ... Sorcery. I mostly like this version, but there is one thing that I really can't wrap my head around and that is the Separate technique ... and it seems the designers may have had the same problem as I can't find any examples of its use. The opposing Combine is easier to parse, but looking at those examples I have a problem envision a spell using Spearate. A "Sever Spirit"-ish using Man, Spirit and Separate perhaps ... or a Man, Earth and Separate to create anti-gravity? I really don't know, it feels like those isn't the opposite of Combine.
  13. I saw the potential when it come, but i haven't played it or even studied it in any depth. With the right group i think it can be fantastic!
  14. I think, if you have a web-shop, you should update your product pages at least monthly or something. That is a minimum level of maintanance, especially when a whole product line is dropped/suspended/whatever. The webshop has gotten better by leaps and bounds, but it is months and months now that Valiant stumbled into limbo. of course you need dedicated (at least part time) staff for your sales venue, not having it feels .... dangerous.
  15. Perhaps a bit of info on the product page would be .... professional, just a half empty page and broken links feels a bit ... unorganised.
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