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Armour Idea

Lloyd Dupont

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Just sharing an idea I had... I guess I probaly roll with it, one can argue it's settings specific and I like it! ^_^
But hey, wonder if anyone feels like coming with amendments...

In my continuous personal crusade against spell caster... (because learning spell is easy, and I don't follow the rarity = power rule that some do) I was thinking armour should do more against magic. Maybe enchanted armor, but since fullplate is super expensive it should as well be enchanted too.

Now I don't like too much protect resist magic, it's an all or nothing affair... and then I had an idea...

What if armor gives a bonus to the resistance pool when defending against an incoming spell? I like that! ^_^
I guess how much is quite open to debate...
In fact that could also be a defensive spell option... 

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