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New Creature - Dire Rhea

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Threedeesix's thread about Chaos & Catacombs reminded me of a creature I created a long time ago.

I'll admit that I only created it because I was in a whimsical mood and thought just about every game system needed a creature with a stupid name (I blame alcohol).

It doesn't really fit in my campaign and anywhay isn't as nasty as the real Demon Duck of Doom which is used in my campaign.

Still, it is a usable creature and is guaranteed to make your characters run :-)

I give you the Dire Rhea!



Rhea, Dire.pdf

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:lol: Nice - thanks for that. But shouldn't it be in the "BRP Fallout" thread? :D

Britain has been infiltrated by soviet agents to the highest levels. They control the BBC, the main political party leaderships, NHS & local council executives, much of the police, most newspapers and the utility companies. Of course the EU is theirs, through-and-through. And they are among us - a pervasive evil, like Stasi.

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The Dire Rhea ? Probably related to the Stool Pigeon if you ask me. Joking aside weren't there all sorts of flesh eating prehistoric flightless birds ?


The Demon Duck of Doom is my favourite. I've seen the skull of one of these at my local museum. Nasty looking creatures.

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