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  1. Mechashef

    Starting skill top?

    While I believe that having to House Rule a game to make it playable is bad writing, I’m a big supporter of creating House Rules to adapt a game to make it more suitable to your playing style. In my campaign skills can only be increased to a maximum of 75% as part of Character Creation. So if you don’t like having starting characters with high skills, set your own limits.
  2. Mechashef

    Death by a thousand cuts

    Thanks. Your responses have been extremely helpful. btw, one of the things I get paid to do is run training courses. A couple of these courses I have written then modified many times over the past 20+ years and are on a topic I have an encyclopedic knowledge of. Even after more than 20 years I still occasionally find bits that are wrong because I knew what I meant when I wrote them, but they don't actually say exactly what I intended. And of course because I wrote it I generally don't spot the error. There is a reason good technical writers are worth their weight in gold. It is a really hard thing to do. While it is easy to pick flaws in what has been written by the authors of RQG or the posts by those helping to explain things, it is really hard to actually do it better than them. Thanks again for your invaluable contributions.
  3. Mechashef

    Death by a thousand cuts

    The reason why I was trying to nail it down, is because that is not what is written in the earlier posts: Reading that, if we try and determine the effect of cumulative hits we get: Thus stating that even cumulative hits will not pass a combined total of more than 2 X location's HP on to total HP. Thank you for clearing up what it is intended to say (and I agree that the interpretation you intended to write is the correct one), but the section I've quoted does not mean what it is intended to mean.
  4. Mechashef

    Death by a thousand cuts

    So based on this, if Bazza's arm was at -3 (7 points damage to a 4 point arm) and his arm was hit for an another 10 points damage: His arm would be reduced to -4 HP (only one point more damage) because it can't go beyond X2 damage. His Total Hit Points would be reduced by 8 HP because up to twice the arm's 4 HP can be passed on to General Hit Points as damage from one blow. This results in a total of 15 (existing 7 plus 8 new damage) Total Hit Point damage and Bazza will die at the end of the round. Is that correct? Thanks again
  5. Mechashef

    Death by a thousand cuts

    Ok, I may be being a bit dense here but: Bazza has 14 Total Hit Points (THP) and thus normally has 4 HP in his left arm. He is currently injured with his arm at -2 (i.e. 6 points of damage). If his arm gets hit for another 4 points of damage, how much damage does he take? Is it: Both his left arm and THP are reduced by 2 or Both his left arm and THP are reduced by 4 or His left arm is reduced by 2 and his THP by 4 or His left arm is reduced by 4 and his THP by 2 or Something else? Thanks
  6. Mechashef

    What the heck... Check that out!

    This has been mentioned in another thread but I think it is worth bringing attention to again: P161 Of course the rule may be too crunchy for most groups to use. A wind STR of 7-12 blows out a candle and a STR of 12 gives a 10% penalty to missile attacks. A light wind is STR 13 to 18 (15% to 40% penalty and a moderate wind is 19-24 (45% to 70% penalty). Considering that the Dragon Pass area is the windiest on the continent, wind penalties to missile fire should be really common. The other "What the Heck" moment for me came from this forum not the manual. In the "RuneQuest Core Rules Questions" thread Jason, when responding to a question on Statement of Intent (SoI) wrote: So one of the quite contentious rules of RQ, one that seems strange to players of many other games and causes much debate amongst experienced RQ people isn't actually used by one of the authors of the rules!
  7. I listen to a D&D podcast that features a couple of guys who have no connection to WoTC (and have no qualms about criticising the company). It features an experienced person explaining things to a much less experienced guy and answering his questions. They typically cover creatures, classes, races etc. In the first episode where he was explaining what D&D is, the inexperienced guy asked about similar games. The experienced one jumped straight to computer RPGs and totally failed to mention any other Pen & Paper ones. I'm still undecided whether is was through a general lack of knowledge about other games or a willful omission. I often find it amusing as the experienced guy has only been playing since D&D 3rd Edition (iirc). In one episode (on Demogorgon or Orcus - I can't remember which) he described how the demon lord's stats had changed from version to version and his attempts at understanding and explaining the older D&D AC structure (where lower AC was better) was comical.
  8. Mechashef

    Sunbright and Shield

    Thanks people
  9. Mechashef

    Sunbright and Shield

    Can these two spells be cast on the same target or are they incompatible? Sunbright: And Shimmer is incompatible with Countermagic, Protection and Spirit Screen. I can see arguments for allowing the spells to be compatible, and also arguments for them being incompatible. What are people's opinions? Thanks
  10. Mechashef

    Death by a thousand cuts

    I long ago house ruled First Aid so it could only be used once against each location, not against each wound/injury. It cuts down on lots of bookkeeping but still makes it a useful skill.
  11. Mechashef

    Species Max

    And if you play a non-human?
  12. Mechashef

    Species Max

    Yes. I agree. My guess is that “A” is the current official method and “B” is a series of copy and paste type errors.
  13. Mechashef

    Species Max

    The section on Increasing characteristics (P417 & P418) makes multiple references to Maximum rolled plus Minimum rolled, especially relating to POW. However there may be an alternative interpretation of Pages 417 & 418 (though it seems unlikely and if it is the case, should be explained better). Perhaps the species maximum is Maximum rollable plus Number of Dice BUT the value used to determine if the roll is successful is based on Maximum rollable plus Minimum rollable. For example, a species with a POW of 2D6+6 would have the same maximum POW as a human: 21 (18 plus 3 dice). However if the adventurer’s POW is 15, when checking to see if a POW gain roll is successful the following calculation would be performed; ((18+8) - 15) * 5% = (26 - 15) * 5% = 11 * 5% = 55% [where 18 is the maximum rollable and 8 is the minimum rollable] Compared to a human of: ((18+3) - 15) * 5% = (21 - 15) * 5% = 6 * 5% = 30%
  14. Mechashef

    Species Max

    I’m not sure it was ever officially resolved, but my memory could be wrong. Hopefully the text will be corrected at some point. i suspect option A is the official one as it is new and is in the main section of text. Which sux for elves.
  15. Mechashef

    Species Max

    This is unclear as the book is not consistent and depending on where you look it is either: A: Maximum rollable plus the number of dice or B: Maximum rollable plus minimum rollable (Unless I haven’t noticed that it has been corrected). For technique A, any addition is considered a whole extra dice. So for option A, a stat of 3D6+1 would have a Maximum rollable of 19 and 4 dice, for a species maximum of 23.