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  1. It is great. The only quibble I have with it at present is that you have used the (and in my opinion the better) RQ3 concept of melee and missile hit location tables instead of the RQ2 style of just one table for all types of attacks. The characters in the QS adventure follow the RQ2 approach. However, I suspect I won't be the only person adding a house rule to use the RQ style dual hit location tables.
  2. Thanks, that is great news.
  3. At least the new version goes a long way towards addressing perhaps the greatest failing of RQ 1/2/3. Despite its name the game had almost nothing to do with Runes. Sure the campaign world did, but the game itself didn't. In my opinion, the biggest disappointment with the new version is that like RQ 1/2 it is still just a pseudo-D100 game, not a true D100 game (like RQ3) as it appears skills can only have (at least normal) values that are multiples of 5.
  4. Why is forcing/bashing a door open a STR X 5 roll instead of a resistance roll. A STR X 5 roll would imply all doors are equally difficult to bash or force open. Of course it could be played that some doors have modifiers (+20% or -20% etc) to make them easier or harder, but then they have just been given an easily quantified passive force and the resistance table would then be appropriate.
  5. I haven't seen the full RQG rules and I may be misreading the QS, but it seems rather clear that the QS rules work as I wrote (unless I missed where it contradicts itself later).
  6. I understand by the earlier posts that it will change in the full version, but as written in the QS, my understanding is that in one round: Parry can be used against multiple opponents and/or multiple attacks from the same opponent. Dodge can only be used against the attacks from one opponent. So if being attacked by a 3 thugs, parry is better. If being attached by a monster using both paws in the same round as two attacks, dodge may be better. That is working on the assumption that as implied by the QS rules, parry has a penalty of 20% for each subsequent one, while dodge does not. If that changes it may make dodge less appealing.
  7. While reading through a bestiary for Mazes & Minotaurs I came across a monster race called Draconians. Some of the description immediately caught my attention. I think I can guess where their inspiration came from: Has anyone else come across obvious references to RQ or Glorantha in other game systems?
  8. I think this sounds very promising with lots of potential. I liked RQ3 Sorcery but it didn’t have anything to do with Runes so I assigned a set of Runes to each spell and created a skill of Runic Lore. Each 5% in Runic Lore allowed the character to learn one Rune and they could only learn spells they knew the Runes for (Opposed Runes cost 10% if you already knew its opposite, so it would take 10% of Runic Lore to learn the Death Rune if you already knew the Fertility Rune). My system made sorcery more complex (I also renamed it to Wizardry and wizards typically created Staves instead of familiars). Jeff’s system gives a similar flavour but seems to be nicer to play (and I’d guess has better game balance), so I am looking forward to it.
  9. Many foreigners don't realise that associating Australia with dangerous animals is really a joke. Our wildlife is really quite safe providing you aren't a moron and act sensibly. Just follow these simple rules: Put soft spikes on your helmet and wear sunglasses if you ride a bicycle Don't worry about snakes as they rarely attack people and you usually have time to get medical attention Don't worry too much about spiders as you have plenty of time to get medical attention Don't go in the ocean and the sharks, jellyfish and blue ring octopus wont bother you Don't go near water (i.e. in the water, on the bank or in a boat) if you are further north than Brisbane and crocodiles wont eat you And never ever pick up a platypus or you may wish you were dead. The Americas and other places such as Africa and Asia which have creatures like wandering bears, lions, tigers etc are much more dangerous.
  10. I started with RQ2 but in general do find RQ3 a better system. For a lot of my most active gaming time I was in rural Australia where RQ supplements were impossible to get. I do really enjoy reading Gloranthan material, but it never really grabbed me as a campaign setting though it is a wonderful source of inspiration The RQ2 book was very evocative to read. The maps had such wonderful place names and the creatures chapter had some really fascinating entries. Perhaps the problem I have with Glorantha is not the setting but the fans. I have certainly come across some who are extremely fanatical and probably spend far more time arguing over incredibly obscure Gloranthan details than actually playing. Regarding sorcery, some of the people in my gaming group loved it, though perhaps being IT nerds there was something about sorcery that appealed to us. I totally agree that sorcery has flaws. It is great for the player who wanted to play the dedicated scholarly wizard, but is not suitable as a cultural magic type (though rather ironically sorcerers could be the best at combining heavy armour and magic and could be able to dish out awesome damage with a sword or other weapon) and doesn’t really fit in with Glorantha. I love it that the new RQ is doing a far better job of actually making Runes important, which (especially in RQ3) has been a rather embarrassing failure in the system. I do think a major improvement in RQ3 was allowing different values for CON (other than the 3D6 for all creatures in RQ2). I am undecided about RQ2 Defence. We never had a real problem with it but I am aware of the apparent issues. The big challenge will be attracting new (probably younger) players to the game. This will be aided by frequent, good quality supplements, which of course raises the whole issue again of whether the focus should be on updated classics, or completely new material. Another important issue may be if it should be totally tied to Glorantha. I love RQ2 & 3. They are far better than D&D, and I found them better than BRP. For those of us that aren’t great fans of Glorantha, will the new RQ be a viable option?
  11. Page 16 of the Softcover Magic book of the Deluxe RQ3 in regards to learning and using spirit magic spells states: “To learn a spell, a character must engage in spirit combat with a spirit which knows the spell. ... If the student reduces the magic points of the spell spirit to zero (without losing all of his magic points in the process), he takes knowledge of the spell from the spirit, impressing it upon his own mind. The spirit breaks off combat and returns to the spirit plane. If the spirit returns to the spirit plane free of any control, it then regains the spell.”
  12. I always had the impression in RQ3 that some spirits held the knowledge of how to cast a spirit magic spell but were not actually required to cast it (exception see below). A character would learn the spell from the spirit by defeating it in spirit combat and then both the spirit and the character would go on their way. The benefit of belonging to a cult is the priests would be able to hook the character up with a known, low powered spirit from their god’s retinue. Shamen would also know of suitable spirits, either from personal experience, or having the details passed down through their spirit cult. Characters could try and quest for a spirit that may possess the spell they are interested in, but may find one that does know the spell, but is dangerously powerful. The exception mentioned above would be that instead of defeating a spirit and learning its spell, it is possible for characters (most commonly Shamen) to defeat and bind the spirit, forcing it to cast its spell on demand. This of course would mean that the spirit would not be able to provide its spell to other people during the tome it is bound by the character.
  13. In my very limited real life lock picking experience, in any one attempt (say a minute's worth of trying) the following things can happen: Complete success - Lock is picked Partial Success - I can feel I have managed to lift a pin and turned the barrel enough to hold that pin up but there are still pins I haven't lifted Failure (no progress) - I haven't succeeded in lifting and holding any more pins Failure (negative progress) - I have exerted too much pressure and the pins are stuck meaning I can't raise any more. Almost always I can rotate the barrel in the other direction and drop all the pins back to their locked position and start all over again. Failure (negative and positive progress) - As per Failure (negative progress) but some locks require the pins to be lifted in a particular order and though I have to start over I at least have made progress in learning the order. Fumble - I damage the lock picks or lock. Of course my experience with modern locks may not hold true for those from other eras or settings. btw. Lock picking and wine parties are heaps of fun especially if you have access to cut away locks designed for learning so you can see what is going on inside the lock. Drinking games where you down a shot every time you succeed in picking a lock are also a fun way to pass an evening.
  14. I agree, and things like how Defense is increased in a different way than other skills are just wacky. Presumably there for game balence but makes the mechanics inconsistent. At least looking at the draft of the new character sheet they are keeping Magic Points unlike the confusing Permanent and Temporary Pow if RQ2. I wonder if human Int and Siz will be 3D6 or 2D6+6? Whole many people seem to prefer RQ2 over RQ3 it shouldn't be forgotten that some of the changes in RQ3 actually fixed things from RQ2 that needed fixing.
  15. Will the system be a true D100 like RQ3 & BRP or a pseudo D100 system like the existing RQ2 where skills can generally only have values that are multiples of 5? I did actually play RQ2 with some D&D players where we divided all the skills by 5 and rolled D20 instead of D100 and it worked ok (not great but ok)