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  1. I agree it is a very important thing. There is a line that each group needs to draw. For my group, they are good enough role-players to act accordingly on the times they do get a fumble on such a skill (knowledge category, Move Quietly etc) but I believe it would be pushing it to get them to do so on a regular basis for fails on perception skills.
  2. I'm not sure I'd agree with all of those. I'd put Hide in the GM category. I can see arguments for Sneak (Move Quietly) being in either. Communication and Knowledge skills could also be in either. I think in general, I have no problems with the players rolling Move Quietly, Communication and Knowledge skills because usually, except for a fumble, they know whether they have succeeded.
  3. Actually for many locks, picking them is very easy. I'm not good at picking locks and there are many common ones that I would have no chance at picking but there are also a surprising number that take only a few seconds. For example, we have a cupboard locked with a cheap padlock in which we keep alcohol and other things we don't want our kids getting into. If I need to get into it and the key is upstairs, it is faster for me to grab the lockpicks and open the lock than to go get the key. I struggle to do the front door lock (though I have several friends who are very good at it), but bike locks, many padlocks, and other low end ones are usually easy. Good locks are hard to pick but a lot of people go cheap and buy padlocks that are easy to pick. Freezing temperatures can make a huge difference. If I attempt to pick the lock on the bag holding vodka which is in our freezer, I need to hold the padlock in my hand for a bit so it warms up.
  4. Question 1) Yes, the Bestiary specifically mentions this (P179): But The description in the bestiary also makes a few references to it being effective in soil, dirt and other softish types of ground but not against solid rock. If the cave-in is mainly of soil then yes. If it is huge chunks of rock fallen from the ceiling then the elemental will have to shift them, not tunnel through them and it would be the GM's call whether it is strong enough to move those boulders. Question 2). Suffocation is an issue. In my opinion, trying to get an Earth and an Air Elemental to occupy the same physical location will not work. So hold your breath. Question 3) (actually a statement) I would imagine so. A tunnel is only a horizontal pit which earth elementals can create. However I can see it being a bit more complex as the soil doesn't just disappear and must actually go somewhere. Perhaps the elemental ejects the soil out into the previous part of the tunnel where it must them be moved further away (probably by the miners). It is much easier to dig and move earth that has just been dumped than to dig through undisturbed ground. (Though, going down a slightly wacky tunnel of thought, perhaps such earth "moved" by the elemental is actually magically transported to the home of the God that the elemental belongs to. Each such use expanding that God's domain). Questions 4 & 5) Not sure. I suspect both spells will need extending.
  5. My group has had some discussion over the use of Scan and Search and we would appreciate other people's opinions. Question 1) Do people use passive Scan and Search or are those skills only attempted when the player declares their adventurer to be using them? i.e. If the adventurers are about to step onto a trap or walk into an ambush, do you allow them to attempt a roll to detect it before it is activated even if the players haven't requested one? Question 2) If so, which skill? Walking into an ambush would seem like a situation appropriate for Scan, but if it is a tripwire or pit trap, would you use Scan or Search? Question 3) If a passive use of the skill is allowed, do the adventurers get to use the skill at: Full skill? Half Skill? Require a Special success to succeed? Some other amount? Thanks heaps people.
  6. Unless I read it wrong, initiates of Waha have access to the Rune spell Discorporation. Could such an initiate get within a couple of km of a herd of animals, cast the spell and then engage a target in Spirit Combat until its MP are reduced to zero and it falls unconscious, then go onto another creature, repeating the process and so on? Potentially this could render many of the herd unconscious and then the initiate (or their companions) could march in and slaughter the defenceless animals. And presumably this technique would make it easy for such a character to kill really impressive animals such as a Tyrannosaurus? Depending on which rule is used, for a creature with 12MP who has been reduced to 0 MP, the time taken for it to regain 1 MP and wake up is either 6 hours or 2 hours. Both giving plenty of time for the initiate to kill multiple creatures.
  7. I find movement in combat to be a bit of a mess. Creatures can move up to half their MOV rating and still participate in melee. That seems reasonable. A Duck (MOV 5) can move 7.5m (5 X 3 X 0.5) A Human (MOV 8 ) can move 12m (8 X 3 X 0.5) A Centaur (MOV 12) can move 18m (12 X 3 X 0.5) But It costs 1 SR per 3M moved. So the time taken to perform that move component is: 3SR for the Duck (7.5 / 3 and round up) 4SR for the Human (12 / 3) 6SR for the Centaur (18 / 3) And this is where in my opinion it breaks down. It only takes the slow duck 1/4 of their SRs to move half their MOV rating, while it takes the centaur 1/2 their SRs to move half their MOV rating. This makes it harder for faster creatures to do their half move then perform an action. I'm sure this has been discussed preciously and hopefully someone has a nice workable solution. I have tried various things, none of which I've ever been really happy with. In my game the number of meters moved per SR is (MOV / 3 then round up). This comes to: MOV of 1,2,3 move 1M per SR (such as Gorp) MOV of 4,5,6 move 2M per SR (such as Duck) MOV of 7,8,9 move 3M per SR (Humans and many other near human creatures such as broo, elves, trolls etc) MOV 10,11,12 move 4M per SR (such as Horses, Centaurs and most flying creatures) Now: The slow Duck moves 2M per SR, taking 4SR to move half its MOV rating. The human is unchanged moving 3m per SR, taking 4SR to move half its MOV rating. The centaur moves 4m per SR, taking 5SR to move half its MOV rating. Not perfect but an improvement over the current system. Btw. Has anyone noticed that Rubble Runners have a MOV of 3 while Snakes have a MOV of 6? Snakes are twice as fast as Rubble Runners!
  8. Though now I do wonder if Newtlings and Ducks can cast spells underwater (I'd guess so) and how many they can cast before they run out of air.
  9. Great find. Thanks. My first thought was that newtlings must be able to breathe water (and even quicksand!) to make such an ambush tactic practical. However a quick look at the bestiary rules on ducks holding their breath indicates that they can hold their breath for 6 minutes (* See below) and then need to make a CON X 5 roll to get another full turn (5 minutes) and can keep on doing this. That does make the tactic possible though with a risk of failure if the victims are tardy in reaching the ambush point. Interestingly the CON multiplier doesn't go down. Humakt has Vigor as a cult spell. PC Humakt ducks with a high CON (16 or more which become 19 or more) can with a bit of luck travel long distances under water. Even 5 rolls of 95 or less allows a fully armoured Humakt duck to walk underwater for more than half an hour. Perhaps Humakt ducks are awesome at fishing. They kit up with their armour, weapons and vigor spell, sink to the bottom and go after the really big fish. * It does seem a bit odd that they can hold their breath for 6 minutes instead of the 5 that makes up a full turn,.
  10. However in RQG: Ducks and newtlings both have Swim at 80% Ducks have the Air Rune as their primary elemental affinity (60% for a typical NPC) Typical NPC newtlings have the Water Rune at 80% Ducks swim faster Perhaps because it hasn't been mentioned (though I don't have access to every official scenario and source book) in any products using newtlings, then they do not have a superior ability in this area and though they swim much faster than humans probably can't hold their breaths significantly longer. It does seem something that a scenario involving netwlings and water would exploit, if such an advantage existed.
  11. 1) Can Bachelor Newtlings breathe water? 2) If not, can they hold their breath longer than humans (similar to Ducks)? The Bestiary doesn't mention it, so I presume the answer is "No" to both. Thanks
  12. Thanks So the answer in that link is correct. It would be nice if the answer given by Jason D in the "RuneQuest Core Rules Questions" thread could be amended to reflect the official view but I understand that people are very busy.
  13. Hopefully this has already been answered and someone can easily point me in the correct direction. Do Fireblade, Fire Arrow and similar weapon igniting spells do special damage & critical damage? The RuneQuest Core Rules Questions (page 11) thread has Jason stating no: No. Such is the unpredictability of magic. On a pragmatic sense, for a critical, rolling 3D6 (plus damage bonus) and ignoring armor is more-than-likely to disable whatever hit location it strikes. The gamemaster is wholly within their rights to decide that these results do in fact do special damage (impaling or slashing) but may soon discover that these spells become dominant tactics. But official answer https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/publishers/chaosium/runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-players-book-print/cha4028-runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-qa-by-chapter/cha4028-runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-chapter-12-spirit-magic/ states: Which is it? Thanks
  14. Yeah, I'd definitely agree with that being a good reason for not allowing that scenario.
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