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  1. Mechashef

    History Question about Characteristics

    That suggestion seems wrong to me. It seems to preclude the idea of the ugly outcast, shunned by society because of their looks or personality who works hard, studies forbidden lore, and becomes a powerful sorcerer etc. Or the beautiful weak willed eye candy NPCs. I think a large part of the reason for CHA being the least useful stat is because of a lack of role playing. I have been involved in campaigns where CHA was very important as it was used frequently to affect interactions with NPCs, in matters such as getting information, bartering the goods gained from defeating the bad guys. etc.
  2. Mechashef

    Opposed Skills Over 100%

    My eldest son and his friends have just started a D&D campaign (none of them are experienced with D&D so it is new to them). They rotate around houses and last week they were at my house. They had all started at first level and some have now just reached third level. I was hoping to grab them for RQG, but I didn't want to have to teach them one set of rules then change the rules, so with the delay in the full version of RQG I wasn't in a suitable position to start a campaign. I'm now hoping that by the time RQG is available their campaign may be slowing down due to an inexperienced GM.
  3. Mechashef

    What was your favourite version of RuneQuest to date

    Does anyone play any version of RQ without their own House Rules? I wonder how many people are already planning on House Ruling RQG even before it is released.
  4. Mechashef

    Critical Hits and impaling

    Reading back through my various rule books, it appears that only RQ3 clearly answers the question and states: That is from P35 of the hardcover core edition (I can check later against the softcover boxed set). Presumably (and the related Cormac's Saga seems to suggest it) any armour is ignored and the Damage Bonus would be rolled normally. But as the OP is interested in RQ1 & 2, then the situation is rather murky. I would suggest ask yourself if you want a critical impale to result in the weapon being stuck in the target (like a standard impale). If you do want that to happen then it seems reasonable for the critical impale to have the combined affects of an impale and a critical.
  5. Mechashef

    Critical Hits and impaling

    The answer is "perhaps". There are arguments for and against and I have seen debates on this literally extend over multiple years. The rules for this vary from RQ2 to RQ3 to RQG and are very poorly written (a simple clarification clause would have ended decades of debate - hint hint). Play it how you want. The most common interpretations I have seen are: Yes a critical is also a special No, they are different, and a critical uses either the special or critical result, whichever is more advantageous A house rule extension which has special, critical, and a hypercritical (which is both a critical and a special)
  6. Mechashef

    Opposed Skills Over 100%

    hmmm, The rules are definitely contradictory. I hope that page 6 is the intended version and that the page 2 connection to combat is just the fingerprints of a significant rule change that didn't make it through to the published rules. Is anyone able to arrange an official response?
  7. Mechashef

    Opposed Skills Over 100%

    Perhaps I phrased it poorly. My mistake. Dot point one under "ABILITIES ABOVE 100%" states in full: Thus it appears that regardless of what we choose to call it, that clause is aimed at combat (and also some other skills). On a very minor point I would also suggest that the "100%+" in that clause should really be "101%+"
  8. Mechashef

    Opposed Skills Over 100%

    Can the chance for a critical be higher than 5% and for a special be greater than 20%? On Page 2 of the QS under the section on Abilities over 100%, the second dot point states: This seems a definite yes. But ... On Page 3 under “Special Success” it states: And back on Page 2, the first dot point states: Does this mean that for skills such as attack, the character's modified skill can never exceed 100% because the component over 100% is subtracted from their own skill bringing it back to 100%, and thus the chance for a critical or special can never be greater than for 100%?
  9. Mechashef

    What was your favourite version of RQ to date and why?

    Is free RPG day in June? If so, that would be disappointing. If the full game is to be released in Q2, then releasing the QS at the end of Q2 isn't going to help much. I really wanted to start a campaign over our Antipodean Christmas/Summer break but am reluctant to do so with the current QS which doesn't really inspire confidence in the integrity of the rules (and with some RPG newbies taking place I don't want to have to suddenly change the rules once the newer version comes out). I know that was just a guess, so hopefully it will appear much earlier.
  10. Mechashef

    What was your favourite version of RQ to date and why?

    Any idea when the second quickstart will be released?
  11. Mechashef

    History Question about Characteristics

    4d4+2!!!! Noooooooooooo! Is there anyone who does not hate rolling those blasted 4 sided dice? I’ve seen people roll d8 and halve it or d12 and third it instead of using those little pyramids of annoyance. And yes I presume you were not really serious.
  12. Mechashef

    History Question about Characteristics

    I don't know when the change to SIZ and INT was made. It was somewhere between RuneQuest 2 and 3, but quite possibly first appeared in one of the other stablemates. In fantasy games such as RQ, it does make sense, especially for SIZ. In RQ2, it was quite possible for a dwarf (SIZ 2D6 with an average of 7) to be larger than a human (3D6 with a minimum of 3). The smallest dwarves (SIZ of 2) were almost the same size as the smallest human. The smallest elves (SIZ 2D4+4 minimum of 6) were quite larger than the smallest humans (SIZ of 3). RQ3 made the smallest humans larger than an average dwarf, and larger than the smallest elves. In a game that doesn't have races smaller than humans, it perhaps doesn't make as much sense to have SIZ of 2D6+6. It is perhaps harder to justify the change to INT, other than very few players (yes I know some do exist) like to play truly moronic (INT 3) characters. Stupid ones, perhaps yes, but not ones with an INT that low. Also, by having the lower human INT range set at 8, it better allows scope for fantasy creatures that are really stupid (but still sentient). Perhaps (completely conjecture here), the reworking and emphasis of knockback in RQ3 made playable characters of very small size potentially problematic. Remember that paradoxically while RQ (the game system) was ground breaking in having monsters with the same full stats as the "player races" and thus potentially opening up a plethora of playing races, Glorantha is quite relatively opposed to this (with the notable exception of Trolls which seem to be a fan favourite) and mixed race adventuring parties seem to be less common in RQ than in D&D (where they are almost a staple). And yes I am aware that some people do play rogue dragonewts, newtlings, trollkin, baboons and even elves and dwarves, but far less frequently than in most other fantasy RPGs.
  13. Mechashef

    What would be a Willpower Check?

    From RuneQuest 2 Regarding Power It says something similar later in the book as well. The "in tune with the universe" is the part which can be interpreted as luck.
  14. Mechashef

    What was your favourite version of RQ to date and why?

    RQ3. I started with RQ2 and it was good. Then I got RQ3 and it was so much better. Sure it wasn't so closely tied to Glorantha and wasn't well supported with quality supplements, but that isn't a flaw in the game system. Sure it's encumbrance and fatigue systems are clunky and seemed to demonstrate a lack of play testing but on the other hand: It is a true D100 system, not a pseudo one like RQ2. Hit locations in RQ2 were cool. But RQ3 with different tables for melee vs missile/magic makes so much more sense. The formal distinction between Pow and MP is great and makes the rules easier to understand. Siz and Int of 2D6+6 instead of 3D6 for humans is a good change (Siz more so than Int perhaps). Creatures having a Con of more than 3D6 is good. The skills bonus calculations is harder to do than RQ2 but is much more logical (and less D&D like). I never had a problem with it but I have talked with people who complained that the RQ2 Defence concept could get broken very easily. RQ3 Dodge is not perfect but I think is better than Defence. Sorcery is not well suited for Glorantha, but for those of us who played in other worlds, and with a bit of tweaking, it can be an awesome magic system, great for players who like to number crunch and plan ahead. Renaming Battle and Rune Magic to Spirit and Divine is in my opinion good. RQ2 is good. RQ3 is better. I hope RQG is the best.
  15. Mechashef

    Our Last RQ Session

    This account reminds me of a story/account I have been trying to track down. Years ago I read an account of some experienced RQ people attending a competition game at a convention and pretending they had never played RQ before. They freaked out their opponents at the start by asking about iron weapons (which their characters didn't actually have). They played a group of broo and "broke" the scenario by sacrificing one of their own to summon the demon in the lake instead of taking the expected path of eventually capturing an opponent and sacrificing them. Does anyone have a link to that account? Thanks