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Chaosium BRP Open Gaming License


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14 hours ago, Narl said:

Any updates on the Chaosium BRP OGL plans?

News just broke a month ago.  I wouldn't expect any "updates" yet (though I'd be happy to be mistaken) -- it'd look something like "work is proceeding" which probably wouldn't satisfy our wants!

About 6 weeks before the news dropped, Rick was soliciting a "making no promises about a new BRP, but if we did... what would folks want to see?" here on BRPC.  I suspect Chaosium is producing a new draft of the rules, which simply needs time for writing.  There are several post-BGB rulebooks with various innovations to be considered for inclusion/exclusion, and maybe an editing-down to some slim & minimal ruleset, or maybe growing it to something fairly wide-reaching, or ... ?

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