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  1. Nope. That's one of those hard-to-come-by grain products. I think you mean "sashimi".
  2. So....

    I need a "clapping, cheering, stomping my feet" emoji. In lieu of that, I'll just say... "+1"
  3. Except it's Sea Elves in D&D5e, not Kelp Aldryami. I'd presume UNDER the sea -- but in the air -- would be much like what's available in many fishing-harbor seafood restaurants; but with little to none of the dairy (butter, cream, etc) in so many sauces (also rare would be bread & pasta, and other grain-based products). Trade (and raid) would of course get some of those rarities. Plus sundry sea=veggies (kelp & mega-algea's). Bouillabaisse, seafood chowders, other soups. Fire may be pretty rare in undersea cuisine; yeah, I know they can get air and magically create fire (or just heat); but still. There may be a LOT more pickled/brined/fermented/etc treatments than surface dwellers are used to.
  4. Aldryami passions

    Depends on how you see the Aldryami, too: do they compete with one another (as per another recent thread)? A smaller-tree-species might have "Hates tall light-stealing conifers"?
  5. I believe that the Cult PDF's are awaiting a certain degree of proof'ing (with only a moderate priority now that they've got the basic PDF product done & available; more effort is going to making the rest of the PDFs ready than on improving the ones already released; or so I understand). I seem to recall some mention (but may be mistaken; or plans may have changed since this was bruited) of holding a BUNCH of (the rest of?) the Stretch Goal PDF's for a single large order. TL/DR: I suspect that any "ETA" provided (at this point) wouldn't be an "Estimated Time" but a "Guesstimated Time." Of course, I'd be delighted to be mistaken, and have Someone Official swoop in to inform us that "Products X & Y are at the printers, product W is on hold pending a better scan of the artwork that showed poorly in galleys, and product Z will be going to the printers as soon as W, X, & Y are not taking up all our time." Shocked, but delighted!
  6. Theory on Dragonewt Weirdness

    Hmmm... Then is a Dream Dragon actually the result of a True Dragon who Fumbles a roll in their sleep... a tiny bit of their spirit re-attaches to the runic associations and embodies something opposed to Right Action?
  7. Emphasis added by me... because I was about to call out this very word. Someone who is "Berzerk" would not likely be considered "obsessed" per se. "Berzerk" clearly implies violence and/or rage, and an extremity of physical action. "Obsession" can become violent (when thwarted) but that isn't a default implication; a thwarted obsession might as-easily collapse into despair, for example; or cold calculation over how next time, you won't be thwarted !!! But like "Berzerk" is is a mental state that tends to discount consequences, even fatal ones: the obsessed artist, working to death (when a day or two of rest and proper food/drink/etc might set them on the road to recovery); etc. The obsessed Selfie-taker who dies from ignoring sane risk-assessment in order to get The Perfect Selfie. It's particular application, with regards to the Fanaticism spell, is that disregard for consequences -- I need to make THIS shot, just right. OK, now the NEXT shot... OK, here's ANOTHER shot... and ANOTHER... and... All with an "obsessive" disregard for consequences (such as stepping out of cover into the sight of opposing archers, or not dropping the bow to draw a parrying weapon when charged; etc). Just a thought, FWIW... =============== I note that this interpretation clearly implies a couple of other things not explicitly stated in the RAW... For example, you're likely to have almost no Perception of anything but the target (and issues (such as wind/etc) that affect your to-hit roll); your senses may still register whatever, but your (obsessed, fanatical) mind will dismiss it as irrelevant. Also, there clearly "should be" an out-of-combat application that increases a non-combat skill by half again, an Obsession spell. It would include things like the Perception issue above - you are picking a lock under Obsession, and don't notice the guards jingling armor as the walk up to you, or them asking you WTF you think you're doing, or the n00b ask his Sarge if you are deaf or a moron or what, and the Sarge say "Nah, 'e got an Obsession on 'im, 'e does. We gets 'em two, tree time a week a' dis gate..."
  8. Theory on Dragonewt Weirdness

    I quite like this! I presume they get a "normal" improvement-chance, so the 01-69/70-71/72-100 (Brave/Right/Cowardly) could have a 69% chance to become less-Brave (but more-Right, which is not more-Cowardly) OR a 29% chance to become less-cowardly (but not more-brave). Applying it to the RQG model, it would replace my idea of 50/50 balance "growing" to 55/55 &c -- the growth would be in their amount of Rightness, a Rune-Gap. And if Dragon Magic is truely entirely a-runic, that makes excellent sense...
  9. Aldryami vs uz

    The ones pictured above are frankly more-human-than-plant looking, YMMV, but... I mean... fer criminy's sake, they use the human Hit-Location-Table !!! They are built like a Man, not a Plant. The foliage is just window-dressing.
  10. Theory on Dragonewt Weirdness

    Hmmm ,,., Interesting speculations! VERY interesting. If I may be allowed to play, too... Maybe the Dragonewt secret (or one of their secrets) is to go beyond 100%. Maybe, once they get each and every pair of runes to 50%... they can go to 55/55 instead of 55/45. And onward, eventually, to 100/100 ... and even higher !
  11. My gut-check suggests that a spirit in a medicine-bag (or in a familiar-animal) is "incorporate" and no-more-visible-or-notable from the Spirit Plane than is any other mortal/material being. Is this incorrect under the RAW? If I am correct, then when going through "spiritually hostile" territory, the Fetch simply "incorporates" and rides through safely; or at least, as safely as any other mortal being does.
  12. Mostali inventions/item ideas?

    Excavators. These are little (1cm) stone cubes that either summon (or have bound) an elemental. Fracture the Excavator against any largely-flat stone/earth surface (plain, hilside, cliff-face, cave-wall, castle-wall, etc) and the elemental excavates a 10'x10'x10' cube into the surface, and departs. The elemental goes free, the Excavator is in fragments. Done. Use a bit of adhesive (or a Glue spell) to hold the Excavator to a vertical surface (or to a hammer-head used against the surface). Excavating into soft earth is, ironically, very challenging -- the stone Execvator tends to just sink into the surface! Excavating hard stone is easy!
  13. Mostali inventions/item ideas?

    A multi-can-opener, designed for work-crews in the field. A dozen workers coming off-shift surround the machine, and each presents a can of food. The operator in the center opens all their cans at once. Then the next dozen step up. Etc. The thing is? It's a big Mostali contraption with room for an operator to sit in the center, and it has a BUNCH of pointy-cutty-things on all sides. It TOTALLY looks like some sort of badass battle-rig. A PC might even manage to make it work that way -- it IS designed to "open" metal containers, after all! Of course, eventually they'll meet a Dwarf who tells them they are wearing a can-opener into battle...
  14. Weapon Damages

    Remember that while genuine combat situations can yield a lot of lessons for RQ (and RPG in general) combat, they aren't the same. In particular, I wouldn't expect PCs to face "a cloud of arrows" unless they were facing an actual army; a half-dozen missileers, (some (but not likely all) of whom MAY have Multimissile) would be typical.
  15. Sorcerers of Pan Tang

    AFAIK Moorcock hasn't re-licensed the rights to his IP. If I succeeded in my Rumormongering roll, I think that I recall hearing that Chaosium had approached Moorcock and not gotten an out-of-hand rejection (though neither had they gotten any agreement) and were still in (slow-mode) negotiations; so while it's not impossible, it's nothing to hold your breath in hopes of seeing...