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  1. APP is... odd. Having looked at various before/after images, it doesn't seem to me to be a "basic" stat, the way CON or STR or DEX is. You can change your APP by a /LOT/ with some makeup & other gear, and a short bit of time. q.v. the Wayans in White Chicks, for example. Honestly, it seems more like a "Feat" or an "Advantage," or something from that family of game-mechanics, than a basic characteristic.
  2. I will +1 the notion that the BGB is "complicated," but note that it's a toolkit, not a ready-to-play RPG. I will also +1 the notion that the BRP Quickstart is a better item to hand newbies as a "get started" document, then letting them know that there's a big ol' collection of options-and-variations in the BGB, and you'll be pulling some items from there, and elsewhere, to add into your own Homebrew.
  3. Isn't the SRD already released? I expect it's still being tweaked (taking "tribal edit" and "beta test" input from the player base)... and then they'll freeze it for a bit, and take that version for art & layout... then off to the printers! I suspect they would LOVE to have Cosmic Zap ready to release at the same time. I doubt they'll hold up the "QW 1.0 commercial print run" for very long to do so, however!
  4. https://www.chaosium.com/blogannouncing-the-questworlds-srd-the-ruleslite-and-preplite-rpg-engine/ I think is the current & most up-to-date info from Chaosium. We don't even know if the draft text has been sent to Chaosium, or if he's still creating/playtesting it. They don't announce any timeframe; this is in keeping with their standard practice.
  5. You only need one soil sample, if your magic can tell you both a precise direction and a precise range! Part of every captain's gear would be a case of samples from every port they had ever visited. Likewise, a ship would carry samples; and bring (e.g.) samples home from a valuable trading destination, to share with other ships belonging to the same nation/league/whatever. Spies would be hired to sneak in and scramble the samples, or substitute a bunch of rocks from a shallow reef that rips out the bottoms of ships; etc. We can ask if someone can raise a shield, to block such tracking? Can someone at a port reverse the magic, send hunter-killer monsters to find all ships carrying their samples? etc etc etc.
  6. To me, you've missed an obvious truism -- that we can like a lot of DIFFERENT things. Modern Urban fantasy? Hell yeah! Medieval-esque pastiche? Hell yeah! Etc etc etc. My "favorite" today may not be my "favorite" tomorrow, nor was yesterday's "favorite" either of those... I personally find that the "kitchen sink" approach is less interesting, these days. I'd rather a really rock-solid internal consistency, and a vivid vision, than to jump through hoops to contrive a reason for including every. last. fantasy. trope. under one homogenous cover. Yes, the hoops can be jumped-through. Yes, you can claim that (having jumped) you have achieved "internal consistency," but I never find those hoops and that consistency to be satisfactory, over the long term. I enjoy the cleverness of the contrivances, when I meet an original one... but occupying that world means I meet that same contrivance over and over and over again; and eventually the rationalle wears thin (for me). As I said above -- I could really enjoy any particular point you pick. Vividly realized and self-consistent are what make those details meaningful, rather than where on the sliding-scale you set them. One note -- the principle of "sufficiently advanced" suggests that if you have lots of magic, and it's broadly powerful, it's hard to justify the mechanical side of the universe being unimpacted and exactly-like the historical world. If a wall isn't a great impediment, walled cities and castles won't be used (but may, as with our world, exist as historical artifacts) -- again, self-consistency of the universe is the issue. I find my players mostly uninterested in deep dives, these days; at least as an up-front "expense" of the setting. It makes me prefer a world that's explicitly based off of our world -- modern urban fantasy, Victorianna, etc. It is VASTLY easier to say "the pope" than "Archprelate of <funky made-up religion>" and have my players understand. Infodump NPC's & vast expositions are not fun for players. I make a lone exception for Glorantha, because I myself have loved it for about 40 years; I'm working on getting my players onboard ...
  7. g33k

    RQ:G extras

    TYVM! What is changed on version 1.0.1 ?
  8. TYVM Scott! Of course this is entirely up to Greg's family at this point.
  9. Consider how fast the political climate of the USA has shifted, from Obama admin to Trump admin. DON'T get into arguments about which is better/worse or how both are equally evil or whatever; just note the change. That's 3 years. Now imagine you go to a star-system where your most-recent info is from 50 years ago...
  10. Yeah, I figured that a working artist is... y'know... working, and would react much like anyone asked to work for less than their normal rate. By "fannish" I more meant that mix of enthusiasm & naivety that can be frustrating for a professional to deal with (which undoubtedly would sometimes include attempts to bargain-down the rate); also the likelihood of small single commissions, rather than building an ongoing relationship with a regular customer (like, a RPG-publisher).
  11. @sirlarkins @Jeff @Scotty @whomever-is-relevant This looks like material that Greg would have wanted preserved; not to mention the KAP fans! (I presume Suzanne would want that, too...? ) Could it be excavated from the wayback & put onto a live/active website?
  12. I recall mention of some other sub-forum "maybe" being a good idea, previously. My fading, semi-senile brain tells me that Trif said he'd be willing, but wanted to see some actual sign it'd be used; he didn't want to just put in the work for a very-occasional thread, ie. to not much purpose... Easy enough for us in the peanut gallery to say "Do this work... just because. It'll make the forum... more symmetrical. Or something." Personally, I'd LOVE to see some ElfQuest and/or Ringworld action. If Chaosium could show there was interest/demand, it might induce the Pini's and/or Niven to re-up the license!
  13. Virtually all of the fantasy tropes move straight over to sci-fi. A group of bandits? Yeah, sure -- organized crime; gangbangers from "the rough part of town;" cops on the take; military deserters with milspec gear; rich&privileged youth just doing it for the thrill; etc. A forgotten ruin? An ancient-race spaceship, base, etc. Corrupt official? Uhhh... "corrupt official." Or maybe that one's too much of a stretch... 😉 There's good reason that fantasy & sci-fi are often lumped together. As a set of genres, they share an AWFUL lot of the same memespace. <looks back and forth between ST:TOS "Klingons" and D&D "Orcs"> <looks pointedly at Lloyd> I mean, seriously -- Vulcans are space-elves! Because in fantasy, it's magic & lore; but in sci-fi it's science & logic. Vulcans sit in StarTrek just exactly where Elves sit in Middle Earth. If you've got a 4-way civil war going on, you have a bunch of antagonists & obstacles ready to hand. Not every wartime action is full-on military -- there will be spies to unearth, spying-missions to complete, other missions to complete right in the middle of 2+ sides having a god-damned firefight, etc. Even a straightforward "normal/boring" activity might become "mission scale" because of the bloody war that's in the way of EVERYTHING. With sci-fi, you've got tech -- maybe you need to rescue a scientist who's made a breakthrough. Maybe you need to rescue their child/spouse/etc. Maybe you need to sabotage an enemy project to PREVENT their breakthrough. Maybe you just need to steal the plans and disseminate them, keep parity and prevent one-sided tech from destabilizing the situation. It's easy to make all kinds of McGuffin's out of tech. I wouldn't want to lean too hard into the "bounty hunter" games, but I'll note that not every action that puts a bounty on someone's head is an illegal action, or has a bounty offered by law-enforcement. Don't let "the cops would handle it" stop you! Most bounties, in fact, reflect the idea that the cops WON'T handle punishing someone who only offended a criminal... Han Solo had one bounty placed by Jabba, another one placed by Darth Vader (Han was very popular). Just for fun: while they are in the middle of trying to find someone and collect the bounty on said person, they learn that (because of a past mission) someone ELSE has put a bounty on THEIR heads... now they are both hunting and hunted! You may want to grab one of the big sci-fi campaigns, just to mine for ideas. Mongoose's Pirates of Drinax gets great reviews. There's also a bunch of sci-fi media that grew out of RPGs -- the Expanse, the Malazan universe, etc. Or any episode of Star Trek (any of the series). Or most any other sci-fi series. Or sci-fi movie.
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