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  1. Chaos is chaotic. I find attempts to pin it down, define it precisely, limit it to (for example) "the results of this d100 chart" to be exactly antithetical to its limitless potential. But -- as you say -- that's just me. YGWV.
  2. Is there an erratum for the Bestiary on the matter? (If not, then I assert that each chart is still canonical, each in its context)
  3. "Chaos" isn't "evil," precisely. It is unbounded potential (to create or destroy or change) without any inherent moral or intellectual guidance. It can give rise to amazing beauty, beyond your wildest hopes and dreams. It can also warp and corrupt what is pure, destroy what is great, and create things more vile than your worst nightmares. Inevitably, eventually, Chaos will create something so potent and so vile, that it will destroy all of Glorantha (that is the nature of anything both unbounded & unguided). But, just like the lion isn't "evil" for eating an innocent antel
  4. Yes, this! Dryads make the tastiest sticks. All the Uz gourmands say so.
  5. 🙌 Excellent! The greater d100 ecosystem can use all the VTT support it can get! edit: also, probably put this on the pinned "resources" thread for Trif to include!
  6. Edit - RBOM is now (22 June) released!!! IIRC / AIUI, the "Starter Set" box is complete (so it'll be available really REALLY soon). I *think* this is the next one expected to become available. I may have misunderstood (or be misremembering) any or all of that. If I'm right, it's now in the hands of 3rd-party production & assembly companies, from whence it gets shipped to Chaosium distribution partners; worldwide shipping (via container-ship) is likely the longest remaining component in our wait... Once it's in the warehouses, Chaosium will begin actually SELLING it. I
  7. Yes, but remember: these were LM scribes. They only had high INT, they weren't smart.
  8. Q - how "mythic" or "fantastic" is this? I was surprised to see nothing "fantastical" in the blurb... Obviously, if you have other Mythras content the answer is "as 'mythic' as you want it to be!" But I mean within the covers of this new book, as written? Do we have "Conan-esque" tropes of desert-hermit sorcerors? Biblical allusions to priests calling forth miraculous powers, blessing (or retribution) of Marduk, Haddad, Inanna, Enlil, etc? High fantasy? Low fantasy? No-fantasy (historical)? TYVM!
  9. A timely reminder, thanks! Saw the original listing, thought "yeah, I gotta get that" but then... you know, life. So this got me to actually DO it. I already have a fair bit of this (bought direct from TDM), but I don't mind picking up the rest of it... and supporting a good cause!
  10. I like it! Did you also give a bunch of "ancestral blessings" (bountiful harvest, premium quality, bonii to Craft rolls, etc)? And maybe a +1d4% Reputation...
  11. No personal info, no. It was apparently still unpublished as of 2006, per https://universitas.uni.edu/archive/spring06/carolrobinson.htm Given that the op.cit. lists RQ, D&D, and C&S, I'm not expecting any particularly-close relationship to RQ in paricular. Lots of fantasy heartbreakers out there!
  12. If you haven't already, grab the Glorantha Sourcebook. If you want the deep dive (and it sounds like you do) then you want the massive 2-volume Guide to Glorantha. Both of those are pure lore/fluff -- they have no game mechanics at all. Be aware that the Stafford Library material has a bunch of self-contradictory content, with "facts" presented from in-world / in-character POV's -- including in-character biases, blind spots, etc! This needs to be read with as much the perspective of a historian & anthropologist, as a gamer... And, this too has no game content. RQ Classic -- th
  13. I'd try: - Tailor adventures to the PC's, especially the PC's of reticent players. Motivate them with appeals to their PCs' Passions; make problems with obvious solutions involving favorite/best Skills. - Start building up (one or more) recurrent rival/villain(s). Taking down a well-hated opponent is often a highlight. You can have a formidable one who turns out to be just a catspaw for a MORE-formidable one, scaling the oppo as they improve... - Metagame things: mention to the Mom that the girls seem only so-so happy with the game; ask if she has any info/advice/perspective? -
  14. The word you're looking for here is "polarization." A bunch of left-center and right-center people, who USED to be much closer to one another than they were to the fringes, have drifted fringe-ward over the years in repugnance at the excesses of the OPPOSITE fringe... And there ARE excesses, on both fringes.
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