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  1. +1 No, +however many +'es I'm allowed! Still not enough. But + anyhow!
  2. No. It just helps you squeeze in, when you've feasted too much.
  3. Do remember, though, to caution the adventurers not to negotiate for healing potions in Pavis on clayday, if they're wearing a tutu. Because Iskallor.
  4. Not cash; but not necessarily services either (although that does lead to adventures, so...) . Loot can as easily come in the form of jewelry, collectors' items, other magic, etc etc etc. If you have just brought back from the Rubble a golden lantern with cut-crystal panes & an on-command "Light" spell instead of wick-and-oil, I bet LOTS of healer-cults will give you full cash credit for that, toward healing potions; and given its gold-and-light theme, a Yelm(alio) temple may even go over "market" rates...
  5. You are right! I totally missed that! Apologies to the OP.
  6. Honestly, I'd be reluctant to tread too readily on the Shamanic toes; I'd avoid Discorporation, and similarly Shaman-centric things. If you want to be a Rune-Lord-Shaman, do it the hard way!
  7. I think you have these 2 reversed. Borderlands is where the exiled Lunar Duke Raus of Ronefort hires the PC's as troubleshooters / etc, mercenaries to do missions. They have room to grow into accepted parts of the Rone stead, or keep their independence and move on. 8 missions, IIRC. Griffin Mountain is a wilderness sandbox with a very few urban/fort sites; those sites CAN become focal points, but the bulk of the content is the wilderness & the tribes etc thereof... Snakepipe Hollow is a standalone (and very deadly) dungeon... ish... thing-y (with wilderness, yes). Entirely separate from Ronefort/Raus.
  8. Yes, and MP's regenerate fully each day... at 1/24 per hour, and/or whatever fraction best approximates that.
  9. I think most fantasy RPG's have the idea of limited-resource magic and common / frequent-use magic. Like... potions and scrolls, in D&D. You know your PC can get more, but not this adventure... what they have in this dungeon is what they have... when they're out, they're out. OTOH, some classes have Cantrips that they can spam at-will (ranged-combat Warlocks with Eldritch Blast, I'm looking at you). Not limited to magic, either; maybe in CP2020 your weapons-dealer could only get you 3 LAW rockets, and when you've fired them they're gone; sure, you con probably get some more, eventually... but not this mission. Etc. I don't think this is a hard concept for most gamers. I don't quite understand the advice you were given.
  10. Not if I I mean my Trollkin Ninja squad I mean somebody steals it first! More seriously... Damn, I didn't think Chaosium could make me regret missing GenCon any more (than they already had). I really gotta stop underestimating those people.
  11. Honestly, I build the campaign -- at least, the advanced parts -- based upon the characters. If you've envisioned a Sartar/Lunar conflict campaign, but get PC's who are Yelornan & Esrolian... your campaign can still fit, but it's a bit forced for those PC's. I understand you want to sell the game, get player buy-in, before asking them to do the long character-generation process... so you won't have PC's available to build a campaign from, to tell the players what the campaign will be like, so they will build PC's... Catch-22...? Tell them that their PC's will be part of their communities, part of their Cults. In some places, they might be going on cattle-raids (or defending against, pursuing the rustlers). In other places, they might be caravan-guards... or caravan-raiders. They are likely to gain the notice of clan-chiefs and priests fairly quickly, get chosen for important missions for Clan or Cult. Before long, they may be being asked what THEY think are the important missions for Clan & Cult... and then asked to fulfill them.
  12. Oooooo ... Shiiiiny ! (is this a proof/review copy, or just one of a large shipment that are mere moments away from being generally available for sale?)
  13. Yeah. Postpone Sorcery, but DO feature Spirit magic & Rune magic; they aren't hard, and bring lots of color!
  14. If you just want to force majeur them out of your way, then you need overwheming power on both the Middle World and the Otherworld (sounds like Heroquest material, for all but the newest/smallest shrines)... Maybe you can bargain with an even bigger spirit, or some godling to wipe out the wyter for you?
  15. g33k

    Red Robin ?

    Back in 1980 (ish,+/- 1yr) I played my 1st RQ game in Glorantha. The GM had us in a Cult I have never heard of since... "Red Robin" a very thieves-guild-y sort of group. Our PC's never advanced far enough for us to learn if it was a local Hero Cult, or some sub-cult of a larger cult I'd recognize today, or a fake-name hiding Krarsht, or what ... Anyone else know if this is (or ever was) canonical, or even fan--published? And if so the source? Or just his invention...
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