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  1. Asking about a Traveller-fork game in a BRP forum is probably not your best bet for lots of replies... I'd have cast a wider net, I think.... looked into RPG.net and/or maybe reddit, etc, in lieu of a dedicated forum or subforum for the game (I'm surprised not to find Hyperlite with its own subforum on TravellerRPG.com ! That lack of online presence probably shows one reason why you got no bites here ... ) Congratulations on getting in touch with the author, though!
  2. Going without hit-locations is perfectly viable. Some prefer one way, some prefer the other. By keeping both, as mutually-compatible options, you get everyone. Eliminating hit-locations would lose a non-trivial portion of the fan-base; if I had to guess, I'd guess it'd be a bigger portion than eliminating the "general hp only" option.
  3. Gamescape North (San Rafael, CA) Timeslot not yet assigned.
  4. A couple of clarifications -- are Ruined Worlds lifeless? You wrote, " ... life has evolved, might evolve, or had evolved but are now dead," and I was unclear as to whether the "... now dead" applied to all, or just the last one. Also, are all Ruined Worlds in/near Liminal Space? I urge you to reconsider! One of the things that IMHO makes a richer setting is Mysterious Unknown elements, including species that are so fundamentally DIFFERENT that humans and other PC'able races can only go "WTF" at them. I'll point to the methane-breathers of Cherryh's "Chanur" books as an exemplar. I do look forward to seeing your setting, and agree that a vast muliplicity of PC'able races (including much more than "humans with special F/X & makeup") can be a great element in a RPG!
  5. Just had to say... isn't the "RW FAQ" called Wikipedia ... ?
  6. Ummm... wait. Isn't this just Gringle's Pawnshop, in reverse? There, the baboons had their stuff stolen by humans...
  7. 23% is virtually 1/4 of all adults; that's a huge bloc of opinion; not a majority in itself, but not inconsiderable. And note WHO they are ... I doubt many folks will argue very hard against Storm Bull; and VERY few are willing to offend Eiritha's priestesses by dismissing a core foundational element of her origin-story. And members of the Tribes often co-worship, accepting "temporary Initiate" status for some events. Virtually all revere Eiritha, and don't snub her on her Holy Days! I also note that people often gather out-cult allies to engage in various Heroquests. Taken all together, it looks to me like some vision of the Green Age is experienced by many (and possibly by most) Praxians. === But whether or not we agree on how-widely-held is the experience of the Green Age, my key point is that the "post-apocalyptic" elements of Prax are a useful compass-point for orienting newbies. In the end -- even if you dismiss my arguments above -- we get back to the Survival Covenant... The people had been numerous: life had been good, easy. Then <Bad Stuff Happened (apocalypse)> and it wasn't easy any more; the people weren't surviving. We have to eat our brethren to survive! Nothing says post-apocalyptic survivalism like a bit of cannibalism (and note that overt and unambiguous cannibalism (instead of mythical / symbolic cannibalism) is one known (albeit "perverted" to most) interpretation of the Compact). Waha taught us how to survive; what happens when outsiders come to Prax, try to wander around? Mostly, they die. Oh, sure... caravans can follow known routes (if they carry extra water and fodder). But what happens if they get lost? Mostly, they die. We survive because of the Compact! And as @soltakss said:
  8. I really think you're missing something, here: when you see every year what the Garden USED TO BE LIKE; and live every day with how it is NOW; and the defining and binding element of pan-Prax culture is Waha's Survival Compact ... I don't think likening Praxian experience (of their "antiquity") to real-world experiences (of ours) is actually a valid comparison. Heroquests and rituals (which are often mini-heroquests) are much more vivid experiences than anything learned via "literacy." Those "1500 years" are ... kind of irrelevant . OTOH, you are completely correct that the Nomads' days (and nights; and weeks/months/years) are filled with the seasonal cycles of life, with herding and raiding and hunting and migration, etc... It's not an episode of "Walking Dead!"
  9. ... The Most Respected Elder has ... a smartphone???? (presumably running mhyOS )
  10. Sorry, my bad. I was obviously mistaken... as you've clearly laid out, this has zero "post-apocalyptic" setting- or story-elements !
  11. I note the combined Church map - DragonPass+Prax on a single map! -- with considerable interest !!! A quick perusal didn't spot the "Snake Pipe Hollow" map ... can you give us a pointer?
  12. This element surprises a bit. Can you go into a bit more about the "Bedouin-style" ?
  13. There is always the entry in the Guide to Glorantha, of course. It's the "view from 30,000 feet" version, but it should be completely-correct if not complete. http://glorantha.wikia.com/wiki/Esrolia http://www.glorantha.com/docs/esrolian-culture/ http://glorantha.tumblr.com/post/104888618753/tell-us-of-ernaldas-most-favored-land-esrolia http://www.chaosium.com/esrolia-the-land-of-ten-thousand-goddesses-pdf/ -- despite being an "older PDF" this is probably the most-comnplete content available on Esrolia(the "Stafford Library" docs are classice core "source material" for line authors and Glorantha Geeks. I don't have it, myself, but will probably be getting it.
  14. When using real-world cultural referents and tropes to describe Prax for newbies, I think we all know the classic descriptors ... "a mix of Mongol Horde, Amerind Tribe, Bedouin, Australian Aborigine, Pastoral African tribes, with bits of other groups, plus some Glorantha-unique weirdness." But this IMHO neglects an element that is, I think, at least as important (and as recognizable to n00bs) as any of the ones above... Prax is a straight-up "post-apocalyptic wasteland;" you just need to wrap your brain around Prax's magico-mythical apocalypse story, instead of something from Mad Max or Gamma World ... It's something that Gloranthaphiles already know; but it isn't an element I see presented very often, and I think it's worth including into the classic shortlist of newbie-friendly tropes & memes, to help bring them up to speed more quickly.
  15. Coastal Esrolia would be my 1st consideration here. If you want to do a mashup of hoplites/galleys with the archetypal "wretched hive of scum and villainy" then maybe Corflu, at the mouth of the Zola Fel.