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  1. It's also, I think, worth noting how much abuse can become a generational cycle (many abusers were themselves abused when they were younger). That doesn't excuse them for their own crimes, of course!
  2. +1 Backpackers who take long trips into the backcountry regularly obsess over shaving off a few ounces here or there, knowing that enough of those can begin adding up to a LOT of weight. And that in turn can make a big difference in miles per day.
  3. Careful, y'all... the Canadian accent can be deceptive, eh? (But I ... clarified... his intention)
  4. Careful, Bill! Looks like this'un doesn't want to play a Duck, he wants to play a Bunny!!!
  5. <sighs with long-suffering patience> As I keep telling all my players: I am not an Evil GM. no, really! I'm just a wee bit ... ... goodness-challenged.
  6. Well DAY-um! With a touch of luck, we're about to be spoiled for choices!!!
  7. A "template" for what? Simple character-sheet? A "live" character-sheet that can roll skills by name, handle Augments, etc? Full-on char-gen? Or...?
  8. It's rep is that it takes a fair amount of time-invested to get the best results. It's much like AutoCAD, or Photoshop, or any other high-end tool that way. Once you HAVE invested the time, it's capable of some VERY impressive products!
  9. How much time & effort are you willing to put into the project? Campaign Cartographer 3 is a pretty high-end package, currently on Covid-sale for US$25ish, IIRC. If it were a "professional tool" instead of something game-y, I expect it'd be into the hundreds of dollars...
  10. I haven't gotten deep into *ANY* vtt as yet. I will say that the Astral tutorial/demo/sample for new users was MUCH better (easier, more user-friendly, more-advanced features with less of a learning-curve) than the Roll20 I also signed up for, and tried. I cannot speak to either site's "finished product" experience, because I haven't delved deeply into either one. Those are the only 2 I've really tried.
  11. I think the mind-blasting Lunar magics are something different from "mental illness" in the OP's usage (BRP-family games are, in general, not actually good at "realistic" mental-health issues (in all fairness: very few RPG's are!)). But it makes good sense for Deezola to have some Lunar-specific insights... and resultant remedies.
  12. Elsewhere, I've seen it argued persuasively that Uleria may be the primary deity for healing of emotional & mental issues, relationship-counselling, etc...
  13. Remember that -- even if the *player* doesn't want to be an asshole (and granted, some players *do* (alas)), it's still the case that the *character* really is *supposed* to be an asshole (even Bonded). I agree that there IS some scope for a Eurmali PC; I just disagree about the bit where you say they "... can easily work..." (YGWV)
  14. TYVM! Yeah, I was gonna post, but you beat me to it!
  15. Although I agree that no results should be calculated or released, I'm in favor of at least beginning the work sooner rather than later, given how large the early-voting totals are looking, and how unexpected that is. Most forecasts are saying that this factor (massive early-voting in states that don't have the infrastructure & methods to handle it) is making substantial reporting-delays likely, or even inevitable. I think some of that work might reasonably be begun a bit early (if methods to prevent early-results from getting out into the public sphere can be found) would be a good thin
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