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  1. I'd want to delve in deeper. There is a LOT of drag from mag-field interactions -- look e.g. at "regenerative braking" on hybrid & electric cars, and various other moving magnetic rings whose moving mag-field interact with physical objects... it's a LOT of drag, potentially! Bussard collectors have their own "drag" from gathering the material; they then throw in a lot of energy to accelerate the materal & overcome the drag, but I'd need to actually calculate all that extra drag (vs the net gain from bussard thrusters) before I trusted the concept. Last but not least, Bussard tech needs VERY fast movement; 50 million KPH is a likely minimum. Anything that separates from the ring is going to be a MAJOR kinetic weapon, operating in close proximity to the planet.
  2. Do bear in mind that the project is VERY far advanced, and heavily playtested by both newbies and grognards. For example, I strongly believe the "Resistance Table" to be a matter of personal preference, and that both options were examined (and playtested). It isn't simple nostalgia, but a conclusion that the majority of the playtesters found it to be better. I expect that things like this will be HR'ed at individual tables/campaigns/GMs/etc...
  3. "Heroic" level definitely starts in the 95%-and-over range! Better still is over-100% for skill-splitting goodness at need... Have them get captured, and their PC "struggle uselessly in chains" while the player (whose only viable PC actions are "struggle uselessly" and "scream empty threats") runs an 75%-peak-skill NPC or two through gladatorial combat, to see how deadly it is...
  4. I suspect the physics of that wouldn't work out; I'd consider it heavy to handwavium-based construction, and "space opera." OTOH, if the entire game were "space opera," I'd be OK with that, too...
  5. Agreed (except for the 13G, which isn't Chaosium's (though it steals MOB man-hours)). But I'd be willing to bet that a small cadre (3-5ish?) of HQ+RQ competent "amateurs" could be assembled to roll these out, complete and correct, only needing layout by Chaosium; the resulting product could be sold for something like $3ish PDF ("Sartar Canmpaign Pack" pricing), or whatever Lulu/POD costs for hardcopy (i.e. not its own profit-center, but to drive sales of the HQ books); maybe "free if bought with the associated HQ book." I'd bet the "cadre" could be induced to work for little more than a copy of the prettified final hardcopy and/or maybe a bit of Chaosium store-credt. Obviously, I'm not in the gaming-business so I don't know if I've enumerated a loss or a break-even for them, and maybe I'm underestimating how much the "cadre" would demand; but I suspect SOMETHING could be done along these lines...
  6. Given that RQG isn't out yet, "right now" seems a bit premature. I hope that beginning the RQG-ification of HQ stuff does follow pretty hard on the release of those core rules, however! There's SO much playable content; it'd be silly to keep it locked behind such a (relatively-trivial) barrier...
  7. I expect a group of mixed Elder Race PC's wouldn't work in any even-vaguely-canonical Glorantha for campaign-play. I can envision a 1-shot, maybe a Heroquest; or other "mundane" adventure where some Foe (vampire, thanatari, Chaos-threat of some sort) must needs be overcome, even if your comrades-in-arms give you a "my life SUCKS" sort of feeling. Make the common foe bad enough, the threat to each of their communities dire enough, and even "an Uz, an Adryami, and a Mostali walk into a bar..." becomes a viable premise. Because *ALL* of them understand sacrificing their own self, denying their own impulses, in order to save their communities... But the RP challenge does remain for the players of the Uz, the Adryami, and the Mostali...
  8. Such a band will need something to keep accelrating it. The mag field, as it interacts with stuff, will tend to slow the band.
  9. I can see quite a few ways to easily do this. As you say, just reducing the %improve on a successful check is easy. Only allow 1/2 the normal chance-to-improve. Require 2 skill-checks in-hand for each improvement-roll. Etc... Any chance we'll see this sort of idea captured in RQG, does anyone know? Separate skills, in a dependency tree. For example, algebra is a pre-requisite for both Discrete Math and Calculus, but they are different branches of the tree -- one can become quite advanced in one without any ability in the other (obviously, this is unlikely in most modern university settings where "calculus" is usually taken as the first "serious math" class; and both calc & discrete are required for any major or minor ... ). There is also the case of complementary skills, where having one skill HELPS another, but isn't strictly-necessary. Any skill(s) that they just "get" when they reach a certain point looks to me like a skill/subskill suite. If "competence in A" makes it possible (but not automatic) to gain "skill B" looks like separate skills in a "B depends on A" relationship. Some skills depend on multiple skills -- you need BOTH high-level surgery skills AND deep knowlege of neurology before you can begin doing neurosurgery, for example; each of those is a branch of medecine, but a neurologist may have no more surgical skills than General Practitioner, and a surgeon may kno no more neurology than the same GP... But (as has alreach come up in this thread) it depends on how deeply one wants to delve into the minutea of skills-trees, skills-dependencies, specialties, skills/subskills, etc etc etc ad infinitum et ad nauseam...
  10. I think there is a problem in that all the players are 100%-human. This lack (of non-human players) has been an issue in every group I have run for, or with. It can be hard to actually RP such an "alien" mindset. Doing so may lead in non-entertaining directions, and/or to a disconnected "I'm sure my Mostali would do some wierd Dwarvish thing now, but I'm not sure what, or why..." . The best I have seen is a guy who played a dragonewt. He RP'ed a lot of random-wierd impulses, and regularly threw dice to increase the randomness. Like the time he decided to switch out of his armor into a formal ball gown... and never went back.
  11. One of the early criticisms I heard from players was the "asymptotic perfection curve" of RQ -- ALL the PC's, whether sword-masters or priests or street-rats from Pavis, tended after a while to asymptotically approach 100% in a highly-similar suite of skills (melee attack, ranged attack, stealth, etc), and began feeling same-y. Yes, the sword-master was a bit better on his primary attack, and sword is different than the paired daggers the street-rat favors, etc. But "same-y" not identical ! Also, as you have noted, some skills are just MUCH easier to learn than other skills; this isn't well-represented in BRP. Another element is the idea of "skills dependency" -- you need to be able to count before you can add and subtract, you need basic arithmetic before algebra, you need algebra & geometry before trigonometry, etc etc etc... You need a LOT of prior skills before you begin with even a "base %" in quantum mechanics!
  12. Not really... the Dramasystem sheet is still fundamentally structured as lists. It definitely uses r-maps, but the definitional element of the PC (their sheet) isn't an r-map.
  13. I was thinking there might be explicit "berzerk" rules (i.e. 100%-offense no-parry/no-dodge), which are trivially available to StormBull & ZorakZoran & the like, occasionally to others, but tie into the Passion rules, both as a possible Fumble result and as something to try for when the player wants...
  14. R-Maps is an idea that I first saw enter gaming via the "indie" gaming environment a while back... maybe 15ish-20ish years ago. Ian's link in the OP says they came to us via the Japanese RPGs in the 90s... I know they are big with business-wonk types, and some fiction-authors use them; but I'm not sure where the concept originated, or how much cross-contamination there ahs been between the various communities. https://hbr.org/2008/02/have-you-mapped-your-key-relat http://stevenrsouthard.com/character-relationship-maps/ === From an RPG perspective, they do that concise "picture worth a thousand words" capture of complex social situations -- a multiplicity of relationships between multiple individuals and/or groups. Sometimes they can reveal stuff like, "whoa, why doesn't THIS person have a deep history with THAT group? it's so clear... they MUST be related!" This can lead to a deeper, more "real" feeling to the setting and/or character(s). Sometimes they help the GM figure out what would happen (what would the NPC reaction/motivation/etc be) in a tangled/complex situation; sometimes they will highlight that the choice may be an agonizing one. A quick Google (for the source/origin of r-maps, which I didn't find) found one game-designer who was playing with the idea of having the WHOLE character-sheet as an R-map: the PC is defined as who they are in relationship to people & groups around them. === To answer Ian's OP: I haven't used them explicitly, though I like the idea and they seem cool! But so far, I haven't felt that r-map creation got to the top of my game-prep "must do next" list -- there are all manner of things one COULD do for game-prep; NPC sheets, maps, cool/evocative props, etc etc etc. I don't have enough time to do as much prep as I would LIKE to do, and r-maps have never made the cut. Sometimes, NOTHING makes the cut -- I run the game off of what is in the back of my head. I have found the "nothing but what's in my head" games can be just as strong as the lots-of-stuff-on-paper games... which honestly doesn't encourage me to go deeper into my "game-prep to-do" stack.
  15. I have this idea for a science-fantasy campaign, very GammaWorld-esque, which I plan to run using BRP (of some flavor; but straight-up BRP is a leading contender). I hope and expect to use quite a bit of this material, so THANKS!