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  1. Actually, that's still a 21st.C issue, by way of dehydration. If the body systems are so messed up that the bowels are filling with water (and emptying) it can be tough to keep hydrated; and homeostasis gets compromised (which can quickly become fatal). I have had a couple of doctors express worry over the years, about a couple of family members whose flu-like symptoms might have gone that direction... So, yeah. Disgusting as it is ...
  2. Need to fix the layout

    ...yeahNO. While I am comfortably grognardian both as a gamer & computer-geek, I cannot endorse the notion that the retail website should be anything other than VERY easy to use & find things ! If for no other reason than I want the line to be successful, so there are more RQ players, so I can play more RQ!
  3. Can Warding be abused this way?

    I see a sharp difference here between "imaginitive" and rules-lawyer-y / loophole'ing. Moreover, any time someone comes up with a dreadfully-effective combat-innovation that isn't explicated in the RAW, I am forced to ask: WHY is it not in the RAW???!? And if, in my judgement, the accumulated strategic & tactical minds of all the armies and all the adventurers in the game-world's past haven't ALREADY produced this innovation: WHY NOT???!? Mostly, I find that a close reading of the rules gives me a reasonable justification. Sometimes, I come to the opposite conclusion: "Yeah, sure! You've been seeing the HulaHoop'o'Death for a few years now... and you had been hearing about it for, like, forever." In this case, the principle of moving the Ward onto the person (effectively "inviting" them in) is one issue. Equally problematic, IMHO, is that "there is no 'there' there" -- nothing sacred to the god, no people, etc; you aren't even intending to protect anything inside the hoop... so there is nothing TO Ward !
  4. Apple Lane Reprint

    I think the "Apple Lane reprint" the OP was asking about is that KS'ed "RQ Classic" product. It's available now in PDF ($4) but AFAIK Chaosium isn't "printing" it for stock/warehouse. I believe that -- eventually -- Chaosium would like to get all their currently-PDF-only stock available via POD... But for a product such as Apple Lane, that's probably not a top priority. But I'm completely in agreeement that a new volume with both the old scenario and the "Return to.." scenario (and do I hear rumors of another scenario that has reared its fearsome head at a 'Con or two ... ? ) that comes out dual-stated for both RQG and HQ (or tri-stat'ed for 13G???!? (but NOT for Tri-Stat-dX (because that would make it quadro-stat'ed (defeating the whole purpose))) would be all kinds of awesome! Make it so!
  5. Do you need RULES for your diseases ... ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_epidemics https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plague
  6. Reprinting the RuneQuest Classic Books

    Worth noting is that these are different product-lines. Yes, much of the content overlaps, but the "Gloranthan Classics" quartet of titles is its own whole line, and the KS-launched "RuneQuest Classic Edition" (including all the Stretch-Goal supplements) is another product-line. None of the "Gloranthan Classic" line was included in the KS.
  7. Is it possible you wish to look at "Classic Fantasy" (which does some interesting stuff with the tropes of AD&D1e "class")? The original was for BRP, the new edition is Mythras...
  8. The only "when" that's been announced, AFAIK, is for RQG. PDF should be late-autumn, I believe; and unless the early-adopters find something awful that editors & playtesters missed, the aldryami-corpse version should follow shortly (hopefully in time for the gift-giving season). @Jeff and/or @Jason Durall would be the people with the latest info, but I presume they'd already have announced if the core rulebook were slipping as far as next year... The ms. for Mythic Iceland 2e seems to be almost complete, if I understand correctly, but art/layout/etc remains largely un-done; the author has said he plans to write a "M.I.Companion" volume, which may or may not be the same as the "Campaign" that IIRC he has also mentioned. @Jason Durall iirc has said that the "Vinland/Skraeling" content is likely going to get its own book. There is one more "BRP" product that has been mentioned, but I do not think the genre/topic has been announced. The previously-discussed "Noir Detective, but not Mythos/horror" has been withdrawn. I don't believe a standalone "BRP" product (as such) is planned at this time, not even a QS booklet. The existing "DaVinci Man" products (BGB & QS) will be the "BRP" product until the current printings have run out, and likely for a while thereafter as POD; Chaosium (AFAIK) currently plans "BRPv2" to be more of an internal-dev document, with published rules being specific setting-bound implementations (e.g. RQG, CoC7, Myth.Icld, and more to come).
  9. Which skill for ropework

    Yeah, I'd say your table needs a "Ropes/Knots" skill... or a list of which professions include that skill as part of the "skill-set" involved. It' *CAN* be learned as its own whole separate skill (Boy Scouts of America, I'm looking at YOU!) but in a historical context it's usually part of a profession or trade. Knotwork/ropework really can be its own whole thing; people who don't know how to do this stuff can produce the most amazing tangled monstrosities... that don't hold worth a damn. Plenty of professions use this skill, with some differences between the professions (but lots in-common). In lieu of a pre-existing skill... Do they have ANY sort of professional / craft background or skill, that involves use of ropes (including any sort of cargo-work, sailing, livestock handling, etc)? If so, make an easy roll, probably based on INT; it can be done in about 1 minute. If they clearly have NO relevant background, make a hard roll, and it takes maybe 4d4 minutes. If there's some "maybe" or "if" about whether their background is relevant, make it a medium roll and it takes 2d3 minutes.
  10. A Magical Economy

    TYVM for clarifying that term! So if 1:100 are at the Shaman/Mage/Rune-level, then the number of "ordinary joes & janes" with 1d3 spells -- or prosperous ones with 1d4+1d3 spells -- would presumably be much higher... There are FAR more initiates with a few spells than 11W/Runelevel characters!
  11. A Magical Economy

    This is an interesting number, but I'm curious to clarify one term: what are "magic" people? Someone who knows a single spell? Somneone with a reasonable "adventurer's selection" of spells? A Rune-level? Someone with a single, weak spirit? (&etc) Any/all of these, collectively? I would presume the "one hit wonder" -- a single spell or spirit -- to vastly out-number all the others put together; does that accord with your own thinking? === Also, I wonder if this "general" number isn't something that should skew at aome places and some times. For example, most armies will be HUGELY more effective if relatively-minor injuries can be quickly patched-up and the soldier can be returned to the line at 100%; so an army in the field seems likely to have a LOT of Healing magic. Similarly, logistics/supply are understood to be a key limit on an army, so transport-magic would seem to be over-present vs. that "1:100" ratio that defines "normal." A major temple might have a LOT of initiate/acolyte types who are striving to enter the formal priesthood, and have learned 1-3 spells most-useful or most-honored in their Cult; there may be a few wash-outs lingering in the area, who've learned even more magic before being judged "not quite priest(ess) material" or running afoul of a senior in the Cult... On the other hand, the very edges and margins of cultivated land or viable grazing may be relegated to the most-marginal folk, who are UNDER-represented for magic, and have much FEWER than 1 in 100... Etc...
  12. A Magical Economy

    Indeed. But one reasonably civic-minded caster (not casting for free, but at lower-thabn-book-rate for friends-and-neighbors, taking some pay as barter, and cast-in-kind from other casers) with that Heal-2 can VASTLY decrease productivity-loss; not just by getting someone back to work but by cutting down on the number of moderate-injuries-gone-to-maiming; those are not just directly-lost productivity but the whole household/farm/whatever that no longer has to support someone who's at best marginally-productive. Having a single "Repair" spell in the village may save a season of work/productivity for a skilled worker; at a critical point, broken gear that needs a big (mundane) repair could cut deep into the amount of acreage under cultivation... or be handled the next day by Ol' Henrik Wheatssheaf (who was Quartermaster up Boldhome-way for seventeen years!!!). Ain't quite the farmer his daddy was, or his grandad afore 'im... but the whole village is better off for it, an' we gladly help plow an' plant his fields to keep the yokes an' plows an' th' rest o' the gear fixed up for all'n us... I would suggest that MOST villages in MOST cultures have a few such casters, who collectively make each location MUCH more productive.
  13. Corruption in the Lunar Army

    Well, but localized prices were often wildly unrelated and non-sensical. A single egg in San Francisco in the Gold Rush was priced the same as an entire meal on on the opposite coast (about a 10X price differential if modern prices can be held as a reasonable model).
  14. A Magical Economy

    Also: farmers and villagers are often the most practical people in the world. If just one farmers' son (drafted to war and later muster'ed-out with useful magic) ends up successful when others fail, that will set the standard of "this magic will save your ass when all the other donkeys are draggin' . " Just as a farmer may save up for years to buy those oxen for plowing, his wife wife may save for householders' magic and he might save for fieldworkers' ... And ANY of them may save for "Heal 2". Or even a village collection be taken up. Because it's just that useful .
  15. A Magical Economy

    All it takes is 1 healing-oriented initiate of an Earth Goddess (doesn't even have to be Chalana Arroy) in a village... or a retired soldier with that critical bit of healing that makes for higher-survivability... etc.