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  1. g33k

    RBoM query ...

    The specific issue was with "trance-y" features getting an extensive discussion for Arrow Trance in the Bestiary, but nonesuch for Sword/Axe spells in the core rulebook. Sword/Axe show significant copypasta. Arrow seems to be Something Different. The clear implication (which I suspected was an erroneous reading) was that the melee weapons got no such "trance-y" features. The difference in treatment is really substantive, and normally I would expect such a substantive difference to mean something, even as I would also expect "XXXX Trance" spells to all be "trance-y." THANK YOU for the clarification/revision!
  2. g33k

    RBoM query ...

    What about the other half of the query? Do the Sword/Axe Trances get text similar to Arrow Trance to make clear they ARE "Trances" and limiting the Adventurer to doing only trance'd Sword-y / Axe-y melee actions (as Arrow Trance explicitly limits to trance'd archery actions) ?
  3. g33k

    RBoM query ...

    Might I beg a favor from one of those lucky souls favored enough to possess one of the GenConSpecial RBOM's? Can you tell me of the *Trance spells? In particular, are Sword/Axe Trance (from the core book) given color-text & limitations/consequencs comparable to the Arrow Trance spell from the Bestiary? And are there any other *Trances, "Maul Trance" or "Lance Trance" or "Martial-Arts Trance" or what-have-you? Many thanks!
  4. Absolutely -- they HAVE to be. Bonded Tricksters call these "lottery swords" by another name -- "A Gift for my Master" (they actually "find their way" into Orlanthi hands as often as not).
  5. https://www.glorantha.com/docs/glorantha-core-rune-font/ (n.b. the "extended" font, some of which may no longer be canonical, includes others)
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  9. Can you share any of your conversion process or resources? 😁
  10. That was my first thought; but some of those entries (e.g. all of the Hidden Paths and the Many Friends "can be shamans" -- I'd have expected many of those to be mostly/entirely shamanic traditions).
  11. Thanks for this! Some questions... Is there any meaning to the red-dashed underlines I see? Ronance & Mahome under Eiritha's "Associated Cults;" Jakaleel; Chalana (but not "Arroy"); Lhankor Mhy (including his runes); Orlanth-Adv&Vinga's Runes (but not them), etc... Given the irregularity, I am presuming this is some sort of accident or leftover, not conveying unified information. But maybe I presume wrong...? Elsethread, Shamanism in Prax has been brought up. I see here "has shamans" and "can be shamans" in different Cults. Is this a meaningful distinction, or a rough-draft artifact? Again... TYVM!
  12. With all due respect, Jeff... please PLEASE reconsider! I'm not asking for a return to the thrall/cottar terminology (I understand you want to move away from older anglo/nordic views of the Orlanthi!) but SOMETHING with cultural flavor! Something to immerse ourselves into. Something NOT "neutral!" Go to Hindu, Persian, Aramaic, Mandarin... or any source(s) you'd like. But keep color and the flavor in place! Really... this could be a chance to expand some of the ideas of Glorantha, as different scopes of "semi" occur in cultures with "semi-free" persons (even "slave" / "non-free" can mean very different things). Maybe you CAN use "cottar" and "thrall" in one out-of-the-way (likely non-Orlanthi?) context; but the Hindi terms "daas" and "dive," or the Japanese terms "Dorei" and "Sabanto" (grabbed from Google Translate, hopefully you'd get an expert to check precise terms & connotations) in other contexts where they have different meanings/implications. Just... please... don't give us neutral anthropology <shudder> in our Gloranthan sources. Please.
  13. I think you've grabbed the opposite meaning... ebbing is the outflow, the water dropping. Usually, we like the "rising tide" that floats the boat, that brings flotsam & jetsam & other useful wrack ashore, etc. Ebbing is generally taken to be a "lessening." === OTOH, there's some ambiguity: the hardcore maritime types liked that outgoing tide, because it helped carry laden ships away from the dock, etc.
  14. Elmal-vs-Yelmalio can be anything from a non-issue to a central, campaign-defining element. It depends mostly on players' PC's and the key NPC's & factions.
  15. Agreed that Waha and Eiritha should both have shamanic paths. OTOH ... Even if the "official" word is no, YGWV ... and even in canon, there's still Earth Witch (who could be a path to Eiritha as well as to Ernalda).
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