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  1. The whole RQ/BRP family-tree is clearly "designed as an alternative to D&D," given the STR/DEX/INT/etc stat-blocks on 3d6. It's just too specific to be anything BUT D&D-derived, even if they then did innovative other things. You need to hit games like Fudge, or Risus, or HeroQuest/QuestWorlds, to clearly break from that lineage and forge a new path without any of the old baggage... 😉
  2. Regarding a "transuniversal drive"... do consider the possibility of a "ringularity" based drive. A black hole is their doom, to be avoided. A different black hole is their salvation...
  3. Hello, and welcome! As I recall, there's a FB group oriented toward finding RQ games/players...
  4. I presume you know the erudition defecation? BS - Bull Sh_t MS - More of the Same PhD - Piled higher & Deeper
  5. To me, there's really a "top 3" that *FEEL* different at the table... 1st and most-obvious, is "Special Effects" during combat. This has taken the idea of crits/specials/fumbles, expanded it, and made it a tactical player-choice element. It has all the familiar crit elements, like "maximum damage" and "ignore armor," but many more, as well. Depending on relative degrees-of-success between attacker & defender, several SE's might be achieved, stacking onto one attack. I've found that, more often than not, judicious use of SE's is more likely to decide combat that mere HP-attrition (even with per-location HP totals that reliably go out on 2-3 hits (often just 1 ) ) . The downside, at my table, was that I was unable to "sell" it to the players, and they suffered from "analysis paralysis" trying to choose SE's during combat. Others do not encounter this issue (and I have seen some clever workarounds for tables where this IS a problem). 2nd (and related in that it's also "combat") is the Action Point system. Average characters will have 2 AP's per round, which often get used as 1 attack & 1 parry, but could both be taken as attacks, or both parries (nicely creating "all-out-attack" or "all-out defense" as combat options)... or either/both as noncombat actions like "throw a rope to someone who fell overboard" or "throw the big switch to turn off the Doomsday Device," etc etc etc. But mostly, that I have seen, it's 1 attack & 1 parry. Faster characters might have 3 APs instead of 2 -- an extra attack, or an extra parry, etc. What to do with it is an interesting tactical choice, for those players. 4 APs is freakishly fast, and terrifying in combat. You can also spend APs to benefit someone nearby... parry a blow meant for them, step between them and a charging attacker, etc. It is this later element that makes APs the strategic path to victory, where SEs are the tactical path. The strategic approach will not only consider each PC's APs, but the APs of the group (vs. the APs of the enemy group), and if possible, have people intervene (parry/etc) on behalf of a "Heavy Hitter," so that PC can concentrate on offense. Last but not least, the various magic-systems, which each have different intentions & design goals, and thus feel & play very differently. Some of these would be out of place in Glorantha, and so of course nothing like them exists in the Chaosium RQ tree of RQ1/RQ2/RQ3(kinda-sorta-mostly)/RQG. The other issues -- to me, at least -- either don't "feel" like they are as big a deal in play; or they are more issues of character-generation/downtime/GM-prep, rather than play-at-the-table. YMM(as always)V!
  6. Realize that RQ combat was originally designed (back in the 1970's) by one of the founding members of the SCA -- Society for Creative Anachronism -- who liked to armor-up and bash each other with medieval-themed safety weapons. "weird from an rpg but pretty realistic" is ENTIRELY within the RQ play-style. 🙂
  7. In another game system (Gamma World) I once rolled up a stunningly-optimized random-roll character. For those unfamiliar, it's got a "classic" sort of stat-array with STR/DEX/etc on 3d6 (or 4d6-L) as human-norm; but mutants have multiple mutations rolled on d100, with dozens of options including very-bad defects. For basic stats, I rolled 2 18's, 2 17's, a low-roll of 13. For mutations, I rolled the max number possible (5 on 1d4+1) and then rolled 5 of the best-possible mutations... incuding "Dual Brain" that gave extra mental-mutations, again all among the best-possible rolls. I played him just once -- to say I had done so -- then retired him; because his scope of damage & damage-resistance meant that anything even vaguely threatening to him (personally) was a TPK to the entire rest of the group.
  8. I didn't mean the CA would be a shield-bearer in combat; just use a shield defensively to keep themselves and their patients from being hit. I was just citing the "combat shield-bearer" as the closest historically-attested practice.
  9. I'm working on an Ernaldan healer-focus character. She's rather a CA-wannabe (I may even make her a wash-out Challana'n). She just can't *quite* manage the non-violence schtick... She dual-wields shields in combat. Yes, I know it's wildly impractical as a combat method, and historically unattested... but then again magical battle-medic roles are also unattested! See, she doesn't actually WANT to fight or hurt anyone... she just wants to get to the downed person she wants to heal (even mid-battlefield), without actually striking to harm (unlike a genuine CA, she's willing to bull-rush, knock-back, etc).
  10. In the general case (i.e. as applies to most PC's) the shield is actually a weapon (it's just a defensively-oriented one centered around blocking and/or parrying). So I am OK with this general rule: CA's don't use weapons, nor train with them. However... I think it's worth noting that some ancient societies had "shield bearers" in combat -- someone tasked with using a large shield to protect the weapon-user. Many shield-wall configurations call for YOUR shield to mostly protect the guy on your LEFT, not you (woe to the right flank)! At least one ancient chariot-config was IIRC a 3-man team of driver + shield-bearer + warrior. I think there was a culture that used companies of shieldman+missile-man; they'd volley, then duck behind cover to reload (and be safe(er) from the return-volley). I'd allow CA to take "shield-bearer" training aimed at protecting others (specifically those injured or otherwise under their care (e.g. Slept, Befuddled, or otherwise magically disabled by CA action) -- not to protect an active combatant, during melee); I've never had a player express interest in this option, however.
  11. TYVM for the update, much appreciated!
  12. The CoC OP campaigns seem to go well, AFAICT... At least, Chaosium keeps producing them & giving them to OP GM's to run! I think Chaosium is still mulling the "OP" idea, looking at options. There *IS* an OP program, and adventures for it. They push for 'Con GMs. There's the QuickStart, and there's about to be the Starter Box; that's... kind of the basis for an OP program, except it's "just" a commercial product (instead of a "Cult of Chaos" reserved item). Last time I saw them talk about it, I got the sense that they think the "demo game" format (1-off's, & few-session / short-arc stories) are better for RQ. With CoC, pretty much everyone has a handle on real-world setting, PC professions/backgrounds, etc. In Glorantha, the RQG char-gen is meant to give the *PLAYER* a good entryway to understand their PCs' piece(s) of Glorantha, their place(s) in the world. You understand why your character has Hate(Trolls), instead of it just being another line on the character-sheet... pre-gen's don't give you that immersion. And RQG character-creation (for newbies) tends to be poorly suited to the "Organized Play" format, too time-consuming. "Sit down and play" is the OP ideal. It's not clear to me that anything more than the upcoming Starter Box is needed by Cult-of-Chaos/OP GM's who want that sort of thing for their demo games...?
  13. The lifeblood of Sartar ,and the foundation of its strength, is trade. It is *THE* great crossroads, both N/S and E/W. By necessity, the cities that cater to the traders are pretty cosmopolitan. There are places in Sartar where it's mostly "hicks in the hills," but that's only a "majority" of Sartar if you judge by the area; the orchards and flocks and herds and such cover the landscape & thus the kingdom, but the PEOPLE cluster in the steads, the towns, and the cities. And the majority of the people aren't hicks. (But there's plenty of room for the naive rural farmer backstory, if desired; it's just not required (despite the landscape))
  14. @Steve Oooo! This is one I've been noticing for a while -- Shannon has been teasing it various places -- but never noticed it wasn't on the Top-Post of the thread! (edit - I see you already did it! you ninja, you!)
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