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  1. You know... this strikes me as really spot-on. Nicely called! You'll need to add the "iconic WH" non-human races, but that's easily done!
  2. Neither of us is doing it, unfortunately! We clearly know far better than they do. 😳 I'd hope they'd even be open to someone in their late teens... I've seen some really good performances from the young set! James Marsters has remarked that moving to TV from stage meant adopting a LOT of new techniques & abandoning favored and familiar ones, and that it was really challenging. On stage, actors all need to go big, fill space, project loudly & articulate/enunciate in a similar way, even in the quietest scenes. Because of the initimacy provided by camera views, that comes off as wildly inappropriate in tv & movies. (This was in the context of him being the voice-actor for some audiobooks, where he found the voice-acting let him roll out some of his favorite vocal techniques he used to use on stage)
  3. This is an excellent point. What's more: if the producers &c have the guts & the vision to lean-in on this, they could cast someone with that sort of "odd" look that ISN'T a hugely attractive "leading man" image, and give someone a leading role who'd normally only be up for "character actor" roles. I think that'd be a really good sign that they "get" the stories, and that they understand how much this can't follow the formulaic tropes if they want to stay anywhere close to true to the Elric vibe. I was (and remain) really annoyed at the HP directors casting Emma Watson as Hermione Granger. One of Hermione's defining traits in the books was that she WASN'T a "cute" girl, but plain at best and maybe below-average in looks -- and she was self-aware of this -- it was one of her major personal issues -- and she didn't let it stop her. Sitting in the theater watching Emma Watson introduce Hermione, I said "that's a really cute girl, she's going to become a very attractive teen and have beautiful 'leading lady' looks; before they film the final movie, they'll have a raving beauty. They blew that, on multiple levels."
  4. Hmmm. Paging @Ian Cooper and @Jeff The question was asked a while ago, and the ONLY feedback so far is folks hitting the "Thanks" button ... Which I presume indicates that they share the puzzlement... Which sort of suggests that Someone Official may want to answer.
  5. I would presume this to be an allegorical account of the same facts, or maybe a record of some sort of vision/oracle/etc (which so often comes in allegory).
  6. That'd be the dragonewt instance, that we already knew: "neotenic" means the adults never gain fully-adult features, keeping "juvenile" (aka dragonewt) features into adulthood. Someone upthread alleged (I thought) an actual "devolution" path -- where a dragon strayed from the Draconic Way, & became a Dino -- existed in canon. But maybe I mis-read...?
  7. g33k


    I think the "pragmatic" reason is that Orlanth is real. And he and Yelm don't get along ... The mythic reason IS the pragmatic reason! Good Orlanthi dan't stay good Orlanthi if they actively worship Yelm, and Yelm frankly can't stand the Orlanthi anyhow... they'd need to convert -- and change their behavior! -- to be acceptable Yelm worshipers. Fortunately, the Orlanthi have "little sun" deities; and even more -- they worship Ernalda, who can manage that bastard Yelm (because she's just that awesome). So the Orlanthi worship Ernalda, and get their bountiful crops and their healthy flocks and etc (all relying on Yelm) and Ernalda manages the unpleasant stuff about Yelm.
  8. Yes indeed. He collated and edited the input from this thread: https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/8203-crowdsourced-old-characters-and-1610s-family-history He'd be the person to contact for corrections and/or improvements, I think!
  9. My thought here is that, given the other 'Questers, it could turn out that you get a bunch of (rather shocking) Sword Trollkin! Lay Members of both ArganArgar and Humakt...
  10. g33k

    Runequest PbP?

    I'm pretty sure there are chat (text) channels with dice-rollers (either built-in, or having an API where others have already built the dice apps). Add a shared Google doc map, and/or other image-share(s) as needed. That should suffice to run a combat scene... always presuming you can schedule a time that works for everyone!!! === The other thing, of course, is a rigorously-enforced SoI -- everyone SoI's each day, GM resolves the round, and narrates the results back. Players reply with new SoI's. Repeat as needed.
  11. TYVM! That is indeed useful! So I think we now have current "canon" which states (at least) 2 sources for Dino's -- M.Gor X Hykim, & Dragonewts (strayed from the Draconic Path). What's the most recent source stating that Dragons can "devolve"? Any other sources for dino's ever appear in canon? I'm guessing that there's some ordinary "animal descent" just like almost every other other Mikyh/Hykim animal (this will likely be the case IMG ... possibly depending on whether canon (or the extended community here) comes up with some sort of particularly-interesting myth on the topic! ) . There are the Jaskali dino-hsunchen, although the Glorantha Wiki tells me they don't shapechange into dino's; did they used to do so? What happened? I do not believe we have any canon which unambiguously states whether differently-sourced dino's can interbreed (or can do so fertilely); nor whether any particular species come from a unique source (e.g. maybe all large carnivorous dino's are draco-sourced?), or whether some species DON'T come from a given source (e.g. M.Gor originated nothing whose adult is smaller than a horse, that being the minimum size to "shake the earth), etc etc etc... Canon being silent on this, I guess we have to say: ALL Glorantha's Will Vary.
  12. g33k

    Magic in Glorantha

    I think you underestimate how much effort they put in to that project! Both of them have said that it takes a lot of time.
  13. I do not believe death provides a "spiritual teleport" effect. IIRC it begins a 7(?) - day journey. Some RW traditions use other durations, up to 40 days IIRC; I think Glorantha has a canonical number here, but don't recall what it is... And may be misrecalling that such a number even exists in Glorantha...
  14. I too may have been unclear. What I meant was that, at some point, this forum may become much more active, and no longer "Inactive" (due to the dev having updates, beta players & playtesters having comments, etc). Would your departure y from "that part of the world" perhaps mark such a juncture?
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