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  1. Yeah; the art and layout just take TIME. Especially, I believe, the art. The 2 books of adventuring materials, that Chaosium expects are coming out next, are simply easier to produce, and shouldn't slow the Cults Duo by much, if any. Holding up everything else for the Cults would just be an artificial -- and needless -- delay on those products.
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  3. +1 ! I'm not entering this giveaway... but ONLY because I won a copy of Odd Soot last giveaway, so if the luck of the draw got me another win I don't want any appearance of clarence rigging things! 😁
  4. Rather than a who-is-better analysis, ask: which-way-makes-the-party-stronger?
  5. g33k

    All about Broos

    I think that some things are inborn; mostly tendencies & inclinations, not locked-down fates. Even a newborn infant is not a blank slate equivalent to every other newborn. I think that some things come from how you are (and aren't) raised, & sundry external influences. I think some things come from the choices you make, or don't make, what you decide; what you make of your life. This is true in My Glorantha, just as I think it's true in the RealWorld. But when we inscribe our Adventurers onto character sheets, the player is the primary arbiter (within the rules) of what goes where, and why.
  6. Testing, Testing... (now following this thread; also following SDLeary). (Edit -- not seeing my own stuff... but maybe that's me?)
  7. Damn. I mean... dice, cards, jenga-towers... now I gotta add a campstove to resolve actions & conflicts ???
  8. g33k


    I think all 4 initial products (I'm sure that most) have a teaser-y bit already showing in that thread, if you want to get teased.
  9. g33k


    The Cradle of Heroes is your friend. It is not a bear. Suggestions of hair, fangs, claws, or hibernation are all Treasonous. Please report Treason to the nearest Cradle instance, preferably the one in your pocket. Failure to have a Cradle in your pocket is Treasonous. Thank you.
  10. g33k


    I think you need to rethink this point: Up above, Jeff stated (RE the MRQ line): the core rules sold ok (although much fewer than RQG has sold during the initial release period) each supplement sold about 50% of the sales of the previous book until sales were less than 100 units for books Which meant the line was dead So the MRQ model was, in fact, NOT successful in getting people to buy.
  11. OK (I mean... this isn't a RPG session where we've all agreed to the X-Card, but this is a great example, so I'm fine to roll with it). As per the X-card, you don't have to explain further, you're under no obligation; but you are allowed to. And if I find your use of the X-Card ambiguous (which I do) then I'm supposed to ask for clarification. May I ask: what specifically are you X-Carding? What topic or tangent or detail or.... or whatever? Or was it just a rhetorical "I disagree"? In which case, of course, it's NOT an X-Card, and the exercise is pointless... Which is its own whole lesson, about how NOT to use an X-Card... 😉 (Note here -- I said something, you X-Card'ed; so you are claiming some distressing content that you want stopped; I don't understand in detail, don't know WHAT to stop, so I ask for clarification. This is all per normal X-Card. Note further that we each now have a certain common frame of understanding & expectation about proceeding -- I understand you have found something distressing enough to X-Card, and you understand that I don't have enough details to reliably avoid further distressing you; but we both know the X-Card is in play, which informs how we approach this.)
  12. I've played since 1977... and I have encountered such problems (thankfully, only a very few times). * I have been asked to intervene by a woman who felt unable to deal with a harasser, back in the 80's. Sounds like a very X-Card-y situation, in retrospect: she wasn't able to address the issue with the problem person. I don't know if there was anyone else she could/would have turned to if I wasn't there; I expect she would have just left. * I was REALLY unhappy & uncomfortable, many years ago, with a GM who forced every PC to roll on some rando-table they had, that imposed sundry personality quirks and flaws (with a strong emphasis on sexual topics); I only played in that group because I wanted to see some unfamiliar mechanics in play, and I left after a few sessions). I would have been VERY happy with an X-Card. * Somewhere in ... hmm... the late 90s? (hard to pin down the date) ... I was about to speak up when the GM went too far (with rape as simile for an invasive mind-scan spell), but several other people at the table beat me to it; later, at another game / another table, that person went too far and was kicked out of the group (and in fact several friendships ended that night). Would the X-Card have helped there...? I'm not sure; I don't think so... but I do think Lines/Veils could have helped, could have addressed some of the issues earlier, more smoothly & gracefully. * I've personally spoken to 3 different women whose FIRST experience of gaming & gamer culture was of crude sexual humor (that felt to them like harassment), and they either didn't join or left after the first session or two, despite being very interested. I have read similar accounts online, from several other women (and a couple of accounts by gay guys who left to avoid homophobia).I honestly doubt that the gamers at those tables ever even realized that they KEPT AWAY other would-be gamers, or chased away gamers who had joined them (and I wonder now, about those times when someone gamed only once at my games... did something happen I didn't recognize?) Would these "safety tools" have helped? Well, not if those folks had never sat down at the tables... except MAYBE: because just the idea that such tools may exist, may be used, may be needed at some tables? Just that awareness may help... Except if you're so busy denying that they could EVER be useful or appropriate, busy resenting that they even exist; and ridiculing them, or the people who like them.
  13. g33k

    All about Broos

    Don't forget that Chaos is infinitely mutable, including that it can sometimes present as "volatile-but-possible-to-bargain-with". And it IS possible to bargain with... until it isn't. I consider most "civilized Broo" as simply not currently expressing their primal Chaos. Of course, Chaos can produce ANYTHING... including beings of limited Chaos who are normally/usually agents of almost limitless Chaos. It can even produce "controlled Chaos." But nobody can really tell -- not for certain -- if it's actually controlled, or just not-yet-expressing... Always a risk!
  14. g33k


    TYVM! Have you played with the system, sufficient for us curious BRP heathenry to pick your brains? Braaaaiiiinz.... must have your braaaaiiiinz.... maybe we're not heathens, but BRP zombies? <looks nervously over shoulder for modClerics>. Anyhow, moving on... I usually call this kind of subsystem "professions as skills." Are the abilities strictly linked, e.g. "Thief" = "deception + security systems + sleight of hand + stealth" and nothing else such as (for example) "evaluate treasure" or other ways to spot fake gems/etc, know what's WORTH stealing (when you've got 2 seconds to grab ONE item from a trove and sleight-of-hand it into hiding); or "streetwise" info about where are the best hidey-holes, which guards are most bribe'able, which gang's are the most violent/territorial; etc etc etc? Or is "Thief" more along the lines of "everything it makes sense for a thief to be good at"? Can you take any of these Skills in any combo's, in a semi-multiclassing manner? Is there any particular reason -- known bugs, etc? -- a campaign should avoid skills going above 6 What happens when an "ability" goes over 100? What is combat like? Is combat just another "ability" like in the Skills system, or is combat a separate subsystem? Are there tactical elements like "flanking"? Reach/range for things like long weapons vs. short weapons, or differentiated damage such as "piercing" vs "bludgeoning," etc etc etc? Is it just "bag of HP" damage, or is there a "wounds" system or hit-locations; are there things like being "stunned" (half-ability or can't act for a round, etc)? What is the magic like? Is it strictly spell-lists like in D&D or RM? Or is there more free-ranging results like "spontaneous" magic in Ars Magica, or RQ Sorcery? I'm sure we'll have LOTS of questions now that we've found a victimolunteer ! 😁
  15. That material has been (AFAIK) a pre-publication / rough-draft, assembled from KoS and other bits. I expect they have been tweaking and adjusting and massaging it for years. Sometimes more along the lines of "major surgery" than just "adjusting" it! It wouldn't surprise me (at all!) to learn they were still adjusting it. Presumably, the "select audience" is (mostly) authors & freelancers working on projects where it's relevant. Chaosium is finally getting ready to release it, it seems... as the Argrathsaga aka "RQG Campaign Guide," or some such hifalutin' thing. Presumably at that point, a bare timeline without fluff -- or a region-by-year table -- will be in an appendix or supplemental doc, or some such.
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