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  1. g33k

    Original BRP

    I was speaking of many/most -- that is to say, we in (non-publishing) fandom, not the very few who DO publish (under OGL or otherwise) -- people who seem to sling around the term "OGL" freely, even when it doesn't apply, or may not apply. I meant OGL as used on gaming forums, not as used by publishers. As we have been saying on the internet (since before it was "the web"): I am not a lawyer. So I typically do not try to figure out which publishers "using" OGL are using it correctly.
  2. g33k

    Original BRP

    "OGL" is typically used informally & non-technically these days; and many (most?) people have gotten sloppy in how they think about intellectual property, and IP-rights.
  3. I think we're onto something here, David! Soltakss' next campaign is shaping up nicely...
  4. g33k

    Fiction Line Announcement

    Yes, it's part of the 13G kickstarter. Check out the subforum there, or better the KS site itself, for latest news. The books have been printed. Last I saw, they are on container-ships, en route. The process is s-l-o-w (examining the initial proof, approving the full print-run, printing, shipping transoceanic) and involves a non-trivial amount of potential delay that is utterly outside the control of Chaosium.
  5. Have you pitched a "Jane Austen Supers" game, ultimately facing the Mythos' Great Old Ones? Run it with the Epic-level rules from D&D... 😃
  6. g33k

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    It is my /belief/ that Chaosium has reached out to a shortlist of authors/devs with whom they have worked (or would like to work) with a call for pitches for RQ:FE titles/topics/etc, with some specific ideas (iirc someone at Chaosium mentioned a particular German / HolyRomanEmpire timeframe of special interest).
  7. g33k

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    I'm having a kind of hard time seeing the major differences from Glorantha... 😉 Except, I guess, the decades of accumulated Gloranthropolgy... }:-D>
  8. g33k

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    Sure, a single book is always less commitment. But a "Hoover" strategy is MANY books; even if each is its own thing, 10 setting-specific books still represent AFAIK the bulk of Chaosium's RPG output for a couple of years; not putting any work into any of their OTHER lines...
  9. g33k

    RQG Coupon Stacking

    OK; my apologies. I had thought it was the GM Book, and was surprised and puzzled recently when someone said it was the GM Pack. I guess I just misunderstood. Got it straight now (and thanks!) .
  10. g33k

    RQG Coupon Stacking

    Can you (or @Jason Durall) clarify which titles are and are not part of the slipcase set? RQGcore rulebook Bestiary? GM Book? GM's Pack? And/Or ??? Or has this maybe not been entirely settled, yet? TYVM !
  11. g33k

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    {heh} "Hoover up" kinda implies grabbing ALL the settings above ... at least, the ones out of (c)... I can just imagine the horror of the dedicated RQ / CoC / HQ fans if Chaosium announced 10ish new settings being delivered in the near future ...
  12. g33k

    Two weapons and multiple parries

    Soooo ... RQG core rulebooks are on the Slow Boats From China ? 🙂 Any chance we can get the ship-info, the way happened with "Ships of Cthulhu" & the RQClassic KS ? Or is that a KickStarter-only sort of perq? Many thanks!
  13. g33k

    Bestiary and GM Pack

    ??? Are you sure? The slipcase will NOT hold the GM Book ? That seems... off. (edit: but it's true)
  14. g33k

    Bestiary and GM Pack

    Also worth considering is the wealth of RQ2 material, both the Kickstarter'ed "Runequest Classic" line of old-school reprints and the slightly-revised "Gloranthan Classics" line. Be aware the 2 "... Classics" lines substantially overlap as to content. Each represents a notable effort to return older / out-of-print content (largely though not entirely the SAME content) back into availability. The new edition is intentionally very-backward-compatible with all that stuff. Lots of good RQ3 stuff, too, although you gotta find it on the used market, and it's a bit more work to convert...
  15. g33k

    BRP Amber?

    Q -- who put them on The Estate, and why? Oberon? A cabal of their parents, all stashing them "safely" away from Court Politics? Some Machiavellian 3rd party, maybe kidnapping babies and/or having catspaw seductrsses get pregnant then run back to said 3rd party to raise the child? How badly are they AmberKids wanted to stay? If they make a serious attempt to leave, will they be put under 24/7 eyes-on guard? Imprisoned? Restrained? Even killed (as a last resort, presumably)? Are the answers to all these the same for every one of them? Did whoever put them there succeed in the secrecy? Or is there a spy or double-agent on The Estate? Or even among the kids? Maybe one of them is from the Courts of Chaos (their shapeshifters could presumably take a child's form)? There are many motives I could see where someone (even someone with their best interests at heart) might use magic/medicine/etc to Nerf their Amber / AmberRoyal potentials. Hence the ideas of a "curse," or of drugs from a steward, or other looks-villainous methods... It also "feels" very Amber-flavored to me: A basically happy but occasionally spooky/wierd childhood, an affectionate-seeming "Auntie Chatelaine" &c. Then they are annoyed at how over-protective she seems... Then she begins to seem almost like a jailer (but then again, MANY teens have that phase about parents, school, etc) Then they discover she's drugging them, or has lead-encased voodoo-dolls of them, and they decide she's an Enemy... And (eventually) it all circles back to Amber-arrogant overprotectiveness, all "for their own good".