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  1. I don't know if you're aware of Chaosium's policy: if you buy the PDF from them now, then when the hardcopy drops they send you an e-coupon discount for the price of the PDF. It's effectively "PDF free with purchase of book" (which is their direct-buy and bits&mortar policy (but not Amazon or DTRPG or other online mass retail)) but gives you early access to the PDF.
  2. Personally -- as a citizen of the USA -- I'm pretty much past feeling the need for comfort, calm, and relaxation.
  3. Runequest (specifically -- the world of "Glorantha," which isn't limited to RQ (there are other rule-sets, both official (HeroQuest has a Glorantha book, and many supplements; 13th Age has a Glorantha book, too) and unofficial for the world; these other rules aren't related to BRP/RQ rules)) has a robust and complex mythology, of a scope and scale that is similarly broad & deep as the Cthulhu Mythos. And at the higher scales of power, PC-level heroes can and do quest through time and space, and participate alongside their gods in mythic events from before Time itself had the sorts of li
  4. Frankly, I don't (combine cosmologies). I used to enjoy kitchen-sink settings, but increasingly find that so many different elements TAKE AWAY from one another's awesome, rather than adding their awesomes together. For example, the cosmology/backstory of RQ doesn't really fit with the pseudo-science cosmology/backstory of CoC. One *COULD* just equate Cthulhu&Co with RQ "Chaos" and Done... but Cthulhu's cosmology has millions-of-years-ago events & races &c that explicitly differ from the known history of Glorantha with its pre-Time events and "dawn of Time" singularity. Si
  5. The whole Aesir / Vanir thing hints rather broadly of a blending / co-opting of mythologies ... And that was before the Christianization.
  6. There's also the thing where defenders rush in with bracing timbers, heavy/bulky objects, etc. Ups tension, increases the frantic-desperation vibe; gives the defenders more Things To Do (PC actions). I presume there's a gatehouse that will be shooting arrows at the BigBad, pouring boiling oil, etc etc etc... For a brute force gate-breach, I'd be rolling a STR+SIZ attack.
  7. Chaosium *HAS* "publish[ed] a version of BRP as a SRD under an Open Game Licence." But if you mean "identical to the way WotC did it," I'm pretty sure there are things in the WotC-written OGL that Chaosium *specifically* finds inadequate (which is why they wrote their own OGL).
  8. I might speculate that when your target hits 0MP and falls unconscious, the discorporate shaman can then virtually possess it, maybe investing 1 MP every hour or so, to animate the unconscious body...? Once it has an MP, it isn't unconscious anymore... but it's the MP of the "Control (entity)" caster... But frankly that's just an ad hoc idea, that I made up just now! I suggest posting this question to the official "Core Rules ii" thread, I think... https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/13124-runequest-core-rules-questions-ii/
  9. On the one hand, I just wanna snark on that one-liner (pretending I don't understand it's the Rune-spell) because the Red Goddess most certainly has an extraordinary CHA! On the other hand: TYVM @Jeff -- it's great to have this settled authoritatively! May i be so bold as to further ask (if you know yet; is the Gods Project complete-enough to be sure?) if Lunar worshipers have ANY way to get the Charisma Rune-spell in the normal course of things (prayer & POW-sac for +1 Rune Pool & a Rune-Spell), any Lunar cult that offers it? Or is it something that Lunars would need to heroqu
  10. meh... 7M is the "central" cult for the Lunars, the way ErnaldOrlanth is for those folk. And I don't think RQG is the "basic" book so much as the CORE book, the "central" book. Given that the Storm Tribe has *four* cults that get it, it continues to look like an oversight. Returning to the accounts of Hon-eel, I'd see that as the single most-evident use of Charisma in the game's mythography. I guess I could understand it as Sedenya being the "rulers" cult (like ErnaldOrlanth), so it makes sense to come from Her not from the 7M ... (maybe?)
  11. ??? I'm pretty sure your probabilities are miscalculated there... Your gut-check (that it "seems a lot") is correct.
  12. Exactly. Where did Hon-eel get it, if not as a Lunar spell? And, having it (however she got it)... doesn't that make it now a Lunar magic? Maybe it's only through Sedenya, not a "mere" 7M magic? Hon-eel's exploits are a significant piece of the Lunar mythography, and having that spell missing feels like a piece of Lunar Rune-Magic is missing. It also looks like a "missing" bit when you look at the Lunar-vs-StormTribe situation: What with YT echoing H, IO's take on LM, etc... there's an awful lot of Romans-version-of-Greek vibe; and as an important spell available to Big E *and
  13. Am I reading correctly that Ernalda, Yinkin, and Eurmal are the only cults that have "native" access to Charisma (and Orlanth gets it from Eurmal)? That surprises me... I'd have thought that would be a 7M spell, too; and possibly other Earth goddesses like Uleria! (edit -- plus of course we've got Jeff's big ol' Gods Project barreling down on us; no telling WHAT that'll bring!)
  14. Did someone say dogs & birds??? https://www.pupperish.com/animal-hybrids
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