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  1. What was the name?

    Well. As I consider your likely frame of mind after that particular hour, I wish to make a request: please take a nice walk, smell some flowers, play with a puppy, pet a kitten, etc... BEFORE returning to do anything with Prax. TYVM.
  2. Adobe Alternatives!

    TYVM! I hadn't realized what had happened to the GIMPshop fork.
  3. Adobe Alternatives!

    For PS, there's the GIMP; and a replacement "GIMPShop" UI, to make it closer to the PS "look&feel". Free, for ideological/hactivist reasons. edit: The "GIMPShop" domain was hijacked, and the original author has abandoned the project; he says the current distributor is not only unauthorized, but has embedded malware. Also note that the main fork of the GIMP has abandoned the Sourceforge repository, and THAT code-base (or at least the bundled installer) is now suspect, too... But I'm afraid I don't really know the Acrobat/InDesign space... sorry...
  4. Raiders of R'lyeh!

    "If you build it," (a really solid system) "they will come..." You guys do good work!
  5. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    That may be some wait. I do not know that Chaosium has announced this, I'm just presuming they intend it... Maybe @Ian Cooper or @David Scottcould answer this ... ?
  6. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    Mostly plain, though with descriptions (not just stats). 3 pix: a dragonewt, a little snake, a couple of Aldryami (one elf, one... Runner? not sure...).
  7. Deities of Beer and Wine

    Well, YGWV. Personally, I think you're right... but also wrong: the "scientific" outlook is just another explanation, no less-true than any other myth in Glorantha. But also just as un-true (if you venture into the domain of a relevant Power) ...
  8. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    I expect these to be rolled into the HQG pdf in time, and thence eventually into a reprint when stock runs out... But that's HQ, not RQ. Have you a RQClassic errata doc you're working from? IIRC, that PDF was passed through several very-competent "crowd-source" proofreaders before going to the printer... It's still almost-painfully (dis)organized in places, but that's a "product-of-its-time" phenomenon.
  9. whip as melee weapon

    Agree that the slashing "cut and slide away" motion is key; and if it's deflected by shield or armor, "slide away" without cutting. The edged blade is obfously even more dangrous than a leather whip! Without damage-bonus or armor-penetrance (presumably from magic) I cannot see whips facing normally armed-and-armored foes; and I'm still inclined to give the advantage to the conventional weapons, which get the better base damage onto which the magic bonus gets applied... Here are some martial-art kata's with whips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Imrt_R3Tc5U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrV0v4NiCdg However, these (like the several urumi vids I found) are relatively short whips... 1-2m, it looks to me. All the serious/believable "combat" vids I have found seem to be for these short whips; with up to 3m/10ft still "looking" imprerssive but I think impractical. I do not believe the same sort of motions and techniques apply to longer weapons. Here is Adam Winrich, an expert whip-cracker (in the sport/performance realm): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHlFYHticq4 Here's a longer whip (about 4m) in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvY6x6pZatA And a 5m whip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccVmimllveo These whips do not seem practical in a "combat" context. They demand too much space. The "wind-up" and the degree to which they"telegraph" their motion does not look to me like a combat-effective weapon. I note that after these long whips "do" something (strike, or just crack) it takes a couple of moments for the user to communicate their control back out the length of the whip and ready it to "do something" else. Seeing all the vids above, I've got to grant that the short whips seem managable in small spaces, after all... But I'm not seeing the OP's 3-5m of range in a combat-functional whip...
  10. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    RQClassic *IS* a very solid system. The main thing "wrong" with it -- from a modern perspective -- is that it's VERY much a product of its time. This isn't made to a modern esthetic (very-minimal interior art, b/w only), or with the decades of lessons-learned in organization and layout &c that we see in the current generation of RPG design. Can you point us toward the "errata" you're looking through?
  11. I see they are also selling standup cardboard for really-cheap, so there's that! If, y'know, $50 is too much (which it is, for me, for this product). These KS prices are a bit lower, if that's relevant to folks' decisions. If I had *LOTS* of opportunities to run The Broken Tower (e.g. I lived in a major-metro area with lots of gamers / game-stores), *AND* the $50 came with 5-6 PC figures for the scenario, I'd do it in a heartbeat. But most of this seems to me to have minimal replay-value.
  12. whip as melee weapon

    The thing is that the "continuous flow" effect requires -- as best I can tell, not being a whip expert -- for there to be a space behind the wielder to regain momentum & rhythm. If foes are coming at you from two sides simultaneously, putting up a shield-block on each side of you as they step in... your whip is gonna have problems. Of course, 2:1 and worse odds is always a problem in realistic combat; but the whip-and-shield user is even worse off here than a conventionally-armed fighter (if I undestand whip use correctly). I guess that the "magically enhanced" caveat could gloss over these mechanical problems (or any others, for that matter) . But when you don't have the magical buff, the whip becomes much less effective.
  13. Raiders of R'lyeh!

    I suspect that this licensing snafu (and consequent customer-confusion) is part of (or one example of a part of) what nuChaosium (& the GreatOldOnesReturned) found so problematic with the Mongoose era (in addition to the editorial liberties taken with the Gloranthan canon). Because Mongoose wanted to OGL stuff (it was all the rage at the time) that they didn't own, and didn't have permission to OGL (which is usually taken to be an "in perpetuity" license). The owners of RQ are forever thereafter cast as The Man trying to take away (from We the Gamers) the stuff we were given by Mongoose... It's like if a video-card-maker licensed some (c)-Microsoft closed-source code into one of their drivers, and OGL'ed the whole driver: no, they can't give away the rights to that proprietary code, no matter what license they slap onto it. I've seen it done right, where the proprietary code is segregated into one (or a few) modules -- often precompiled blackboxes -- and NOT marked with the OGL, and also noting (within the OGL notice) the non-OGL-ness of "Modules Hi, Psi, and Omega, (c) by ..." . I've seen it done wrong, too.
  14. Raiders of R'lyeh!

    I would assume that anything titled "Runequest" was ineligible to be made OGC in the first place: they didn't have a license to OGL "RuneQuest." Hence "Legend" with essentially the same rules, but NOT the problematic content / branding ...
  15. whip as melee weapon

    That "3-5 meters" of range hide the fact that there's also a minimum range (inside of which the whip in ineffective). In a complex & often crowded melee with scores or hundreds per side (or in a narrow corridor, or amongst foliage, etc etc etc ...), the whip-user would have no room to use the whip and be (for all intents & purposes) unarmed. DUELING (or other 1:1 combat) on a clear field is wholly-different from "combat" in the conventional armed-forces (i.e. armies) sense. I myself have seen an SCA sword fighter facing a whip-guy (each with shield). The whip-guy seemed to have a marginal advantage; but my sense was that it was primarily because the SCA guy was unfamilar with what he was facing (I note the similar effect when the Gracies brought their BJJ to the USAian MMA ring, and dominated for several years (until the USAian guys had learned enough to counter the BJJ moves)). Some good info here: http://bullwhip.org/?page_id=35 Note (per the link above) that someone who stands off and gets a sense of the timing of the whip can likely close to INSIDE the whip's effective range; maybe suffering 1 hit as they close (or maybe not); and that a "heavy coat, and a fencing mask" are sufficient armor to face a full-force whipcrack. As a GM, I would allow a whip (particularly a magically-enhanced whip) to be a fearsome weapon... under the specific circumstances of: there being plenty of space to swing the whip only a single foe the foe being unfamiliar with facing a whip For each of these that isn't true in a given combat, I would consider the whip less effective or even wholly-ineffective.