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  1. There are a *LOT* of free quickstart PDF's (and free SRD's, usually much larger) produced by publishers in the BRP/d100 "extended family" of RPGs. Most of them can also be bought for minimal cost (generally $10-$15 range) if you prefer hardcopy. Many of these -- arguably, most/all of them -- are in fact sufficient to play an entire campaign, without needing the "full" rules. I would take a look at these sorts of products, and decide if you actually need anything more. BRP itself. MW. Mythras Imperative. RD100. etc...
  2. Glorantha is the only setting that I -- personally -- love enough to ask my players (who are NOT Gloranthaphiles) to make this effort. I generally find myself (strongly) in agreement with the sentiment that these deep rich settings are an obstacle to immersive play, in large part because of this huge disconnect between the players and their characters. The players neither know what their PC's know, nor care about what their PC's should care about. They don't "fit" in the wonderful world. I don't think murderhoboism is the automatic outcome, but it seems to be the default mode of "action-adventure" (whether movie or videogame or RPG) does often lean in on this trope... Rambo, John Wick, Call of Duty, Doom, etc etc etc.
  3. Did Chaosium run any panels for GenCon Online? New products to announce, updates to status/expectations of works-in-progress, etc?
  4. At a guess -- because it'd violate (c). These things aren't public domain. Also, Chaosium doesn't want to get into edit-wars, reverting wiki's, etc... (RE-edit (dunno what happened to prior one): I am not Chaosium. I don't speak for them.)
  5. I don't remember them all... is that the one with the Crater Makers?
  6. Given that you've done some work on this already, do you have Roll20 content you could share here in the D/L section? Or if you'd rather monetize it, on Jonstown Compendiumn and/or on Roll20's own marketplace? Thanks! I'm not ready to GM my RQG on Roll20, but knowing about pre-available content (like the existing RQG auto-calc sheet!) puts me that much closer...
  7. It's still up in the OP. The owner, @Steve, updates it periodically (last about 10 weeks ago). I presume no new news means... well... there's no new news. I strongly believe it will come out as a RQG book, but it's still marked as "ruleset TBD." It's definitely on my shortlist of most-desired releases; probably only the Cults surpasses it, but then it's a multi-way tie for 2nd place...
  8. Hopefully there's communication happening behind the scenes. It could avoid a lot of recriminations later.
  9. g33k

    Mythra Wushu

    I think the "big weapons" trope isn't really all that uncommon... but they tend to be very niche/specialist (and/or Bad Guy) weapons.
  10. That "Conparison" doc (3rd link) is really useful for responding to this question. It was much more than I had expected from the brief outline offered above... Thank you!
  11. Please add to the "upcoming" RQ books: The Dragon's Eye - A supplement to show "YGMV" with several locations, each getting different -- Varying -- treatments. https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/12553-chaosium-announces-runequest-the-dragon’s-eye-is-in-development
  12. Presumably, they face a chronic/continuing Jack-o-Bear problem that they "solve" in this way... I think it rather sounds as if the village/clan/whatever is having a slow slide into Chaos. They are trying, as much as they can, to push the effects off onto outsiders. But when they cannot, they take it onto themselves each year... The cumulative effect (however slight each increment) must be telling.
  13. There's a lot of mythic resonance to the idea of race(s) with potent individuals (but so reduced in numbers as to be threatened, as a race, by humanity) doing some magical "withdrawal" or "hiding" of their people, in the face of humanity's growing numbers.
  14. This looks really, really cool! Just one question: Will you include any places that have previously been developed (or under-development settings expected to be published before TDE is) for RQG, such as Clearwine or Jonstown? To make that clearer: would you (please!!!) include at least one such place -- already well-developed -- to make it utterly clear that "YGMV" should explicitly be applied even to well-developed canon. TYVM!
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