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  1. Just as an afterthought -- how about a slipcover for those bad boys?
  2. https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/6022-rqg-hints-about-releases/?do=findComment&comment=87167 Quickstart -- stripped-down rules, 1 adventure Core Rulebook & Bestiary, plus Screen Pack -- There's the Monsters book you asked for GM's Guide & Scenarios Book Heroes Book and Dragon Pass Campaign Honestly, I'm not much for "cards" as RPG supplements. Too fiddly, prone to getting lost: if you have more than a few cards, it gets faster (and IME it quickly gets notably-faster) to skim a list on 1 sheet of paper than to flip through a stack of cards; and at the end of the night, digging them out of sofa-cushions and from under the armchair is a pain! YMMV, and if others see it as a popular option I certainly won't complain if Chaosium realizes another revenue stream. Everyone'sGWV, after all, and spell-cards at other tables isn't a problem at mine! RE an "encyclopedic reference" that ISN'T the GtG ... I'd love to see such a thing, in the format of name of entry 1-line precis source citation(s) with page/book listed But in an active system (with new supplements coming out every few months) such a book will quickly become out-dated... so what about an e-Index "living document"?
  3. Just hadda pop back in and ask... am I the only one who originally hit this thread wondering if it was going to be some semi-crazed mashup of the "Fate" game mechanics with BRP???
  4. Nah. It's a YoungAdult paranormal-romance series. Generic and formulaic, but proficiently-written.
  5. that's wonderful! Haven't seen anything else like it, no...
  6. As of Feb 2017, the publisher still says it's coming... "Real Soon Now"(tm).
  7. I'd make one of those Terrible Sinners be someone who has done something ritually-proscribed but (in the modern world) trivial. Everyone else has committed horrors like murdering a parent... but ONE of them is guilty only of... oh... say, eating a mango during a solar eclipse, or playing soccer without having washed at sunrise, etc...
  8. While you've graduated to the hardcore BRP lines, it strikes me that the d100 gateway drug of Classic Fantasy should make this KS a trivial one to run using your preferred engine...
  9. Well, it's extraordinary!
  10. I haven't played 13A, but I understand it's more-different the 3.x/PF SRD's than most versions of BRP are from one another... So that would work less-well (for the 13A/d20 audiences) as a descriptive/accurate title. I do agree that "13th Age in Glorantha" set at the juncture of the 3rd/4th Ages is... ummm... incongruous.
  11. If I do it -- and I'm VERY unsure! -- I'm gonna do it as lazy as I can ... If I just assemble the right resources -- in few enough books -- I might not even produce a separate "product." But even if I end up making my own, it's liable to be 90% (or more!) copy/paste from those resources, and not polished-up to a presentational level.
  12. grabbed (thank you!) I have a project in mind; this may be my way to go.
  13. For all that I'd love a P&BR in hardcopy... I agree 100% ! This is an interesting thought... VERY much so! Cherry-pick the "best" RQ3 supplement(s) to upgrade to RQG, with stretchier goals at higher-$ targets for those in need of more work ...
  14. Because RQ is the Glorantha-flavored variant of BRP. It has magic, and Bronze(ish)-Age tech (mostly) and above all it has Runes and their metaphysical impact... Glorantha is made of myth. Games like CoC &such-like... they have a more physics-y "real-world" vibe to them. The supernatural elements are present, but feel alien and unnatural. Sure, the mechanics are 95% identical... but they don't play the same! "I draw my sword and leap forth to meet the slavering 12-foot-tall Chaos Demon!" Storm Bull heroics (with a decent chance of survival)... or suicide for a Mythos Investigator? I reiterate: they don't play the same! And that's a GOOD thing! Vive la difference! Ummm... And Jaguars. And Leopards. There really ARE differences... even if they all are Panthera. Of course they are! And if I said anything to the contrary, then I badly misspoketyped.
  15. Well... no. At least, no more than cheeseburger & beef stroganoff are "exactly the same thing" even though both are beef+dairy with sauce, over wheat-product. Besides, who ever saw a cute kitten doing "I can haz beef stroganoff"??? But I agree with the spirit if not the letter of your point -- BRP is an amazingly-good system, and all flavors of it are the stronger for being so recognizable and BGB-style interchangeable.,