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  1. Not very Cthulhoid, but I guess that's more a tangent to the OP. But even more than it not being Cthulhoid... it UTTERLY lacks any BRP game mechanics! No help here at all! Also... Google reports to me that the Internet is going into StupidMode over this trailer. <shrug> I'm gonna lay the blame on a mix of the Internet's pervasive MeanGirl culture -- who can level the most cutting criticism, in hopes of elevating their own pathetic self-esteem? -- with the USA's really weird Puritan-by-way-of-Evangelical sexual moralistic judgmentalism. Oh, look! Some of the actresses in -literal- catsuits actually show their curves! How eeee-vile! One moron even wondered why all the sexy-looks in a "kids" show (which, I dunno the movie rating, but the stage play never was!) <sigh>
  2. Hmmm. <Idly observes that it was quite a few Cults ago that GaGoG was split into 2 volumes... wonders about 3, now ...>
  3. Harrek secretly despises the Rathori, and the BEST way to befriend him is saying things like, "The Rathori are all kinda... soft... weaklings, y'know? And there's never been one who wasn't a coward at heart."
  4. I'll take a drumstick and a couple of wings, to go!
  5. g33k

    Yelm Eclipsed

    hmmm??? The sun is luminous, the moon reflective. A few sometimes-bright -sometimes-not planets and a few more dim-to-invisible planets... these appear visually star-like, but are reflective. And that's it for reflective bodies. Thousands of luminous stars.
  6. It suddenly occurred to me to wonder how the VERY "omni" version of Trollish omnivory would interplay with Eurmal's "Swallow" spell. Trying to just... fit them together? with minimal fuss&bother? and downplay the interactions? That seems not very Gloranthan... not very MGF... oh yeah, and VERY NOT Eurmalian! I think Eurmal would make sure there was an extra helping of OMGWTFOHSHIT! Ideas... ?
  7. Temple-to-temple teleport, recharge in place. The Orlanthi will be able to charge an arm and a leg, of course ...
  8. Huh. See now... I was talking from an in-character POV, not player. I'm not at all clear that any direct human-like "family history" background is relevant to the dwarf & elf races. For an Elf, as noted -- a Forest, a glade, etc; maybe a Dryad! For a Dwarf -- it wouldn't be raised on a "family history" basis, nothing to create individualism, family "pride," etc... But yeah... Gotta get PLAYER buy-in, too! 😯😃
  9. I think we got a pretty comprehensive (and official) reply from Jason, upthread. That ... kind of completes the topic? End if the line? No more tracks from which to derail the train? I think we're running down a spur.
  10. Nah, most of us aren't sick. We just make sure our Elves are nice&fresh -- and not sourced somewhere like the Poisonwood, of course!
  11. Hrm. It isn't at all clear to me that human-style FH tables are relevant to Mostali, or even Aldryami. As a practical issue (as noted by others) the lifespan & generation-times suggest that you need a LOT more history. But far beyond that issue is a question -- do they even care? Who are the parents of a new Mostali unit, and do they inculcate anything like a "Family History," to take pride in, to learn from... to individualize from??!? I can see an Elf with loyalty and pride and identity based around a forest -- even a particular glade, or dell, or hillside, or etc -- but specific loyalty/identity based upon the tree from whose cones/acorns/whatever they were sprouted??? Ummm ... Maybe? I doubt it, though. YGMV.
  12. I presume that somebody would have to approach Chaosium with an offer to do such a KS project. I have no idea what a "successful" pitch would look like. Hmmm... OK, actually I have some "ideas" but no actual information, just armchair speculations.
  13. TYVM ! (bonus points for explicitly citing the page# with the quote)
  14. ??? I need to read the RAW closer, then! When I'm back home with my books, and/or with device that have my e-copies.
  15. Good catch! I think you also learn how to create the focus. THEN you can cast the spell. 😁 (in my Glorantha, you don't NEED the focus, but casting without a focus is a s-l-o-w and rather risky process -- you need a 10-min meditation, + 1 min per point of spell effect, as you laboriously construct the spell; doing this shows up in the Spirit World as interesting, so you're likely to be interrupted by investigating spirits.)
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