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  1. Why 13G? (review)

    "GNS Theory" is apparently deprecated these days amongst the gaming-theory wonks. I find /ALL/ the theories to be a bit.... theoretical. Too abstract, too academic, too "pure". As you say, " ... everybody wants all of it in some doses.," Where I find this stuff absolutely invaluable is really twofold -- first and foremost, it unpacks a lot of different agendas & motivations that can sometimes be opaque and/or unconsidered;. Especially as a GM, with different wants from different players, this is a Big Deal for me. Second & related -- there are a LOT of bright people with different perspectives on this who have put in a LOT of time and attention; and I get to leverage all that for my own use. Some of them have expressed opinions/perspectives I might never have considered on my own, and some of those POV's may be sitting at my gaming-table.
  2. I'm gonna focus on this bit in particular. D&D v. CoC is... VERY different. The PC's are fragile. Startlingly so. They begin life with a few more HP's than the average 1st-level D&D characters, and as they gain experience they gain... ZERO additional HP's. An ordinary gun might kill them in a single shot (or it may just wound them, allowing (evental) recovery). A big gun will PROBABLY kill (or at least disable) them in a single shot. And there's no healing to speak of. No "Cure Light Wounds" or "healing potions". And there are plenty of creatures that will overpower even 10th-level-and-over D&D PC's. given a straight-up fight. Players who go in expecting PC's to be action-adventure heroes will be frustrated and disappointed. Plowing through lots of monsters, lots of monster-encounters? YeahNO. That's a kamikaze run... and probably one that fails to get very far INTO the run. FWIW there is a variant, "Pulp Cthulhu," that supposedly (I've never played it, so I only report on what I hear) leans more in the "heroic action-adventure" direction. Mostly you will face humans of varying stripes... neighbors who don't WANT to believe there is an apocalyptic horror-ward in the basement next door. Politicians who want the problem solved QUIETLY, because it's an election-year and because they don't want a panic on their hands. Jaded cops who have seen these drugged-out hallucinating hoodlums before, weren't impressed then and are less-impressed now. Innocent teens who just worry that "Bobby went in on a DARE and I haven't seen him since." And every rare once in a while, a human whose mind and soul have become tainted with that horror ... obsessively fighting it, fleeing from it, enslaved by it, etc etc etc. Figuring out which humans are which is part of the problem the PCs face... CoC PC's are typically called "Investigators" for a reason -- they mostly investigate, problem-solve, etc. They are hoping NOT to face any monsters, just the deluded humans who are giving the monsters entre into human society (or entry to our dimension) . PC's who end up fighting the actual monsters tend to want weapons like flamethrowers and dynamite, stuff that is outside the normal civilian-scale weaponry. Often they want more of it than they can get.
  3. Are we there?

    <looks around> <doesn't see the cover> It's NOT soon enough. (mostly, I'm mocking myself (and other too-eager fans) here; but "eager" is too pallid a word, not capturing our collective frothing madness...)
  4. Hadn't ye heard, laddie? They've gone an' Brexited theyselves, they did... Ya gots ta find grubby ol' Pound Notes now... they don' WANT no shiny Euros... <whistling innocently as he wanders away from the ensuing flames>
  5. Are we there?

    I need a "drooling with need" emoji...
  6. Are we there?

    I presume the "prescription to be wrong" would apply to any specific time-frame, not just a specific date. That said... I too am (perhaps overly) eager to get my hands on this! Wanna go halfsies with me on hiring Whteye's gang to steal a latest draft of RQG?
  7. STARFARER 2250

    Also interested! So I too am looking forward to Lou's review. Glad to know this is indeed a licensed product. I was worried about (c) / etc issues when i looked at the preview!
  8. Also, I'm just gonna drop this link here... https://plus.google.com/u/0/117301572585814320386/posts/DTaEThFLZAR
  9. This is an excellent exemplar of "historically accurate" vs. "doesn't offend the current world, particularly those who've been in the group" quandary. Do you play a "historically accurate" medieval game... even in a place and time where women were virtual chattel? Etc... It's further complicated because mental illness is STILL so widely stigmatized, and poorly-understood. Many communities who are themselves stigmatized, in turn stigmatize those with mental issues and/or those who seek out (or offer) mental health services.
  10. 32 years ago... (#IWD2018)

    Amen! We'll have to see how Moorcock feels; or rather, Chaosium will. Hopefully he'll go with it!
  11. Some thoughts after a first read

    Hey! Welcome to BRPCentral !
  12. Are we there?

    I was thinking more along the lines of widows & orphans, ragged margins, tables /art / box-text / etc that wander off of their relevant pages, etc etc etc. I think of a good index as it's OWN whole separate thing... see page XX for an example of what I mean!
  13. Esrolian Merchant Ships

    Note that many Viking ships had both purposes -- they were to brave the open ocean, but then sail/row upriver and make it across some VERY shallow fords to their final destination. Quite remarkable multi-use hulls, really! I do wonder, though, if anyone has done a study (is there even enough data to study?) what rate of sinkage/founder/etc occurred with these ships (that were almost flat-bottomed river barges) also being used as deepwater sailing ships...
  14. Are we there?

    Previously, they were aiming for a the Summer 'Con Season -- GenCon (or maybe Origins). But sometimes Stuff Happens... and sho'nuff, Stuff Happened. They managed only to get an art-free / un-laid-out "draft complete" book ready in time for GenCon. Then they hoped to finish art & layout in time for the holiday shopping season. But more Happenings (maybe a new motto for them: "Chaosium. We're the Happening Place!") . I believe the FreeRPGday & Gen-Con demo-feedback (plus feedback from the GenCon "Draft-Complete" rules they sold @ the 'Con) got them to revise their "complete" draft; I don't know if that called for the new stuff to get another pass through playtesting or not. This revision was, I suppose, another Happening. I also believe (but am NOT certain) that Chaosium policy has most or all of the art complete (or nearing completion) before they go to Layout. But "Layout" itself is actually QUITE time-consuming -- months (not days/weeks), for a large volume AFAIK. I don't resent this time... the quality of nuChaosium releases tends toward the better end of the spectrum!