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  1. g33k

    Augments once per session

    Skills can interact in different ways. One skill Augmenting another skill is one of those ways; but skills capping one another (mounted attack uses lower of relevant Ride & relevant Weapon) is another. I don't recall anywhere in the rules seeing that the GM can/should "force" a player to Augment a skill; but a skill cap IS one of the tools a GM can/should use to further challenge a PC...
  2. g33k

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    The entire notion of a "horde" attack is that them li'l bastids is EVER'WHIR, dammitol !!! They come at you faster than you can kill them, surround you, mob you from all sides, etc. They hit you with so many attacks that they can reasonably hope to get an ignores-armor Crit in the first round or two, and disable a location... head/chest/abdomen and it's the end, even an arm or a leg is likely to be the "beginning of the end". This is how the mob/horde/pack works. It is terrifyingly effective. Most predators have a 10%-20% success rate; lions have about 30%. Cape Hunting Dogs success rates vary by what prey they hunt, from 60%-90% but overall about 80%-85% success. Agreed, allies can make a HUGE difference -- just 1-2 allies going back-to-back (or a Sardaukar-style trio) can HUGELY reduce the threat of such a mob... but not eliminate it. If the numbers are sufficient, they'll pull them down one by one (likely the non-Trance'rs first, who only have 100% / 120% / etc ). But woe the lone fighter, however skilled, who gets surrounded by a desperate mob. It's one of the "features" of RQ/BRP -- hordes of "minor" foes can become a major challenge; even for the 200%'ers. Not sure about the 1000%'ers... I think you may need missiles & spells & spirits & poison &c for Mr.Kilosword; a simple mob won't suffice! Of course, there's also the not-so-simple mob, too. Let's take that "horde of minor Trollkin" ... let's say there's a ringer in there ... a Superior enlo, or a small uzko, boasting a native skill near/at/over 100% himself, and a bit of his own magic; ZZ with bladesharp? Poison? Maul Trance??? Smart enough to hold his attack, pretend to cowardice/klutziness/etc, wait 'til the SwordTrance'r is at maximum parry-penalty. ZZ waited for Yelmalio to be defeated and weakened for the ambush at Hill of Gold, so that's a Heroquest tactic, right there! n.b. RE "missiles & spells & spirits & poison &c" -- there's a LOT of other things on the Gloranthan battlefield than honorable duelling. There is NO skill, however high, that is a blanket "I Win" button. Except maybe over-100% with the Infinity Rune? 🤡
  3. g33k

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    But this is the whole POINT of a horde of minor opponents -- to swamp the mighty defender with innumerable minor attacks. Mythras makes it really explicit with the Action Point economy, but the same principle applies in most BRP's. I would expect AT LEAST 6 Trollkin to mob the Trance'r. If reasonably trained, a ring of 6 using short weapons or natural weapons, and an outer ring of 12 using spears to reach past the inner ring (just counting hexes on a hex-map). I'm also wanting to go look at grappling rules -- if unarmed enlo are actually JUMPING on the Trance'r, it won;t take many to impair him...
  4. g33k

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    It means the Trance'd doesn't have an "I win" button: they have an "I win a 1:1 or 1:few melee" button. Just like a massive Spirit Screen gives somebody an "I win Spirit Combat" button. So you use spirits on the Trance'r, and a sword against the shaman Or a poisoned arrow against either of them. Even a huge mob of pathetic trollkin, if they are all desperate enough to ignore the risk to each of them, are a credible threat to both. There are so many different threats, of different kinds, that I don't see a spell like Sword Trance as an "I win" button; it's just too limited. I don't think it's "broken" in the context of the entire system, to have a spell that makes one PC the best fighter in the melee. I expect MOST combats to have BOTH melee and ranged parts, and at least some metaphysical parts. Dominating the melee is just... don't get me wrong, it's good, REALLY good. But it doesn't dominate the whole melee/missile/spell/spirit/etc battlefield. After a round or two, that melee-dominant fighter is *THE* favored target of all the non-melee types (who do NOT want to face THAT in melee!). To have this Trance+Extension going, they DON'T have other rune-spells available that might save them from the threats they just invited... I mean NUMBERS WILL TELL. Lots of attack-rolls from foes mean that a few criticals will, statistically, get rolled. Lots of foes mean the Trancer splitting attacks, dropping that massive attack roll down to something that misses often enough; or just not engaging some attackers(!). Even Subsequent Parries begin to lag a bit vs. a horde. My point is that it's good, maybe REALLY good... but not "broken" good.
  5. g33k

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    They impede a Humakti as much as any other character ... if being subject to those ranged attacks is a danger to them, it's just as much a danger to SwordTrance'd characters! And don't forget that Sword Trance isn't the only Rune Spell floating around... Earth/Fertility Aldryami might object with ArrowTrance, for example. And there's no reason to think (as suggested above) that there won't be a "Maul Trance" (or something comparable) in some Darkness cult; or just Berserker/Fanaticism or a bunch or MP's dumped into Bludgeon or something (he may hit less, but a Great Troll with a Maul probably only needs to hit once to end the fight... ) , And not every magical spirit attacks via Spirit Combat. Sword Trance doesn't help you avoid falling into that big ol' hole in the ground, or being covered by the tons of earth, from a gnome; or being sucked underwater by an Undine; etc etc etc. You can be sure that any Humakti who are easily carving their way through the melee ranks will suddenly be the preferred target for ALL the casters and ranged-combat specialists. Huh. Well, that would NOT be my own expectation as a GM or player (in any edition of RQ (or any other Gloranthan RPG)). I'd expect some of the casters and summoners to be just as badass in their own way as the Humakti is in theirs. Same for the missile-specialists. And I would expect the "majority" of encounters to NOT be limited to melee-fighters only. YGMV, and clearly does. But don't forget that this is RQ, and numbers STILL tell... Even low chances to hit add up, when enough attack-rolls get made... And even with a 240+ on %Attk, splitting the attack 4 ways, or 6 ways, means the mighty will, eventually, still fall. Sword Trance is powerful, yes! Broken... I don't see it that way, no.
  6. g33k

    Is Sword Trance broken?

    non-melee attacks? Arrows, slings, ranged magic ... ?
  7. Speaking as a grognard (who spent maybe more than I should on the RQClassic KS) I have always winced a bit at the oft-repeated accusations I've seen: that said KS was partly to cash in on older/richer fans -- fans with more disposable income than sense (given how "obsolete" the RQ2 book is in the 20teen RPG scene). I cannot find it in me to justify the expense of these shields, but I admit to wistful more-than-admiration! It makes me wince, again. With items like this, and the also-amazing / also $1K-ish HPLS Masks prop-set, I am finding it hard to rebut the notion that Chaosium has a set of fans who have a really startling-to-me amount of money to spend on gaming stuff. More power to 'em (even if I don't understand the financial priorities that justify these buys). I hope the fans get great joy from all these products, and that Chaosium & their licensee's prosper!
  8. g33k

    Honour passion

    And IMHO some cultures will see most "codes of Honor" as being ... more what you'd call guidelines, than actual rules...
  9. g33k

    Attacking Small Creatures

    ... but you know what they mean! 😈
  10. g33k

    Random Question

    I don't. At least, not yet. I'm pretty sure Renaissance is going to be the chassis for a campaign I have in mind, set a bit later -- Napoleonic era; I'll be FrankenBRP'ing other elements into it, though. I'm still working on various conceptual stuff, but I'm about 80% settled on Renaissance as the core ruleset.
  11. g33k

    Sorcerers vs Shotguns

    Hostages? A row of innocent victims can keep the heroic sorts from shooting, without preventing a sorcerer from casting... Illusions? If there's a whole LOT of sorcerers, the players can shoot for 2-3 rounds before hitting the "right" sorcerer. More-immediate threats? The cultist 3' away -- holding a blade gleaming with black ichor -- might seem like the one you NEED to deal with, if you think the sorcerer isn't going to target you THIS round.
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  14. g33k

    Group tasks

    We're getting into the semantic weeds, here... You may be right, EXCEPT that abilities A & B were never applied to D; only C augmented D. So that's legal... kinda... I'm playing devil's advocate here -- I think the argument I make (above) is incorrect, and I disallow it at my table. But I can understand a different reading of the RAW and I cannot find either one to be the definitively correct one. In the end, I don't actually mind if another table plays another way; but I do wish Chaosium would clarify this point, because I expect to get into disagreements (at a 'Con or FLGS, if the game flourishes enough) and I really dislike this sort of disagreement at the actual gaming-table, particularly in the limited timeframe of 'Con/demo/etc.
  15. g33k

    New player

    Hello, and welcome! Possibly the most-accessible bit is the "Prince of Sartar" webcomic. Look for the "Griselda" stories for traditional fiction. Also, our own "Baelor" (the user here) runs -- and writes stories of -- his "Brightwater Company" & campaign (on d-infinty.net), which are loads of fun! I know there are other fictionalized campaigns floating 'round, too. You might want to look at the new "Glorantha Sourcebook" -- it has no game-mechanics, but lots of lore! For really, REALLY deep lore -- like, in-character Gloranthan "scholars" writing about other parts of Glorantha -- look for the "Stafford Library" on Chaosium.com. As to "How Long" the Broken Tower takes... that depends, frankly! I've seen claims of finishing in under 3 hours, and taking over 8 hours. I believe it's "designed" for a 4-hour run, but I've never managed it that fast.