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  1. I like Option-1 in the OP. Clean, elegant, works with RAW. Note that this is actually a slight twist on the RAW: "rolling the Skill" vs "rolling to Augment" are usually separate rolls, but here the "Leader's" own skill-roll (for their own particular success/failure) dual-purposes as an Augment roll (for everyone else). I rather like this aspect, using one roll to determine separate but related, things. ( @soltakss how does this sit with your sentiment of "... but I am very much against rolling for augments, as I think that rolls should mean something, they should give a result and not
  2. g33k

    Spirit world

    Also, I consider source-culture as much as Cult/Patron for Spirit-world stuff. Praxians will almost all discorporate into a place near the center of a tribal camp, withherd-beasts all 'round & maybe a fire (likely a small fire fueled by dry dung, because wood is so rare that burning it is wasteful and "wrong."). A shaman from Sartar might discorporate and find themselves in a big family-hearth kitchen, or a great-hall / moot, or even a "Great Temple" (but with symbologies from multiple gods, not just one), for example. Pentan Golden Bow might find a vast grassland with the sun dir
  3. I envision troll maps done as "reversals" -- empty space for where the ground is solid, but solid materials for empty tunnels & caves. Surface-world (with air all above) is incised into a surface... Different materials (kinds of stone, of metal, of wood), and different textures, could convey all sorts of extra info about places. A big underground tunnel map might look like a wild wire-frame artwork to ignorant humans...
  4. I works... I think? I went back to the prior term I tested with, "Aeolian". Google "aeolian site:basicroleplaying.org" = "about 160 results" Native BRPC search for "aeolian" = "Found 136 results" That 24-hit discrepancy seems odd ... but maybe Google / BRPC are counting threads-vs-posts a bit differently ... ? Anyhow. A vast improvement, for sure! Also, Scotty: please make sure the engine stops indexing underneath Barbarian-Beds. NONE of us need to see that stuff...
  5. Also -- at least potentially -- MoO may already be a licensed property. I see Catalyst had the "tabletop game" license a few years ago; I don't know if that included RPG's (I only saw a card game), but they also do/did RPGs so the license may be included. Notwithstanding that you -- personally -- are not selling this product, if there's an existing RPG license then such a project probably doesn't belong on an "official" site. I'm pretty sure that Chaosium wouldn't care to see someone use BRPC to distribute (for example) an explicitly-Halo or -CoD (two popular FPS-style videogames) version
  6. ... and then we can buy official Chaosium KoDpieces??? (actually, you may have more success here through your Redbubble partnership, than DTRPG...)
  7. 😦 Curse you and your sudden, but inevitable betrayal! (you are The Chaosium, after all!)
  8. g33k

    RQG scenarios

    I think the old-school "rapey" broos are no longer canonical. They now reproduce in a more Alien-esque parasitic manner. Even so, it's ... icky. I expect that Chaosium doesn't see that material as selling very well. Between the old-school fans who want the original back (and thus will be unhappy) and the customers who just don't want to deal with the ick-factor, Chaosium probably thinks that content is best deferred until "later... if ever." But I am *NOT* Chaosium, and don't actually know their thinking on this. It may simply be that the adventures they publish these days are base
  9. g33k

    RQG scenarios

    Since they can be every bit as cunning and nuanced as humans, I'm reluctant to reduce Broos -- and especially DarkFolk! -- to "tough monsters" the PC's should "go clean out." Obviously, Trollpak (or Trollpack, whenever it comes) has plenty of resources for the Uz sort of thing; but I'd love to see some "official" content before then... Broo are more-purely-adversarial; but the whole disease-thing (and nuBroo "Alien" style reproductive habits) make them more a "horror" sort of storyline, IMHO. They are still smart foes, not just "tough" foes (and should be GM'ed as such)!
  10. Dogs are much more scent-driven than visual creatures. I would expect any dog to be able to recognize (by scent) any species they had recently met. I'd also expect them to recognize any species which they knew well from repeated meetings in the past. I don't expect they could communicate a concept like "rider" though -- humans + llamas, OK; but not humans riding llamas ("rider" is, after all, a humanocetric thing, I don't expect Beastspeach has a "word" for it). Humans would have to go look at tracks/etc to determine if it was "Llama Riders" or humans leading llamas (such as a pack-tra
  11. Fantastic, Rick, TYVM! Living up to your .sig (as you so often do!) One further question, a minor point and... well, frankly more "amusement" than any burning need-to-know... So, which god is the poor schmuck who didn't make the Starter-Set cut??!? 😉 But again -- even if you ignore that last non-urgent bit -- THANK YOU. What you shared is (to me, at least) tremendously helpful!
  12. Let's ask some brass-tacks questions, then (rough-estimate answers are fine) -- Are the Homelands write-ups abbreviated? By (roughly) how much (e.g. about half the size of the core; or 175 words max; or whatever) ? Are any Homelands in the Core book NOT in the Starter Set? Are there any deities in the RQG corebook that are not in the Starter Set? How many are not? Are deity write-ups substantially shorter? Are there spirit-magic and/or rune-magic spells that are not in the Starter Set? How many are not? Do any sorcery rules appear in the Starter Set? I'm sure othe
  13. Huh. I note you don't cite TDM's own website! ?:-/ Color me confused... You guys have a direct-order webstore; do you prefer customers buy through a 3rd-party site? (e.g. I know from private correspondence that one small publisher actually DID prefer to sell via resellers -- they ran their own warehouse/shipping ops, and had realized that they spent more on fulfilling individual orders than they made up by keeping the full retail vs. wholesale cost; and another retailer explicitly prefers (sees more profit from) direct-sales rather than 3rd-party retailers... so I figure I should be
  14. TYVM... Looks interesting, indeed! I'm intrigued by the way the "Q" mechanics work... But no, the quickstart has nothing substantive that I could find, regarding skyship maneuvers. I presume those are in the main rulebook. I infer that advantages like "superior maneuvering" and "better speed" and "heavier firepower" would be an extra cache-card for any scenes ("plays") where they are relevant, but explicit tactical "wargame-y" maneuvering &c isn't really part of Upwind's "narrative" gamesystem. ( I also note how remarkably close Upwind is to the new Jim Butcher series, "Cinde
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