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  1. Will products moving to a POD model be eligible for the "usual" Chaosium policy, where buying the PDF (from Chaosium) gets the buyer a credit (at Chaosium) on the hardcopy? I'm kinda guessing no -- because the POD-fulfillment is different from your existing fulfillment-center model -- but I'm not sure... so, I thought it worth asking!
  2. The new HQ initiative is, I presume, a deliberate homage to the old RQ/QW line. I've no idea if it's a coincidence, but... QW was (IIRC) the only stretch-goal that failed to fund, in the RQClassic KS project.
  3. Hmmm... An issue that may need some dancing-around in the legalese at the beginning of multi-OGL'ed games. I add emphasis to show the choreographic challenge: A mean-souled reading of the bolded bit might suggest you cannot combine Open Content covered by more than one OGL, as other OGLs are "other terms or conditions." But I think you simply need to assert that your game is derived from multiple OGL's, that the terms of each OGL only covers the material derived from the respective SRD or other Open Content, and that you do not assert either OGL covers the entirety of your game, or the SRDs / Open Content of other OGL(s) you have included. I think that covers the legal bases? But IANAL... Question for the Peanut Gallery -- does anyone know of any such multi-OGL projects(s)? Fate+SavageWorlds, or ... whatever?
  4. Sorry, I hadn't recalled just how different that was. You're right -- that license really isn't very OGLish. Thank you for pointing it out!
  5. <points to the legal problems with the "Open Cthulhu" initiative> They attempted to use various Mythos bits in a non-Chaosium d100 engine... which Chaosium apparently DMCA'd down, and C&D'ed, and (I think?) has been in off-and-on communication with the creators. I think they are still working on it, and I think they get closer to disentangling from the problematic IP's with each iteration... but I'm not of the involved parties, so I don't know. The truth is, U.S. Copyright Law is a royal mess where the Mythos is concerned! There's this 95-year rule, with a 1924 expiry, right in the middle of the era HPL was writing. There's other authors (such as Derleth). There's Arkham House. There may have been legal shenanigans with control over the estate, after HPL's death. etc etc etc. Honestly, I'm fine with not trying to retroclone RQ, Coc, KAP, and other Chaosium products... does that really seem too onerous, too restrictive?
  6. Well, each of the d100-based SRD's is it's own separate base from which to build; yes you CAN tweak any of them to be more like the others, but each DOES give you a somewhat different starting point. Mythras, FrEx, builds a bit crunchier & tactical than most of the others; you CAN strip out the Special Effects, the Action Points, etc... in other words, the things that set it apart. And if you tweaked each one toward a common point... it would be a matter of... I dunno... whichever logo you thought was prettiest, I guess? And, of course, there's the different terms in each OGL (and the fact that Mythras Imperative evidently ISN'T an OGL?). (hey... is anyone else amused at the obvious acronym "BOGL" ? )
  7. If I understand this correctly -- and @Jeff your comments are eagerly desired -- you COULD include content from other OGL's. You would simply have to include each of the relevant OGL notices in the book, as specified by each OGL itself. Each OGL licensor has given you permission to use each of their bits of content. The point of them being "Open" is that such content ISN'T "protected" content. None of them want you to use any protected content in an OGL product... but you aren't.
  8. I can sell you mine for just ONE Wheel! And don't worry if Bill lowers his asking price... No matter how low he goes, I can go lower! I can go much, much lower.
  9. 🤯 waitwaitWHAT??!? I had thought a 2nd volume was a firm decision once the god-count got over 70 or so... but a THIRD volume? Still... TYVM, Rick. Living up to your .sig (as usual). Vol's I & II (and III if it rolls out at part of the 100-Gods list Jeff has previously presented) will certainly be must-buy volumes for me!
  10. Klark's Law -- sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology.
  11. g33k

    Lunar Demons

    I think it's slightly more specific than that... sometimes. Most particularly, beings from the Underworld carry the "Demon" label more often (and of course Chaos beings). "Spirit" is the general term for "otherworld entity," but I don't think "hostile spirit" = "demon" as a general rule. Angry ghosts aren't demons. Just because he's been a Naughty Initiate, I don't think a repentant Initiate will call his Cult's Spirits of Reprisal "Demons." Spirits of particular places (a sacred spring, etc) might be hostile if the place is threatened or defiled, but aren't usually "demons." But I try to keep in mind that the average person in Glorantha may use "Demon" in a very casual and culture-centric way, even an own-POV way (and such usage might contradict the ideas above). Spirits from other cultures, and/or hostile Cults within their own culture, will be "Demons" to them, but not necessarily to the culture-or-Cult-of-origin... they are servants of their respective God(s). So a shaman witnessing an errant Issaries Initiate being assailed by the Cult's SoR might descibe his companion as "attacked by a Demon of Greed." Humans attacking a forest might describe being fought by "Elves and other plant-demons." Etc.
  12. I like these! I'll add one of my own: I bet that (at least some) Wyters can coordinate a multi-person casting, too; maybe just 1 "signature" spell, or spells of a particular theme. Wyters are supposed to be a community-focus thing, after all...
  13. My rule of thumb is to buy adventures (which generally, I only use once) cheap; PDF or even used. Corebooks and sourcebooks -- things I want to go to again and again -- I get the Mostali-processed Aldryami.
  14. You seem to be addressing the similar-sounding but utterly distinct question, "Just how expensive will the Gods Of Glorantha guide be?" My bet is $85 - $90 (ish). My reasoning: RQGcore slipcase, 3 items, $120. Cults slipcase, 2 items... 2/3 the price = $80; then add a $5-$10. I am guessing Chaosium has their own formula for figuring this... and they won't try to set the final price until they have a finished (layout & art) ms. and a firm quote from a printer. But I could be wrong...
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