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  1. g33k

    Narl's Apple Lane Campaign Report

    Yeah; it's the conjunction of darkness and secrets that make me think Primal Dark. I guess it depends on whether Alusar is more attuned to keeping secrets or uncovering/sharing them. Keeping secrets sounds solidly Darkness to me; sharing what is uncovered is pretty Fire/Sky. YGMV
  2. Just to clarify -- these are all included in the GM Pack, are they not? ( Plus of course much MORE in the GM Pack... )
  3. g33k

    RQiG chargen summary?

    Something like this RQ2/RQClassic Char-Gen guide would certainly be welcome for RQG !
  4. g33k

    Narl's Apple Lane Campaign Report

    Alusar haz Darkniss rune??? (seriously: sees in the dark, and secrets, sounds like a pretty fundamental Darkness affiliation)
  5. g33k

    Narl's Apple Lane Campaign Report

    I will recommend that you consider how you might more-tightly tie PC backstories and PC-linked NPCs into some of the published scenarios, both already-run (with some foreshadowing / reveal yet to come) and yet to run. Tweak them a bit as needed (get player buy-in for "minor tweaks as-needed to eeveal-in-play, of youg-PC's misunderstandings, adults protecting need-to-know info & other+people's-secrets, etc"), to get a good fit; don't shoehorn! If you can't get a nice smooth mesh, just abandon it; but if some tweaks can bring new player-driven synergy with the setting, jump ALLLL over that!
  6. g33k

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    Cult Compendium is particularly useful in two ways... First, it combines not just CoP and CoT but cults from several other sources; until the new Gods/Cults book for RQG, it's the most comprehensive single canon title available. Second: each Cult is it's own bit, ranging from bite-sized snippets to hearty snacks; but you don't necessarily need to eat the whole banquet.
  7. g33k

    RQG Pavis Campaign

    As per @Joerg ... Also, you may get some value from the Gloranthan Classics line & particularly the Cult Compendium volume . It is for RQ2 aka RQclassic, but that's highly compatible with RQG.
  8. g33k

    Human worshipping Aldrya

    Indeed; as I consider how long some older Dryads may have been raising Elven offspring, and other combat-worthy subjects, this looks like a strategic threat of virtually-unlimited potential.
  9. Yep! All it takes is some players who haven't played ATtH and/or are willing&able to firewall any pre-knowlege. Make sure you check out the Cult-of-Chaos-specific threads which offer a lot of interesting perspectives -- from new Keepers, experienced Keepers, etc -- and ideas to tweak it in various ways.
  10. g33k

    Stuck in a loop with my PC

    Also +1 to the suggestion to discuss matters with the Keeper! I might also discuss the issue with other players (if any) who you have experienced as being sympathetic to your circumstance and/or given good advice for advancing your PC's situation.
  11. g33k

    Stuck in a loop with my PC

    Given the fame & popularity of campaigns such as Masks of Nyarlathotep and Horror on the Orient Express, (and now, an Organized Play campaign!) I'd say that the broadest assumption is campaign-oriented play. That said... I too think more of CoC as more suited to short-arc & one-shot stories.
  12. g33k

    River Boats on the Creek Stream

    Cargo heading downstream, I would presume a pretty barge-ish (large, flat-bottomed) watercraft. Upstream, I'd presume barges only for slow/bulk traffic, low priority and/or non-urgent. Other boats I'd presume would follow per-culture habits. Plus, obviously, whatever modifications are relevant to the conditions at hand; no pole-barges in deep water, portages around rough water (too rough for a given type of boat; e.g. some might portage where others do not), etc etc etc.
  13. g33k

    Mongoose Stats

    One possible / likely variation from the Shadowcat tropes -- one I'd embrace if I took this route -- is that many times, mongooses will operate as a large-ish group, rather than individuals (this mostly, though not totally, follows per-species of mongoose). 20-30 of the little beasts might do just as much damage -- or more! -- as one 25kg Alynx.
  14. g33k

    What Cults do we want to see the most?

    +1 on a full treatment of the Lunars. Oasis Folk stuff Ronance All the other deities of the Paps all those 10000 Goddesses of Esrolia (I presume it isn't REALLY 10K; and that there's lots of broad sweep that can apply to many/most of them, without each one getting a "full" write-up that mostly overlaps many others).
  15. I disagree with lots of the ways you categorized, but neither of our opinions matter: nuChaosium has clearly stated that they don't see much market (ant they're the ones with the market data) for generic-y / toolkit-ish BRP. They intend future BRP games to have the setting and a custom per-setting BRP variant under one cover, as per CoC7e and RQG.