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  1. HOWEVER, one of the non-D&D-like things about d100 games is that they really don't give a fig about "balance." The races of D&D usually try for some sense of race-vs-race balance tradind STR for DEX etc; failing that, making "CR Adjustment" and such-like notions. This is unsupported in any BRP/d100 ruleset I know of. If a race is more powerful, it just is. And it gets an "unfair" advantage vs. other races. If you're looking for "balanced" races, you've got your work cut out for you!
  2. Hello, and welcome! As others have said, it's a bit unclear just what you're after... Something D&D-sque? Then "Classic Fantasy" is your jam, with both native "BRP" & "Mythras" versions. The world of Glorantha is very much NOT "D&Desque," but still has playable humanoid races. You might look at the Gloranthan Bestiary, as noted; but also the RQ2-reprint "RuneQuest Classic" RPG with its "Monsters" chapter, many of them playable. There's sci-fi offerings available, IIRC, but they're a bit more obscure. Or ... ?
  3. I started to write a big ol' reply, but honestly this tangent is already a major threadjacking of the OP. Apologies to @Brootse! I'll think about starting a new thread, where I'll try to make my point a bit more clearly. I just want to state, however, that I wasn't criticizing either the JC on DTRPG or the JCCC on FB! Apologies also to anyone who felt like either or both were being criticized.
  4. I trust y'all have seen some version of this image...
  5. Yeah. It's not just failing the single Save's that'll get you. It's the hordes of carbo-mooks. Sooner or later, one of 'em will roll a crit, straight to the waistline... Warm fresh sourdough with butter? Pasta with scampi?
  6. I disagree; maybe eventually, JC will be a decent replacement; but it isn't yet (IMHO). JC, IMHO, lacks the accessibility-to-creators that a 'zine has. For someone who just wants to get their stuff into print & into fans' hands, JC has a barrier of layout, art, etc. Editors at a 'zine would do the layout, would find artists, would manage the process. In JC, each creator has to either be their own project-manager / layout / art director / etc, or find (and presumably pay) someone to do that for them. Yes, I know there *ARE* people who can and do actually do those things for the writers; but just *finding* them is inobvious. Yes, I know there is a JC-Content-Creators FBGroup, but again -- how obvious is this to the average wannabe-published fan, REALLY? Yes, I know the JC "content guideline" pages have extensive tutorials on Scribus, InDesign, export to MOBI/EPUB, etc -- and that is exactly my point: needing those tutorials is a barrier. It's the visibility; not of "Tradetalk" vs "Jonstown Compendium" but of the associated creators' services. Tradetalk (like other 'zines) formed a relatively-visible & obvious "single point of contact" for writers to get artists, artists to get writers, etc. JC? Well, I don't think a letter-of-inquiry (or a ms. draft) sent to DTRPG (or to Chaosium) marked "attn: Jonstown Compendium") is likely to be an effective entre' (n.b. I'm not asking for anyone to tell me, here in this thread, how to do this stuff. I'm expressing that I -- and therefore I presume others (who may be ready and eager to publish) -- don't see the ease-of-access that was represented by Tradetalk. )
  7. Someone posted a fair bit on "what if the Lunar Empire was Blue-moon?" And there's some real gems in the "Dumbest Theories" thread, too!
  8. I'm quite sure there would be (c) issues! IIRC the JC rules-of-engagement have proactively addressed this, and specifically prohibit doing such an adaptation (of one Chaosium product into another one, for sale on JC) ... but you're welcome to approach Chaosium with a pitch for such a product! In fact... what-say, @AndrewTBP??? <nudge,nudge> Why not take these adaptations to Chaosium for their official blessing (and sale)?
  9. I figured it's always good to get confirmation from an entirely unaffiliated account (including that the "follow your favorites" setting is e-mailing properly, which is how I saw it).
  10. As a datum FYI -- DTRPG just notified me that OQ3 is available from them. (Best of luck on the new edition!)
  11. Yeah, it was hard-limited by DTRPG's POD-print-service (Lightning, I think). The sale was "get 'em quick, before the prices rise at the printer."
  12. It looks like it's going to be a *LONG* "temporary," though; and there is a good chance for substantial reformating of the content when it's re-released as QW content. The books may no longer map 1:1 between HQ titles and QW titles. Maybe not all of them will become available. Likely they won't all come back at once. I kinda like Simon's suggestion of "what's passed beyond the veil," but honestly... this sort of thing probably belongs on the "Upcoming" list (maintained by @Steve), way down in the section marked "Other items mentioned in the past but not recently (so these might still be coming, or plans might have changed, and even if they're coming they could be way off)"
  13. Unless you make Belintar the cover-art (maybe for volume 2?), Plunder still stands as "the only example of a cheesecake cover in Chaosium’s history". (But one volume's cover being Orlanth & the other being Sedenya seems awfully apropos for this set (and there's some pretty "hot" pix of each, if you're hankering to break the old Plunder record (just sayin'))). Of course... it doesn't much matter to me WHAT goes on the cover, this is SUATMM content. Plain cover in poi-purple with safety-vest-orange text reading "How are you gentlemen. All your Cult are belong to us." = SUATMM 20' tall smoldering Efreet, dual-wielding a 10' Scimitar and a Chainmaille-Bikini-Blonde = SUATMM.
  14. I hadn't seen that. Got a link so I can go take a look?
  15. That would be fantastic, if true!!! But it sounds like a (false) rumor, or just wishful thinking... Chaosium has been promo'ing the heck out of the new Starter Set box, and haven't (that I've seen) mentioned anything VTT...
  16. @Jason D or whoever @Chaosium -- I hope this is an oversight (that will be corrected by the time we get the PDF) ?
  17. Hello, and welcome! So, lemme give you a quick overview... ... errrrr... make that a "compressed" overview, but mebbe not so quick... === TL;DR -- You want to get the Glorantha Sourcebook. It's pure lore (no game-mechanics), but still very useful for roleplay. It'll give you tons of material whether you game with it, or not. You may ALSO want to get the (massive, and rather daunting) Guide to Glorantha (2 oversized volumes; roughly equivalent to 4 regular hardcover game-books). It's more of an encyclopedic overview of the entire world; less "lore" and more the simple "facts" of the setting, the "view from 30,000 feet" so to speak. More than any other work, it's the "definitive resource" for Glorantha. Like the Sourcebook, it's free from any game-mechanical bits; and even less apt for the "daily adventurer" sort of perspective. Nonetheless, the ultimate in Gloranthan geekery. For actual gaming (tabletop, dice and paper) at this point in time -- June 2021 -- you have no less than *FOUR* different RPG's you can buy, each set in Glorantha: Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha -- the flagship of Glorantha RuneQuest "Classic" edition -- the "golden age" game from the late-70s / early-80s, remastered via Kickstarter HeroQuest Glorantha -- a more pulpy/heroic RPG, in the new "narrative" tradition of RPGs (i.e. less crunchy-simulationist than RuneQuest). About to become unavailable for legal reasons (sale of the name "HeroQuest"). 13th Age in Glorantha -- Glorantha for the D&D-variant "13th Age" RPG. Any (or all) of these would be good choices... depending more on your own tastes than any intrinsic "better" or "worse" between the games. We now return you to your previously-announced "not so quick..." === The original Glorantha publications were actually board-games: White Bear, Red Moon was closely followed by Nomad Gods (a 3rd was planned, but never released). These were old-school tactical/strategic "wargames" (played on a hex-map with little counters / chits for the pieces); clash-of-armies stuff, not "adventuring" or role-playing. Nevertheless, they had a remarkable amount of world-building & lore included. Then Greg Stafford (creator of Glorantha) got an early copy of the brand-new game "D&D." Shortly after that came RuneQuest (RQ), which in turn was shortly followed by RQ 2nd edition (RQ2) ... which was, more or less, a "fixed version" of the first edition (they're very similar, except in a few minor details). All this was the mid&late 1970s; that, on through the mid-1980s, was the "golden years" of Chaosium & Runequest. The same core game-mechanic, a skill-centric roll-low on d100 (christened "BRP" (Basic Role Playing)) was licensed and used for RPG's for Elfquest, Elric & Stormbringer, Ringworld, and (most famously) Call of Cthulhu, as well as in-house (not a licensed IP) RPGs like "Magic World," and a d20-BRP variation powering King Arther Pendragon. There followed some decades of ups and downs; of licensing to various companies; of the IP's for "Runequest" & "Glorantha" being separated, and separately-pursued, etc. Gradually, however, Chaosium's fortunes were fading; a sorry fate for a storied company. Two very-notable events for Gloranthaphiles in this time were: (1) In 1998, Moon Design Publications was founded by RQ/Glorantha fans. They began by bringing old, mostly-RQ2-era content back into print in compiled form, beginning with a 4-volume "Gloranthan Classics" set, covering 6 major Chaosium works but also drawing from innumerable minor one matching those 4 themed volumes. (2) In 1999, Greg Stafford (creator of Glorantha) forming a new company (Issaries Inc (Issaries is Glorantha's main god of communication & commerce)) and working with notable game-designer Robin Laws, & MDP (#1 above) to publish an all-new RPG (Hero Wars) for Glorantha. Later editions were re-named HeroQuest, and a setting-free version of the rules was also published for non-Gloranthan of roleplay. This is a totally different RPG, more pulpy and narrative-oriented (than the crunchy & gritty RuneQuest rules). (But now (2021) the "Heroquest" title has been sold to another company, so in just a few weeks(!) all Chaosium/Glorantha "Heroquest" titles will go away forever -- if you want 'em, buy 'em QUICK!!! HOWEVER, the core game-mechanics and product-line are continuing at Chaosium, re-branded as "QuestWorlds," and there's some hope that the HQ:Glorantha content will return under the new QW brand (eventually).) Fast-forward to 2015 -- The Return of the Great Old Ones. Though long uninvolved with operations or management of the company, Greg Stafford & Sandy Petersen (gah, tyvm Jeorg!) retained a controlling interest/ownership in the company. In 2015, they asserted their interest and announced that they would be directly managing Chaosium once again. Right after THAT, they brought aboard most(all?) of the Moon Design team as senior management for Chaosium -- and as part of the ownership team! eorg!) Late that year, Chaosium launched a US$30K Kickstarter to "officially" re-print RQ2, and all the old RQ2 supplements. Although many of the supplements were available as "Gloranthan Classics," the core rulebook was NOT the master-files for printing those "Classics" were less than optimal Chaosium was in serious need of cashflow. That kickstarter was a smashing success -- almost 7X overfunding (over $US206K on the 30K ask). This in turn became a big part of their "RuneQuest Next" project: love for the RQ2 ruleset having been financially proven, RQ2 became the core chassis upon which they built the new (current) edition of the game, and easy backward-compatibility to the RQ2 supplements a key design goal. The current edition, "RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha" (RQG) is -- by far -- the most-Gloranthan core rulebook of ANY edition of RuneQuest. That brings us up to the modern era, with just one more element worth mentioning -- "13thAiG." Two of the main D&D designers for 3rd & 4th editions (Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo) had previously created "13th Age" (13A) the d20 rules they WANTED to make, unconstrained by WotC's need to keep it more D&D. They were also longtime Glorantha fans, and licensed the rights to do a 13A version of Glorantha, "13th Age in Glorantha." That kickstarter had launched in 2014, but the "Return of the Great Old Ones" occurred before they fulfilled it; Chaosium got more-directly-involved, and now distributes the game (it was this kickstarter, BTW, that funded (as a Stretch Goal) the acclaimed Glorantha Sourcebook, featured in the TLDR above). Hope you were taking notes, the Quiz is on Friday (not to be mistaken for @Qizilbashwoman).ndy Petersen
  18. Welcome to the Mi-go house, pull up a chair and have a broo... The nice thing about a "forum" (as opposed to Discord or FB or the like) is how the knowledge here tends to accumulate.
  19. Your English is fine! I daresay it's better than some of us natives who sometimes get kind of sloppy with it. Anyhow, welcome!
  20. I think there's some of that; but honestly, I think the biggest part is folks who have taken on the belief as a tribal-affiliation thing. And frankly, I accuse both the Right and the Left, here: people who just follow the herd, as long as it's THEIR herd. To be clear, I've looked in some depth at claims on both sides, including some of the studies; and climate-denial is bogus. So while I feel some qualms about the "true believers" in the climate-science camp, I recognize that (a) not everybody has the time, inclination, or background to look up and evaluate the research; and (b) they are a necessary majority to have on-board, to effect real change.
  21. Scroll back up this thread, he's the #3 post (on 22 Dec 2018) from @threedeesix His status-report then is still accurate today (but the "Classic Fantasy" line at Mythras is even stronger and more-advanced than it was when he wrote that).
  22. ping'ing @Trifletraxor for some housekeeping ... 😉
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