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  1. I am frankly inclining toward "there is no One Right Answer." There are places where the Many Suns are all/mostly One, and it can be "proven" by them all having identical Rune Magic, their priests & followers all being able refresh Rune Pools from one anothers' services, etc. There are places where they differ, where such "promiscuous" worship offers no benefit; in some such places, Elmal is the "stronger" god with "better" rune-magic and supernatural support; in others, Antirius appears stronger... or Yelmalio... or... YGMV, but honestly I don't really WANT a "right" answer.
  2. ... or anywhere, really? I mean, that whole "black eater" thing, and what-goes-into-the-dark-doesn't-come-back-out, and etc etc etc ... Biologically, "excretion" is getting rid of the indigestible parts of what you consume... But trolls seem to digest everything. So... no undigested parts to excrete? So they don't "do" anything excretory... anywhere? Enquiring Minds are pretty sure they're gonna regret it, frankly... But they still wanna know.
  3. YGMV But this is certainly part of MY Glorantha now! (tyvm)
  4. g33k

    Books and Scrolls

    I note that this is clearly draft text, not final. We wonders what this snippet means, my Precious, yesss we does... I note that every text has its own study time, and some are remarkably short-duration for Skill-granting activities! Roads & Graves and Song of tHoS take mere hours, for example. I am, however, entirely un-clear on the "magic" component. Some of these texts are clearly magical/mystical, and grant mundanely-impossible skills. Others would appear to be wholly-mundane, and grant purely-mundane skills (at least, as mundane as Glorantha ever gets), such as studying the (local) palace records and learning Bureaucracy & (local) Customs. How are these rules intended to relate to the "Research" rules on p.417 of the RQG core rulebook? It appears the "RQC" rules may be a substantial revision of the RQG core, at least in this one element.
  5. g33k

    Books and Scrolls

    Careful, man... this is the RuneQuest forum! Enough of them (or one who gets lucky) and they'll still get a Crit -- even against a Barbarian with Truepun rune magic! A gutshot can still disenvowel you.
  6. g33k

    Books and Scrolls

    Bad Bill. Chaosium is VERY respectful of IP's of other games, and Modiphius holds the Conan RPG license. It's RuneQuestCthulhu.
  7. Absolutely! Bet you could use photos from the play, and soon the movie, to fully illustrate a "cat people" RPG supplement. I mean... not a commercial book, because OhGodTheLicensingFeesWouldKillYou. It'd have to be a personal-use fan project by someone obsessive, like a BRPC-regular... But Photoshop-in a few guns for a sci-fi setting, swords & magic-glowy-SFX for fantasy, and good to go! I'll probably go see it... Though yeah, I'd probably go see a Thundercats movie too! 😁 That's interesting. I didn't see anyone explicitly cite an "uncanny valley" experience (I only looked at the tweetstorm for a few minutes), but I guess some of the criticisms could be down to an unarticulated version of that. But yeah... I read too many people's reacting to "teh bewbiez" and similar "I will make this be about the sex" attitudes. Glad you didn't see that -- it gives me hope that I just got an anomalously concentrated set of those reactions, maybe a-inspires-b-inspires-c-etc-etc...
  8. Hmmm. There's a new TrollPack product coming... do we expect to see additional Divine Uz content there? Reprinting of GaGoG content? TrollPack to include lots of "see GaGoG" xref's? Or...?
  9. Not very Cthulhoid, but I guess that's more a tangent to the OP. But even more than it not being Cthulhoid... it UTTERLY lacks any BRP game mechanics! No help here at all! Also... Google reports to me that the Internet is going into StupidMode over this trailer. <shrug> I'm gonna lay the blame on a mix of the Internet's pervasive MeanGirl culture -- who can level the most cutting criticism, in hopes of elevating their own pathetic self-esteem? -- with the USA's really weird Puritan-by-way-of-Evangelical sexual moralistic judgmentalism. Oh, look! Some of the actresses in -literal- catsuits actually show their curves! How eeee-vile! One moron even wondered why all the sexy-looks in a "kids" show (which, I dunno the movie rating, but the stage play never was!) <sigh>
  10. Hmmm. <Idly observes that it was quite a few Cults ago that GaGoG was split into 2 volumes... wonders about 3, now ...>
  11. Harrek secretly despises the Rathori, and the BEST way to befriend him is saying things like, "The Rathori are all kinda... soft... weaklings, y'know? And there's never been one who wasn't a coward at heart."
  12. I'll take a drumstick and a couple of wings, to go!
  13. g33k

    Yelm Eclipsed

    hmmm??? The sun is luminous, the moon reflective. A few sometimes-bright -sometimes-not planets and a few more dim-to-invisible planets... these appear visually star-like, but are reflective. And that's it for reflective bodies. Thousands of luminous stars.
  14. It suddenly occurred to me to wonder how the VERY "omni" version of Trollish omnivory would interplay with Eurmal's "Swallow" spell. Trying to just... fit them together? with minimal fuss&bother? and downplay the interactions? That seems not very Gloranthan... not very MGF... oh yeah, and VERY NOT Eurmalian! I think Eurmal would make sure there was an extra helping of OMGWTFOHSHIT! Ideas... ?
  15. Temple-to-temple teleport, recharge in place. The Orlanthi will be able to charge an arm and a leg, of course ...
  16. Huh. See now... I was talking from an in-character POV, not player. I'm not at all clear that any direct human-like "family history" background is relevant to the dwarf & elf races. For an Elf, as noted -- a Forest, a glade, etc; maybe a Dryad! For a Dwarf -- it wouldn't be raised on a "family history" basis, nothing to create individualism, family "pride," etc... But yeah... Gotta get PLAYER buy-in, too! 😯😃
  17. I think we got a pretty comprehensive (and official) reply from Jason, upthread. That ... kind of completes the topic? End if the line? No more tracks from which to derail the train? I think we're running down a spur.
  18. Nah, most of us aren't sick. We just make sure our Elves are nice&fresh -- and not sourced somewhere like the Poisonwood, of course!
  19. Hrm. It isn't at all clear to me that human-style FH tables are relevant to Mostali, or even Aldryami. As a practical issue (as noted by others) the lifespan & generation-times suggest that you need a LOT more history. But far beyond that issue is a question -- do they even care? Who are the parents of a new Mostali unit, and do they inculcate anything like a "Family History," to take pride in, to learn from... to individualize from??!? I can see an Elf with loyalty and pride and identity based around a forest -- even a particular glade, or dell, or hillside, or etc -- but specific loyalty/identity based upon the tree from whose cones/acorns/whatever they were sprouted??? Ummm ... Maybe? I doubt it, though. YGMV.
  20. I presume that somebody would have to approach Chaosium with an offer to do such a KS project. I have no idea what a "successful" pitch would look like. Hmmm... OK, actually I have some "ideas" but no actual information, just armchair speculations.
  21. TYVM ! (bonus points for explicitly citing the page# with the quote)
  22. ??? I need to read the RAW closer, then! When I'm back home with my books, and/or with device that have my e-copies.
  23. Good catch! I think you also learn how to create the focus. THEN you can cast the spell. 😁 (in my Glorantha, you don't NEED the focus, but casting without a focus is a s-l-o-w and rather risky process -- you need a 10-min meditation, + 1 min per point of spell effect, as you laboriously construct the spell; doing this shows up in the Spirit World as interesting, so you're likely to be interrupted by investigating spirits.)
  24. g33k

    Spell Range

    I see the ambiguity, but you appear to be mistaken (YGMV). If there is no specific language to the contrary granting exceptions, I go with the ruling that the most-sensible interpretation of the RAW makes sense. My decision criteria is this: how many spells "break" (need exceptions to an interpretation) for any given interpretation? I find @Shiningbrow's argument compelling, for Speedart & Multimissile; those spells would look kind of absurd if the ended at 50m of range. The OP example of "Demoralize" is another -- the duration is 2 minutes, not "or until more then 50m away." It should only take a round or so to sprint away under the spell... then it's over??? That seems "broken" to me, like a ridiculously-weak effect. How many spells "break" if instead you assume the spell goes away at 50m from the caster? The other line I consider is those same "Touch" spells you dismissed up-front, that would end when the caster stops touching them: rather than consider them "exceptions," I find them exemplars of spell-effects continuing after the target exceeds the range. They "break" under your interpretation of the RAW, unless they have specific language granting them exceptions. n.b. I am away from all my books & unable to check the actual RAW, so I may be mis-remembering things.
  25. Yeah, but YOU got to see the cool bands!
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