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  1. I don't quite consider it an "emulator" ... but I can't call that an "incorrect" assessment, either! It uses the BRP/d100 & d100 per-skill advancement mechanism, instead of D&D's "XP" abstraction. Then in D&D, where you earn "enough" XP to level-up, you unlock new levels of skill, new spell-levels, &c... whereas in CF when you achieve the skills defined as matching the new "Rank" (something very like the necessity of some specific Skills needed to become Rune-Level in RQ), then you're ALREADY skilled-up, but you unlock new levels of spell & other "Special Abilities." It is, frankly, the kind of brilliant innovation that makes for an "oh, of course! it's so simple!" experience looking at it after the fact, from the outside. The thing is: it allows you to run all those old AD&D modules. Mostly, run as-written, with a simple adapt/adjust step on the fly, at the table. That gives you a *LOT* of content! And it's all "classic" content, old-school AD&D. The core customer-base, AFAIK, are those folks who cut their teeth on AD&D, back in the day, and want to recover the "flavor" of those old modules (with a more-rational rules basis). I think there's another substantial portion of customers who are newer players interested in those legendary "early days" games, and wanting to go back to see "what's all the fuss about." And (I suspect) there's also a non-trivial number of BRP/Mythras fans who relish the irony of retro-porting their superior rules and assimilating the D&D content (these may actually be the LARGEST single group)... And some folk who partake of more than one of these groups. But we're straying off on a distant tangent from the BRP SRD/OGL topic (and this is an "official" thread, not rando-forum-content) so... if you're interested in further chat on this, shall we move to PM, or over to the Mythras forum? I honestly wish Rod had stayed with BRP when he took his CF product beyond the "monograph" stage! Not that I don't think Mythras is a very-fine product... but I couldn't manage to sell that ruleset to my group, back in the RQ6 era when Chaosium wasn't cranking out fine content like they are today.
  2. As a fan, no. But if you tried to commercialize the LoTR property with a BRP engine, or on BRPCentral, then they'd have problems with it. I can imagine only a few things that could get you the Fist-of-GMod treatment more quickly, really (and most of those are more-aggressive IP holders).
  3. I never thought of CF as "going overboard." D&D emulation (within the skill-centric mechanics of BRP) was the entire point of CF! As well to say that RQG "goes overboard with all that Glorantha," or CoC goes overboard with Cthu... well, OK; technically speaking, ANY of the Great Old Ones is too much. But you know what I mean! Still... this looks like a worthy addition to the BRP family!!!
  4. Nope. See below. If there isn't a "mythological relevancy" already there, then there's nothing for the heroquestor to interact with. Just sayin'. ( Agreed, though, that there's such a thing as too much mythic/runic handwavery ... ) But in this SPECIFIC case ... We already have the tragic myth of King Hippogriff / Gamera -- broken by stages and losing wings & flight, claws, beak... becoming mere Horse, ridden by mere mortals... but STILL a sun/sky creature, withal! So: easier to hover in one spot, because so did the Sun originally? Bravo, say I! Why look for a parallel with RW raptors (some of whom hover & some do not) when you ALREADY have an overall weight & a wingload ratio that is clearly nonsensical/impossible from a RW physics / aerodynamics perspective? Or Just Say No -- Hippogriffs cannot hover (or maybe only some varieties can: the kestrel-like, kite-like ones). But... a Sun/Sky creature gets a wing-injury that mythically echoes the ancestral mythic damage that chained Hippogriff to the earth? Well... yeah, the regular hippogriff's gonna fall, ya do that to 'em. Some winged creatures may indeed use their wings to "fly" in a physical, RW-aerodynamics manner. Others fly via myth and magic, and they have wings as part of the magic, because that's how physical creatures fly. YGMV (but I just gotta Nope on any physics suggesting that RQ dragons & hippogriphs "fly" like RW bats & birds, by flapping their wings for thrust & lift... YRWMV, too)
  5. This is a nicely mythical approach to the answer. Unsurprisingly, RW "physics" is irrelevant.
  6. CoP was already funded via the RQ Classic KS, and had a commitment from Chaosium. It was a "Done Deal." The RQ3-era GoG has no such funding. Much more significantly, though: starting a project now would certainly produce the RQ3 GoG book *AFTER* the RQG "CoG / GaGoG / whatever-it's-called" came out. If there's ever a RQ3-reprint KS, the way there was for RQ2, then I expect the RQ3 supplements will be stretch goals, the way they were for the RQ2 Classic KS project.
  7. ... ? Don't think he ever played an aldryami. Derak & Soltak & ... dunno, how many of 'em? 47?
  8. Well... there's Classic and then there's classic, you see. One of 'em will specifically refer to the Kickstart'ed RQ-reprint editions (or the 4 vol's of Moon Design's), but it's also perfectly valid to discuss "classic RQ campaigns & adventures like in River of Cradles" (which of course is NOT a Classic title, despite being a classic title... ) . I mean... I know you realize all this, obviously. But there's plenty of newbies who can easily get confused about what is being meant; and even the grognards must be occasionally be excused for using a word in its original English sense, instead of the jargon of RQ-grognardism.
  9. (n.b. @GothmogIV -- you now witness a known problem on this forum, the dread "death spiral of bad puns," which has doomed many a thread before its time)
  10. Request/suggestion: maybe change "Jonstown Compendium (Various self-published resources for RuneQuest and HeroQuest Glorantha)" to use the term "community content" and mention DTRPG, which gives folks (presuming they know of other such programs) a better sense; e.g... The Chaosium-organized Community Content program on DTRPG, unofficial/non-canonical material for Glorantha, using RQ2 & RQG, 13G, and HQG/QW:G).
  11. ... sort of (?) ish ... https://glorantha.fandom.com/wiki/Doburdun https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/HeroQuestRPG/6022.html https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/prosopaedia/deities/d/doburdun-the-loyal-storm/ & https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/glorantha-2/cultures/orlanthi-overview/enemy-gods-of-the-orlanthi/
  12. ^points upthread, at the Polar-Bear adventures^ There's yer outline, right there! if you can bear to do it
  13. <ahem> Thus revealing that you ARE accustomed to this topic. Try this link, instead...
  14. Another factor (and a telling one, IMHO) -- MOB is encouraging everyone who is thinking about taking advantage of the current HQ sale to do so "sooner rather than later." I would say that places the writing pretty clearly on the wall.
  15. Indeed! And it's not as if Newt has abandoned all HiG plans... The new offer may be newly relevant! 🙂
  16. There's acceleration on a fall, and something like momentum. But F = Gmm / r^2 ??? I don't think so.
  17. THIS. So much this! Physics explicitly doesn't work in Glorantha... cannot work in Glorantha. Rmember that in the Dragonrise, the dragon was MILES long. Calculate the lift & mobility for THAT.
  18. The way I envision it is that the (noncorporeal) spirit moves so that it's (more or less) "spiritually grappling" the corporeal foe, sharing the same physical space; because it's noncorporeal, another spirit can join the dogpile, then another, etc... all in the same physical space. Other corporeal foes can't really discern any separate target to attack; or at least, only for split-seconds at a time, and are likely to hit the physical target, instead. If they are sniping spells at range, then everyone (who can see the spirit) can target the spirit.
  19. It's OK, sweetie! This li'l piggie is just sleeping...
  20. n.b. Runequest explicitly has ritual sacrifice &c. Mostly animals, for the "good guys" (Orlanthi & Ernaldan). There's a full-page illo featuring a pig on an altar... Lunars use blood sacrifice to summon the Crimson Bat & keep it fed (actually, it's more like the evil sword Stormbringer's soul-eating), and to fuel the Glow Line that empowers magic inside the Empire. One of their superhero/demigods brought maize, and this also sometimes needs blood sacrifice. I'm sure there's other elements of the setting that use similar, that I'm not bringing to mind (or am simply ignorant of)... None of these, AFAIK, are based on Blood Magic rules from Legend. I also allow "good" gods to accept blood sacrifice, if given willingly (often by the officiant performing the sacrifice, giving his or her OWN blood); depending on the game-setting.
  21. Only 'til their Rune-Pool is depleted!!! 😉 Or rewards of heroquesting... But at that level, it's a bit less of a ubiquitous handwave, and more of a "jeepers, grampa, where can I get some o' those kewl rune powerz!?!"
  22. I'm envisioning windchildren-vs-landlubber combat... Humans, mostly (of course) but all the races, really. Agreed that lifting to a dangerous height, then dropping is likely a tactic they delegate to their sylphs, rather than personally pursue (mayber their Rune Levels do it, via magic-boosted flight?). But just unbalancing (mounted fighters, climbers, etc) seems really promising! Also, it looks to me like there's a huge amount of potential tactics/methods/etc unexplored in the conventional RW combat examples RQ-grognards like to cite, because we don't have the RW examples. Human/etc sorts fighting over their own heads would seem to have a bunch of considerations... ALSO -- windchildren tactics. Missile weapons -- arrows, darts, etc. From overhead, they effectively have unlimited range (shooting straight down). Massed bowfire from half a kilometer away? Easy-peasy!!! Fold their wings tight (like a stooping raptor), draw & release bow in a few seconds, and then lower bow, open wings, & swoop out of the dive, never coming in range of return-fire (which would have to be straight upwards). Ordinary hand-thrown darts, too -- no bow needed, but half a km (or more, if desired! Full km? even more? yep, and yep-yep!) to accelerate downward... BAM!
  23. I didn't look up the reference, just worked from memory... So it could just have been fan speculation &c, and I could be mistaken... But I believe Chaosium said they were at least "looking at" such a program for BRP, about the time they announced their OGL/SRD initiatives for BRP. And MW is explicitly BRP-based, so it looks like it would be viable for such a program, if it comes to be.
  24. Note that this isn't Chaosium's product. It comes out via the "fan content" program called Jonstown Compendium, sponsored on DTRPG. Anywhere in Glorantha is fair game, the fan just has to write it, & put it up on JC... There's also a Kralorela book there. I think other non-DP titles are coming (as are several from Chaosium, eventually).
  25. If there's a really rigid pole, it would allow a complete 180 (without magic) faster than wingpower alone could manage!
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