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    Warning: Egregious munchkinnery!

    No, the species max bit looks like a sufficient block. The RQG core book doesn't let you go any higher, which makes it... well... non-raisable. But as noted, a God can bypass that, e.g. Humakt raising a non-raisable stat.
  2. g33k


    The (existing) Sartar book is for HQ, isn't it? I'm not at all clear that a RQG version of it is planned...? The only ones I know of that Robin Laws is specifically working on are the Pavis book & Big Rubble; I presume (but don't know) that they are still aiming those at being 2 products, although uniting them makes a LOT of sense...
  3. g33k

    RQ 6 and Mythras

    Are you hinting that this one is "really, really close"? 🤫 😉 😁
  4. g33k

    Glorantha 2nd Age God List

    I can envision this as when the Trickster finally gets to the end, they find a True Dragon waiting there with a knowing gaze, and the Trickster laughing all the way down the Dragon's gullet at the Trick that had been played on him/her...
  5. g33k

    Glorantha Publications

    I believe Vol.V is "Missing Lands." I also believe it is not currently in print, or even in PDF; which makes the title deliciously ironic... Read here: https://www.glorantha.com/a-little-background-on-the-stafford-library/
  6. <Shrug> Chaos, man. Wotcha gonna do? Seriously, there is just no limit on how horrific or nightmarish Chaos can get... Nor wondrous & beautiful. Or both. Simultaneously.
  7. It is, quite simply, a work of both deep passion & deep genius. The originator was Greg Stafford. He was profoundly interested in mythology, in people and the stories they tell, origins, teaching tales, cultural foundations. He want on to pursue shamanism as his own personal spiritual path (and passed away, recently, in his own sweat-lodge). The world can take some adjusting-to, it's very much not your standard fantasy setting, but once your preconceptions are set aside it is resonant with the psyche in ways few other settings ever achieve. Tolkien, for example, borrowed notably from myth in creating Middle Earth. But he was a linguist. His Elven and Dwarven languages, and Numenorean, etc, have a cohesive authenticity few other RPGs (or novels) could ever even hope to achieve. But his myths are only "average," taking all their best bits from the heavily Finn, Teuton, & Celtic elements he used. Greg Stafford cast a much broader net; Vedic Indian and Australian Aboriginal and Native American elements sit alongside those more common Northern European bits, and all of it is blended and re-mixed and altered and added-to with the same genius for Myth that Tolkien brought to Language.
  8. g33k


    True. I count 3 of you in this thread... maybe 3.5 if we consider PhilHibbs' praise of the "Endurance" spell to be halfway-endorsing RQ3's Encumbrance rules. But not jps -- they only wondered about the GM's book, they didn't actually say they liked the rules. 😏
  9. Just like the "abstract" atop an academic piece, or the "executive summary" on a big ol' report... Definitely a "best practices" idea!
  10. g33k

    Ty Kora Tek immediate family

    Though I usually associate multiple husbands (and loads of children) with the Earth Mother / fertility tropes, not Dark Mother / death tropes.
  11. I thought I remembered a rule wherein you had your INT as a worst-chance case of improving a skill? That is, if your INT is 14, any roll of 87-00 (the top 14% of the d100 improvement check) was a success, and your skill improved. But I cannot find this in the RQG core. So... am I just recalling another variant of BRP? An earlier (now errata'ed) draft of RQG? A mere "House Rule"???!?
  12. g33k

    What the heck... Check that out!

    The interoperability of the various subsystems of the d100 family of games has long been a strength. Nash&Whitaker may have polished this and presented it as a gem of the system (and it is!), but the idea of a "FrankenBRP" game, stitched-together from multiple other BRP-family games, predates even Mongoose's (let alone TDM's) licensing. It is STILL a feature of the family of games! You loving the Rune-Affinity and Rune-Augment rules of RQG, but basically prefer Mythras? *z*i*n*g*SPARKLE*Shazaam! The RQG subsystem is embedded in Mythras. Really love Mythras' "Special Effects" over the whole crit/fumble mechanism from your otherwise-preferred RQG? *RIP*SLAM*done. Special Effects in RQG. General HP's vs. Location-based vs Major/Minor Wounds -- yeah, pick whichever YOUR table prefers; any will work, and work well. Several folks reporting they bring the RD100 broad/general skills-system over into whatever other BRP they are playing; I believe this wheel is simple and obvious enough that they are each just reinventing it, not sharing any laboriously-constructed Rules-Port.etc etc etc. BRP is f'ing ROBUST, both in the "lots of options available" sense and the "easily tweaking in any direction without breaking" sense. 😁
  13. g33k

    Cthulhu lived! or at least his spawn

    Or until they depart this world in a blast of eldritch gate-energies (such as happened 111 years ago in Siberia).
  14. g33k

    Glorantha 2nd Age God List

    "Dragonewt" (fwiw) Did the Mongoose line use an alternate spelling?
  15. g33k

    Where to start in Glorantha

    Disney's "Moana" is, almost literally, a Glorantha-style heroquest. The recent(ish) Indian epic movie "Baahubali" was held up as a visual spectacle akin to Jackson's LorR movies, but with a more-Gloranthan vibe. I like your suggestion with Princess Mononoke! I recall seeing an Ice Queen / Snow Queen movie -- clearly derived from the Andersen tale, though de-Christianized and otherwise altered -- that I found very-Gloranthan (I failed to note the details, and have been unable to find the same version since).
  16. g33k

    Becoming a god

    IIRC it was Jeff who said that (at least one of the) PC's in his house-game (which you GOTTA know he's gonna trial/prototype/playtest ideas for later Official Rules) has -- from heroquesting -- permanent/inherent Rune Spells -- no casting needed, no Dismiss/Dispel applies. I could see an Orlanthi who can just fly whenever they want, FrEx; or a Priestess of Sedenya who could do all sorts of "illusionary" things at-will.
  17. g33k

    Community Content?

    TYVM Rick!!! 😁🤩👍
  18. g33k

    Becoming a god

    I think if there were a reliable, mechanical way to ascend, it wouldn't feel very mythological, very "Gloranthan." Instead, we see several instances in the history (and mytho-history) of Glorantha, WITHOUT many common elements. Mortals most definitely CAN become deific beings. Sartar did... I think? He apotheosized, BUT his Shade exists in the underworld. Pavis... may have? Or maybe got side-tracked. Belintar... also did (?) ... probably. Nysalor of course, and Sedenya. So YES it's possible in Glorantha. BUT we'll have to see what the Heroquesting rules (in the GM's book, @Jeff?) say about such issues.
  19. g33k

    Cthulhu lived! or at least his spawn

    What do you mean "finally"??!?! Not so long ago, I discovered that while I wasn't paying attention, the Mythos has surrounded me... Pimoa cthulhu, the "Cthulhu Spider" is throughout the region just north of where I live. And the shadowy biotech/VC firm "Cthulhu Ventures" was founded just to the south of me.
  20. g33k

    Community Content?

    I believe Chaosium has stated that they are interesting in doing so, but first they are looking at how the CoC program does, whether / how to do it differently for RQ, etc. But Call of Catthulu is wholly-different!
  21. g33k

    Becoming a god

    We know (Chaosium has said) that Heroquest rules are coming, likely in the GM's Book. These will likely allow exceeding the "Species Maximum" scores, and other "impossible" things. Learning a "backdoor" out of the underworld -- self-resurrection -- has been stated as a relatively common Heroquest reward. I don't expect any way to "level up" or "ascend" as a single action; but rather, a series of quests and achievements that move one bit by bit away the limits of mortality.
  22. g33k

    Wergild amongst Orlanthi peole

    Violence is always an option, but there is always another way... For example, point out to the Issaries that the clan is dishonorable, and doesn't pay their legitimate obligations. Shortages of staple goods, needing to send their own people to other clans to trade (instead of mechants arriving with goods) &c... Reputational damage works both ways -- the injured clan looks weaker, but the strong clan looks dishonorable, and that might bite their asses with ANY clan in coming decades..
  23. g33k

    Orlanthi Clan Fission

    My basic stance here: This is Glorantha! Abandon the precepts of logistics and practicality! If the events (leading to & allowing the fission) aren't heavily infused with myth & magic, they probably don't matter, and the "new clan" fails and/or is reabsorbed. Orlanth, and other Lightbringers, and Ernalda, and likely other Gods & Great Spirits, will throw some extra challenges and opportunities toward the existing Clan. Groups that coalesce to solve the problems likely form the nucleus of the new Clan, spirits who take an interest and/or ally themselves may become Wyter, etc etc etc.
  24. g33k

    Upcoming Glorantha publications

    The manuscript is complete. I don't know if further proof'ing / editing, or any "2nd Draft" or similar, is still planned; or if a "tribal edit" pass is comtemplated; or if it's felt to be a ready-for-the printer ms. Chaosium is working on the art & layout now. No ETA has been given. 70some dieties, including some sub-cults. Planned as a 2-volume set, last I knew: 1 volume of PC-centric deities, 1 volume of Chaos and evil NPC/GM deities. I believe "Heroquesting" rules are going into the GM's Book, not the Deities book; and speaking of which ... As per the wisdom of @soltakss, this book us still being written. The draft ms. seemed to be quite far advanced, last time Chaosium discussed it, but I expect a non-trivial amount of work remains (and even then, art and layout will also take time!).
  25. g33k

    Where to start in Glorantha

    I think the point is, Glorantha has a deep and cohesive setting than can "feel real" to the readers/players/fans, in the same way that a very-historical RPG setting can. It also shares the trait of having such a sheer volume of lore with both meaningful depth and interconnected breadth, that newbies are easily daunted. Last but not least, it too has severe cognitive disconnects from players' modern/real-world assumptions (Ars Magica, I'm looking at your "Medieval Paradigm" right now) that can throw new players off their stride & even alienate them. In all these ways, comparing Glorantha to a historical game-setting is ENTIRELY apt! And the authors / devs / editors at Chaosium need to treat these challenges in the same ways that those doing Enlightenment-and-earlier settings need to address those challenges.