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Running Flotsam and Jetsam as a campaign(needle and SAN)

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I've started running "Flotsam and Jetsam" as a campaign for 2 groups and just finished chapter 1 for both groups. I'm about to run chapter 2 for my groups and had some questions about the "needle" so I've decided to add other questions I had concerning running this scenario as a campaign. 

for the "needle" chapter 2 takes place in April 21, 1924 and chapter 3 takes place in 1925.  The "needle" has a time limit of 64 days so they clearly had to do something in order to survive that long. If this was a one shot this is not a problem but as a campaign this is something I have to work with. A easy solution I have is to make the time limit longer like 2 years or so which gives enough time for the campaign to end. If for some reason the Players wanted to do some Deep One hunting in the middle of each scenario does anyone have any solutions to how they will do this as I have no solution to this other than making a scenario for this to happen.

Another thing I had in mind was that the campaign deals with Deep Ones for all of its campaign (although I have not read chapter 4 yet so I have to assume this is correct). Playing the games with the basic rules if they loss 6 points of SAN if they come to see the Deep One in chapter 2 there suppose to loss only 1 point of SAN. I've started my group by telling them for this campaign I'm going to ignore that rule and there going to loss up to the maximum SAN loss for each chapter as if it was run like a single scenario. The group of players who I play regularly are okay with what ever I do and will go with what I tell them. I'm just wondering what other Keepers would do when introducing new players, I usually find that many players will try to claim any rules that give them benefit during game even if sometimes it doesn't make sense. 

For this topic I want people to feel free to write about question and ideas concerning running "Flotsam and Jetsam" as a campaign.





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So in my campaign, I role played out the first kill post Inheritance. My investigators snuck back into Innsmouth and did for an unsuspecting hybrid sailor. Of course this came with a SAN loss.

After that, I gave the max SAN loss for random killing of hybrids in Innsmouth to show that there were multiple deaths that followed. 

Then, at the start of each scenario (there is a lot of down time between them) I got the Investigator with the needle to roll percentage dice. This gave the % of the 64 days that had passed since the last "meal". This gave results where on the Insanitarium chapter, there was 10 days to go, and the mouth was not fully formed, which caused the Investigator to be anxious, as they wanted to kill the Deep Ones in the chapter.

On the final chapter, there was 3 days to go, and the needle was hungry, which also caused anxiety, as the Deep Ones in this chapter are not the bad guys, and they did not want to kill them.

My Investigators are now maxed out on the SAN loss for Deep Ones, and I'm okay with this, though I do agree that the SAN loss during a chapter and the SAN gain at the end do not always match up. This is particularly noticable in chapter 3, where the SAN gain at the end can be considerable, and there is very little in the chapter that causes SAN loss.

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