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  1. Man, those old character sheets really take me back!
  2. Any chance of a POD version?
  3. So in my campaign, I role played out the first kill post Inheritance. My investigators snuck back into Innsmouth and did for an unsuspecting hybrid sailor. Of course this came with a SAN loss. After that, I gave the max SAN loss for random killing of hybrids in Innsmouth to show that there were multiple deaths that followed. Then, at the start of each scenario (there is a lot of down time between them) I got the Investigator with the needle to roll percentage dice. This gave the % of the 64 days that had passed since the last "meal". This gave results where on the Insanitarium chapter, there was 10 days to go, and the mouth was not fully formed, which caused the Investigator to be anxious, as they wanted to kill the Deep Ones in the chapter. On the final chapter, there was 3 days to go, and the needle was hungry, which also caused anxiety, as the Deep Ones in this chapter are not the bad guys, and they did not want to kill them. My Investigators are now maxed out on the SAN loss for Deep Ones, and I'm okay with this, though I do agree that the SAN loss during a chapter and the SAN gain at the end do not always match up. This is particularly noticable in chapter 3, where the SAN gain at the end can be considerable, and there is very little in the chapter that causes SAN loss.
  4. Though Chaosium don't have any recent Modern scenarios that have been released, Stygian Fox have some very good collections of Modern Day scenarios for 7e, that I highly recommend you look up.
  5. Yeah, don't have an FLGS in town that has signed up this year, so looking for the pdf to get running this one.
  6. Someone on the Yog-Sothoth boards asked about a fillable pdf version of the Keeper Entry form, aa tool in the Horror on the Orient Express campaign (in book 2). I thought this was a good idea, so made one. Now, before I share it, here or there, I wanted to ask if Chaosium had any issues with this being shared?
  7. I guess cover ops of that kind could be funded by the Abelard Institute, or FOC Explorations.
  8. Federated Oils and Chemical for the new age. I though about how FOC would put the information it gained through the Time to harvest campaign, as well as previously with Abelard's researches, to good economic use, and how the company would look in the modern age. Please feel free to run with this and let me know what you think. The company is now part of The FOC group plc. The FOC group consists of: FOC Explorations. An oil and gas exploration company. Specializing in the sourcing of new energy sources. Of course, the company does not limit itself to fossil fuels, and has a booming alternative energy wing which works not only on clean energy but also on energy sources that have been based on Mi-Go tech recovered by the company over the years. FOC explorations may just as easily send a group off to the Himalayas looking for Mi-Go bases, as into the middle east or the North Sea to search for oil. This is also the wing of the company that has been researching the gate technology found during the Cobb's Corner incident. This technology has been kept under the strictest of confidence, due to it's unreliability. FOC Industrial Gas and Chemicals. Traditional company that still runs as the original FOC did, supplying industry with it's chemical and gas needs. FOC Healthcare. Supplier of medical gas and training to hospitals. FOC Refrigeration. FOC managed to reverse engineer the Mi-Go mist generators, and put this tech to use in the refrigeration sector. Not only have they made much more efficient refrigeration devices, but they have also moved into supercooling technology and research. The Abelard Institute. The Abelard institute is one of the foremost private research funding bodies in the world. they not only fund initiatives jointly with NASA and SETI, but also have a number of funding competitions for all major fields of scientific and engineering research. AB Electric. Not an electricity company as the name might suggest, but a company that made it's name in the building of electric cars, and generators in the 1960s. The company also has an arms wing, where they have managed to reverse-engineer the Mi-Go Lightning guns for human use. Therefore, the lightning gun, or electrical gun, has gone through many iterations over the last few decades. What state this technology is currently in rests with the keeper. Of course, most of this is background to the adventure, as I'm not yet sure how I'm going to link FOC with NASA and the UN directly yet, but it's likely going to be through the tech the Investigators have access to (not that tech will save them). I may put it in Von Brackendorf's background that he works for FOC, and not NASA. One hard link to FOC in the adventure will be the Investigators coming up against FOC marked crates and supplies for the original moon adventure.This will be instead of seeing references to the Bad Moon Rising adventure, as is mentioned in the Blood Moon scenario.
  9. Now the female versions of the same pregens. Blood Moon-C Wren - Female.pdf Blood Moon-Cpt Weymouth - Female.pdf Blood Moon-Dr Hart - Female.pdf Blood Moon-Dr Van Brackendorf - Female.pdf Blood Moon-Lt Wing - Female.pdf Blood Moon-Mjr Harnst - Female.pdf
  10. Redid the pregens for the Blood Moon scenario for 7th ed in the modern Investigator sheets. Also did a male and female version for each character. Here are the male ones. Blood Moon-C Wren - Male.pdf Blood Moon-Cpt Weymouth - Male.pdf Blood Moon-Dr Hart - Male.pdf Blood Moon-Dr Van Brackendorf - Male.pdf Blood Moon-Lt Wing - Male.pdf Blood Moon-Mjr Harnst - Male.pdf
  11. Secondly, The use of Jarvis as a Mi-Go agent is still a possibility. Of course, he will be in a different body, and the Investigators will not know of him either, but it could be fun for the players. His powers may also have increased. e.g. at the end of the last game, I had given him a kind of telepathy, so he could communicate with them from his jar, so as to further spread the fear and confusion.
  12. The first comment I would make, is that the adventure takes the shuttle, not a gate, and why would this be so, with the adventure saying that gates transform humans to survive on the other side. The first answer to that is that the transformation has been shown to be unstable, and mutations that occur lead to long term damage (hinted at in the scenario), so gates are fine to transport items, including oxygen (hence the ability to build a moon base), but the safest way for humans to travel is still by shuttle. This also makes it much cheaper to get to the moon, as you only need to take enough supplies for a one way trip.
  13. I finished off the TtH campaign a couple weeks ago, and was looking through my collection of adventures to see what one shots I could run this week. Most of the one shots I found had either Mi-Go or Shub-Niggurath at the heart, so I discounted them as to similar to the campaign. Then I came across Blood Moon in Strange Aeons. This scenario was written in 1995, but set in 2015. Initially, I was about to discount it, as obviously that date no longer works as a futuristic setting (not something I enjoy much anyway), but then I read through the blurb at the start, and it takes the starting point of the adventure to be that exploration of the moon has been happening since the 1920s, after the events of the "Bad Moon Rising" scenario. Then I thought, what if instead of making this the starting point for moon exploration, the events of the Time to Harvest campaign was the kicker for moon exploration, either by FOC (which then becomes the fore-runner for NASA?), or by the American Government alone. Has anyone ran this adventure? If so, do they have any comments on it? Yes, it is another Mi-Go scenario, but with the twist that this time they have to work with the Mi-Go to contain the monster. I'll go through the adventure as written, note any modifications that I make, then I'll post them here.
  14. Dr Matherson changes gender in this chapter where she is refered to as male in the text throughout.
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