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BRP Monographs: Basic Creatures, Basic GM & Basic Magic?


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I received these monographs in the mail this week. By quickly skimming the books I came to the conclusion that these are simply re-prints of the old RQ 3rd edition booklets with little or no rewriting or editing? Is this correct?

I have nothing against re-printing RQ material. In fact I quite like having these, as I don't have my RQ stuff with me now. However, the Basic Magic book can seem a little confusing, since it appears not to mention how the four Magic systems described (spirit, sorcery, divine & ritual) relate to the magic styles in the BRP rulebook. Also, the Sorcery in Basic Magic is totally different from the Sorcery in BRP rulebook, with different mechanics and spell lists. So it seems there has been no effort to update these to full compability with BRP?

Mind you, I haven't had the time to read these monographs, so all this is based on first impressions. So please feel free to corrrect me, if I seem mistaken.

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I'm sure you're right.

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Check this thread out for more on the same subject:




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