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    GM history over the last four decades: DnD> ADnD> Arduin> TFT> Stormbringer 1ed> RuneQuest III> BRP-BGB> RQ VI/Mythras> Magic World> OpenQuest> (finally) my own group-centered/setting-centric BRP-inspired home-brew system. I am not now, nor ever have been, a Gloranthaphile (though I respect those who are and admire Steve's world building prowess).
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    Presently I GM my own BRP/OQ SRD inspired home-brew variant and play in three campaigns: WE's Star Wars D6, 1ed Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, and 4ed L5R.
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  1. I used the OQ SRD as a base but seriously hacked it and built my own lean-rules booklet.
  2. Good luck and Godspeed, my friend. Sending you and your team good wishes and creative vibes! Cheers, mate!
  3. I know it's pretty accepted on the boards to bag on statements-of-intent. I get it. They can be unwieldy and interrupt the flow of combat. I still call for at least one however, at the beginning of the first melee round. It's a given that no battle-plan survives the first shot, and players are going to change their minds as circumstances on the ground develop, but I like melee to have an agreed starting point wherein, within reason, each player knows what they plan to do and how they (hopefully) plan to handle the initial situation at hand. In the excitement of melee, I always have t
  4. Heya Newt! One of the things I enjoy most about OQ is the ease at which I can make any changes/additions/revisions my preference, need, or taste requires. In some ways, I feel that's my part, so I can make the game my own. Therefore any suggestions I offer should be taken with a grain of salt, and because of that, I'm only going to offer one ;-). In the end, though I voted, I really want you to pursue the option you're most excited about--the one you think about when you wake up in the morning--the one you look forward to working on--the one that's going to make you feel the most hap
  5. My heart froze for moment when I heard the news this afternoon. Deepest sympathies and condolences to his family and kin. Words fail--I owe him such a debt of gratitude for his imagination, inspiration and the games he shared with us. Thanks for your creativity and your heart's magic, Greg; I wish I'd gotten the chance to tell you so in person. Farewell and Godspeed!
  6. This is a fantastic idea I've used to great effect in both gaming sessions and in my creative writing. It is also an easy way to add background depth to a PC for little or no outlay, and it's fun to tease them with the Who, When, Why, etc. of the piece. It's like insta-backstory...just add player. Imagine a naive pre-play PC who has "borrowed" a family"lucky" necklace heir loom for an adventure without a clear understanding that each pendant contains the spirit of a spell casting and protective grandmother. Each of whom, being good "moms" and in an effort to look out for their grand baby
  7. Though I don't believe this is the response you're looking for, you did say "Any thoughts?" One: I have found that the BRP family of mechanics can't cover every eventuality or theoretical extremity. The mechanics--from my point of view and experience--just can't support such granularity comfortably, and I find it's not fun for me when I try to force them to. I dunno...just me, I guess. Two: From a role-playing perspective, If you attacked "...a trained martial artist who is aware but...decide[d] not to parry or dodge..." in my game, I'd rule that not only did you have a 100% shot, I
  8. Fascinating. Thanks for sharing Daniel.
  9. Heya Chris! It's been a bit, for sure. Glad you dropped a word! Did you ever imagine you'd become something of a torch bearer? It's wild how the world turns. I remember back in '07 when the BGB was just a crazy idea, and I joined BRP Central...LOL! 🤯. I suspect I'm like many of the old crew: I lurk a couple of forums pretty consistently but rarely contribute, finding I no longer have a lot in common. A bit ironic considering, but...shrug...that's the way of things. For example, even though I'm not a Gloranthaphile, I still checked out the RQ game forum until recently, but it's focus
  10. Is this thread a RuneQuest question/topic or a Gloranthan question/topic?
  11. This was the subject of a wonderful painting by Sir Laurence Alma Tadema: The Pyrrihic Dance. Many Pre-Raphealite and similar styled paintings have inspired more than one of my games. Thanks for the Anabasis quotation M Helsdon!
  12. Hello Thule120, This is not necessarily a direct answer to your query, but it might be helpful. Check out Newt Newport's development of OpenQuest and use of the OGL . I eventually developed my own gaming-group-&-setting-centric version of our beloved game (for my own enjoyment and most decidedly NOT for sale, profit, or posting) using Newt's use of the OGL 1.0a as a guide. Cheers,
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