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QuestWorlds Chained Contest Questions


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Hello, reading the srd of Quest Worlds I got some questions.
In particular I am interested in chained contests.

1) Is the degree of victory decided by the last simple contest of the chain?

2) When both sides have the same result (critical vs critical, success vs success ....) the text says "Worse roll is hurt. If tied, no effect ".
So the part with the worst result is already in the hurt condition, does nothing change?

3) In the event that the chained contest ends with the complete defeat of one of the two contenders (no one disengages), the loser will necessarily be in a "dying" condition. Does this necessarily imply that he is out of the game?
Can the degree of victory not be limited to just the prize (the goal)? Has it to necessarily concern also the character, which as the text says "If you are dying you will, without rapid and appropriate intervention, expire" (obviously also applies to social conflicts as we know)
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