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  1. jrutila

    My HeroQuest gaming aids

    Here is a dice help table for explaining the levels to new players. You insert player's die to top row and GM's die to the left column and read the correct level. HeroQuest dice help table.pdf
  2. jrutila

    Clever Dice Tricks

    Here is the printable format of the dice-table. I will cross-post it also to HeroQuest dice help table.pdf
  3. jrutila

    Aethercon RQG on Nov 9-11

    I am planning to take part on my first online con and also play in a RQG game in over 15 years. There is still place for couple of more players in either of the two runs by Steve Parish. Go check on http://www.aethercon.com
  4. jrutila

    Feedback on new improvement proposals sought

    I'm interested why to introduce the concept of XP? I like the idea of cementing Benefits and Consequences (character arcs) but why not do it eith the same HPs? Can you open up the reasoning a little? The cementing is also better in one-shots where no-one will spend HP to increase ability by one. But cementing a benefit in the beginning is a lucrative possibility.
  5. jrutila

    Nameless Streets out of Print

    I yesterday bought a physical copy of the Nameless Streets here in Finland from Fantasiapelit. I asked how many they have in stock to hint here and it just happened to be the last one. So, I think it is now, finally, out of print.
  6. jrutila

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    To make things a little more complicated sidekicks (Companions in HQG) can have three own abilities that the PC can use in contests and they have their special rules (for example 3RP and out) in extended contests and other places. Retainers are "more or less anonymous servants or helpers" and easily replaced. For starters, you should probably stick to Retainer model (single ability to use) as was in your example and later, when the system is more familiar, start dealing with actual Companions.
  7. jrutila

    Ancient Imtherian cheese discovered in Pavis

    Somehow I immediately hoped the "nytimes" would've pointed to some new Glorantha "news site" (you know, not news about but from Glorantha). I was hoping the "nytimes" comes from Nysalor Times or something... Could someone please create that. I would like to read those.
  8. jrutila

    Advancement in Questworlds. Some ideas.

    Regarding the Character arcs discussion I think this is good input for that too. Cementing a lingering benefit is about the character changing in some way thus creating the character's arc. And yeah, I like the new name.
  9. jrutila

    Clever Dice Tricks

    I've tended to move to run Group Simple Contests one by one. Even though the individual contest happens simultaneously it usually makes story sense to roleplay each contest. That way the last person rolling might turn the tables of the whole contest. About the tricks you requested. I made this handy table to use with players new to HQ. It has been really useful and the players get the system better. Maybe someday I can write it into a printable format.
  10. jrutila

    How to translate God Learner?

    You are spot on with your Finnish grammar. One thing to note. The direct translation would also go to "jumaloppinut" (learned about god(s)). But that would have rather theological sound in it. So that's why it probably had the "tietäjä" which has the nice double meaning and an oldish sound. From our national epic: "Vaka vanha Väinämöinen, tietäjä iänikuinen". Väinämöinen is a shaman figure (tietäjä). After reading about the ambuigity I see that the current translation doesn't really have anything for that.
  11. I am all for these kind of initiatives rising from the fans. I think my question is boiling to: How can I, too, become a RuneMaster? It is interesting to hear from Continuum.
  12. Can I ask what does this collective mean in practice? Are you providing them with scenarios? Dice? Something else? I am asking because Finland is strong Glorantha country and our Ropecon convention will this year have nine Glorantha events (8 games, 1 talk). Okay, we are not short about providing the events but could it be more "organized" with this? Also having Glorantha stuff in other cons in Finland, too. Hopefully, we hear how it went in Continuum.
  13. I have been reading and thinking about character arcs lately. HQ quite nicely supports the story arc with resistance fluctuation and rising and climactic contests. I think that the players, at least some players, would like to play the story of their character with ups and downs. But how to play a character arc inside the story arc (let's call it a session now). Reading different blog posts about this you could say that the character arc stems from a change of the character. The hero overcomes his inner obstacle to save the day or finds something new inside them. I started thinking how this could work in HQ. Of course, you can build the PC's story during one session so that in the end there is a nice change in the PC. The hero could've given up something valuable to achieve the final contest. "Losing" the session could also lead to a meaningful character arc, with a possible down note. So I started to think about how to play this change of a PC in HQ. And then I thought about Flaws. Flaws has always been something to add color to the PC. The GM is urged to bring them up to actively resist the PC or giving a negative bonus to a contest. But overall they are second-class citizens and stay fresh only for a small amount of time. There has been the house rule of getting an extra Hero Point for playing your PC's flaws. That was a good idea but the flaws could be used for something more: character arcs. After all, they might be the easiest things to change regularly in the PC. And building up the Flaw and then overcoming it has character arc written all over it. So, hear my initial ideas how to use the Flaws for character arcs. The flaws are either in two states: growing or pushed down. When the flaw is first introduced it starts to grow. It starts with low value (either base resistance or PC's lowest ability value). When the flaw is growing it should mainly be used to augment contests. Yes, the flaw is positive. After every use, the flaw gets higher (second lowest ability and so on). This represents how the flaw is taking over of the PC bit by bit. Think of flaw "Greedy". The PC can use it to get victories in contests giving himself to the greediness. After the flaw is used like this five times (it is somewhere in the highest ability rating) it will act as a Flaw in rules: in a negative way. Now, every time the PC is negatively affected by their flaw (be it active opposition or penalty), it is reduced. This is the story of the character overcoming his inner demons that have grown too big. After four times the final overcome should be during or before the session final contest, closing the arc of the flaw. After the PC overcomes the Flaw last time it is removed and thus the PC has changed again. Next time if there is no Flaws (or under three) the player should get a new one that starts to grow again. Concentrating to single or multiple flaws this way would spark more storytelling from players and GM to the contests. I was thinking how this idea would work in certain types of flaws. Greediness and drunkness are easy to think of (growing and pushed down) but how about something like "Hated by lunars". That is kind of an "external" flaw and not probably suitable as is. So, what are your suggestions about character arcs in HQ and this Flaw-based idea of dealing with them?
  14. jrutila

    Fiction Line Announcement

    About reprints. Would there be any possibility to get a reprint of The Widow's Tale by Chaosium? Is there even a theoretichal change?
  15. jrutila

    Questions about lunarized Dara Happans

    I have to mention this product: http://d101games.com/product/gloranthan-adventures-2-red-sun-rising/ It is an adventure campaign of Lunar heroes in Dara Happa. It depicts the city of Serris (not canon, btw) where the inner tension rises from the three associations. One of them is a fully Lunar association, one is conservative and strictly non-Lunar and the last one is the leading one for the heroes. It is accepting Lunarization but struggles inside with the influence balance. The city is built before Lunars and all the Lunar action is packed into their own part of the city (actually it is outside the city walls). The military, on the other hand, is fully lead by Lunars. This setting is great for gaming purposes as there is always someone fully embracing the lunar way, someone oppressing it and someone in the middle. There is no full rebellious activity like in Dragon Pass. We have ongoing PbF game of Red Sun Rising campaign at http://rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=70164 if you are interested in reading about lives of aspiring Lunar nobles in a Dara Happan city.