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  1. Long contests (either scored or extended, not sure about chained) should be framed just like simple contests. So there is a prize for the whole encounter. The "I use a spell to slow him" is just a tactic for a single exchange. After you know the outcome of the round you should look at the overall point situation (Is anyone close losing? Are there clear gap between the points?), previous narration, the tactic for this round and the outcome of this round and base your narration to those. Overall I would defer telling what happens in a single exchange until the outcome is clear. Usually the tactic (the skill) tells enough but maybe the player needs to justify the use.
  2. I wrote a review about Valley of Plenty: https://worldsofqw.wordpress.com/2020/06/10/valley-of-plenty-review/ I would appreciate constructive feedback about the review as this was my first time writing a longer review of, well, about anything. So, please be gentle.
  3. I hope I get enough motivation to fix it some day soon (especially now that I know about the AnyDice implementation). I think the outcomes are quite close in the excel sheet already so you get at least correct ballpark numbers. This was more of a mathematics (probability) practice for me and now that I have slept over the problem for a while I get that there is a way more easier way to calculate the outcome by just going through all the 400 (20*20) cases. But that would require doing that programmatically and result in "uglier" excel sheet. I think I know where the problem lies in the sheet at the moment. Let's see if I get it fixed. I also accept fixes from the community.
  4. Has there been discussion about the mathematics behind the QW/HQ dice mechanics? I made an excel sheet to do some calculations and noted one interesting tidbit. The closer the target numbers are to ten, the more possible it is to get Minor outcomes over Marginal outcomes. I wrote about this to my blog https://worldsofqw.wordpress.com/2020/06/08/mathematics-of-questworlds/ You can find the excel from the blog site, too.
  5. I present one idea to decide the degree of victory in chained contest here: https://worldsofqw.wordpress.com/2020/05/04/long-contests-resolve-the-important-contests/
  6. Can you tell me a little more about this book? I can't seem to find correct google search words to find something like this.
  7. Well, that would leave the final conclusion in to the hands of the heroes. Jarana enchants (or something) a magic item for them as Queen Ivartha does not let her leave Red Cow. It could include a spirit (the Raven?) that requires the wielders to do some crazy stuff. Succeeding in this could be the final contest. You don't have to follow the magic rules from the book when doing this. This isn't an ability of a character but a story device. And then follows the (very trickstery) instructions how to use the magic item. Coming up with funny trickster stuff might be challenging. You could (if that is suitable for your group's playing style) ask the players. Describe how Jarana makes the item. You can ask the players what item it actually is. Then say that Jarana instructed them leaving out the details. Finally, when they get back to Frithan and they start to activate the item you can do it as a group effort to come up with all the crazy stuff that is involved in the process reflecting what Jarana told them and how they misinterpret her (in case of contest failures) or get them right. As none of these details is crucial for the overall story arc it is ok (and might be even quite fun) to create them with the players during the play.
  8. What is the characters role here? I am just enforcing the idea that the characters (in rpg stories) should be those who resolve the obstacles. Is the obstacle just about getting Janara there? Or should there be another complication at the Frithan? Maybe Janara comes up with some other scheme running the grander vision against Lunars where the fake illness does not match? Or does she need some kind of equipment to fool them. Equipment that isn't actually needed in the end. Maybe someone in Frithan resists using a trickster to solve this and the characters have to deal with it first.
  9. I have been using draw.io for tracking the feelings and relationships. I add NPCs as they become present and how they feel about each other or (specifically) towards the PCs. The feeling against PCs is the color of the NPC name (Green to Red). Here is a snapshot attached. Unfortunately it is in Finnish but you can recognize familiar names. PCs are on green background and Stravul is a non-canon NPC that they have connection with. Okay, I tell the back story quickly. Hendstaval is barefooted Red Cow. His brother was Stravul, great cow raider. Hendrillo is Stravul's son who has lived in Esrolia with his mother and now returned to Red Cow, his father's lands. Jaronil is a praxian Pol-Joni skald and got an epiphany about finding a great story from Red Cow. He arrived with Hendrillo in the same caravan.
  10. Isn't this right job for the clan trickster? Or someone with a strong Illusion rune. Of course the ingredients would be one part of the act. Prepare yourself for the awful setback in the case of a failure. Maybe the disease becomes real...
  11. We had a 30 minutes analysis about the experiment in the end of the episode. We didn't try to find "best" system or anything like that. It was more of a discussion and interesting findings. In RuneQuest we tried to bring the new mechanics to the table (augments, inspirations, runes) and the use of Rune Magic for grand magical effects. Achieving cool rune magic was incidentally something that only the NPC (Wothkarl) did. But hey, that's how RQ works, right? We discussed briefly about escalation dice and rune narration mechanics from 13G. Rune narration mechanic could be implemented in RQ also. 13th Age was declared to be quite tactical. One difference between RQ and HQ that was noted is that in RQ the GM can decide the "boundary conditions" for the situation. For example in RQ when Wothkarl gets angry there is no way for the players to use talking to calm him (we tried, though). On the other hand in HeroQuest GM should try to answer "yes" to players' suggestions. One note about character abilities was the freedom of choice. For example in HQ the player can come up with anything and in 13G and RQ the player's choices are more restricted but for example the One Unique Thing in 13G eases this a bit. We compared the sessions. For example Lunars were only in active role in the 13th Age game because Vasana's player rolled Moon rune to be active in the beginning and narrated a Lunar patrol to appear (they actually helped us to bypass the troll bouncer). One common element in every session was Vasana drinking a troll beer (Mätäsuoli in Finnish, I didn't find the English word for it. Rotten gut or something like that). In RQ it was a CON check (failed a little, lost 1HP), 13G also CON check with a background and in HQ it was part of our extended contest in beating Wothkarl. We shared some personal feelings. This was my first time ever playing any D20-style (or is it F20?) system. I am glad that my first one was 13th Age Glorantha. We ended the analysis with a brief discussion about GNS theory (I know, it is an old theory and all) as these games went quite nicely with that.
  12. As requested: 13G characters: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15Pp27HwPCGQ6-2eZYDl6Oy9vCTSM-V6ulnCvve85Otw/edit?usp=sharing HQG characters: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o1rvoM0TzYUFGrFYudD434n66o0czGv4KO4aPNVIMUw/edit?usp=sharing Warning, these were created "good enough" for our needs to make the recording so they may lack stuff and look ugly. We also had the idea of sharing these at some point and JC would be interesting place to re-create all the characters from RQG in other systems.
  13. Podcast news from the Finnish speaking world (and a challenge/idea for the English speaking podcasters out there). We recorder a bonus episode where we played the same session (same characters, same setup, almost the same story) in three different roleplaying systems: RuneQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha, 13th Age Glorantha and HeroQuest Glorantha. We took the three characters from RQ: Vasana, Harmast and Sorala (we recreated them for 13G and HQG). They entered to Notchet to find this local no-good Dark Wothkarl. Wothkarl was rumored to have access to the nobel leader of Esrolia's rebel forces against Lunars. In the games the heroes first had to find the bar where Wothkarl spends his time (Black Swan). The bar was a mix of troll and human customers. The dark troll bouncer was one of the obstacles in getting into the bar. In the bar the main obstacle was convincing Wothkarl to take them to the noble leader. Different tactics were used depending on the game. This was an interesting tryout and I think we got the differences between the systems visible quite well. At least they sounded different.
  14. As the QuestWorlds SRD is now out I have published a hobby project that has been in my mind for a while now. Let me present: Worlds of QuestWorlds - A blog about QuestWorlds In the blog I will write posts all things about QuestWorlds. Rules clarifications, product reviews, news about the system etc. I have lots of ideas already in the backlog and try to produce topics in steady phase from now on.
  15. Try to find analogue from tv series and movies. Depending on the story needs you either drill down to multi session (episode, if you will) season about taking control of the city contesting about the interesting bits. Or, if taking control of the city is mere nuance on their way to take control of the country you roll one contest for it. Same way tv series and movies can "fast-forward" big events just by storytelling or foreshadowing the events. So, even if it would be technically right to contest about taking control of the city, story wise it is far more interesting (as you said) to split it to multiple sessions each having their own story arc.
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