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  1. https://thegrognardfiles.com/2019/01/21/4567/ If you are interested in the history of the best roleplaying system out there...
  2. A quick pointer to this to help you explain this. Think this from a movie's point of view. Do you often see the main characters in a movie keeping track of their money if it is not an interesting aspect of the story? If the main hero has to call with a payphone then it is interesting if he has money to do that, especially when someone's life is hanging on that call. In HQ terms he fails on the use of "Wealthy Parents" ability. If he just buys a snack to have something to eat during another scene it happens automatically and he has the money and we don't care if he now has little less money or not. HQ does not try to simulate the world, but the story. Glad to hear you are continuing with the system and had fun.
  3. jrutila

    The Limits of Magic

    That is actually a good clarification. After the news, I tend to twist in my head anything you say here to regard the new rules. Sorry about that. Yes, it is good to document the magic for narration purposes. My point was that it is "weird" that you have limitations (Moon waning) to the magic ability as it just that: a HQ ability. This also comes back to your original question (that I missed) about how the players can know what is the effect of the magic they cast. If a player ponders how can his Heler character make it rain on a sunny day I think it is quite ok to say: "You tell me". Let the players' creative juices flow. The outcome of the dice and the goal set helps here to define the level of supernaturalism of the effect and the actual effect etc. If the magic (ability) succeeds, it succeeds. Now it is up to the players and the GM to come up with some feasible narration. Maybe this way you can get quite Greg-like magic effects in the table.
  4. jrutila

    The Limits of Magic

    What I have always liked in HQG is that it doesn't have any special rules about combat. In that lieu it has always seemed to me little weird having those different special rules about magic. Some of them are tied to the credibility test, yes, but for example the moon phase limits in Lunar magic deviate from core HQ ideology. Again, why couldn't you treat magic as you treat any ability in HQ? I think David wrote well about this already. The result would then define what kind of effect there was. On the other hand the magic descriptions and limitations help players and GM to play more "Gloranthan" game and you don't have to come up with your own effects.
  5. First of all, excellent choice. As the players are not too familiar with Glorantha start local and expand from there. You can build your Glorantha with the players. Couple of things about HeroQuest as the system. Try to spot if you find yourself doing task resolution instead of goal resolution. If someone wants to try to hit with a sword ask what they want to achieve with it, the goal of the contest. Also, contest if there is something interesting in the failure. Story branch or some kind of penalty or, as they say, fail forward. Because the failure might happen and there is no second takes! Have fun!
  6. jrutila

    Extended Contest: use or not to use?

    I recorded this to the "Bring your dead" -thread. Good catch. Overall this thread has good pointers about when and how to use extended contest but not one saying why one should not use them, ever. I am not trying to ignite any flame war but am interested in the reasons behind this. Maybe it would help us using them to use them also more properly.
  7. jrutila

    Bring Out Your Dead

    In other thread come one good point that was unclear from the rules to me for a long time. The overall flow of an extended contest. It should be made more clear if the player is allowed, or even encouraged, to change his ability between the extended contest rounds. Also, is GM allowed to tune the resistance value during the extended contest? How about having different value per player even if they are contesting the same resistance. Also, the Multiple Opponent Penalty is unclear, in my opinion. I think the "official ruling" is that the abstract resistance faces multiple opponent penalty just the same way as a PC faces MOP when contesting against multiple resistances. I think the rules do not say which of the PCs get to roll against the lowered value and who is rolling against the full value. That's why I tend to rule that the MOP does not affect the resistance, only PCs.
  8. jrutila

    Extended Contest: use or not to use?

    I really like the EC. It has multiple times (timed right) given players something to be excited and uncertain about. As the idea of EC is just, instead of a simple contest, give the contest more meaning the timing is crucial. When the players are reaching the "middle climax" I usually toss in the extended contest and we spend little more time concentrating on that contest. I also use the Rising and Climactic consequences to spin the story more. And a couple of hints about using EC: Combat doesn't automatically mean to use EC Really concentrate the back-and-forth that happens due to EC in the contest. Don't just roll but discuss with the players where the story is going after every round. I haven't read the Nameless Streets yet and the Chained Simple Contests but to me, they sound that instead of those you could just run an Extended Contest.
  9. Before this conversation erupts in the wrong thread, let's continue the discussion here in its own thread (not sure if there was already a thread somewhere in the backlog).
  10. jrutila

    My HeroQuest gaming aids

    Here is a dice help table for explaining the levels to new players. You insert player's die to top row and GM's die to the left column and read the correct level. HeroQuest dice help table.pdf
  11. jrutila

    Clever Dice Tricks

    Here is the printable format of the dice-table. I will cross-post it also to HeroQuest dice help table.pdf
  12. jrutila

    Aethercon RQG on Nov 9-11

    I am planning to take part on my first online con and also play in a RQG game in over 15 years. There is still place for couple of more players in either of the two runs by Steve Parish. Go check on http://www.aethercon.com
  13. jrutila

    Feedback on new improvement proposals sought

    I'm interested why to introduce the concept of XP? I like the idea of cementing Benefits and Consequences (character arcs) but why not do it eith the same HPs? Can you open up the reasoning a little? The cementing is also better in one-shots where no-one will spend HP to increase ability by one. But cementing a benefit in the beginning is a lucrative possibility.
  14. jrutila

    Nameless Streets out of Print

    I yesterday bought a physical copy of the Nameless Streets here in Finland from Fantasiapelit. I asked how many they have in stock to hint here and it just happened to be the last one. So, I think it is now, finally, out of print.
  15. jrutila

    Advice running my first HeroQuest game

    To make things a little more complicated sidekicks (Companions in HQG) can have three own abilities that the PC can use in contests and they have their special rules (for example 3RP and out) in extended contests and other places. Retainers are "more or less anonymous servants or helpers" and easily replaced. For starters, you should probably stick to Retainer model (single ability to use) as was in your example and later, when the system is more familiar, start dealing with actual Companions.