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  1. Every character gets five additional abilities that can be defined also after character creation. If you have unspent additional abilities and there comes a situation in game that would give you a new ability (for example a relationship with totally new NPC). Do you use a Hero Point to cement the relationship or can you spend one of your additional abilities? In a sense the additional abilities describe the characters past just like in prose method. The things from the characters past are just brought to daylight. But new NPC contact is not like that. So, what is your take on this?
  2. I have to say I really liked the Red Gates of Sog City image. We have now seen depictions of what people look like in Glorantha. I think this was first image to depict an area or a city from closer view (aerial image of Boldtown does not count). The event in the image is also interesting. I am not sure if the townsfolk looks scared (like said in the boxed text) or if they are more angry to the rulers. The Kingdom of War is a big part of this area. It is the big bad thing threatening everyone. Even more so I get the gist that Kingdom of War is pure evil. I didn't spot any reason for its lust for war.
  3. Fronela is an area with civilized folks struggling with native nomads and barbarian clans. The syndics ban gives the whole area an interesting history and exploration of its effect on people would create lots of stories. The lack of Lunar influence in most parts (if I got it correctly) is also refreshing at this point. The effect of the ban on Kingdom of Loskalm is that they were safe and now they have to deal with the outer world that is coming to break their perfect system. In Avalon Hill Glorantha books there was a back-cover image of a heavy armor plated soldier on a horse. I think it was meant to be from Loskalm (or somewhere else in Fronela). The Fronela in the Guide is not that "medieval", but if you want to see the most medievalist area in Glorantha, you should probably head to Kingdom of Loskalm.
  4. So, Tarsh is Orlanthi lands that has already been for a while under Lunar control. I think this resonates with Lunar Heartlands that is Yelmic culture influenced by Lunar Religion. The map differentiates Lunar and Orlanthi population. But isn't Orlanthi a culture and Lunar more of a religion? It says that King Pharandros crushed the Sartarite rebellion. What rebellion is this? Further discussion about the rebellion might be suitable in the deep discussion.
  5. Oh my, we shouldn't leave these threads empty. Sartar is probably the most familiar place to me beforehand due to vast amount of material published (and read). There is King of Dragon Pass and King of Sartar. If I understood correctly they don't have really much connections. But they both woo the Feathered Horse Queen? The apotheosis picture is powerful and depicts quite nicely how it might look in Boldhome: Mountains everywhere around you. But what's with the ram heads?
  6. You can tell from this chapter that Dragon Pass really is the boiling point of Glorantha. There were 23 pages of stuff about the are called Dragon Pass and what is happening there. All the people of note are major movers of Hero Wars. I like the color drawings made for the Guide. I always visioned Starbrow to look little more ... dangerous. And of course Feathered Horse Queen wears a feathered horse hat. The black horse riders drawing is something I don't show to my kids as I want to sleep at nights. After all these strong and grand places and people there is the image of the Wild Temple. I have to say the image was rather off-putting. Is the Wild Temple described in more detail in a publication?
  7. This chapter was a description of very rural and distant place. So distant that Lunars only visited there and carried on after seating the puppet king. This is also the place for Griffin Mountain adventure pack. The Balazaring ritual picture is marwelous and powerful. Finally a dog also. The cat vs. dog thing is really taken to the next level in Glorantha. Clan Hearth picture is missin a key. The picture has numbers from 1 to 6 but no explanations.
  8. PBP HQ game

    This game is happening! Recruitments were done in Google+ community and the game is starting at http://rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=70164 There is still technically one spot left if you want to join the game.
  9. Again, I read the following: "Heroquesting did not exist in the Gods Age. In that Timeless age there was no division between the worldof men and gods, of life and death, of body and spirit." This always make me ponder was there other beings than gods before Time began? Like, you know, common people (or trolls or elves..) Where did they live and how. I have read about some heroes that still live and have lived before the Dawn. There was no but there was causality. Did this cause these beings to die at some point?
  10. This chapter is an essential read if you want to read Gloranthan myths and stories about gods. Especially understanding that different ages are kind of different places and everything is happening all the time. The Guide has referenced these things before (like talking about Green Age) and it is finally nice to get these things defined. Somehow this chapter seems to be more about Heroquesting than Hero Planes (or are they, in the end, same thing). After heroquesting there is stuff about God Learners (that was already in the History chapters) and more about heroquesting in Third Age. Maybe I was left missing a little bit more info about the Hero Planes. Something like major known heroquests per plane or something. We have the Kalikos Heroquest again but now with explanation. It is nice to see a Lunar heroquest as I have read mainly about Orlanthi heroquests elsewhere.
  11. The Cosmology pages were quite nice looking. The runes themselves are already quite familiar, but the element rune order and strength over another was new thing for me. Why is Chaos both in Forms and Conditions. I don't think any other rune was in two different pages
  12. Tribal Source Editing: The Eleven Lights

    Page 169 Connected Episodes: The Storm Breaks!, The Battle of Dangerford This page is about episode The Battle of Dangerford. Probably should be something else (The Liberation of Jonstown maybe?)
  13. Multiple Opponent Penalty for the resistance

    That's not a situation where I would use such a contest. In that case, I'd most likely use a Group Simple Contest against the single resistance where they together need to achieve a victory to get through. Were you talking about not using Extended Contest for surfing through crowd (that can be the session high point, though) or not using it against abstract resistances at all? Not using EC for abstract resistances would limit possible climax contests quite heavily. So, do you apply MOP also to an abstract resistance?
  14. I have been reading The Eleven Lights for a week now (it is great, btw). More than once there is hints about using multiple opponents penalty as a combat tactique against single harder opponent. My understanding about the MOP was that it was only applicable to the PCs. The HeroQuest Glorantha (p. 81) is not 100% clear, but I think it is more into that idea. So that if Harmast and Cormac were fighting a Telmori with resistance 3W they would both throw against 3W. What if the enemy is an abstract resistance. If Harmast and Cormac are trying to rush through a crowd? Does the crowd suffer the MOP? Can the crowd (GM) then decide which competition it gets the -3 against, like the PCs can? How have you used this rule in your games? Does the enemy also suffer from MOP? I think the MOP shouldn't be applied to the resistance (was it abstract or not). The PCs have other tactics when contesting with single resistance like starting multiple contests or assisting.
  15. It might've been a flashback from the Genertela Box times. Glad to hear there is no more of these bans.