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  1. Hello again, posting here what is happening in our Finnish Glorantha podcast "Dayzatarin tähtien alla". Even though most you don't understand our weird language I thought you like to hear what we do. These are also free ideas to use in other podcasts if you ever decide to do one. This month we arranged a Juke Box Jury (I think that's what it is called in UK, Levyraati in Finland) of Glorantha music. So every participant brought a song that they think goes somehow with Glorantha. We also briefly discussed about how to use music with Glorantha (in game, to get into mood, as a backgroun
  2. Could the official QuestWorlds site be updated now that it is close to final and we promote the SRD? @Ian Cooper I would like to drive people to the site rather than into the github repository.
  3. Let's add to the question one more aspect: how do you feel the current way works? Has this caused problems in play? Should they be more of only magic system or personality definition? I edited the original start with this question.
  4. Very interesting discussion stemmed in Facebook and I thought to bring it up here, too. We are talking about the three runes you define for the character in HeroQuest Glorantha. Do you see them as some kind of personality definition that can be also used to solve contests in mundane way? Or are they the magic system of HQG that lets the characters do extraordinary deeds? Or are they both? On top of that question: what does it mean to you, that the runes are keywords (instead of abilities)? Which way have you used them in your games? Edit: Let's add to the question one more
  5. We finished our King of Sartar trilogy in Dayzatarin tähtien alla podcast by discussing about Argrath. There was lot of new stuff for me and I think I now know a little bit more about this hero. In next episodes we will pick something lighter for a change, though. This was also our 10th episode, yay! Our first episodes have also reached the one hundred plays per episode. That is, in my opinion, quite nice taking into account our language area and the topic. We also released a six minute bonus episode that is a small story about Argrath written by @af Granskär 20 years ago and now rec
  6. Keeping the flame up we released our 9th episode of Dayzatarin tähtien alla. It was about Orlanth mythology from King of Sartar. We spoke about the myths and discussed about them. We also went through Jalk's Book briefly. Very interesting stuff. This was also our longest episode so far: 1h 55min. Hopefully this does not become a trend... By my calculations the next episode of Wind Words should be out already. Everything ok?
  7. Ask, and you shall receive. I sent my questions via email.
  8. I took the player types from Robin's Laws of Good Gamemastering and wrote a blog post on how these player types fit to QuestWorlds. https://worldsofqw.wordpress.com/2020/11/09/different-player-types-in-questworlds/
  9. Well, we didn't get that deep into the history. Maybe we can address this as a footnote on our next episode as we continue tearing the King of Sartar apart.
  10. In the Finnish Glorantha podcast world we released our eighth episode. We started to go through, none other than, King of Sartar book. It will span to multiple episodes, so this first one was about the Composite History of Dragon Pass.
  11. There is only one game of HQG available and that is on Friday (during my work). Do you know if there will be more HQG games coming?
  12. RuneQuest is a d100 based task resolution system with combat rules and specific rules for, for example, chases. It is representing, what you would call, old school play style. It is based on BRP. Or actually, BRP is based on it. HeroQuest is a d20 based narrative story obstacle resolution system. It abstracts all dice rolling to important points in story and doesn't have special rulings for, for example, combat. It has nothing to do with BRP nor the boardgame with the same name. The HeroQuest next edition is called QuestWorlds. Both are set in Glorantha and explore it with different
  13. You could of course ignore all the augments and bonuses and penalties and just make single opposed rolls. That way you are not too far off from something like Freeform Universal (isn't it single d6 roll?) but you still have some say which way you would like the story obstacle to go. Of course reading the value from the d6 is easier than comparing the two rolls. Have you looked at the HeroQuest dice help table? You can print it and put the dice to correct row and column to read the outcome.
  14. jrutila


    Thank you everyone for interesting pointers. The Divine Intervention (rule in some version of RQ, at least) where the god does something direct for the worshipper really steers to the direction that people tend to ask things from the gods and they can grant it. Would a god in Glorantha send the boat to the man on his roof plagued with flood? But still I would like to think this other way around to make a distinction to a "normal" way of praying. Maybe we could say that in Glorantha the worshipper "works" for the god and not the god working for them. And as they do the "work" (praying
  15. jrutila


    How do you feel day-to-day praying looks/feels like in Glorantha? I've been reading Songs of Ice and Fire and in that world there is the (pretty familiar) idea that humans ask/hope/pray gods do some good deeds for them. They assume gods play tricks on them or cause certain things to happen etc. Of course I mirror this to Glorantha and I feel the premise is a little different in Glorantha. In Glorantha the world keeps on going forward (or doing it's cycle) because the Middle World folk (humans, trolls, everyone) do their deeds and strengthen the gods. So, in a prayer, they wouldn't be aski
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