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Looking for campaign input


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I run a fairly standard RQ:G-campaign on roll20/discord. The adventurers are all from the Ernaldori clan doing standard RQ:G-stuff like defending Apple Lane, going to the Smoking Ruin etc. Now, for my personal enjoyment I’d like to find some people who would like to take on the role of “factions” in my campaign.

I’m not really offering to GM anything, I just want some other people telling me what the different clans, great temples, elder races realms, town rings, etc are up to.

It’s all very vague I know. It’s on purpose as - again - I don’t want it to sound like I’m offering to GM some kind of faction game. I’m considering making this experiment with external input, and if you think it sounds like fun, please send me a PM and a list of the top three “factions” you’d like to give input on (I don’t even want to call it “play” ).

This would be run on discord in a very slow pace.

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