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Fire Thane of Elmal

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Fire Thane of Elmal 

(Based on the Ranger class)

Required: You must be a devortee of Elmal, son of Yelm, who joined the Storm Tribe and watched over it in the Great Darkness.  Elmal the Faithful.  Or possibly of one of his companion gods who came with him into the Storm Tribe.  
Play Style:   You may fight from horseback (when possible) as a mobile warrior, or snipe people with fire, or get in close with a fire-elemental companion.  

Ability Scores:   Fire Thanes need strength for melee combat and Dexterity for ranged combat; some feats and abilities are stronger if you have more Wisdom.  Fire Thanes of Elmal gain a +2 class bonus to Dexterity, Strength, or Wisdom as long as it isn't the same ability you increased with your +2 racial bonus.
Backgrounds:   You might be a night guardian, trained to keep watch through the night over your home, clan, or tribe.  "You might be a former Yelmalio worshipper, who realized Elmal and Yelmalio were one and then were filled with his power.  You might be a defender for hire, who sells his spear and bow for good causes.  You might be a Elmali preacher, who goes around, telling Yelmalio worshippers to convert to Elmal.   You could be a loyal thane, sworn to the defense of your clan or tribe.  Perhaps you are a herald, carrying messages for your chief or king.  You might be a Keeper of the Old Ways, versed in the lore of the Fire worshippers who followed Elmal into the Storm Tribe but lived on their own for a time in what is now southern Peloria.  
Gods:   You probably serve Elmal, but perhaps your clan or tribe kept knowledge of the other old fire gods and goddesses of your ancestors - like Hyalor, the First Rider, Gamari the Horse Goddess, Osara the Flame Sister (patron of female warriors), Dostal the Hunter, and Tepekos the Smith.  

Runes:  You must have the Truth and Fire runes; your third rune can be whatever you want.  (If you serve Dostal  or Gamari, you can take Fire and Beast, if you serve Osara you can take Fire and Movement, if you take Hyalor, you can take Fire and Harmony, if you take Tepekos, you can take Fire and Stasis.  

Level Advancement:  I can't do the chart worth squat, so use the Ranger level advancement.  

Fire Thane of Elmal Stats
Initiative, AC, PD, MD, Hit Points, Recovery Dice, Icon Points, and Feats are level dependent.

  • Ability Bonus +2 Dexterity, Strength, or Wisdom (different from racial bonus)
  • Initiative Dex mod + Level
  • Armor Class (light armor) 14 + middle mod of Con/Dex/Wis + Level
  • Physical Defense 11 + middle mod of Str/Con/Dex + Level
  • Mental Defense 10 + middle mod of Int/Wis/Cha + Level
  • Hit Points (7 + Con mod) x Level modifier (see level progression chart)
  • Recoveries (probably) 8
  • Recovery Dice (1d10 x Level) + Con mod
  • Backgrounds 8 points, max 5 in any one background
  • Runes Truth, Light (Fire), a personal rune of your choice
  • Talents 3 (see level progression chart)
  • Feats 1 per Level


You begin with light armor, a melee weapon or two, a ranged weapon or two, and other mundane gear suggested by your backgrounds 

Armor and Weapons as Ranger


Archery, Double Melee Attack, Double Ranged Attack, First Strike, Lethal Hunter:  As per the Ranger Rules.  If you serve Dostal the Hunter, you can take Tracking.  

Animal Companion

As per the standard (including costing two slots), but there are only two choices:  horse and fire elemental.

Before Fire Thane
Advantage: The horse gains a +1 attack bonus when it moves before its attack during the same turn.

Fire Elemental
After ranger
Advantage:  The fire elemental's attacks do fire damage instead of normal damage.  The fire elemental also deals ongoing fire damage equal to twice your level on a natural attack roll of 18+.

  • Champion Feat: The ongoing damage is three times your level instead.
  • Epic Feat: The ongoing damage is four times your level instead.

Fire Arrows of Osara

You don't have to be a worshiper of Osara to take this talent, but if you are, you should.  On a natural attack roll of 18+, your ranged attacks do ongoing fire damage equal to twice your level on a natural attack roll of 18+.

  • Champion Feat: The ongoing damage is three times your level instead.
  • Epic Feat: The ongoing damage is four times your level instead.

Fire Soul

Elmal's fire burns inside you and wards off hostile flame.  You have Resist 12+ to Fire.  

  • Adventurer Feat:  Resist 12+ to Cold
  • Champion Feat:  Resist 16+ to Fire
  • Epic Feat:  Resist 16+ to Cold

Hyalor's Blessing:

If you are mounted, you can use your move action to get your mount to move.  You gain the Background Trick Rider +5.  Any horse not currently being ridden will cooperate with you, even if you're in the process of stealing it.  Signature talent for Hyalor and Gamari worshipers.

Night Watchman:

You don't have to sleep if you are on watch duty, and you are very alert, gaining the background Night Watchman at +5.  Also, you can see in total darkness as if it was well-lit.  

Secrets of Tepekos

You know how to empower items temporarily with Runes.  During each full heal-up, you can empower one item of yours with a Heroquest Gift from one of your runes.  It loses its power at the next full heal-up, though you could give it the power again.  This does count against the number of Heroquest Gifts you can have in use at a time.  This is the signature ability of Tepekos worshipers.  


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