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  1. Some suggestions, just out of my imagination: They favor tile roofs with overlapping tiles which evoke dragon scales. Further, the most important buildings are shaped like the Beast Rune, since that's also the Dragon rune. Peasant buildings are much like 3rd age Dragon Pass but with draconic imagery painted on them. Buildings favor the color of whatever dragon lives closest.
  2. So is Joy a long-term state? My understanding was that Joy of the Heart was something experienced through Hrestoli practices but which wasn't a permanent state. (I also saw it as being more like a kind of state of, well, joy and being indefagitable)
  3. Keep in mind that PCs get the Escalation Die and their foes do not. 13th Age is set up so the PCs get hammered early in the fight, then do extra hammering later in the fight. IF you use the array rule, you get 17, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10 to spread on stats. Let's say you raise the first two to 19 and 17. Strength 19, Wisdom 17, Con 14, Dex 13., Intelligence 12, Charisma 10. The middle stat of Con/Wisdom/Dex is Con, for a +2. Heavy Armor + Shield + 2 = 18 AC. Which is about as good as a first level char can get due to how the bonuses work. But to quote the ruleboo
  4. IF you assume the Kingdom of War and Loksalm basically were both reduced to impotence by their war, an easy Lunar conquest seems plausible to me.
  5. HSKH has a map of all the Geo's Inns and a sidebar on their origins and purpose as a refuge for Sartarites. There are 16 on the map and a 17th in Pavis, IIRC. Ahh yes, New Pavis Geo's is on pages 200-1 of Pavis: Gateway to Adventure, and gives more detail on the interior of the inns. And briefly discusses the Geo Hospitality Cult (which just has the Communications rune)
  6. The Glowline doesn't provide permanent Full Moon; it provides Permanent Half Moon, stabilizing Lunar fluctuations which Sheng had exploited. And it doesn't suppress other powers. Given Oraya is not thickly settled and Sheng is, well, Sheng, it's not surprising that he could roll over Oraya like a nightmare tide.
  7. Rokar is an Old Testament style prophet, who goes into the wilderness and comes out sharp as a razor to tell you that you suck and must change your ways or die. Rokar is a logical response to the God-Learners' tendency to say that their will was the whole of the law. Going buck wild = apocalypse. For all his flaws, the Rokari are never going to try and turn everyone in Genertla into one big dragon or sink entire continents or try to wipe out all humans.
  8. Two thoughts: 1. Rokar probably Heroquested to answer some of his questions about what to cut and what not. 2. He likely asked 'Did this lead to God-Learner abuses, like participating in pagan rites?' If so, he sliced it. Removing anything that would justify theistic or animistic practices.
  9. It won't enable you to throw Sunspears on Earth, though. The Rokari use of older concepts is rather like a game of telephone. But the founding moment of the Rokari was Rokar purging the God-Learner holy text to try to purify it to avoid the sins of the God-Learners.
  10. I don't think the goal of the Rokari church is to move to full Brithini practice. The Rokari believe in Solace, which is the goal of the entire system - obey caste law, know eternal bliss after death. The Brithini believe death = erasure, which is why they desperately cling to life in a screwed up world, until they accidentally eat cheesecake, break caste, and die. Further, the ruling elite of Seshnela is all about war and conquest and that's *suicidally stupid* in the Brithini system, because war = a risk of ceasing to exist forever. Whereas, going into battle is part of the job of Talars
  11. I think the Guide is a little bit verballly sloppy when it talks about the Beast Societies. These societies are made up of *Horali*, though each Regiment is pledged to some Talar. And this likely reflects a differing understanding of what exactly Solace is.
  12. Some thoughts on Seshnela: First off, I think it's important to think about the Rokari religion - basically, it says 'stay in your lane and play by these rules for a short human lifespan and then you will spend *eternity* in bliss with the Creator.' That's a pretty hefty prize at the end of your fifty-seventy years of life (assuming you don't die in the first ten years of your life). Different castes see this differently (a peasant basically imagines it being like Heaven or the pure land; a zzabur imagines it as Nirvana), but it's important to see this from the viewpoint of a believer.
  13. 13th Age Glorantha has a Trickster class which is basically set up on the model that the Trickster's actons blow up in his or her face, but then buff some other party member or provide them a benny. Feckless Strike is where the Trickster attacks with a stuffed doll or a sex toy or a bag of coffee; the attacks do no damage but add to the damage done by the next PC to hit it. Abject Failure - you roll the dice twice on an action, taking the worst result, but giving the better result to an ally later. Fortunate Collision lets the Trickster get beat up in place of their ally. A
  14. Those are pretty templates - where did you get them? The Commander should have some kind of leader ability - maybe when he hits someone with his pistol, other Dwarves get a temporary bonus to hit the target.
  15. The Empire of Wyrm Friends started out as a religious movement exploring Draconic mysticism. As typically happens in Glorantha with any kind of mysticism, they managed to take the train to crazy town, while simultaneously becoming too entangled in the mundane world to achieve true Draconic enlightenment. They began corrupting the Orlanthi religion and taking over the Orlanthi lands and trying to missionize/conquer/mutate their neighbors. They took over Dara Happa for a while; the leader of the Golden Dragon Society passed the Ten Tests and became Emperor until a new one rose and killed him
  16. Patron/Client relations fill the need for 'noblesse oblige;, to essentially soften Dara Happan rule by giving everyone someone they can turn to for help.
  17. IF you want to run a Solar society without Lunar elements, you're going to have to go back to the Second or First Age. And even there, you have to find a period where the Dara Happans haven't been taken over by another culture, because the DH have spent a lot of history basically being someone else's flunky. Some comments from my own take on them which may not line up with other people's views or canon, but you might find them useful. Why did Dara Happans obey the Dragon Emperor *and* not like having a dragon Emperor? There's a central problem for the Solars, which has hose
  18. That does provide a consistent picture for Arkat and Ralzakark, who both rather pushed it.
  19. I favor 'Crisis of Infinite Arkats'. Five cults in Ralios all manage to Heroform a different Arkat and each of them latches onto a different 'Gbaji' figure. I like your idea of how the cults broke the Godlearner lock and that's how it happens. I would add 'It's because Argath was trying to tap into Arkat Power'. Chaos Arkat fixates on Argath as his new Gbaji to go after. (Chaos Arkat should call himself Malal, but that's just me mixing game universes.) Stygian Arkat tries to rebuild the Stygian Empire and goes after whatever is in the way of that. Another Arkat decides t
  20. Volcanic rock crumbles into high quality soil. That's why their Earth god is a Volcano god.
  21. The War on Ernalda The War on Ernalda has been carried out to various degrees of seriousness by the Mounts of the Moonson. The fertilizing power of water and the existence of other Earth goddesses has allowed the Empire to mount this war without wrecking themselves. The degree to which all Earth goddesses get condemned as Ernalda fronts varies over time. Catticus has both amplified the War on Ernalda proper, while being pretty lax about anyone who looks 95% like Ernalda but gives fealty to the Empire. Catticus blames Ernalda for the failure of Dragon Pass and points south to bend knee
  22. In King of Dragon Pass, the formation of Clans usually involves a fair amount of wheeling and dealing around obligations a clan will have to the tribe and vice versa. Tribal moots are when arguments/legal disputes/brawls break out over these. Things like Clan X has the right to run a tavern on each clan's lands. The ladies of the other clans are angry their husbands spend too much time/resources at said tavern and set it on fire Should the tribe fix the tavern? Require Clan X to fix it if they want it? Ban taverns? Priestesses of the Barley and Rye goddesses have gotten
  23. I had thought Androgeus was not around until the Third Age, but I yield to your knowledge. Huh.
  24. Wait, Jaldon is the child of Androgeous??? Where was that established?
  25. Ernalda Underground (Earth, Disorder, Fertillity) The persecution of Ernalda by the Empire has forced her worship underground, sometimes figuratively and sometimes literally. Some cults in the Empire are thinly disguised Ernalda worship. This cult, however, is the cult of Ernaldans working to destroy the Empire. The cult uses its fertility magics covertly to get aid and comfort from backwater communities, so it can turn its resources to undercutting the Empire. Everything from seducing Imperial officials to steal resources and misdirect orders to unleashing Earth elementals to tu
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