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Spirit societies and sorcery schools


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One of things that makes me a bit sad as the Glorantha focus shifts to RuneQuest, is that we IMO never really got sufficient examples of spirit societies (and tradition) or sorcery schools in HeroQuest. Now I understand the HQ rules and know that  I can make my own, but I would very much like to have more official samples before trying. And those we got tended to be outliers (Lhankor Mhy, Pavis, Flintnail, Kolat). I would have loved to see official write-ups of the Hsunschen tradition, the Hrestoli idealist schools, the Daka Fal society and so on.

So then I turn to fan-made contents. Are there any sample societies or schools in any of the Jonstown publications? Have anyone out there written up their own versions of societies or schools that you can share? 

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