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  1. Today's session reinforces my uz's annoyance with Orlanthi and she is not even in this game! But the kids were swayed by the rebel's cause in Alone in 1615 and our Orlanthi rushed to protect a Vingan captive. So, now we are, temporarily at the least, on the run with rebels and not with the caravan. At least our group contest had good rolls so we made it out without any injuries. Good, since our Found Child is still down a bit from last session. And, technically, it was all my Lhankor Mhy's fault, but she will never admit that and punch anyone who tries to claim it is so. Potential combat scene that lasts just long enough for everyone to roll is SO GOOD.
  2. They were hollri, yep. Usually they are found in, and don't leave, Valind's glacier. No idea how they got there to bother us! Giant ice men looking elementals.
  3. The game before last, the kids got cocky. 13 and 14 yo sons helped take out a couple of ice demons at the top of Wyrms High Pass. We even saved the sheltered prince of Dykene who snuck into the caravan. So, they went into the fight with a giant mantis in the Vale of Flowers this weekend feeling a bit smug. Then our almost initiate of Found Child bet a few too many action points when he tried to climb its back and stab it and wound up near pinned to the ground. Without his dog Growler's help he would have been pinned. Our Orlanth Adventurous lay member had a plan and his going first meant he backed up and brought the thing into the center of the group. Some of us were not pleased. Thankfully, my Lkankor Mhy/Issaries lay member did well and since I had way more action points than I was used to, I bet big and took out an eye one round and the next I pinned enough arrows into the crook of its arm to take away some motion. And we survived, and they had fun, but they might be more cautious with those action point bids the first round next time. Especially since we were confronted by a very mad Gorakiki priestess once it was dead. At least we did not have to fight her! The kids are loving the rules so much they want to convert their 5e characters over and play them with this system.
  4. This is something very close to my Xiola Umbar's heart. And she's had much the same thought. In fact, after being sent out among humans and observing the ones she travels with closely, she now wonders what would happen if enlo were treated like other uz. DM mentioned heretical thoughts and now I want to pursue it even more. LOL But she is choosing to interpret words given her by a mistress race in her own way, as we all do, and has IDEAS now. Some of which she is going to be sharing to her mentor when she arrives back at the temple to become a rune lord. 'Ware the troll told to find new steps right before sending her out to hang out with Orlanthi and especially Ernaldans.
  5. I know your passwords, hon. If I want to know what you're doing I don't need to see it here. Also, thanks so much for saddling us with a prince. Ugh.
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