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  1. Hi! Sorry, been heads down on the book and not over here much. Book 2 is progressing! We have completed most of the text, are waiting on a few more art pieces, and have begun the editing process. We should have it out before the VoP 1 year anniversary. And while I wait for the rest of the text to edit, I have begun sorting out book 3.
  2. Our plan is for book two to be released the beginning of 2021. Book three will follow later in the year. Books four and five are looking like 2022 releases.
  3. Well, you don't have to sing! You can do some rhythmic chanting!
  4. I love Relics and Rarities, which is narrative 5E, as said, because it gives crunchy game people a nice look into what a more narrative style can do. HQ/QW is fun for telling stories together with a GM who does the plot twists! And it works great no matter the character "level". At least, I think we managed to pull it off in Valley of Plenty with kid characters. I am biased, of course. Because there's no stat blocks, there's no having to juggle things to make sure an obstacle isn't too easy or hard for the game with percentage juggling. For those not interested in such things. There's d
  5. Cursed Son Saga Part Three – Diplomacy with Ducks This took a while to sort out. I have 14 pages of notes. So much conversation. I've tried to distill it down. Windsday, Harmony Week, Storm Season 1618 The morning after the feast, Bluebird finds Elara and tells her he has an assignment for her. He explains he has to leave and travel to Nochet to research the Eye of the Half-Bird given away to the Lunars. While gone he wants Elara to find out about the circlet Vestorfin wears as the man was rather close-mouthed about it. She is less than enthused. Annoyed, even. The library at No
  6. Write-up incoming for last night's session. There were SO MANY DURULZ. It was awesome. And Shawn has no voice today.
  7. Umm. No. Trolls are a classic Other, sure, but they are not evil. No more than humans.
  8. In another month we'll be diving back into playtesting with Rise of the Wildlings, book 2 of our JC saga for QuestWorlds. Til then I am a player in the@Shawn Carpenter run QW Anmangarn campaign. We're fortunate our group has always been online so we were not slowed down with lockdowns.
  9. We have a player in our home game who said, "I just can't play someone who hates dogs." My character is a Balazaring staying with the Anmangarn for a hopefully short time and she has her dog. We told him, he doesn't have to! While there is surely less dog-love by the Sartarites, not everyone will feel that way. It's like how I live in Oklahoma and hate football. Of course, our Anmangarn also have Piku and his goats staying with them. Although not everyone is happy about that!
  10. Happy birthday! I hope the pdf will help those 3 weeks pass more swiftly.
  11. That sounds like a fun bunch to run a campaign for. Please let us know all the trouble they cause.
  12. There was a durulz in session 1. The Humakti Sharpfeather. But, yea, I wanna meet the other durulz. More than that, I wanna go back to Apple Lane where the trollkin are and see them! (Not just because I like to make Shawn do funny voices.)
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