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  1. The esoterica of the process eludes me. I just know we can make a killing selling the leavings as a nutritious side dish.
  2. An uz needs their greens for sure!
  3. For those waiting on tattooed Aldryami skin, that is now an option.
  4. Ohh. Issaries! His cult is on my list of ones to play.
  5. Ah, a mixed household! Makes sense. I bet it does. It's interesting what people bring to a game setting and how their world view makes things more or less interesting.
  6. Understood! Although, you can get BOTH your characters and call it an anniversary present!
  7. Also, she has a better ass.
  8. Our plan is to sell on DTRPG. We've done the whole webstore and carry stock and all that before and prefer not to again.
  9. Umm. I told you almost exactly this a couple of weeks ago as use for NPCs in a game. Sheesh, dude! Sleep on the couch tonight!!!
  10. If you want a family chart that revolves around non-combat, you look at what might have happened in any given year. Oh, this year there was a big battle nearby and big battles fuck mightily with nature. So, grandpa worked extra hard in the field, using what help he was given by the priestess to make sure his crop came in so people didn't starve. Grandma was there after the battle, clearing the field, coaxing life back into the earth where the fighters tried to end it with their stomping boots. And when designing and running games, you put emphasis on things other than physical combat. Our last 3 sessions, the trickiest part was trying to placate a pissed off chieftain while delivering gifts from the queen. Our characters made nice with the chieftain's daughter, told stories to the children, did not rise to the bait when baited. WAY more nerve-wrecking than the monsters we fought after. Because, monsters can kill you, sure, but a blood feud when the Lunars are desperate to jump in and put everyone down? Terrifying.
  11. Just ordered the proof copy of the POD product.
  12. Then you didn't really screw it up! Players having fun beats rule messes any time!
  13. Valley of Plenty has a new spirit tradition write-up, The Steadfast Circle. Included are three spirit society write-ups. I am biased cause I wrote them, but I find them fun and interesting.
  14. When we have sessions that will involve combat, @Shawn Carpenter will ask the players what they want out of their turn when the fighting can start. Especially those who go first. "OK, there are creepy monsters here. What do you want to accomplish on your turn? How are you going to do that?" Because, sometimes, a player wants to talk to the creepy monsters...didn't work. They attacked them anyway! But I tried. It does help trigger ideas that are not just Hulk Smash!
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