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Covenant of Justice - update


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As some may be aware (well at least three or four of you I guess :lol: ) I have been working on a super hero themed monograph - Covenant of Justice. It is a setting book rather than a 'how to' rules book (although there are new rules ideas in there).

Writing had slowed down in the past couple of months due to real life stuff and, I suspect, something akin to writers block. Well things have resolved, and spurred on by seeing more monographs appear (I had a chill when Agents of the Crown popped up fearing that my opportunity may be gone, but that strangely drove me on, mainly because I see it - AotC - as a fine product in of itself which treads a different but similar path). The emails from Charlie and especially Dustin to check on progress have helped also.

The point is that things are starting to come together. It has grown from an 8 chapter proposal to 11 discrete chapters. So far I have been helped by a few board members with peer advice (thanks to Michael and Rod, and cjbowser), and have commissioned some art from another (Terry - I am very happy with the first couple of pieces; great stuff). It has also been helpful that Sverre has graciously given me sub-forum space to use - thank you very much.

So work continues. Six of the eleven chapters are in a draft layout awaiting some art and a couple of text box additions, and the remaining chapters are in various stages of completion (chapter 7 should be done today or tomorrow). The finishing line is starting to feel a little closer, thanks to the help I have had.

For those able to access the CoJ subforum, please check in as there may be some new stuff to see in the next few days, and stuff I need to check out. If anyone else wants to offer peer review, then please PM me.

To everyone else, I hope that before the end of the year their will be a new monograph in Chaosium's hands and I can only ask that we all support the monograph venture as a whole as much as possible, seeking out those books that spark our interest and maybe our imagination. :thumb:

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Very slowly working towards completing my monograph.

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