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Colymar Tribe in Colymar campaign


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Hello, in the Colymar campaign (in Sartar Kingdom of Heroes) it is indicated that King Kangarl does not have the Black Lance, the traditional emblem of the Colymar and the sacred Wyter of the Tribe. The Black Lance is guarded by the Anmangarn clan, who took the maquis (Colymar Wilds) to hide the Lance.
By cons there is no indication on the consequences of this absence? Should we understand that the tribe no longer has a Wyter and that it is replaced by the magic of the Lunar Sorcerers who surround King Kangarl ?
Related question, when in the campaign there is question that King Kangarl gives help to the heroes. how to play this help. If it is Lunar magic, it seems to me hardly acceptable and even little logical in view of the objectives of the heroes who are oriented against Lunar witchcraft?

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