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New on Drivethru:- The Dregs of Clearwine!

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We're rather proud of this worms eye view of a part of Clearwine, available as pdf or Print on Demand. 

Set in the tribal city of the Colymar, The Dregs of Clearwine is a sourcebook for Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, covering the mini slum that lies north of the Ram's Head Inn. It features ten households, 25 fully explored NPCs with stats for RQG, and a host of minor characters. There are dozens of plot hooks and community events to help link characters to this area, and the people and even animals within. From potters to charcoal carriers, drunken ex-initiates to well fed butchers, the people who support Clearwine and the Earth Temple live, love, and die here. Some leave only to go to their vineyard work. Others vanish for months on end, and return with new scars.07EwVFMKNxZ5kos1RoLqeOsQ_SoYc61NV16g-u-lT8RlsgquMV4p9lN6vZSftLgFieiNHpKGgHR4Abye6oR20E2kuOTQV_9rEjlpOS5Y4I8zvmPxO75S0VnwctE4aaBwu46QPTHdxSiJm_4UKEcUY1_uoCm_Ke0xyNkQIS7Q0GMaPNv9cyfnFvyVUPDqYmzf5YSRaFcVebzOw8caZ0b66CQcm_b_Cf-G_nUECop4QXzpalMKRHa48FFIdXri2PjqxctFRuwW8BCGeHJrcDa9ulMcDLpKtUf9Hvy211xyGC2TdmHYjoNqm0SEL7dl6TeLyvkdXfzb8vtVepL8jcIWvsVGwLJuTY3hfYRNV5vN5oagwOBFEtYFbcrhrznUSXiylVvAItyczwjUwvr23SBUitS5n7XY0N7YEsNRxhr2l7OxH_rmmkwyD-1Nl4jbXGGZxvQuc3y6_X-1C55pf5oQqTVSwJmiyBwqSfj2y0IfTpestJCYxJhSj9Vn4_K3WnHjOdt5fn_8cDCNpYQX0IK2t9WcGO43XVNre0HR_dnB_6K5-_pf9wqaFBNbJ5qi1QwkeXd-MCORyp-hAT76VsDXulHlbQetqTLHcFGyZt6fb19cLJ4KAld556hBD_MHNxRqNbhQJcb5DQE0WVpYX8G0Px21tU5YCwjgVwIhIqnpzQgV9z4g48OulpQiA7ygXg=w1305-h979-no?authuser=0

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