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  1. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/331340/A-Tale-of-Woodcraft?affiliate_id=205935 A drop in adventure suitable for any Sartarite campaign
  2. Here's a preview from the next BeerWithTeeth production. Organically grown armour
  3. "We are currently selling off existing printed stocks bearing the HeroQuest mark at a discount. Purchase these print releases while you can! Once these books are taken down from sale they will be out-of-print permanently," said Michael O'Brien.
  4. I would guess (and have no knowledge) that this is related to Hasbro/Avalon Hill taking on the HQ name as announced by MOB elsewhere. Questworlds is where its at now.
  5. Off the top of my head that sounds about right
  6. What I always loved about RQ was that it scaled the bad guys more by how smart they fought than how intrinsically powerful they were (at least in part). If you're struggling with this have a look at the old RQ 3 scenario "The Money Tree" or some of the other published scenario's. Take some time to think about tactics that work and how to use them. Maybe use the current situation to your advantage to sign up to play in some one off games online at events like PAX or Glorantha Games ( plug https://warhorn.net/events/glorantha-games-2020 ) and see how other GM's do it.
  7. There's a lovely bit in the computer game "King of Dragon Pass" where a bunch of weird misfits show up and call themselves adventures. Spoiler :- They will totally kick your clans backside if you mess with them. Yes if the players choose to play lots of odd races or cultures it will take a good session zero to work out why they are all together...but a "Strangers in a Strange land" game can utterly work and yes they will have racism and challenges as a result. But hey ho. My regular RQG group are playing The Witcher TTRPG as a break and all chose to run non-humans bar one. They're goin
  8. Seconded Nicks Suggestion of a session zero. Work out the groups common backstory or why they are working together rather than having them just meet there and then. If you DO want them to meet there and then make sure that first adventure is something that makes them bond together as a group, but I'd add players need to have their expectations set that they are going to be working together and to work to that not against it. I've just watched "Misfits!" which does an excellent job of mashing the original cast together. (worth a watch if you want to see where Ramsey Bolton (Iwan Rheo
  9. I believe this is going to be covered shortly (ish) in a book. However yes they are tattooed and thats something done either by the priest or by artists associated with the temple 🙂
  10. OP missed as well the Guide and Sourcebook which fill in a LOT
  11. "The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don’t just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.":- James Davis Nicoll (A shorter form is often wrongly attributed to Pratchett)
  12. Yeah. I had a player recently who rolled up a BG and wanted a bit more detail on the cult than is currently out there. HW version made her eyes bleed and we all agreed it was not for using RQG. I'm looking forward to the Cults book being released. I'm sure that once on the trail of a bad person BG and implacable and scary as all get out, but their day job is stopping the bad people from doing bad things in the first place.
  13. The GM pack is so much more than the screen... 🙂
  14. Having Heal Wound as a common Rune Spell means most people have it. We've also had a Clan pay for resurrection and the player then to owe their debt to the clan. Which has been a major plot motivator.
  15. I use a house rule that players normally have till next round to act to save a character. Everyone pretty much has Heal Wound. So unless its a lot of damage to the head then they always get a chance to heal their comrade on sr1 next round. If you're alone or someone fails their Rune Magic roll...well thems the breaks. And there is always a chance of DI. In two years of pretty intensive play with multiple groups and play sessions we've had two player characters die. Both were resurrected. Mind you I did have a npc get his head bitten off by a Dragon Snail recently. Nom!
  16. https://www.chaosium.com/heroquest/ if you speak pdf 🙂 I'd also be aware that there are differences in Glorantha between the two game engine versions of the world we all love. Not that there isn't a huge amount that's useful and not that it matters in your game. However there ARE differences in how runes and cults work and in timeline. In particular RQG is set in 1625 after the Dragonrise and stuff has changed. There is also a lot more Bronze Age feel to RQG. None of this matters a jot in your home game but can cause confusion if you're not aware of the differences and are expecting the
  17. Recent ruling up on the above thread restricts some spirit magic spells like sleep. Even to df. My wannabe shammy is off to sob
  18. Yeah. For me I'd just alter the rune spell to allow it to be extended and possibly to allow shamen to cast it on others. Specifically their apprentice. Easy fix
  19. I'll add another vote for the GM's pack having loads in there. Throw in Pegasis and The Smoking Ruins and you've a ton. There's another mini sandbox complete with start ups in TSR and starting in Long Valley and building up to the adventure there could be a great little campaign.
  20. As Diana says :- We'd love to put more out like this and other complex projects. But that in part depends on sales and reception. It also depends on our day jobs (those of us who still have any!) and the state of the Multiverse. But yes the more love and purchases we get the more likely this will happen.
  21. It was actualy quite a debate if we were going to even do POD because it's a HECK of a lot of work, especially the first time.
  22. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/320700/The-Dregs-of-Clearwine We're rather proud of this worms eye view of a part of Clearwine, available as pdf or Print on Demand. Set in the tribal city of the Colymar, The Dregs of Clearwine is a sourcebook for Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, covering the mini slum that lies north of the Ram's Head Inn. It features ten households, 25 fully explored NPCs with stats for RQG, and a host of minor characters. There are dozens of plot hooks and community events to help link characters to this area, and the people and even animals within. From
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