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  1. A great man passes. We are all poorer for that but richer for his writing and words. My SCA buddies miss him also. Fare Well Steve
  2. I'll admit I'd love to cover the entire town. And Boldholme. And Nochet. And Refuge. And.....
  3. I have a silver wine bowl given to us on our wedding day, by another RQ GM as chance would have it 😉
  4. Of course a lot of people change clan when they get married. If they stay within the same Tribe (as I would suppose often happens) this means a lot of people have strong interclan and tribal feelings as well!
  5. That's fair. I mean I earn a sizeable chunk of my income from writing these things myself. But also when I am running a lot of games _I don't have time to write everything myself_ One of the ways forward for those wanting to run Modern(ish) CoC is to look at Delta Green, The Laundry Files (excellent) or the forthcoming Rivers of London games. These really help you. Its not that there isnt any modern CoC so much as there is SO much they split off to form their own game systems. I'm running a Rivers of London adjacent game myself currently and it might even make it's way to the Miskatonic or Chaosium shelves in the future.
  6. The starter set will touch on this I expect, but this could easily be the core of an entire campaign. I mean the Wulf lands are right _there_ and they are crying out for someone to take them post dragonrise.
  7. Really don't want to abuse any privilege and steal any of Jeff or Jason's thunder however I think it's a pretty fair guess.
  8. The starter set is very likely to deal with what happened to the Wulfsland and include an updated history on that I would hazard a guess.
  9. Since when was 40 years ago modern? 😉 The tools are there to run modern stuff. I actualy do run a modern Cthulhu adjacent game (rather more Dresden/Rivers of London inspired) set in 2019 (just pre pandemic). Part of the reason you dont need so much background material to run in this period is :- Google. Its just there man. I set mine around my local area of Cornwall as a)I know it like the back of my hand and b)all but one of my players dont and c)Arthur and Celtic legend make great source material. So when I describe a location to my players :- They go street view it. When I describe a restaurant they go look at its website. And so on. All you need are the core rules and google and your good to go 🙂
  10. Having had a peek, there's loads in there the old hands will want and as Rick just said they wont be loosing out on selling it to us old fans. Having seen bits of it I certainly intent buying it the second I can.
  11. I don't think they will be revisiting the core book or providing updates to it anytime soon. I am pretty sure that the Equipment book will add loads of stuff you could homebrew in instead of what is presented in the Core book however. I run and play a lot of RQ games and I've never noticed those lists being particularly restricting or had any players complain about it so I would guess there isn't a large appetite for that?
  12. I think Dorastor is a little much for new folks whereas Prax and the Borderlands is such a great setting and leads into the 90's Sun County etc Personally however I think I'd be looking at the new RQG Gm Pack, TSR and PP and the forthcoming starter set. Why take a backseat to the hero wars when you can be at ground zero?
  13. I'd just like to add that I'm spooling up to run this now and its REALLY REALLY good.
  14. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/331340/A-Tale-of-Woodcraft?affiliate_id=205935 A drop in adventure suitable for any Sartarite campaign
  15. Here's a preview from the next BeerWithTeeth production. Organically grown armour
  16. "We are currently selling off existing printed stocks bearing the HeroQuest mark at a discount. Purchase these print releases while you can! Once these books are taken down from sale they will be out-of-print permanently," said Michael O'Brien.
  17. I would guess (and have no knowledge) that this is related to Hasbro/Avalon Hill taking on the HQ name as announced by MOB elsewhere. Questworlds is where its at now.
  18. Off the top of my head that sounds about right
  19. What I always loved about RQ was that it scaled the bad guys more by how smart they fought than how intrinsically powerful they were (at least in part). If you're struggling with this have a look at the old RQ 3 scenario "The Money Tree" or some of the other published scenario's. Take some time to think about tactics that work and how to use them. Maybe use the current situation to your advantage to sign up to play in some one off games online at events like PAX or Glorantha Games ( plug https://warhorn.net/events/glorantha-games-2020 ) and see how other GM's do it.
  20. There's a lovely bit in the computer game "King of Dragon Pass" where a bunch of weird misfits show up and call themselves adventures. Spoiler :- They will totally kick your clans backside if you mess with them. Yes if the players choose to play lots of odd races or cultures it will take a good session zero to work out why they are all together...but a "Strangers in a Strange land" game can utterly work and yes they will have racism and challenges as a result. But hey ho. My regular RQG group are playing The Witcher TTRPG as a break and all chose to run non-humans bar one. They're going to have an interesting trip as a result. Which as a GM is cool and thats my plot sorted for me then 😄
  21. Seconded Nicks Suggestion of a session zero. Work out the groups common backstory or why they are working together rather than having them just meet there and then. If you DO want them to meet there and then make sure that first adventure is something that makes them bond together as a group, but I'd add players need to have their expectations set that they are going to be working together and to work to that not against it. I've just watched "Misfits!" which does an excellent job of mashing the original cast together. (worth a watch if you want to see where Ramsey Bolton (Iwan Rheon) and Klaus Hargreeves (Robert Sheehan) came from)
  22. I believe this is going to be covered shortly (ish) in a book. However yes they are tattooed and thats something done either by the priest or by artists associated with the temple 🙂
  23. OP missed as well the Guide and Sourcebook which fill in a LOT
  24. "The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don’t just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.":- James Davis Nicoll (A shorter form is often wrongly attributed to Pratchett)
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