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  1. I didn't get anything into rq3 but I was one of the original HW backers and got my name in some of them. Which was sad as I hated the system (I'm super happy other people love it though). It's taken me till now to get my name on a RQ Chaosium title 😄 <awaits hard copy of PP with increasing excitement>
  2. IMG yes it works on any band that have time to prep. And no they don't have to be Humakti
  3. I was around back then and still have all my old stuff from then and the signed copy of the old copy of King of Sartar. 🙂 ( I was even on the mailing list/digest) as was one of my co-gms. So yes...we're running with that
  4. Thaz


    There are no rules for this currently in RQG. There may be in future books. I certainly wouldn't march in full plate armour and from what we see in Earths historical record the Hoplites didn't either. You armour up and get the big spears out before you fight. Battles were set pieces and pretty much agreed on by both sides. Now if you're talking MOUNTED troops then not so much. The Crusaders used to travel all day in double mail and felt padding which is actualy hotter and heavier than plate (I've worn both). There are records of them not noticing being shot in the back multiple times with arrows and coming back in unharmed afterwards.... Sure it is. I mean not full Gothic Plate (although it was in previous editions) but certainly plate armour is. 6 points Bronze on every location. plus a point or two of padding.
  5. In 'our' version (aka the Beer With Teeth series of linked games) Players were able to break the block Lunar Special Forces types had created stopping her resurrection and She's back baby! Of course this leaves Lekia in a interesting spot as she had a good go at burning the body. However this is very much our games varying due to player interference. 😄
  6. Thaz


    Part of the issue is that we have effective plate armour widely available. Which is what killed shields on earth. Sure Bronze is less effective than Iron/Steel but add in some magic .... it's noticeable that of the three real combat head munchkins in games I run have gone to 2H weapons or duel wield for their hand to hand focused characters. (one of whom is me and the other two are also GM's as well). The people who just play and never GM are much more well behaved (I think it's secret code in our circle that if you are a GM playing in another GM's game it's your job to push the envelope a little but not too far and keep the GMShield Monkey honest.)
  7. Thaz


    I love some. Others sucked. Fatigue anyone?
  8. Thaz


    I agree it would be a fairly simple rules addition and not add too much clunk. What I would dislike is it being tucked away and conversations like "Oh but I'm using the optional rule from the ultra fighters splat book that makes my warhammer wielding were-armadillo do double hype extra special damage" Which may be a direct quote from a Munchkin at my local rpg club many years ago about ten milliseconds before every GM in the room screamed "NO" I'd also say that someone picked up a hammer and thought :- "That'll make a mess of that ahole over there" and went for it and only later remarked on how well it mashed his armour up. The rest is evolution in action. People are still hitting each other with hammers even if they aren't wearing armour, something I'm sure my Emergency Room Doc friend could evidence should I ask. And to be fair we do have Crush, Slash and Impale. Don't get me wrong, I love this stuff. I own a warhammer. My Wife gave it to me as an anniversary present and I love it. Even if she dented my armour with it. RQG combat is already perceived as clunky (it isn't compared even to some contemporary systems) and frankly I'm not sure how much more we want to add to it. But as an optional rule ...sure.
  9. Thaz


    I think a number of improvements that Chaosium already know very well ("If you think of a new innovation chances are Greg already had it" is pretty much the company motto and it's not wrong) to keep the compatibility with rq2. Stats as percentages, some of the sheer elegance of Pendragon's system, not ditching the resistance table etc. I think this is a fair compromise although I do miss some of RQ3's combat options. I don't know how much they plan to modify or introduce optional combat or other rules down the road. I can see a book of optional combat rules could be handy...but on the other hand there is really an argument for keeping it clean and not going down the route various editions of D&D went where there millions of exceptions and optional crunch which frankly made it silly (not a comment on current editions as I have no knowledge of them). Of course we can add as much crunch or chop as much out as we want in our own games. Viva YGMV
  10. Thaz


    I had a chat with Jeff about this the other day. You are completely right of course. And it backs up my own experience both out on patrol/assault ops and in hand to hand combat. This is also something we need to think about a bit generally. Wearing lots of heavy armour and carrying a shield or large weapon isn't especially practical. It gets better if your mounted but not by a lot. Jeff commented that most of the time your heavy gear is going to be carried by followers. How we tend to handle it in the games we play is pack animals. You don't load up your War or Cav mount with baggage. You have mules or remounts or pack beasts for that. And likely handlers and followers. The idea of a band of murder hobo's trekking through the wastes carrying all their own gear and hauling the loot out of a dungeon is really one for D&D not RQ. Having spent time in both (semi it's been a bit) Modern Body Armour and Plate in hot and dusty conditions you don't want to be wearing it all day long unless you really have to or you're mounted.
  11. Thaz


    Battle Brothers is indeed excellent. As I've said before in response to akhôrahil
  12. Thaz


    Love a good Matt Easton video. Armouring up is great. But still crits happen. Ask Rurik. Bucklers are nice, I've fought with them. They're not much use vs missiles though. I do think we need some shield love with different varietys and possibly higher hp. There were some really interesting bronze age shields I really don't think we need more crunch in the general rules. I think we're about at the sweet spot.
  13. Thaz


    Again we agree. And its interesting that the combat heads agree on the mechanics.
  14. Thaz


    I agree the drill is the same. It's very little to do with the weapon use though. Your drill for shield wall is essentially the same for shield + spear or axe or sword but the weapon skills are utterly different. Same Deal with 2 Handed Axe, Sword or Pole-weapons in formation...more or less the same drill skill, utterly different weapons skills. I think your abstracting far more than me, to a much greater timescale than a few seconds combat round.
  15. Thaz


    Some are related. ShortSword to Arming Sword...yeah very similar or at least not from scratch. 2 handed sword to Arming Sword? Totally utterly different. Same deal with axes. Single handed to dane axe? Utterly different. Hatchet to larger..similar. I think the families of weapons which RQG mostly has right...except the switch to 2 Handed Weapons from single handed but as an approximation...yeah about right. How much crunch do we want?
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