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Magic Vs. Sorcery


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Just picked up BRP at Gencon and have been trying to understand the difference between Magic and Sorcery. Because Sorcery does not require a roll for the spell to go off, it seems like it is much more powerful than Magic. Is there a disadvantage to Sorcery that I missed in the rules?

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Welcome to BRP I think you are going to really enjoy this system if you have not played it before:thumb:

As to your question, Sorcery has some advantages. As you mentioned it does not require a skill role and I think it has a broader array of spells, but

Magic can be potentially more powerful.

Sorcery spells generally have a limit to their level- usually 1-3 or 1-4. Magic spells can be cast at a level equal to 1/2 Int, so for a mage with 18 Int can cast spells at a level of 9!

Also, if I remember right Sorcery spells take a round to cast before they go off. Magic takes place on the round they are cast.

Magic spells tend to do more direct damage (Spells like Blast, Flame, and Frost).

Many Magic spells are broader in scope as well. For instance Enhance will increase any characteristic, whereas Sorcerers need to know a number of different spells to do the same thing.

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Another difference: Magic has no POW requirement, while Sorcery requires a POW of 16+.

Also, I don't have the book or PDF on me, but IIRC with Magic you can ready a number of spells equal to 1/2 INT, while with Sorcery you ready spell levels based on INT, so a Magician should be able to have a wider variety of spells at their fingertips.

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