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  1. I want to be sure I am doing impale special successes correctly. According to page 197, if the weapon is lodged in the body then: "If the target moves in any significant fashion, he or she will take half the initial rolled damage (without armor protection) again (applied directly to the hit location if hit locations are being used) because the extruding weapon is catching on nearby walls, moving within and widening the wound, or someother painful complication." So, if a person gets hit in the leg for 8 pts of damage with an arrow, and continues to fight, he will take an additional 4 pts (1/2 ) of damage. Is this per round? Or just once? Does successfully pulling the weapon out cause any additional damage?
  2. Question about Psionics. I noticed under skill descriptions there is Craft/Psionic Tattoos. The skill description says "The art and science of using psionic nanites to give psionic characters new tattoos, allowing a character to gain new powers or increased psionic strength." Is there anywhere else in the rules that talk about increasing Psionic abilities? Also, I have a player who is going to try an Uber-rat. Any thoughts about starting age? And do they follow the Age-20 bonus rule for the technology skill?
  3. I am still confused by the psionics rules. You have POW/2 points to spend on psionics (assuming you go this route) That is about as much as I clearly understand. The example on page 35 says that Robert Longeye has PSI[ESP] 15. How did he get a rating of 15, considering that POW/2 will give you 10 at most? If you look at the description of ESP it says ESP Strength is 1 per +5 PSI [ESP]. Does that mean that Robert Longeye has a 75 in Clairvoyance? Which is bought by using your skill points? And if this is the case, what do you use the POW/2 points for? The one bullet point on page 36 says "Characters may only buy a power if they have first bought at least one level of the governing strength". Is this what you use the POW/2 points for? What is the advantage of buying a second 'level'? As you can see from my questions I am totally confused by the psionics. Maybe someone who understands them could just do an example for me. Thanks
  4. You guys take some of this too seriously. Love the cover. Wonder what the rest of her looks like...... hmmmm
  5. Our group spent sometime yesterday once again discussing the shield issue. Though there was one dissenting vote, this is what we are currently going with, and a little bit about the logic behind it. Just to reiterate, using this method eliminates the shield as a skill, considering it part of your combat ability, rather than a seperate skill. Brawling (for most characters) is your lowest combat skill. Brawling can also be argued to be your basic combat skill. So this is the lowest your shield USE (not skill) will be. Example: Shield base 15%, Sword skill 60%, axe skill 40%, and brawling skill 25%. You get into a fight at a tavern, but you dont want to kill anyone, so you grab your shield to protect yourself, your parry is now brawling + shield ( total 40%). The fight turns ugly and you draw your axe. Because you are now parrying with a shield as well as your axe, your parry now goes up to axe + shield (total 55%). Your axe breaks and you draw your deadliest weapon, your sword. Your parry goes up again taking into account your proficiency with your sword, to sword + shield (total 75%). Shield bash would now use your brawling skill. We are also debating allowing the shield to give one free parry, like MRQ.
  6. Thanks for the explanation. That was what I figured but wanted to be sure. If I had read the entire book I wouldnt have had to bother you with these questions. I just found it! I have no idea how i can look through something so many times and continually miss a page...... That being said, one more question: Chud 3 is listing has having an AV of 6/3. The '3' is the 'Risk' reduction?
  7. First off, my players have only rarely have attempted a shield bash, so we havent dealt with it more than 2 or 3 times. But when they do I have them make a Difficult attack (1/2) with whatever melee weapon they are using.
  8. I know this has been discussed many times, but part of the problem is the system name. BASIC Roleplaying. People who have not heard of it assume it is a beginning, simplistic rpg system. I encountered this a couple of times at Gencon this year. People who have been playing D&D, or WoD for years arent interested in playing a 'basic' system. The name is a misnomer and puts people off.
  9. Our group has elimiinated shield as a skill, and simply adds the base chance of the shield to the characters parry chance.
  10. Couple of things. First off, great book! love the PA setting and the way you have made it both generic and detailed, as mentioned above. And the included adventure The Vent Fan was excellent! Couple of technical questions. 1. What is chud armor made of? 2. In the cybernetics it talks about the limbs having 2 points of layering armor, and 6 points of ballistic. I could not find where this is explained. Is this in the BRP book? Does that mean its 6 points versus bullets, and 2 points for all other damage? Its the 'layering' term the same as the AV? And to make sure I am on the right page, Kevlar II armor has AV/Risk of 2/11. That means that you reduce bullet 'risk' by 11, but against melee damage it provides 2 points?
  11. Redstone

    MRQ's magic

    I have picked up the RQII core core book and overall like the system. Does anyone have recommendations on how many spells a grimoire should hold?
  12. So, I am not as deep into the rules as most you who post here seem to be. But I am not seeing anything here that makes it seem worth spending points in shield. You still seem better off parrying. Especially if you compare the BRP shield rules to the RQ shield rules.
  13. One quick comment about Cthulhu Rising. There are alot of gamers out there who are not interested in the Cthulhu line of rpgs, but who are interested in scifi. As soon as you throw 'Cthulhu' into the title, the afore mentioned gamers will not even look at that book. Not only would they be turned off by Cthulhu in the title, they would have no reason to think it has anything to do with scifi.
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